When People Cannot Express On Their True Inner Feelings! Reply

When People Cannot Express On Their True Inner Feelings!

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When People Cannot Express On Their True Inner Feelings!

Several decades ago – when I was still working in Human Resources, I decided to make a Staff Morale Satisfaction Survey (Climate Survey) and Customers Satisfaction Survey!

It was Anonymous in approach and nature in seeing that many people were sort of afraid to be ‘associated linked’ with their due process feedback and inputs!

We had a tough time even then to make our Staff take the Survey because of unfortunately of a climate and culture of fear existing then in the Company after more Omanis came into top positions from previously Expatriates!

This is what I had said in my books (Arab Management) that many Omanis have felt more comfortable under Expatriate Management – especially in aspects of ‘freedom of expression’ aspects etc. that one could speak his mind what is troubling him or his issues at work without fear of (further) recriminations or and punishments per se!

After Early Retirement – on behalf of a Client – I did a similar study for one Public High Profile Company – but this time it was more ‘face to face’ with a set of questions – both in English and Arabic – given in advance before the Interview face to face!

The Focal Point in the Company wanted me to give him specific details on what some people were saying to Management! I refused to participate in this exercise – and we were dropped off from the exercise!

The GM – a nice kind Omani – called me and in front of The Management Team and Human Resources – HR – told them ‘Not to interfere’ in the works of the Consultant – and let him do his work freely, independently without coercion or interference – and maintain the Company Ethics, Principles and Professionalism!

Unfortunately, the Owner of The Consultancy and even some of my Assistants wanted me to give the HR People full names of who said what and when – instead of me giving feedback on ‘general feelings and issues raised in the Survey – and any particular specific issues per Departments and Locations instead of giving Individual Feedback – and who said what! There was also a Corporate Social Culture of Fear and Reprisals cum Follow Ups.

There were many who were afraid to say ‘what they really felt’ because of The Corporate Culture of ‘fears of reprisals, punishments, follow-ups and remembering’ – and many skeptical that ‘here comes another Consultant after some years and nothing has changed much from the last visit scenarios!

I had a tough time to make Staff convinced and feel relaxed that their names will not be associated with their inputs and feedbacks per person ‘what he or she actually had said’ in fear of recriminations and reprisals!

This brings me now how The USA Polls got it all wrong!

Simply that when the Polls had asked people whom they would vote for – people who were really for Trump were afraid of being identified as such – because of Media Censure, Bias, Pressure and Favouritism for Hillary Clinton opposite to Donald Trump! Also the fact that if one said he or she would vote for Trump – there were a lot of ‘surprise’ and a lot of questions asked Why?

But if one opted for Hillary Clinton – there were fewer questions and pressures being applied – because the answer was ‘Norm and Acceptable’! People were not expressing The Truth inner feelings as to whom they would really vote for – and went the easy comfortable way of giving wrong false information per se!

Another Message Received! (USA Elections – Brexit)!

That people are concerned about their jobs – job security – jobs for The Youth – as to the large number of sort of ‘Foreigners’ in the country and Small Industries survival ‘as most hit’ in The Recession and The Economy Downturn!

I have talked a lot of the above issues too in My Books!

Especially Arab Management Books!




People are very angry and fuming all inside – suffering in pained silence! Because if they dare t speak what is in their heats and minds – they may suffer or end in troubles! That is Level Three in Faith Imaan.

It is time that people do pay more attention to My Books – and People Do Read them at least!

Especially Those in Leadership Roles – and University College Students to expose them to the other side of coin (views)! To Be Better and Well Informed!

With Sincere Apologies;

Majid Al Suleimany (Al Sulaimani)

November 15, 2016.