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Staying After Office Hours! 

  • Family is the most important thing in the world! – Late Princess Diana
  • A man should never neglect his family for business! –      Walt Disney
  • Family is not an important thing! – it is everything – Michael J.      Fox

A long time ago – a good friend sent me this below – Speech by Brian Dyson – CEO Coca Cola – Imagine life as a game in which you are juggling some five balls in the air. You name them – work, family, health, friends and spirit … and you’re keeping all of these in the air. You will soon understand that work is a rubber ball. If you drop it, it will bounce back. But the other four balls – family, health, friends and spirit – are made of glass. If you drop one of these, they will be irrevocably scuffed, marked, nicked, damaged or even shattered. They will never be the same. You must understand that and strive for Balance in your life.

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Some years back – I was working in HR for this new Chinese company investing here and as usual by everyone – and them included – they do not have trust and confidence in local expertise and talents. So they brought their own HR person from home – only they gave him a different job title as at that time HR jobs were reserved only for Omanis – and laws were being monitored to ensure this.

You would imagine with such a situation there would be a natural clash with the local HR guy – even if it was not me! The person tried his level best to marginalise and belittle me in the eyes of his bosses – more his jealous and envious streak when they bought a new car for me – but he had to use Company car – as anyway he could not be allowed to drive! Anyway – it ended in me losing out – because of many things – and my own characteristics and personalities could just not go on.

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Images – Family – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

It eventually led to my first Arab Management book – Psychology of Arab Management Thinking – which you may recall won The USA Literary Excellency Golden Seal Award for 2013 anyway! As we the Arabs say – from the stomach of evil came blessings – or the silver lining in the storm clouds!

The reason I am bringing this is to demonstrate live how deceptions, lies, acting and facade can push your career progression upwards very fast!. As the East Africans also say – wait for the person going up the ladder – he will soon come down! Because some time far later the man was exposed – but I cannot put the real reasons here – as it is politically explosive – but is in my book anyway! You will find it at

Besides, I am not a good Actor or Pretender. I have no issues staying behind office hours if there is a real need or case to do so. In my Oil Company – in Emergencies – we could work till 3 a.m. – and 7 a.m. we were back at Office – and sometimes we just did not sleep!

This guy was very good in inventing artificial and unnecessary work to do in HR – just to show he is very busy and dedicated. With his Chinese bosses – they used to go home even at 10 p.m. – but they were Engineering Project people – so it was understandable. But he went along – to accompany and give them support per se! And here was I – a family man – in my own country – going home past 2 or 3 hours closing time – but that was still not enough for them! Even if they were all single contracts – and their families back home!

Years far back – a similar situation had developed when I took over a HR job in my then Oil Company – but here I was able to win – and because there was Real Omanisation support, adherence and taking place! The Expatriate Assistant looking after the job soon found his way out  from my job auspices – after trying the same tricks that his future peer would try on me far later in life! The point to make here – it is not true that many Omanis do not want to stay after Office hours! First and foremost – we have our family and social commitments – that many expatriates do not have! So these wanton acts of pretenses, acting and facade need to end now!

I have seen live my expatriate peers ‘waste time` the whole day – doing petty and unnecessary works – and that includes endless meetings – till you are lost what that meeting was for – and you had to be reminded by The Chair – or bringing even wrong notes to the meeting! Real work for some of them start one or two hours before closing time – and in that way they can look real active and busy – and woe to you who has been working from the moment go – and now near closing time need to take a break – and or even go home!

Staying after office hours cause many expatriate families – and the isolated similarly inclined locals too – lots and lots of family problems and issues! If you read the weekly magazines – and see what the expatriate wives write to the Problem Columns! Some of them are so unhappy and miserable that they wish they were not married – and want to go home! Unfortunately, some of them are real qualified professionals – but have to stay in the houses because of the rules and regulations! I found this myself when I had my Consultancy!

Some of these ladies are so much bored, distressed, frustrated and unhappy  – that there is wear and tear in the family – including the children too – when hubby returns late at night – and early morning back to the Offices – including even weekends and holidays!

Being in HR – I have myself seen live examples and cases of expatriate housewives coming to see me with their problems – because `I was told you are good in listening – and sorry to waste your time’ – because you cannot do anything `for me in this hole I am now in’ ! Yet on the outside – their spouses have very good high paying jobs – paid houses and cars etc. The sad part is those on the lower echelons staying in miserable accommodation and pay – following their top peers!

Trust me in saying this – and I am not exaggerating or blowing things out of proportion here – but I have noticed live escapades and affairs – in those in the offices after office hours – and at homes with the neglected and ignored wives! It now includes men as a new trend too as the spouse – with the women working or in more senior positions – and priority more for the office than family!

After a few isolated visits and the sending of flowers – they will end soon from the Company side – when you really fall seriously sick – and that if you are lucky too! It will be your family, relatives and friends that will look after you – and depends how you have treated them before!

I do not know when ‘this disease’ will ever end? Take Care!

Happy National Day Greetings!

By  Majid Al Suleimany

The Offices Soap Operas – The Offices’ Going Ons! Reply


 The Offices on Goings!

 (The Soap Operas In The Offices)

 Further my Wednesday in my Column – The Boss Is Killing Us – Slowly! –  The Office Dictators! Despite all the things that have happened – and still happening in some of the offices – nothing has changed much!

 In my working and career life as a Human (Capital) Resources Professional – I have met many cases of employees being taken for granted to such an extent that the office bosses are simply patronizing, condescending, ridiculing, insulting, brazen, vulgar and all the negatives that you can add in to describe their behaviours, attitudes, outlook, perceptions and focuses – especially in dealing with the employees. See my book – A Cry For Help! –

Honestly and to be crystal clear and transparent – this generalization applies to just a few ‘bad fish and apples’ in the basket. The majority are decent, good professional and ethical peoples – made of the right mantle and material – and with good outlooks, intentions, perceptions, focuses and behaviours.

 The employees are so fed up and are dead tired – and that red lines have been crossed so many times! What peoples do not realize is to what extent these things are now causing others – especially the poor working employees in the Offices!


To such an extent that there is stress and frustrations all around – and they drift back to homes for marital and family strife, road rage and accidents – and the breaking up of the social order, fabric, character and harmony. Just by the actions of a few or some who lack confidence, honesty, sincerity, genuineness and lack of integrity, fairness, harmony, principles, ethics and professionalism.

 And perhaps too their secret hidden agendas and real true intentions! They have no morals or borders, and are capable of doing anything so low, cheap, dastardly and unexpected! And what they dictate, control and impose on others per se!

The offices atmosphere nowadays are so abrasive, vulgar and crude that you cringe in fear that the weekend is over – and you have to meet these same peoples in the Offices again!



These people have simply no fear of their God either, their Creator – or that they may one day fall very critical sick – and take years in bed in pain and suffering before they kick the bucket – with the curses and incriminations from their employees – and even from families and outside the Company.

 Yet they pride themselves otherwise as ‘good likeable and decent peoples’ when they know well and deep down themselves that they are not – but just cheap actors hypocrites  peoples – who will sell their best friend and colleague for a few more Omani Rials in promotion or progression. They are ready even to lower down the barrel for their ‘friend’ to be side-lined and to be marginalized too – or even to lose their jobs – as a worst case scenario!

 Yet all the Religions of the world teach us to be nice and good to each other – and to have an honest and sincere living – because in front of Society, Family and God – we are all responsible for everything we do in this world – whether directly or inadvertently – whether by design or by default – and whether by purpose or inaction. We are still accountable and responsible – whether we like to accept this fact or not – the truth remains the same and cannot be changed at all.

 The real sad, pathetic and tragic part is that the stakeholders know well what is going on in the offices – but look the other way – as if nothing untoward is happening there – until the next staff action – or more and more employees resign! The excuses the stakeholders give are always because of the office political and other reasons that are so unimportant, vague and irrelevant – that it amazes and shocks you that somebody can even make them out!

 Few miscreants and irresponsible people in the offices can destroy all the good works taken generations to build and maintain. This ‘pass the buck and blame-game’ and the usual Wastah business of looking the other way needs to stop now – because it is just like a cinder fire burning underneath – and ready to explode at any unexpected time!

 These are how some bad some Offices have become and a laughing stock and jest to others – especially the customers, clients and outsiders. You will find in all the same Offices usual glaring Quality, Mission and Vision Statements – saying all the good nice things – and none is being practiced in reality!

 Sometimes the situation is so bad and corrupt – that you just surrender and quit – even if you have nothing else to go to. The East Africans have this expression – some of the houses hide what is going on in those houses (skeletons hidden in the closets!). The same thing can be said – what is going on in some of the Offices are so frightening and shocking – but it is the Office Building and the name outside that is hiding all these things.

 And will we learn? We never will! Till everyone ends as losers! ake Care!

 By: –

 Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany.