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For Sunday August 25th 2013

Between Us Only!

Things Have Not Really Changed!

People Are Just Still Misbehaving!

Things Have Simply Not Really Changed!

• Do not bite the hand that feeds you – to end licking the boot that will kick you! • Maybe you should consider our place. Here we do respect the learned elders like you! – My Books USA Publishers.

Thursday – August 15th 2013.

This week I had tried my level best – and avoided to get embroiled into an argument with one – sorry to say it to those of my friends! – An Indian Top Sales Marketing guy – a Services Provider that I have been using for a number of years. Related to my books distribution in Oman, I have given them good business in the past – and the relationships were to mutual advantages, anyway!

There is no point to continue banging my head against brick walls – and just making it swollen and red in the process! Five years ago, I had formally reported this same guy to his Indian Superiors – and I went so far to report him formally to The Company Owners – who are Omanis – acknowledged and well known family run business. But instead of siding with the customers – and fellow Omanis – they tend to side more with their own staff – even if rude and misbehaving ones too – like this one too!

The person promised to change and behave – but simply has not! He just feels that he is beyond reproach – and nothing can touch him in any way! One would be even excused to think that he may be doing the ‘company’s dirty business’ under the cloak and face mask! In treating even qualified, experienced and professional Omanis with complete disdain and contempt. The mind just boggles of how he treats the Junior Younger Omanis under him.

These kind of things cannot be allowed to continue because always they lead to bigger things – as we have seen lately live on television.

The other day I was seeing this traumatic depressing television news coverage of a young Syrian girl of about 5 years of age – desperately gasping out ‘I am alive’ – leave me alone – unsaid! – As she wanted to cover herself from prying television cameras. It was so distressing and disheartening – to see how fast the girl could grow up in such nasty awful experiences.

We see these things – do we change? The answer is simply – No! Until the next time – if there will be such a chance then!

I then told the person that I am collecting back all my books still with you – and please keep them ready for my collection. What is the use and point, anyway? I have written two books in Management in these issues – – and several column articles before! I do not know how long these things will continue – before there is a breaking point?

Perhaps it may come sooner than what we had envisaged! People should not be surprised in this!

In my book theme – A Cry For Help! – Published in 2009 – I had said – Addressing the increased extremism, fundamentalism and lack of forbearance in the working environments…. Growing radicalization of local staff…..Unhappy dissatisfied staff ….bad treatment of staff – especially by some (few) expatriates ….etc! My mistake forgetting to add …and customers and clients too!

Truthfully and honestly sincerely speaking – the problems with us Omanis are that we are very welcoming, respecting and esteeming to ‘The Invited Guests’ in our country – unalike even others near us! The few of them especially feel it is okay for these unruly unneeded behaviours and attitudes – and to in forgetting the famous expression – Biting the hand that feeds you …and ending as proved in many cases – of ‘licking the boot that kicks you’!!

I am not a Political Scientist or Expert – but since last week I have never ever felt so sad in my life ever before – because all the things I have said and cautioned about have come to pass – and I feel so sad, unhappy and miserable to keep saying – I have said it, before! Or I told you so! I tried to say the very same things – diplomatically and tactfully – in my many articles – notably last month – The Role of Advisors! The article can be found here!

Even at the dangers of losing something so nice and good that you had never had before or expected – and something you should strive to protect, defend and let it grow and prosper – the evilness and selfishness in people will just not change – even if they know their actions – or inactions – would lead to what, where and when!

I have worked in other countries in GCC – and I have met many ex worked in Oman expatriates. Though they are getting ‘better salary packages, perks and benefits than what they got here – the one thing that they miss the most – is the ‘warm welcome and esteem’ that expatriates – the so-called ‘invited guests’ – have got in Oman. This particular aspect they missed the most.

Frankly, I have seen it live too being practiced – the opposite of what we Omanis are doing! In my role of Human Resources – I had even protested in ‘defending and protecting’ schemes – and I was rudely and abruptly awakened by those doing these things against the expatriates – Brother – you are not in Oman now! That speaks volumes of what we offer and give here – to say the very least! It eventually even costed me my job!

The main problem is that some expatriates know very well that they will not get the positions and levels they are in now – if they were back at home! They may try to kid and fool – but they are fooling no one – but themselves more! I keep repeating and stressing the word FEW! This definitely has gone to their heads – and have made them contemptuous, proud and conceited.

That is the sad and bitter truth of the matter – human beings as they are in reality!

Conversely, I do not know what we Omanis may do – if we enmasse are to go and work in high influential positions in other places? How we would react, interface and behave?

As Bishop Desmond Tutu was saying to Sir Robert Frost in the interview – I do not hate the individuals who propagated, promoted and practiced Apartheid – because as an African – I do not know what their minds were really thinking? Perhaps if I was one of them – I could be doing the same – or maybe even worse! Wise words, indeed!

May Allah God Protect and Preserve us all – from His Anger and Fury – Amin.

With sincere and due apologies,


Majid Al-Suleimany

Date – August 23, 2013

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LCCs – Local Community Companies – Between Us Only! Reply

Between Us Only!

LCC – Local Community Companies!

 Or Differences In Regional Planning!

It was my honest wish and desire to sort out these issues amicably and between us only – but the Company Officials from the Sponsors just ignored all that I was writing to them – even the Public Officials too – as if I did not exist.

It is a public secret that some regions in our country are more vocal, demanding and forceful compared to others. These regions are well known. As an example are perhaps the same areas that we have seen some recent problems last year amongst the Youth especially!

Recently, I have been engaged in some Consultancy temporary job with one such company created in the national oil company concession areas to create local community companies – in order to alleviate the social problems related to youth unemployment.

Those who are my avid readers will acknowledge that our family (grandparents) originated from Manah – and then to Hayl Al Ghaaf in Quriyaat – to Tanzania and back returning to Oman. The (LCC) local community company that I was working with comes from the South concession areas.

There is an ugly and unpleasant offshoot that has now arisen. After only working for 6 weeks my contract was terminated by one such company – because though there are expatriates there – does not matter – but as an Omani I must come from the region that the company is going to operate in – even if they cannot find really competent qualified and experienced from-that-area Omanis!

 It would have been okay if it was only me with my loud mouth and ‘can-be-trouble-label’ that is following me – but then two other Omanis were also terminated just like me ‘because they do not come from the Region’!

Frankly, I have been one of the few Omanis that had stood up and tried to direct my oil company I was with then to give more attention for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) projects in the areas that I was working – again The South. This though my job as a Personal Planner had nothing to do with the company relationships in areas of operations per se! But I was moved on to see the types of services the villages had – from leaking schools’ roofs and fallen blackboards! Keep remembering this was the late 1970s!

I always look at things from a National Perspective – as my records show and prove! But we simply cannot allow at this time and stage to allow polarisation and ethnic differences to crop in. An Omani is an Omani – he has the same Red Passport colour – unless you are a Diplomat with the black colour one!

I have written so many articles on National Unity and Bondages – like All Under One Flag – Forty Years On! The sad and tragic thing is – no one reads them – perhaps because of the writer – and or perhaps because it is written in English!

At Least For Their Future!

Honestly and frankly speaking – these local community companies LCCs created in the so-called concession areas are going to be the double edged sword that everyone is talking about – you cut – but it will also cut you in the process!

We do not want to go the route some even our neighbours are going through now – when minor issues are blown out of proportions – like how you handle school children graffiti. Schoolboys will always be schoolboys! Or hearing peoples’ cries! We do not like also to go to the route of countries like in Nigeria – where the oil company areas of operations end up being polarisation, ethnic differences.

I too would like my home towns to have such local community company. So would Sur, Sohar, Ibri, Nizwa, Fanja etc – and even in Muscat too!

We have so many enemies – both within and outside. Some of them are actually good in using tools and weapons that seem on the outset to look decent, honorable and genuine – but are actually spiked with hidden manifestos and agendas.

Paramount is what is in him personally (not nationally) – to his added interests, advantage and profits – or hidden agendas to achieve – and so long as could be covered up in the national dressings and umbrellas. People from their home countries will get jobs too – high ones too – and equipment, stock etc purchased from there – and all paid in full in operating costs!

Besides, there are no added advantages or value by having these supposed super LCCs. What they will provide is already being provided by other bigger national companies – and for far cheaper rates and in economic values than from a new infrastructure company like these LCCs. The extra monies spent are down the drain only! These could be better spent in building in schools, hospitals – or even Youth Centres!

We do need trustworthy strong reliable can-stand-up Public Departments that can think realistically; practically pragmatically – for the Nation – and who treat all the regions equally, justly, fairly, professionally and ethically. Just because one of my children makes the most threatening noise – I then give him (or her!) the whole chocolate bar – but not divide it equally to all my children! Or if they will not agree to share – then I eat the whole chocolate myself to teach them a lesson.

It is time the Planners take their roles more responsibly. Also those Company and Public officials start to listen to the cries from the citizens – otherwise we are all headed for more unnecessary and avoidable troubles in the future only! They should take their roles and responsibilities more seriously! If they cannot do so – then they should say so – so others that can do the jobs better – are brought in!

Action is needed now – before it is too late for everyone! The East Africans have said – Do not tell someone with eyes to see; with ears to hear; and with a mouth to speak! Allah God Protect and Preserve us all AMIN Amen!

Take Care!

 By: –

 Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany.

Things Will Never Change! Reply

For Wednesday February 8th 2012

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Things Will Never Change!

  • Abu Sa`id Al-Khudri (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, “Whoever amongst you sees an evil, he must change it with his hand; if he is  unable to do so, then with his tongue; and if he is unable to do so, then with his heart; and that is the weakest form of Faith“. [Muslim].
  • If you are aiming to help someone – go all the way – and do not make things difficult for him after this….
  • In some Public places things have not changed – and never will!

 Even if you go by The Religion, it identifies the three levels that one can do to make changes or to make decisions – Offices included! The weakest level and faith is the one that you say in your heart that you are against this thing – but you cannot do anything to change it on your own. And or speaking against it could cause you pain and trouble – and or incriminate you – so you have opted for the weakest level and faith by going silent on it – even if you have spoken against it in your heart – and your God Knows it too!

Recently I needed a Medical Report for a certain Public place. I presented my certificates of the private hospitals (one even belonging to the major oil company in Oman!) – but they were not accepted because I needed to go to a Public place – where I was not being treated! Yet not wanting to give up – I did go to the place – a Public Hospital with all my medical certificates of even another more bigger Public Hospital where I was treated as a Diabetic case.

This happened to me some years back when unknown to me I was a Diabetic case – and still enjoying my milk shakes and sodas! It was a severe diabetic case and was admitted in Royal Hospital on June 30th 2006 – where my blood count went to 47 mmol.  The Doctors were amazed I was still alive – and they had concluded that I should have been either paralysed, in a coma – or even dead.

I had also included a Medical Report from my Company Chief Medical Officer where I am being treated as a Diabetic case. And also Report from an Eye Clinic where they had operated on my eyes for glaucoma and eye cataract. I am being treated still in the same places only.

It is strange why the insistence for a letter from a Public place – as if the other places are all corruptible and tell lies, fibs and fabricate documents. I do not know what is the main reason for this? You will excuse me to think that these are rules and regulations that need to change now with the pass of time – and even our own recent events in the country too!

I met this local Omani Doctor who insisted on it being treated as a ‘Medical Board’ case – which is making it more complex and complicated! In all my career life of 35 years in Human Resources – I have never ever encountered a case of a Medical Board for someone over 60 – and who has retired – albeit also being diabetic case – and in addition of having pressures and eye problems in addition even!

People’s hearts e are made of stone – and very rigid, hard and not flexible – nor pragmatic – nor wise – to start making things easier for the poor citizen – and especially when you have no Wastah (influence and connections!). People do not care nor are bothered – even if you try to plead and explain your case! How long will these things continue to exist in our country – despite all the changes .we have seen – and still going on around us now? Why are public officials in some places so mean, dastardly and uncaring? Is it because they feel nothing can ever happen to them – or touch them?

As a result the poor citizen is increasingly being tasked – and more hardships and pain being lumped on him! There is no place you can turn for help or solace – if it can happen to me who can write in my column and in my website – what about the poor citizen who simply cannot? Just like a cinder fire burning underneath quietly – until it burst out unexpectedly and at the worst unfortunate and inopportune time!

His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said (May Allah Give him long life and health – Amin) first Accession Speech was very clear to want to reduce the problems and the hardships to the citizen. As a Omani Citizen who gave 37 years of his life in services, dedication and loyalty to the beloved Nation (May Allah Protect and Preserve Our Beloved Nation- Amin) – I am today appealing to you whoever can cause these things to change to do so – for me and the other citizens too in similar situation and predicament.

I must repeat it is only in few public places that these things still go on and unchanged. The rest have complied and come in with the changes. I did not want to go public – but after having tried all ways and means – I have no other alternative but to do so – with sincere apologies here!

 Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany