Quake Reports! Reply

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By Mohamed Anwar Al Balushi


THOUSANDS of articles have been written and read regarding the dilemma of Syria, Palestine and Egypt. Discussions and debates too took place about these articles. The entire world had been engaged and participated directly and indirectly on these issues. It was looking that it looked like a “doom’s day”.

The world media covered and reeled out several reports and news about those nations and their countries’ sufferings, either sufferings came from different corners or through natural disasters.

Baluchistan! Believe it or not, but it has become a hidden story for everyone. Those who are living there are unfortunate. Their voices are still not reaching the entire world.

All the basic needs became only names like: education, health, welfare, security and employment. A few reporters are suggesting that the situation in Baluchistan is worse than that in Sudan, Ethiopia, Syria and Palestine.

I was in the session and was not able to read messages, once I finished the session, I found several messages regarding the earthquake in Awaran district of Baluchistan. It was the first earthquake which measured 7.2 magnitude, according to different channels, last Tuesday. The second one was 6.8 on September 29.

After that I could only hear silence from everywhere. From the first earthquake it was reported that around 309 people died and more than 500 had been badly injured. What would be the next? What would happen to those who remained without houses, clothes, food, water and medicine? Which country had really initiated to go to support humanity?

Did United Nations, Red Cross, charity organisations take any initiates? I was asking myself, while driving home. Did the state itself take any positive action? No. The media even was not allowed to enter to give accurate report of the causalities.

What is really happening in Baluchistan? Is there any war or dispute for a long time? Why the media failed to take out the reality on that area, the small part of the entire world, where you are directly or indirectly connected in some extent?

I was reading one of the messages from “What’s App” from a baby who was saying that: “I am thirsty, I need water”. The second message was read as “Wait my son, the aid is on the way. She was a mother”. There must be more such stories like this.

More or less in such situations nothing but only compassion and humanity should be shown. One should see the child who is waiting for your help and aid. Believe it or not, this is the time when humans should serve other humans.

Joel Osteen had once said: “Take time for the people in your life. They won’t always be there”.

Let’s continue the journey to Baluchistan, which is the largest province in Pakistan, 45 per cent of the country’s land with largest coastline of around 700 km. It has its own strategic location, which borders with Iran and Afghanistan. This makes it a global trade centre walkway to China, Central Asia and even the Gulf. Should people die so easily in such a place?

One of the reports which had been published under the title “The most unfortunate man in the world”. This report expresses about missing persons especially students and youth, where their mothers and sisters every day hold pictures of their relatives.

Baluchistan and its people are being hit differently either by the system or by natural disasters. If someone goes in depth, this can be nothing but a great case study which needs to be fixed immediately before it reaches a point of no return or to that level where humans can only imagine of holding it but can’t touch it.