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For Wednesday September 18th 2013

 Between Us Only!

The Marriage Proposal!

Or From The Pampers To The Wedding Dress!

If friendship is your weakest point then you are the strongest person in the world – Abraham Lincoln

There is something quite definite about our (late) parents that though they are not that highly educated – but they are more smart, intelligent and wiser than what we are – and ever hope to be in life! As time goes by – the graph will only take a more dip downwards than the status quo!

Long time ago – when I was showing the plot and drawings of my villa in Qorum Heights – the small villa but with the big heart – my late father was lamenting that he does not see a spare bedroom in the sketch! So I asked him – what for dad? You mean for the guests? No – he sadly lamented – just in case for one of your daughters – if she decides to return home!

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Images – The Wedding Propsal  – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

Though they are not really for us – to be with us forever – still the daughters are our responsibilities – even after long they have got married – and have children too! Then I recalled the incidents when my late sister used to come back home – and nobody had asked her anything – until she was cooler and calmer – and now was ready and wanted to talk! A few days she herself would return to her husband – on her own too!

One of my friends and peer at work at one time had invited me to the coming wedding of his son. As we sat talking – he was lamenting to me that if you do not learn from others experiences – then God will teach you instead! So I could see the man was highly stringed and troubled – and wanted to talk! So I prompted and encouraged him to go on and to do so!

So the poor man broke down – and he narrated to me that his son was going to get married to an offspring that came out of two groupings of people that – putting it rather mildly – he was ‘not too keen with’!  That is God’s mysterious ways of giving you Life’s Teachings! The man used to boast to me how in his job pursuits he used to make ‘special attention’ to these two groups – and where it would go on okay with anyone else – but with the exception of them!

Proposal D

Images – The Wedding Propsal  – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

A great sign of great leadership is seeing something with your own eyes – and you acting upon it immediately afterwards. It is said that the Great Prophet PBUH was passing one day – and he heard a woman singing sadly  to herself that she was ‘missing her husband’ – who had gone off to the wars then!  So a rotation system was introduced instead – to bring some of the men back home!

This happened to me too this week! I was outside the housemaid room – and I thought I heard crying! So next morning – as diplomatically and tactfully that I could muster – I asked her – what gives! Bear with me for awhile – but it will be clear at the end of this article – as to why the poor lady was crying too!

Anyway – this week I had received a ‘high powered’ delegation coming to ask for ‘the hand of my last daughter! Like any other father – I was torn between seeing her go away from the home – and seeing that my daughter was moving on with her life – and after starting work on completion of her Engineering Degree in the UK! For a girl to take such a field – and to be able to work in the desert locations – is in itself a great example and demonstration how far ahead and developed Oman has become now!

With people reporting to her – who were all ‘born and bred’ males – but modernity had caught up with us! As a person in HR – I recall many incidents of the so-called ‘stout and strong minded real men’ – who had refused to formally report to the fairer sex – until and unless the ‘books were thrown’ at them! Those were our old ways – we now have even their Excellencies the Ministers too!

They say the world is a small place – because you never know whom you will meet later in life – or need from that someone! Even if you think that you are rich and powerful – and ‘nothing can ever touch you’ – as in the last week’s article – The Sealed Fates in Life! You may think someone is insignificant and unimportant – and then you are forced to eat your own words – whether by mitigating circumstances and or by nature itself! Whether you like it or not – because events and fate have caught up with you now – and you are just helpless and impotent!

So I had a long chat with the Filipino housemaid. Then she told me – Oh Pappa – I came to Oman when MM was only one year old – today she has blossomed to be a fully fledged woman (girl) – and getting married too! From changing her pampers – to now assist her in wearing a bridal dress! How time flies – she sadly lamented! You know Pappa? Your above article last week made me think a lot – like many of your articles do!

My late father used to watch his grandchildren – and great grandchildren play! He used to ask us – Do you think they will remember and know each other (in the future)? So I used to tease back – Of course they will! You must be joking – my father sarcastically hit back – if even their parents ‘do not know each other now’ – how do you expect their children – and grandchildren – to remember! My later father never minced his words – calling ‘a spade a spade’!

I wished the old man was around – because he would see his granddaughter getting married now – and I will be keeping the room for her – just as he had advised! Though I am trying hard to resist in the temptation to convert it into an office – because I now use the dining room as also an office – books take a lot of the space – and the ‘friction cause and strife’ with Great Madam Wife – GMW – especially when guests are invited! Just gathering storm clouds – and for more storms coming ahead – unless I can get some money quickly now – for a much needed break! I have never been on a holiday break for the last 5 years!

My granddaughter was then saying to us – so Aunty MM is getting married now? Soon she will have babies – and what will they call me? We just look at her in ‘shock and awe’ – especially seeing she is just 5! Who is teaching them these things? Where do they learn such things? The mind just boggles….!

Gets scarier and scarier – by the day!

Take Care!

By: Majid Al-Suleimany

The Five Days Working Week! At My Workplace! 1

For Wednesday January 4, 2012

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 At My Workplace!

The Five Days Working Week!

My theory – unless proven otherwise – still holds water that the increasingly frustrated people in the offices could perhaps explain the increased volumes of accidents and fatalities – and the tear and wear at the national and domestic home fabric!

Frankly with great shock and awe, I have noticed of the increasing ‘hot discussions’ going on now of the ‘five days working week – and the resistance to make any (further) changes based mainly on ‘increasing costs’ to the Companies by introduction of the ‘five days working week’ per se!

Truthfully, in some places like in Construction Companies – even the large ones for that matter – there is not even a one day rest but at best perhaps a few hours only rest in a day whilst the operations continue 24/7. That is where there is great resistance to change anything in favour of the employees – majority of them being mostly foreign Labourers and Non Skilled Workers – though it would not surprise me if it goes up to even middle and upper strata and echelons in the workforce even.

It is always the poor labourerexpatriates that get most hit and the general feeling is to keep ‘their minds fully occupied’ by nothing than only work and work – so that they have nothing else to think about – and after getting some food and rest!

You will excuse me for the strong language – but I have read that this is what also the Communists believe in! That is keeping the peoples’ minds occupied to get their food and shelter only – so they do not diverge out to other issues like asking for their rights and into politics! So it is queues and queues for bread – for food – you name it! Finally when the poor peasant has got it – he will be so dead tired to go and sleep – so he can get energies to stand in tomorrow’s queues all over again. If you have read also Animal Farm by George Orwell you will get the gist of my meaning here!

The most sad, ironical and tragic part is in my working career I had found the lower end expatriate working staff preferring to travel by airlines not of their own nations – because it is in the non-National Airlines where they get better treatment than from their own kind and home nationals – and there is lesser complaints of them being dirty, noisy and spoiling the toilets!

This also is the sad truth of how they get treated in the same way by their own kind in companies. I found this from real experiences of my own when I took over as a Human Resources Manager from an expatriate – and this labourer staff thanking me ‘to allow him to sit on the chair opposite my desk – Sir, I worked here for more than 18 years and today is the first time I am allowed to sit here whilst you are attending my case – and offering me tea too Sir!

I believe that what MOM Ministry of Manpower is doing now (Thank You!) is completely right, ethical, correct and professional by standing up to those Companies that do not want to change the 5 days working week – and if they want their staff to work extended hours and days they should be appropriately be compensated and be rewarded too accordingly!

It is ironical, sad and tragic that those big companies that profited greatly from contracts and projects in Oman – some major ones – are the same ones today making the strongest resistance to change – even for their own home nationals too!

As a National Human Resources Professional who strongly believes and practices greatly in correctness, ethics and professionalism – Yes I had indeed some issues and met the rawest treatment in interviews from such large construction companies! – But even without that – these poor people deserve a break too! Just like everyone else – Omanis and Non-Omanis alike!

Take Care!


Majid Al Suleimany

Muscat – Sultanate of Oman.


Do Not Complain Anymore Now! Reply

Between Us Only!

 Do Not Complain Anymore Now!

And surely we try you with something of fear and hunger, and loss of wealth and crops, but give glad-tidings to the steadfast, who when a misfortune befalls them, say lo! We are Allah’s – possession of Allah – and to Him shall we surely return. Such are they on whom are blessings from their Lord, and mercy. Such are the rightly-guided  – The Holy Quraan – Surah 2: Verse 155-157)

 A – The Sick Relative – Eid Al Fitr Family Interior Visit.

Honestly and truthfully speaking, there is no such heartbreaking, pulls-your-heart-apart-to-pieces, tear-jerking, sad-and-painful-to-witness,  heart-rendering,  highly-charged-and-emotional and touching scene than to see a very sick man opening his mouth to cry – as you say goodbye to him – and simply no sound comes out from his mouth – but his face is all wet and tearful! He holds your hand firmly – and begs you not to leave him alone – please-please!!

If you cannot cry yourself too – then you have lost – and need to apply again for ‘membership to be in the humanity feeling caring list’! My late Father used to tell us his children – Do not just look in comparisons and notes taking with those in front of you – but see how many people that you have left behind you!

In actual fact, there are many that are  willing and ready to trade and exchange places with you at anytime that you choose and are ready to do so! We can all learn from The Story of Prophet Ayoub (Job) Peace Be Upon Him.

Prophet Ayoub (Job) PBUH Grave Yard and Tomb in Salalah – Sultanate of Oman

B – The (Sick) Chief Engineer Story  

(From The Article – The Beaten Up Men – Between Us Only!) – As I entered the house, followed closely by the wife, the man called out – ‘ Z, where are you?’ I held out my hand to him – he grasped it and would not let go.

Then he  asked me – ‘Did you see Z? She was here just now. Where did she disappear? The man’s wife came into the room.

After normal greetings, I told her that he was looking for someone named Z. She pretended not to hear me, but just smiled. You could tell that that smile was of great hurt, pain and distress, and being forced out – because there was simply no other way, but only this way. As if taking the cue, the man asked again about Z? The poor wife replied – she will come, she just went out!

 It was when I was leaving, and after a very upsetting and emotive sequence that I realized how far the man had sunk down. Not only was he paralysed half way down, but he had lost his reasoning and senses also. The woman he was asking for was his first wife, more than 30 years ago.

The woman had left him for another more powerful and richer  person, though she had borne him 2 children prior her departure.

That he is feeling the pain and hurt till now must show how much he really loved her. This was his second wife, but he hardly recognized her. The good wife took it all in stride. How many other woman would just go on pretending nothing was wrong and amiss, when your husband no longer recognizes you, but keeps calling for his first wife, long time ago who had left and abandoned him too?

The man was a sad case, of life’s bitter and unexpected turnings in life. This was the Top Chief Engineer who ran the complete factory at his finger tips – now he was just a sad veggie case – who went back to be a baby wearing napkins again! The transformation was daunting and frightening – it scares one of his ‘false sense of alignment and security’  that this too could happen to anyone of us.

If you are not a Believer, you may be excused to ‘prefer death so that you do not trouble others to look after you, or you have become a “bore and nuisance” to be borne with! Hopefully no one losses patience and abandons you, as the first wife did when things had become hard and difficult, and the way out (for her at least!) was this richer other man who had shown interests in her – though he too was married. But they say – Diamonds are a Woman’s Best Friend an Are For Ever – so if you cannot afford diamonds (when to get that one day’s meal is in itself a big trial and toll on one!), can you blame the feint hearted to abandon and leave?

When I said I had to leave, the man bowed his head and held my hand tightly. He would not let go. It was then that I realized that the man was crying profusely! The wife said – ‘You are lucky he recognized you, and won’t let you go! He hardly recognizes anyone else. Sometimes he recognizes me – Sometimes he does not! Sometimes he calls me Z, and says so you have come back, and smiles as if he just got married.

Then he elapses back to the doldrums, and just weeps and cries’ – the poor woman lamented. She must be loving him very much, with stories of other family and relatives who have stopped visiting with lame excuses like  ‘that we just cannot  bear to see him like this, it hurts and kills us all! It is better for us not to feel our hurt and pain, if we just stop seeing him like this! They all say in unison!

The man’s story will hurt and pain anyone – anyone that is who knows to care, feel and be sensible and wise about it all.

If you do not care and feel nothing in life will ever touch you –  perhaps even a death or sickness of only that of one’s  own close one’s relative, friend or family.

Otherwise you just do not care or feel anymore. Hitler did it to the Jews and the Gypsies, by making them be seen as sub-human and inferior, and not one of us – and best got ridden off!

C – The Girl In A Coma

I read a story once of a 16 year old girl who was in a coma for more than one year, after a terrible road accident in one of the Gulf countries. The mother was always pleading to the doctor – switch off the machines, and let my daughter be free and go. But the Doctor would hear nothing of it. Ironically and embarrassingly to the Mother, the daughter one day woke out of the coma, and when the Mother tried to kiss the daughter, she pushed her away saying – I heard you all the
time pleading to the Doctor.

That pushed and drove me to wake up! At least Dad really cared and loved me, because he had faith and trust in Our Lord Allah!

D – The Story of the Prophet Ayoub (Job) PBUH

Prophet Ayoub (Job) – PBUH – was a descendant of A’mis, the third son of Ishaq PBUH. Allah had granted Ayyub PBUH wealth and a large family. Prophet Ayoub (Job) – PBUH – was living in comfort and peace – when Allah decided to test Ayyub PBUH steadfastness in his faith.

Suddenly lightening struck and killed all of his livestock, a terrible storm destroyed his crops. His house collapsed with his family still inside, killing his children. Prophet Ayoub (Job) – pbuh – faith did not waiver. Every time that he was inflicted with a new sorrow, he would bend down in submission acknowledging that Allah Giveth and Allah Taketh away. Prophet Ayoub (Job) – PBUH  – test continued. He became stricken with ulcers over all his body, his flesh was began to rot off.

Several of Prophet Ayoub (Job) – PBUH  – companions left him. His wife Raceme was the only one that took care of Prophet Ayyub PBUH. She would find food and feed him. She would wash, and dress his wounds.

Soon the people of their town forced Ayyub PBUH and his wife into the woods. They told them not to come to the town. All the while Ayyub PBUH faith stayed strong, firm and steadfast. Prophet Ayoub (Job) – PBUH  – praised Allah for what tiny food and other provisions that Allah had given them.

Allah was pleased with Prophet Ayoub (Job) – PBUH – faithfulness. He soon recovered fully from his sickness, they returned to their land gaining back the crops. Allah blessed him with more wealth then he had before. In seeing how Prophet Ayoub (Job) – PBUH – had recovered by staying strong in his faith. Prophet Ayoub (Job) – PBUH  –  companions grew miraculously in number with added strength to their faith in Allah. May peace be upon him – Amin (Amen).

There are many more such stories and episodes – you can find so many of them in my books –  Also here at and previous ones at

Take Care!

 By Majid Al Suleimany

Muscat – Sultanate of Oman.