PDO Pensioner Power – Al Fahal 469 – June 2018! Reply

PDO Pensioner Power!

A new Pensioners Committee has been set up to represent the interests of PDO retirees. The committee, chaired by Ali Al Mandhry, former Head of the Medical Laboratory, has the vision of helping to make the PDO pension community the best in class within pension communities in Oman and the region.

The news came as almost 600 retirees attended annual pensioner gatherings in Muscat, Fahud and Marmul. Ali offered his thanks to PDO management for their “continuous support” and those who had place their trust in him as the chairman.

He said: “We have a harmonious relationship between PDO and retirees. It is a dialogue.

“We are also ambassadors for PDO.”

Managing Director Raoul Restucci said: “PDO is fully committed to having a strong and ongoing relationship with its pensioner community and we welcome the formation of the Pensioners Committee.

“This committee will play a very important role in strengthening the retiree network and representing their views in discussions with the Company as well as updating them on decisions and policy changes.”

Ali, who is joined by Ali Al Ismaili, Shaikha Al Harthy and Rashid Al Alawi on the committee, which will represent members on issues of importance such as financial benefits and medical provision.

A new pensioner booklet was also launched, answering frequently asked questions and containing information on important topics such as the Al Yusr scheme, which has now loaned more than US$10 million to more than 800 retirees.

There are currently 2,166 people in the PDO pensioner family, with an average age of 64.3 years.

Raoul gave a business update at the Muscat and Fahud events and said: “We are going to continue this annual gathering as long as I am here. Thank you for the incredible role you have played for making PDO what it is today.

Courtesy PDO Al Fahal Magazine No. 469 June 2018

Full Magazine here at – Please find a link for the magazine with the story on page 07


Posted on August 8, 2018

The New Committee and Function Photos!

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Pensioners Full

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When Death Just Calls! Late Mohamed Saif Al Jabri! Reply

When Death Just Calls!

August 31, 2017

This week there have been 3 deaths of Omani Retirees and Pensioners – 2 from ex PDO Petroleum Development Oman – and 1 from ex Central Bank/BankMuscat! The first one as I wrote about here – https://majidall.com/2017/08/15/obituary-biography-late-sheikh-salim-mohamed-al-maawali-mauly/

See Photo Below!

I do not know about you but for me when I hear of someone I know has died is to go on an overdrive view of looking at that person and interfacing and interacting with me – or what they call as ‘Helicopter’ view of looking the person from above and what he or she has been to me in my life!

Many a times I come to Acceptance level of knowing someone I know has now died – and will no longer be with us anymore! I come to Acceptance Terms as I will have to Forgive him and what he has done to me – or not done to me despite my desperate appeals and requests which went ignored and unheeded – whilst he looked the other way – or pretended not to hear or see me – looking the other way! The worst kind are those who will add ‘salt to the wound’ by passing crude rude inept remarks about you ‘as why he is ignoring you’ – even sometimes right into your own face! So you get hurt both by the rejection and the unneeded words to you in addition!

Then there are few who will actually come out to help as best as they can or offer good kind words in advices and counsels – and even material help and prayers for you! There are also the few who have made your life a misery by all the time conspiring and scheming plots against you personally in your career and work life – and are always negative injurious to you in front of others! Sometimes even with earshot!


Last Photo Mohamed Saif Al Jabri – PDO

Mohamed Saif Al Jabri

He was more a friend to my brother Mohamed though we worked in the same Department until I opted for Early Retirement! He was always joking teasing type of person – always laughing! Sometimes he laughed more on his own jokes than anybody else!

Like in most peers we had our differences and one thing he told me stuck to me till now – that you cannot go in business because you Majid are a nice trying to please help others – and in business you had to be crooked and cruel hard with no ‘mercy or compassion’! This when we were discussing going into business in Import Export from Tanzania – and you needed to be ready to ‘give in bribery and corruption’- and in PDO you are well known by The Mafias then THAT MR. CLEAN!

Here is to you Brother Mohamed! Allah Rest your soul in Eternal Peace in this world and The Next Ameen – and May Allah SWT Open The Gates for Firdaus The Highest Heavens for you! You are a person who cared not only for  your friends but almost everyone!

I will always remember you for stopping me taking My Full PDO Pension but opt instead for lump sum and Monthly Pension! As per your advice on business by me – today I would not have survived in this world and life without my PDO Pension – though it is like just a snack to me now but people with big trays of Biriyani also want to take and eat my sandwich also!

Sometimes I would advise him not to do certain errors of judgement – but he would be defensive and angry – but the good thing about him was he would later relent and come back to show his objectivity by saying only friends can advise you even if you are angry with them!

Humanity, Kindness and Care – Key Words for Late Mohamed! RIP! Plus Laughter and Smiles!

Addressing this also to my ex Peers and all others – I ask Forgiveness for The Past and let us look and pray for each other for whatever is left now in our lives! You have taken my Yukon I used only 2 years – and still paying – but leaving that to Allah SWT when we meet together and in My Presentation of My Case to Allah SWT!

And to those that could have helped me but chose not to lift a finger and look the other way – May Allah SWT and His Prophets RIP PBUT be with you – Amin Amen!

You will find all about the above here at www.majidall.com

Death! What I Had Said Before!! Generally Speaking!

In all my writings and books I have said the same things – that this world is only a temporary phase in our lives – in the end we will all just die! People will only remember you by your good deeds and the way that you interfaced and interacted with each other!

If you were a good person or not are your actions and deeds for others – and your good behaviours and deeds only! People will either feel sorry that you are gone and pray for you – or be indifferent at best – if not cursing you instead and praying for Eternal Hell Fire for you from the moment that you are dropped into your grave – and The Eternal Hell Fire from there on to The Day of Reckoning (Judgement)! Some people find it hard to forgive – especially blatant injustices and crimes committed against others – especially from those who relied and trusted you in the first instance!

Sometimes even if people wish to forgive and forget it will take them a long time and efforts to do so because of the volume and largeness of the Injustices Dhuloom done to others! You will go empty handed as you came into this world – and you will not be able to take anything with you! All your richness and properties you will just leave behind! All the pursuits we have in life for richness and luxuries will end the minute you die! What is left are what good deeds only that you have made in life! All those things you have appropriated taken from others by your ways and threats will be The Hell Fire for you in front of Allah SWT Our Lord God The Al Mighty!

The East Africans continuously say  – Where there is Dhuloom (Injustices) Allah Removes all Blessings Barkah Rahmah and Taqwa – especially in taking by force from a person who has nothing left in life – but even that car you are still paying installments for is snatched from you to pay a Bank instead who have money already! And all Those Big People VIPs and Associated you begged and appealed for Help and Assistance – The Chairmans – The MDs – The GMs – The HEs – The HHs The Directors The Leadership looked the other way not caring or bothered the least!

“Panapo Dhulmah Daamu Ina Mwagiika” – Where there is Injustices Dhuloom blood eventually flows in Swahili – and proved correct so many times in life! The Reality Bites! People need to realise and appreciate their responsibilities much more with ethics, principles and professionalism! Remember that there is punishment on earth for you – in the grave in your funeral and on The Day of Reckoning!

Try to change now – before it is too late for you! We are living on borrowed time – whilst at any minute it can be snatched from you abruptly with little or no notice at all!



 Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany

August 31, 2017


In My Defence! The Case For Majid Al Suleimany! 3

In My Defence!

The Case for Majid Al Suleimany!

January 23, 2017


The Suppression of Ideas!

Am I Now The Victim????

The suppression of ideas, thought and intellectual effort is a major sin.

We will’ never allow anyone to suppress freedom of thought. I do not wish to go into detail about this. However, I know that there are people who call for the suppression of thought.

Ideas cannot be suppressed!

Our Religion stands for ideas and the intellect not the suppression of thought. Never.

Our religion is tolerant, ethical and receptive to ideas. Every verse of the Glorious Quran calls for thinking, cogitation, etc. It does not call for narrow-mindedness, mental inertia and blindly going with the flow!

Address by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said to the students on opening of The Sultan Qaboos University



I am Real Tired Now!

I have reached the end of my patience and strength – continuing to live! I am a very sad unhappy person with too much tests of life and difficulties! I even think have given up the will to continue living!

Everything has gone so wrong, hard and difficult to me now!

Really I do not know what to do now!

Please pray for me!


Please Help Me Your Majesty!

An Appeal from an Omani Retiree Pensioner!

A Personal Appeal!




My Contributions to The Nation!

Just to Remind! May Allah SWT God The Lord Almighty Guide us to The Right Path Ameen Amen



Finding Justice in Islam!



The New Book 55th – That Is The Way It Still Is!


majid  coma-majid  justice pensioners-a pensioners  pensioners-5  55a-front-new-cover surah-al-baqarah  55c-full-cover

The PDO Pensioners Meet! Reply

 My Website – www.majidall.com

 Between Us Only! 

 The PDO Pensioners Meet!

Place – Jabrin Hall – Muscat Intercontinental – Muscat – September 13th 2011.

Mundhir al Barwani

1 – It was a very good wise and pragmatic move to hold such a reception. People responded in kind by their coming in – even those sick and wheel chairs ones too!

2 – People always underestimate the Omanis as a forthcoming, courteous, polite, kind, generous,  receptive and quite a welcoming lot – but everyone keeps forgetting they too have a long elephant memory.

3 – The now retired also senior official got the taste of it! After the usual compliments, politeness, welcome and courtesy the comment came in – so we here together as all company retirees as one group – no longer the big man, eh? The man at the receiving end had but just to smile!

4 – I said to myself more on hindsight –  it was a good thing I did come in – it was all good fond memories all back again on the friendships and social aspects of the whole thing more! Had never had and enjoyed myself and had such a good time for a long time now!

5 – It was a bloody shame that there were still some ‘same-type-of-before’ people who wanted to curry favour and be popular by undermining and ridiculing others in front of the current brass – as if they being already out and retirees would make any simple affect!

6 – Do be careful of body signs – it can betray to others what is in you and what you really feel – even if you cover it with empty and artificial smiles!

7 – Sadly so many of the lot could not attend for various reasons and like being very sick and invalid – and those that had passed on and had died! A minute silence for them!

8 – Allah SWT (God) Rest their souls in eternal peace in this world and the next – and open the doors to the highest heavens – Amin. We do not know when our turn will come next. Let us only hope and pray for a long life and health – Amin.

v  9 – The speeches by The Ceo Raoul Restucci and HR Director Mundhir Barwani were highly emotional charged and emotive in making the Pensioners feel great and elated in their contributions and being ‘for ever’ PDO Family Members! This was very touching! I guess or two might have shed tears too!

Honestly and truthfully, I was debating in my inner heart whether I should attend or not remembering ‘my Early Retirement farewell party arrangements’ – please see Why I Had Left PDO! write-up.  Besides, point taken of getting my Pension – but if it all goes to the bank because of my collapsed consultancy business – you have no part-time or project work either – one can be excused for sounding not too grateful in life.

Like I had said in my article last week – That Is The Way It Is! – Quote – A long time ago during the most difficult, hard and troubling part of my life when my business went bust and bills were piling up and landing me in great dire straits and problems of all kinds, I took my car for selling off to avoid more complex and complicated issues at hand. There was this foreign salesman who was very rude and discourteous towards me on willful purpose – just because ten minutes before he had a fight and dispute with another local – and here was a desperate to sell customer ready and handy for pay-back time – he said abruptly to me – ‘This is our last offer to you – do not waste my time – take it or leave it – Unquote.

Life’s twists and ironies when you meet your ex-bosses as same-level-retirees like yourself (devoid the fact they get higher pensions to you – get it full and some have even businesses on the side – and inside you there is this voice that shouts and screams at you – stop being nice to him – tell him how you really feel – and how he screwed up your life and career – but the decent voice inside you also comes out to say – forget the past – let bygones be bygones – forgive and forget – if you cannot forget – just forgive and move on in life!

Besides, it takes two to tango – and like I too have said last week in the same above article – quote – Sometimes it is better to go off like a dog with your tail between your legs – especially as there is simply nothing you can do about it in any way! That Is The Way It Is! No wonder everything is burning all around us nowadays! – unquote.

Then you see other people being greeted with the most genuine friendliness and welcome and you get just Hello Majid – you say to yourself – forget it – not nice to be jealous – just let us hope for more such parties in the future – and hopefully someone will come too to say to him or her as in 3 above!

Besides all the girl retirees surrounded me giving me that compliment – Majid you still have your sense of wit and humour – and you still can make us laugh! Your face still looks young – even if there is grey beard and hair on too!

Besides I am very sure of this – if there was to be an election of who was the most popular amongst the my levels (and even top levels too) and to choose the top 10, I am quite sure I will make the rounds – even if in the bottom 10. The reception and welcome of the general populace was sincere and welcome – with comments like at least we see you twice in a week (my columns) and your books, writings and articles from those who can read English – and from the others nothing less genuine warmth and reception as one of their own lot – and those who remembered his from the Interior long bearded father – and the son who really cared and felt aligning with the people – and helping them and supporting them devoid of his own career path and future – and as in my books, writings and articles.

One from the home town of Manah still working official said to me – for a long time I have been dying to meet you. It is my great honour, privilege and esteem to have met you today! You make us all young Omanis specially proud of you – and you being so supportive and encouraging to us during your time and tenure in PDO – and this we will Never Forget – Thank you and Bless you and your family – Amin.

Then there were those who had cracked old jokes as if time had just stopped in its tracks!

The East Africans Swahilis say always say this – Praise a snake – and it will come out of the crevice to hear more from you! It actually all depends how you handle and deal with people – that a simple party can and does try to change a person!

If you think you are always right, correct and perfect – and the other person is not – then you have a ‘clash of civilizations’ – or something just as similar!

What more can I say?

Take Care!


Majid Al Suleimany