The New Book 55th – That Is The Way It Still Is! 2

The New Book 55th – That Is The Way It Still Is!

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I        About The Book!

This book 55th is The Sequel to my earlier 54 books to date!

After my last book, I was admitted in Royal Hospital for a Prostate operation that ended me falling into a serious coma state in ICU – Intensive Care Unit – EER – for almost a month! See B – The Prophet’s Dream!

The book contains all the articles and topics that I had posted in My Websites Blogs and The Social Media since the 54th  book.

The book can also stand on its own to describe all my 52 books to date! 6 books on Arab Management, 3 on Road Safety, 6 on My Autobiography (The Story of My Life!) – 12 on my Columns Writings ‘Between Us Only!’ and ‘At My Workplace!’ and the rest on assorted topics!

  • It is hard to beat a person who never gives up! – Babe Ruth
  • Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you make no money! – Jules Renard

The book is a bird’s eye view on all about all my books and from all my varied articles to date! The books produced here are in main part linked to me as Majid aka as Magic – Magic Man as the pseudonym I used in ‘The Forums’! Also interestingly the article – Why Do They Call You Magic? Also Who Is Majid? And My Epitaph! The articles are also about My Family and My Late Parents – Peace Be Upon Them!

The book theme is the current status in my Life where I am facing great stress and Injustice being done to me now!

I do hope that you will like reading about me!

People were always asking me – Why don’t you write a book about yourself and all your books as at one stop centre? The story of your life? All about your books! So people can remember you and your works – and as a Memory and Record for all your works to date!

I then decided to accept the challenge and write this book. Like the other books – I have tried to be as factual as possible – and with my usual style of writing of speaking to you directly from my heart – and to be as sincere, genuine, frank, forthright as possible – so that this book can not only be used in Research works – but as a Guide and Beacon for the children, grandchildren, great grandchildren – and future generations by the Grace of Allah God – Ameen Amen.

 II               Book Preface

After my last book 52 titled All My MAS Books! and the last book on the series Between Us Only! Titled Wipe My Tears!  –   I became very sick and was admitted in Royal Hospital in Oman from November 2015 to January 2016 when I was operated for Prostate Operation – thankfully malign!

I lapsed into a Coma State in ICU – Intensive Care Unit EER – in November / December 2015 and was there for more than a month!

Unknown to me at the time, there was a Court case placed against me by One International Home Bank against my defunct Consultancy – Management & Marketing Development Consultancy – MMDC – which had collapsed and gone bankrupt in January 2001 – that is 15 years ago – and still being followed and being traumatized to date!

O ye who believe! Be steadfast in the cause of Allah, bearing witness in equity: and let not a people’s enmity incite you to act otherwise than with justice. Be always just, that is nearer to righteousness. And fear Allah, Surely Allah is aware of what you do – The Holy Quran – Ch. 5 – V 9

Allah God spoke to His Messenger (Peace and Blessings of  Allah be upon him) in this manner:

“O My slaves, I have forbidden injustice for Myself and forbade it also for you.  So avoid being unjust to one another.” (Saheeh Muslim)

Thus, justice represents moral rectitude and fairness, since it means things should be where they belong.

Nothing has changed much in Oman despite all my writings in my columns and books – the columns that ran for more than 15 years before being targeted and killed off in 2013 – on a technicality – but frankly I think more on their designs policing to subdue people speaking The Truth!

The games of The Mafias usually run and led by sadly our Indian friends dominating The Media in Oman – and tragically more by our own Omanis – The Old Guards!

And The System is based on Policing and Retaining The Status Quo in favour of Those with Say, Money and Power – and those who have these and with W (Wastah) – but never to side with the disadvantaged and poor – even if Old Sick Retirees too! So sad!

The articles in this book are mainly centred on the above aspects as now being denied the public route through my Oman Daily Observer in my columns Between Us Only! and At My Workplace!

I decided to add this book 53 to my series of books – with due apologies to The Reader that the emphasis and concentration in this book was what was happening to me at the time – and to compile the subjects topics under this book 53 – That Is The way It Is!

The Author

December 27, 2016                                                                                                   

 III               About The Author

The Author is an ex-retired now Management and Human Resources Consultant, Advisor, Expert and Professional with over 40 years experiences in companies in Oman and GCC. He has published 52 books before this one – see  –

Lives in Muscat in Oman – married with grandchildren.

Writing has been his passion and hobby from the age of 14 years old and his first essay had won a National Competition at this age. He has been writing wherever he was – from Schools, Colleges, Universities and Company Magazines and Newsletters! He is also a noted and famed Columnist where many of his books originate!

His famous quote is always – Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you make no money!Jules Renard!

More about the Author here –
The Author

December 16, 2016

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The Need for Kindness, Consideration and Compassion! 2

Justice  14AA - Front Cover (2)  9A - Wipe My Tears  05 - A Cry For Help!

Coma Majid

This is I in ICU Acute Medicine in Royal Hospital December 2015 – January 2016!

The Need for Kindness, Consideration and Compassion To Prevail!

A long one – but please read it!

There is a great need for consideration, compassion, kindness and sympathy before our world punishment – and in our graves and punishments – and before Our Lord God Allah SWT! 😦

Scary Desperate Deteriorating Living Standards and the Increased Painful Hardships!

It is a well-established fact that people suffering the most now in The Society are The Still Unemployed (Unemployable) Youth – and The Old Generations Retired Pensioners – with their reduced incomes – and some with still past loans to pay to the Banks from the meagre pensions that they now receive – like it is of getting blood from a stone!

I was watching the hectic painful heart rendering breaking hardships scenes in Venezuela due to the mainly fluctuating oil prices and how the economy took a steep deep dramatic dive into oblivion, calamity despair decay and decadence! When food stuff deliveries are hijacked on the roads before they reach the stores – and starving dying animals in the zoo – with surviving lions being given mangoes to eat instead of food! Because there is simply no money to buy meat for them!

In all my books – especially The Arab Management books I have tried to convey the message in bold frankness and openness – and today I am suffering still despite going financially bankrupt 15 years ago in my Consultancy business.

Visit my books websites here at and – and

In my article decades ago – Why I Left My Last Oil Company –

– I had said –  I always believe this – when peoples are unhappy, silent and grumble in quietness, Allah God Takes Away Blessings in anything in life – even in your own home – so why not in a Company made of many homes too? Maybe that can explain the reduced oil and gas outputs and incomes generated!

The increasing depressions, frustrations, disappointments and complaints – like that cinder fire burning heatedly quietly underneath – and to explode at any unpredictable inopportune time!

A good HSE British friend of mine told me that in many disasters etc. you will find many people piled up and that have died just near the main entrances – because there was panic and fear – and no orderly formally cool minded exits!

Economists also believe that in times of down trends in economy – that is the time to buy a new wardrobe – buy a new car – and even go for a holiday! Not to panic and let cool presence of mind prevail and dominate!

We need also to ensure fairness, ethics and justice in implementing rules and regulations – because it is always the majority the poor ones without W Wastah that get the full force of The Laws in favour of always The Minority Few Rich and Famous! Especially in Money Matters! As they say in USA – the less than one percent of The Population! The Rich and The Powerful against 99% poor and desolate!

The unscrupulous places play around with the Rules and Regulations to harass intimidate and terrorise customers and clients with full support of formality who do not care or bother the poor citizenry and residents – with full forces of The Law with no mercy, kindness and compassion towards the long suffering citizens and residents – who have no way out or could find hope, solace and remedy at all!

Companies that were profitable and making money have resorted to large borrowing in order to just survive – or even closing down – and there are so many advertising for sale and for closing down! So what has really happened?

We need to really deep self analyse soul search ourselves of where we have gone wrong that the Barakah Rahmah Imaan (Blessings, Trust, Faith and Goodness!) are going away with an express speed – and to return To The Right Path and Way – Ameen Amen!

With full rights as a Citizen in Self Expression under HM and One Flag.

My Sincere Apologies and Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany


Today in the news I read about this shocking episode – which has never ever happened before –

See Below!


This Is My Last Posting!

Just Let Things Go! Smile & Be Cheerful!

Albert Einstein is widely credited with saying “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.

I got the above from a close friend who had read my posting below in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus –

Justice in Islam –

He had sent me a joke (Swahili) of two drunkards. They found a mirror on the street. So Drunkard 1 took a long good look at it and said to his colleague – You know what? This guy looks very familiar but I have forgotten his name. The other drunkard snatched it from him – then after looking at it too lamented –You mean that you cannot recognize me? My friend you really disappoint me – this is me!


When there is no more Rahmah Taqwa and Imaan!

No Rahmah  – Double Click!

The Prophet Dream! Or Was It Just Coma Related?


 Please Be Kind and Compassionate To Your Customers!

Because when good times will come in they may choose to still remain with you!

Harassing Customers!

Please do not terrorise harass customers and clients for old expired accounts and some that have been paid partly or even largely fully. Just because hard economic times are here now and time to settle old scores or get blood from stones.

Everywhere is suffering especially Retirees and Pensioners and families with still not employed youngsters and where some spent so much on their education expenses.

In times of hardships and difficulties it is better to pray to Allah SWT God The Almighty rather than chasing each other wildly by fears and worries.

In major fires dead bodies are more found just near the doors because people panicked instead orderly rushing out. The metaphor can be used here now.

Allah God Direct us all to the Right Path and way Amin Amen!
Please be kind compassionate to your customers and clients. Because when good times will come in they may choose to remain with you!

People are suffering every where ….some quietly in patience tolerance and silent prayers. Some pray deep in the night – crying to Allah God!

This is a cinder fire burning deeply underneath and one one day someone crazy may do terrible things and then everyone will ask what happened?

Time to cool down and let common sense and presence of minds prevail!

Remember there is Allah SWT God out there and we are accountable for our actions and inactions and even inadvertently too. Remember punishment on earth your grave and The Day of Reckoning!

In the long run everyone ends as a Loser!


 The Terrifying Earthquake in Italy!

I look in this BBC live news pf the Rescue Missions when an after shock hits the scene! You can see a caterpillar grader on the devastated place being rocked as if it is a toy!

I ask myself why Allah SWT God Our Almighty Lord has hit Italy and why He has still been patient with places like Syria Iraq Afghanistan Libya Yemen etc. and all the crimes injustices being done all over everywhere now

…. when what looks as Halaal Good is actually Haraam Evil and vice versa!

Allah Guide us all to the Right Path Ameen Amen and Protect and Preserve us all from Allah wrath anger and fury Ameen Amen

We now meet of Allah SWT-

Surat Al Baqarah The Cow – 2.6: Indeed, those who disbelieve – it is all the same for them whether you warn them or do not warn them – they will not believe.

Baqarah 2.7.
God has set a seal upon their hearts and on their hearing, and on their eyes is a covering. For them is a mighty punishment (in the Hereafter).

Baqarah 2.8. Among people are some who say, “We believe in God and in the Last Day,” although they are not believers.

Prophet Salih said to the people: “O my people! I have indeed conveyed to you the Message of my Lord, and have given you good advice but you like not good advisers!” (Al-A’raf, 7:79)


This is the strange weird world today!

You have a big tray of Mutton Biriyani with grilled chicken salads and dressings. Yet you see another person just with a chicken sandwich – and you want to have a piece of that sandwich from him! Instead of inviting him to partake that big dish in front of you! World life parables! May Allah God SWT Awaken us in our hearts minds and souls for The Right Path and Way Amin Amen


IMPORTANT – Please See Also –

Please download the File Sayings Hadith appended!


Coma Majid Muscat Daily Coverage Father

My Late FAther PBUH!


Goodbye; My VIP Visitor! Reply

For Wednesday August 15th 2012

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At My Workplace (Outlook)!

Goodbye; My VIP Visitor!


Some years ago, I had visited this great Religious Scholar house and I was commenting to him that you have been staying with us for the last 20 days and that you will soon be leaving us till the next time! He hushed me not to speak so loudly lest you hear – and get angry and annoyed with this assertion – and decide to leave even earlier? I queried him as to how you could overhear as we were speaking alone at the time – and you were not with us then at that time – as we were having some sweets and Omani coffee at that time? He replied me – Trust me – he has ears all over the place – and he will certainly hear you!

When I was a young child and for the first time was told to receive you and show you around in that old place of ours in that distant land – and it was a day or two before you were going to leave us that poor granddad was crying uncontrollably and profusely that he may not be around next time you came – I wondered aloud the relationships between you two to go to this extent!

I must admit – with sincere and due apologies to you now – but at that time I was looking forward for you to go – so things could return to me ‘as normal as a kid usually wants’ – and not follow at that time I thought as hard and rigid rules. I wondered that though you were a guest in our house – even if invited – but you did not have to give us all these things to observe whilst you were and especially with us then!

I used to joke with you in my crude and dry sense of humour that in the local lingo you could only stay with us for 10 days only – as the cut off and limiting factor – but you just looked at me with great sad eyes – that even as a kid ‘I should have known better’ than say this absurd cutting remarks to you – after all you were our invited guest too. If you remember I joked about you if you knew farming and how to plough – because that is what was called for to force you to repay your overstay – and being the guest of the house. They even allowed brute force for you to repay the overstay – in case you refused to do so!

I remember when I told my granddad on this – I was laughing loudly – and with great mirth – but he was not laughing back – and looked sadly at as a lost cause and child – and just confirming his suspicions that it was wrong for him to force his daughter to marry my father – and in hindsight he should not have done that. With his big stick – he looked debating whether he should strike me with it – but just decided to be cutting more = add salt to the wound by saying – what else can one expect – the rule like father like son is very true! I was upset with my granddad that he thought you as more important than the rest of us – especially our poor targeted dad!

I have to admit to you this. I do not know how you are going to take it – knowing you can be sensitive a few times when you feel tired by all the remarks of others. And especially showing to be double faced and being hypocritical – that in front they show that you are most welcome – but hidden and away from you they look at the calendar – and hope that you will go away soon – and leave them alone to do the things they were used to do – with you not around to keep them in check – and forcing them to perform and try to ‘be better people’!

But I assure you – because I know them – and I am a ‘chip of the old block’ – as I am one of them too – we will all try to behave – and be nice and good – and hope it will be longer before you come and visit us again! Despite all the sermons and lectures – once it is night and eating contest time – we just behave as if you are not around. Like the East Africans say – if you want to insult someone that badly – why choose words or behaviour to do it – just do it – and all goes! I apologise and am very sorry for all these – but you are a great understanding person – even if it grieves and hurts you too!

And then another thing! I know you are not a great eater or drinker either – but even though you keep telling us that we are cooking too much food that goes to waste everyday – that even the cats (and dogs) are no longer interested in the left-overs – but despite your lectures, counsels and advices – they still do it.

I wonder if it is wickedly and purposefully done – so you get angry and annoyed – and leave early. But I guess they still want you to stay – and are showing it in their own ways – because they are looking forward for that special day gifts and presents – that you usually give out on the last few days! And of course all those money for the kids – after you have left the night before!

There is something that I must admit to you too before you go! If you have noticed – I was not that welcoming this year like in the past – because I am trying real hard to remain hospitable, receptive and welcoming! A few cases I had a mind just to tell you to go – and I cannot keep up the pretences anymore – but my health has gone bad – and being diabetic too – had short fuses of anger and fury – and I think you must have noticed as I have dealt with others – even in the family. I apologise sincerely for all these things – and I have a great mind that if my situation continues – perhaps you will not see me next time you come – but please do pray for me – and forgive me too. I have tried really hard this time – believe me!

My VIP Visitor – until the next time you come – adieu – and as I cannot say goodbye now – because you will still come to visit us – even if I may not be around the next time – but others will surely be there to receive you – welcome you – and all the grace and mercies you bring. For those that do not appreciate – and even behave worse than before – feel sorry for them – and pray for them only!

Goodbye – My VIP Guest and Visitor – The Month of Ramadhan Fasting!

Eid Greetings!

Take Care! 


Majid Al Suleimany


Respect The Parents! By Majid Al Suleimany 2

For Sunday August 12, 2012

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Between Us Only!

Respect The Parents!

  • And Thy Lord hath decreed that ye worship none but Him, and that ye be kind to Parents; Whether one or both of them attain Old Age in thy life, Say not to them a word of contempt, nor repel them, But address them in terms of honour. And, out of kindness, Lower them the wing of humility, and say: My Lord, bestow on them, Thy Mercy even as they Cherished me in childhood – .- The Holy – Quran Sura Al Isra – 17:23-24
  • And We have enjoined upon man goodness to parentsThe Holy Quran  29:8 and 46:15
  • To understand your parents’ love you must raise children yourselfChinese Proverb
  •  Children begin by loving their parents; as they grow older they judge them; sometimes they forgive them.Oscar Wilde
  •  Parents are not interested in justice; they are interested in quietBill Cosby
  •  What We Do To Our Elders – Our Youngsters Will Do The Very Same To Us – If Not Worse – East African Saying!

One time when our late Father was still alive, my younger brother and I had taken him for his Royal Hospital appointment. As we got him out of the car and into a wheel chair, my brother was arguing with me that he will push the wheel chair inside – whilst I go and park the car! I asked him to do that whilst I pushed the wheel chair instead. Either there was such a competition in love for our late father – or it was just the task of parking – as it was so bad at the place!

When he was admitted – he was refusing to take his medication because he said it made him feel ‘very uncomfortable’. So we were sort of scolding him – and being looked at us with the greatest disdain, dismay and disappointment was this Far Eastern country nurse who came over to us and scolded us instead of – not speaking properly and rightly – to your parent – and he being sick too. She said to us – Your Father especially when he is this old and sick you have to speak to him in a better way like you do to a child – but still remembering and remaining you as a child to him!

Some of ‘our better knowing’ family members – and typical of us all generally in our ‘superior’ nature! – were visibly upset that ‘we had allowed the nurse to speak to us’ like this! With her broken Arabic and her persuasive nature she soon took dominance and had Late Dad taking the medication – though our typical ‘safe-saving’ escapade was ‘The old man was blighted by the pretty young nurse’ – and not to see it differently as we should have been done!

I was watching this film clip “Respect Your Parents’ – I think it is Turkish. You can see it too here in one of my websites – here at -or here at – – double click when inside –- where this bored old man was sitting on a bench with his young son on a bench outside their home.

The son was reading a newspaper, ignoring his bored father. A sparrow lands on the grass in front of them continuously chirping. So the old man asks – What is that? A sparrow the son replies. Again the Father asks – the same answer. A number of times the son becomes angry and starts to scold loudly his father – What is wrong with you? I told you already a sparrow! Because he was being disturbed away from reading his newspaper – A bird! I told you a sparrow! A bird! – The son continues to scream!

The Father gets up. Now the son asks – Now where are you going? The Old man says with his hands it is alright – and he goes back into the house. The son is seen lamenting on his action. The Father emerges with a diary in his hands and sits down with the son. He asks him to read a particular entry in the diary. Aloud he says to the son.

The entry there says – My son of three years of age today asks me what is this? I replied him it – It was a bird – a sparrow! He asked me the same question 21 times more – but I was still not angry – because I can see that my son is very excited to have seen this bird! The son now breaks down – and hugs the father – followed by Teachings on Respecting Our Parents. Tears come out whenever I see this film – and I wish I had given my parents more time and attention when they were still alive!

When I wrote the farewell article for My Mother – Goodbye; Our Mama (Mother)! – and is the first chapter in A Cry For Help! Book – the lady in USA with my Publishers of my books wrote to me – Dear Majid – I know you are a wonderful man, with a big heart. I have really enjoyed reading all your books and articles – before sending them in for the final publication. Your article in A Cry For Help! Goodbye, Our Mama (In memoriam) – made me cry a lot! I have never spoken to my Mother for the last five years after she was against my marriage – which ended in divorce, anyway.

Yesterday I boarded this flight and went to see my Mother! I asked her to read your article first before we spoke anymore. I told her – The article is written by an Arab – that we all like to talk about! She cried with me – Thank you for bringing my Mother and I back again together. God Bless you and your Family (Amen).. I believe as an Author even if you get one such letter – your work has been done for you!

Images For Demonstration Purposes Only!

I was watching this advert in Arabic in one of the Regional Countries Television Channel – they do a good job which we can copy! It shows The Great Madam of the House – TGMOTH – giving an ultimatum to the husband that he needs to choose between her and the man’s father to continue to stay on in the house – because the old man was using a carpet to sit on the floor – instead of the chairs as he was playing with his grandchildren!

As the man is being moved to an Old Peoples’ home – he refuses the offer of the son to carry his bag. He says to the son – I carried the bag myself when I came in – so please excuse me when I carry it myself now (though he is sick)!

The old sick man is seen lying on his bed crying and lamenting that ‘he has been removed from the house and from his grandchildren that he was enjoying playing with – even if on the carpet floor (typical local old times). A bit later on the father sees the son drawing a big castle. So he teases the son – is this your future house? The son replies – yes it is going to be my house – but you will not be staying in it – because I will move you too to the Old Peoples’ home – just like you did our granddad! What goes around – comes around!

If you will forgive me also, I would like to develop this theory of mine. I always ask myself this question – why are Far Eastern countries economies doing so well in these difficult economic times – and despite them having no oil as such. I think God is Blessing them with the way they are treating their parents and their elders. This must be one of the main reasons – if not the only one!

The same thing can be said for some societies even in the Developing and Western World! A society that tends to treat its elders badly cannot continue to do well – because it is against the words of God – whomever you believe in!

And if you are an Elder – Please ensure that what you tell your younger ones to do they actually and really do it – because there is a tendency for them to do what they only like – or do it in the way they like only! Not forgetting the jealousy and envy elements too!

Finally also – If you have still living parents both or one – take my lesson for life in treating them as such! Once they are gone – the chances are completely gone too!

Ramadhan Kareem! Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Between Us Only! – Ramadhan Kareem – July 22nd 2012. 3

For Sunday July 22nd 2012

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 Between Us Only!

Ramadhan Kareem!

v  O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may become God-fearing – The Quran, 2:183

 Ramadan is the month in which was sent down The Quran as a guide to Mankind, and clear (signs) for guidance and judgment (between right and wrong). So everyone who is present (at his home) during that month, should spend it in fastingal-Baqarah 2:185

v  When the month of Ramadhan starts, the gates of the Heaven are opened and the gates of Hell are closed and the devils are chained.

I was watching this Al Jazeera Television programme showing how the economy hard-hit and the poor families in certain countries in Europe were coping in their daily lives now. Associations have sprung up to help the poor and needy by going to supermarkets and shops for them to contribute food for the noble worthy cause of feeding these groups of people. In actual fact, without these campaigns many of the families would have gone without their daily lives’ needs to feed themselves – and cope in life!

The donors contribute still good edible food and packages – some may have dented tins or unpacked proper wraps – but the food is still edible and good. In some they are nearing expiry dates that would have ended in dustbins – instead of homes that could still use them – and with no lose in respects and esteem of taking in bad and or expired food.

In one of the countries – they even give just average and good food to cater for different tastes and categories in people. Some of the people have lost their homes – and volunteers have offered them temporary homes and shelter. It is all so moving and touching – especially when you see the children tucking in with their parents eating together as a last touch of humanity, respect and dignity!

The shops and supermarket chains that are in these noble worthy causes are advertised – so those that are well-off and can afford it all should go for shopping to supplement and support the programmes. What is all touching is to find all kinds of people helping and volunteering in these programmes – from students to professionals – and even doctors and high echelon in the corporate world – from youngsters to even themselves oldish and sick too! They are all in these together as one – in joint mind and heart.


Image The Rich versus The Poor

I thought to myself that these people can teach us a lot of things for some of us unmoved and uncaring lots! Especially the rich well-off family run businesses. Though some of them still do – but not to the rate and levels that their grandparents did!

I remember a long time ago when I went to the show-room of one car agency and the man at the door gave me an envelope = thinking I was one of the poor people gathered there to collect. He was surprised when I returned it back – and told him that he got it all wrong – which he complimented that I looked all dressed up and dignified! But it was a great learning experience to me – because this old man – May Allah rest his soul in eternal peace – Amin – had his heart in the right place – in wanting to share his quick get riches with others lesser advantaged and poor.

The poor man insisted I take the envelope and give it to any poor man I knew! The money inside at that time was still significant. What touched me more was the envelope was all plain – and did not carry the company name – nor logo!

Last two years back I had gone to our poorer relatives still in Tanzania. There I opened my eyes to the artificial and hypocritical lives that we have here. It was lunch time – and there was extra food cooked in order for the others lesser-advantaged and more-poorer than them to come to eat. When I raised a voice as to why they were doing this – and when they themselves were in need – their shock, awe and disbelief was plainly visible for me to see ‘for even thinking’ like that! The part that really eats me out are the other Religions – non-Muslims – participating to help poor Muslims fast in this Holy Month!

You just have to go to the dustbins and see the food that is thrown away – and even the cats and dogs are choosy too which food – and from which house – to eat or ignore! I was always wondering why especially in the Holy Month the Baladiya trucks come in twice a day – instead of only once! And then we have homes that are looking for food – what food they can get and or afford – to break their fasts – but the real eye-opener and the most heart rendering and painful are the children that the poor things really are looking out for!

Some of us for sure can help out more than what we are doing now – not forgetting the maxim that do with the right hand – that even your left hand does not know about! I can share with you that when some of our relatives come to our homes to break the fast they are shocked to see so much food provided – especially when they see how many people are there in numbers vis-à-vis the found amount – quite high, unrepresentative and high!

Start by this. Send to your poorer or not well off neighbours, to the needy  and even to the Masjids (mosques) at breakfast times. Only Allah God Knows your rewards.

I have this morbid fear that one day we will be hit hard by Allah’s anger and fury for the food wastages – and artificial and fake lives that we are leading – and the competition – and all the show offs that we practise and do now!

We surely can learn a lot from such others. Please think of the lesser advantaged starting around you, at the home villages – at poorer families abroad – and those in war-torn strife  areas like now in Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Somalia, Niger (drought) – and so many other Arab and Muslim countries – and even minority Muslims in other countries – and others even world-wide. Time to open our eyes to see, ears to hear – and our mouths to speak!

May Allah God Protect and Preserve us all – Amin Amen

Take Care!


Majid Al Suleimany

The Elements of Negativity! By Majid Al Suleimany. Reply

Between Us Only! – Outlook!

The Elements of Negativity!

From A Bouquet of Quotes.
• The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything!
• A gem is not polished without a rubbing – Nor a man perfected without trials!
• Falling down is not defeat – Defeat is when you refuse to get up!
• Even if you are on the right track – you will get run over if you just sit there!
• If everybody agrees with you – you are probably wrong!
• All actions are judged by the motive prompting them – The Islamic Sayings – The Hadith
• The search for someone to blame is always successful! – Robert Half
• Whatever side I take; I know that I will be blamed! – Louis XIV

It is of great concern, alarm and worry to me to watch the so-called ‘fast and latest development news’ – and frankly I cannot comprehend or can to try to understand what is going on in such a beautiful and marvelous thing that we have here – and instead of protecting and preserving – and letting to increasingly grow, nourish and prosper – this is what some elements are doing now!

We need to move away from this Blame Culture thing! There is the expression said many times that those in glass houses should not throw stones! These attitudes and focuses of comparing and contrasting – jealousies and envies streaks – and narrow minded subjective outlooks and focuses – need to be curtailed now – before it is too late for us all – and everyone else will suffer – because of the mistakes of a few such people and die-hards!

I will share with you these personal experiences I had lately at the workplace. God is my witness there is no willful or evil intention to get back at anyone – but hopefully we can all learn from these experiences of mine – for the good of our own society.

Images on Being Negative!

People can give me any label or colouring they want – but at least two things they cannot deny me – however adverse and being against they can be with me – and as a person individually.

The two things are my always trying my best in speaking the truth always – and however painful and hurtful – it can be to some – and with some that they simply do not want to hear it being said to them! Even if in emails – if not face to face!

The second is always being caring, feeling and being very Nationalistic – loyal and faithful – even if with some other experiencing similar – with what I am going through now – may even want to think and act differently!

My peers Human Resources Professionals were saying to me that I was very lucky to have been out of the scenes with the last year’s labour unrests! My preferences have always been to do Consultancy and Advisory works – temporary in nature – and from the home.








Images – Glass Houses


In that way, I do not have corporate formal bosses and reporting relationships – and if I did not like the direction of where the works were going – I could quit at anytime – and even not ask for any payments for any works already done. People have done that already to me in not paying me for the completed works – so what else is new here?

Against my better judgement – I was persuaded to go back into formality and into operational side of Human Resources – to the Consultancy works being done in addition – for the same one price. They say beggars cannot be choosers – so what else is new here?

After a lapse of over 4 years since my last operational HR job – it was a great shock and eye-opener for me! The atmosphere, culture, attitudes, focuses, outlooks – and whatever else – had changed dramatically – and in adverse nature and negativities! It really shocked me to smithereens! I could not believe what I was seeing and experiencing now – from the top guys to the Trainees! Things had completed changed!

Sorry for me to repeat it – it was for the adverse!

One may say perhaps because I was dealing with a smaller company – and perhaps ethnic and polarisation aspects were coming in! These things do not bother me – I have experienced day one when I started my working life – with being told – ‘go back home – you…!’ – in that distant land by few elements – and not feeling welcomed in some other places – but they needed all the educated people they could get at the time – and more if you could write and speak English for that matter! It is a long story – no need to go through it again!

What shocked me the most is these elements of wanting to control, dominate and subjugate in the old days methodologies – and in the old guards doctrines – from the higher levels – even to a fellow educated, qualified and experienced fellow peer Omani!

But allowing flexibility and freedom to the expatriate clans – and not your own! Like I always say – Like that General shooting at one’s own troops metaphorically speaking here!

But the bigger shocks were with The Younger Generations – and I have all the proofs and evidences with me – from Training Institutes Reports – to Company Reports – and from others.

Look at these examples:-

• Not attending classes for no strong reasons.
• Care-free and lax attitudes in classes – and in dealings with Instructors (many Expatriates!).
• Lack of even trying and in applications to the tasks, aspects and responsibilities
• Do not want to go out to field assignments – it was too hot!
• Lack of observing Hygiene and HSE Safety factors.
• Always comparing and contrasting to others – without knowing all the facts beforehand – the Biggest problem here!
• They choose whom to deal with – not following formal reporting relationships!
• Worse part allowing them to do so! Polarisation!
• Some feeling that they are related to the Top Guys – so cannot be touched!
• Worse allowing them to continue to feel so!
• Polarisation and ethnic differences emanating from even the Top – exceptions being expatriates – for them it is okay!
• The National and State funds and support being given and diverted for these projects – but the outlooks are all subjective, individualistic and – with a heavy heart to say it – ethnical and regional!
• Other areas in the nation did not get these same supports. Privileged few only!
• Again all oil and gas related!
• And so many others – it will take a full book to bring them all in!

But the worst part is being told – as a National – Omani Local – experienced, educated and qualified – that it was Hobson’s choice to have selected me for the job – and their preferences was still ‘for a boy from their own homes’ – but they could not find one – and we are still looking for one!

Certainly, I needed the money – but I needed respect and esteem more – so I quit immediately on my own. I was thinking of writing my next Arab Management book after this – – but I then thought to myself – what else can I write about? I have already said all I wanted in my cries for help book! A Cry For Help! Published one year before all the troubles had started!

Frankly and honestly speaking – I am more and really worried and concerned now – even if in my last article – Trying to shake off Writer’s Block!

Before we start to find faults, accuse and blame others and to look for scapegoats – or even want to quiz others! – we need to look deep into ourselves first in our own consciences – and in self-analysis and soul-searching! If you do not know all the truths and the facts – do not start now – and more importantly – please do not try to judge anyone that quickly too!

May Allah God Protect and Preserve us all – Amin Amen

Take Care!

By: -Majid Al Suleimany

The Family Feuds – And In-Fights! Reply

Outlook – The Oman Daily Observer – Sunday May 20th 2012

Between Us Only! – Outlook!

 The Family In-Fights And Feuds!

  • I must say that quite a number of your articles do hit the nail hard right on the head – and I really enjoyed reading them!A Fan from Germany.
  • Please do not give up writing. Take a break – take a deep breath and rediscover your passion. Love your passion as you did the first day – as passion is a part of you – and you need itFrom an European Fan (in Oman)

Like everything in life – there are two sides of the same story – same just like in a coin! The situation becomes more confusing if a third dimension or perspective crops in – rendering the whole situation more perplexing and confusing! So please bear with me whilst I try to make my points across. Because I have seen this in real life!

The best example was last Eid when my article had appeared on the same day. I had bought extra copies hoping that it would turn out to be a great conversation piece! Apart from two or three avowed enthusiastic always family members who were keen to read the articles – the rest were not.

They were more interested in passing around the latest rumours and ‘hot spicy news’ than engage in constructive well meaning discussions. One or two just scanned the newspaper – and put it down when they came to my column! I guess this happens in many families – not only in our own!

Images All About Writing!

This I found in discussions across my fans listings that includes more expatriates on a rough count than fellow Omanis. Though I have been proud and elated at one social gathering when even some Public VIPs complimented me by saying that they only buy the newspaper on those two days my columns appear – though they may say the same to other Columnists does not bother me – at least it got said to me!

So you can see the point that I want to try to make here. If you have read about The Good Samaritan then you know what I mean. Or to bring the message more clearly – as The East Africans say – That which bites your skin is the same fabric that you are wearing – though supposed to protect you – but unknown to you it is also doing the biting (scratching) your own skin!

Images – It Is All About Writing!

I do not know about some others – but I know for sure that I have supposed to be ‘family members – and even friends’ too that are dead against everything that I write! They just do not want me to write. These elements were exposed when I had stopped writing for sometime – with the congratulations and compliments ‘that you did the right thing (decision)’ – sic!


 Image – My Books and I!

Look at these:-

  • I do not like his writings – because he drags us the family into his explanations. He can write about himself only – if he wants!Family Member.
  • Are you related to this guy who likes to write a lot? – A supposed-to-be Engineer to a family member.
  • Strangely and interestingly – those who cannot even write a decent sentence in any language – let alone in English – are the biggest critics! Typical!
  • You know – Between Us Only! – A sarcastic and always cynical family member every time he feels like opening his mouth in making others laugh!
  • Hey – did you know you are all open below? – A baboon on the ground to one up the tree!
  •   The point is – as also the East Africans say – why should your mouth feel hot – when it is the other person eating the chillies?

This is a fact of life. Frankly sometimes I do not feel to go to social and family gatherings – because there will always be someone to annoy and upset you – to make him feel good – and those around in! That is our envious and jealous streaks in our blood!

Frankly – if my career had really taken off – and or my consultancy business had taken off – then in most likelihood I would not have stumbled into writing – which was in my blood and ambition since I was 12 – and winning a National Writing Contest when I was just 14 with the topic – My Most Vivid Dream!

In my article last week I also narrated about Tina Turner and how her own husband was becoming increasingly jealous and envious of her – because she was stripping and overtaking his own popularity and with the fans! Just imagine! Your own spouse even! One time a friend of mine was lamenting about the time away from home that his wife was taking to do her business!

She comes from work – and straight goes on to do her business – and it is the housemaid that does the house chores and works till Madam returns late home at night – and then straight to bed. The routine would repeat itself even on Thursdays – and even Fridays sometimes. The man was pointing to his chin – I have had it up to here! Even if the business was a great earner to his own family!

He even proudly and meanly boasts that he had gone to pick Madam at the shop – but he simply refused to go in – despite the pleas from the Office girls ‘for at least for him to have a look inside! When the business collapsed – and Madam was in great stress and depressions – it secretly and sadistically pleased him to see she is back in the house – even though she lost her public job because of the business problems!

He felt that she is now back in the house – where she ‘rightly belongs’ – even though they had now bigger financial problems – and the man was the only bread earner – and even if his salary was far lower than that of Madam! So you can just see how mean, dastardly and vicious some people can get! Even to their own spouse – and family!

One time another ‘friend’ was so upset and agitated that I had sent my article email to his wife. That was the time that I did not have a website to record store and write-in – though the wife was number 75 in the To list. He spent all the time to check who else the email was sent to – instead of doing his job that he was paid to do in his office. Even though I told him it was her that wanted to be included to receive my article – but he would not have it.

Hearing the commotions my HR Assistant – a nice decent boy – also IT buff – designed and gave me my first website as a gift on my birthday – I then stopped sending out my articles – unless personally requested now! I learnt my lesson the hard way! Thank God what I sent was all decent – otherwise I would have ended in more dire straits and trouble! Could even a parent be jealous and envious of one’s own sibling? Or conversely? I think enough shocks for today!

As our good Indian friends say – that is how the world goes around – so be ready for both pleasant and unpleasant surprises – whether you make it – do not make it – in life!

Take Care!


By: –


Majid Al Suleimany


The Committee Has Not Met Yet! At My Workplace! Reply

At My Workplace!

The Committee Has Not Met Yet!

 See also scanned copy here as has appeared in The Oman Daily Observer of April 25th 2012

  •  Still Nothing Has Changed Much – Despite All The Rhetoric!
  • If Moses were a Committee – The Israelites would still be in Egypt today!
  • Nothing you tell these people will have any effect on them – Ali Fazari – Syrian Artist.

 In hindsight and again speaking from my own personal experiences and in retrospect – I wish to reiterate this point – that though we have seen some initiations and improvements in the citizens’ rights and freedom – still nothing has changed much on the grounds and in reality.

 The problems are the same in pushing them forward into action, reality and into practice – rather than them being minutes of meetings – and if even filed for records first of all in the first instance. There is need for real movement into action, propelling, push, dynamism and pragmatism in moving them forward – into practice and into reality. Time is not in our side – in essence and or in favour – before we all get bogged down into being reactive ‘fire fighting’ – and further ‘red tape, bureaucracy and inaction’!

 It is alright to put news of improvements and changes for the better in the media – but what is the use of all of them – if they are still not practiced – or excuses given for delays and procrastinations – as is the usual case? I hope that Readers can remember of what I wrote before of those working within the system – the ‘old guards syndrome’ – to prevent and or delay changes. These peoples need to be exposed – and kicked out – and as lessons to others.

 This is also the real truth still! The citizen cannot still win – or very few isolated cases in success – against the public departments and bodies. This is even if you have a case where if things were really practiced and put in action – the citizen SHOULD win in case of dispute scenario. But he will simply not win. Adversely, the same public body can take you for action – and or sue you in courts for the ‘same case and situation’ – for as many times as they want – and the case will still be heard – and nothing can stop them! Even if you cannot draw blood from a stone! 

You go to the Public Officials that you know to hope for solace and intervention – and they are obligated to do so by their authorities, power, control and auspices dominion – if not that you know them well and hope Wastah will kick in – but does not! Simply no one will ever lift a finger to help you – or they turn away from you as if you do not exist- and even if you try to contact then face to face – let alone by emails and by phone? Even if you want to fight against the Big Cats for your rights or that company of yours that is closing down – you end yet again as The Loser!

 How long these things will go on – before something breaks up – or blows up in front of our faces?  The truth and in actual fact – the things at stake and at issue are in reality not really big unsolvable issues – but involve the usual uncaring, care-free, no-interest, cannot-be-bothered-the least approaches and attitudes. What if really big things were at stake? One shudders –  and does not want even want to start thinking on this! Heads need to roll – before things can really improve – otherwise it is a lost cause – and everyone will end as the loser!

 Even if you have given up and do not want to fight your case – because you know you will lose again as the citizen – and complied by what ‘as has been thought as fair and equitable – does not matter if you think differently – who cares? If you follow up your case – so you can be in the clear – and restore your personal freedom and rights – you get the same excuse – The Committee has still not met yet to discuss and or finalise your situation. You are not the only one – so just wait! This is said to you more in annoyance and in anger – rather than in trying to cool you down – or making you understand about the situation – and in letting you know about the results.

 There are things I said in 1980s that now have really happened in reality and on the grounds too. Yet I was given all the labels – including having chips on his shoulders! – A big mouth – a trouble-maker – needs to be stopped! – and so on!

 My problems are that I care and feel a lotand want things to work out – and not go bad! Instead, I always end up as the victim of circumstances of my own making for speaking up and making a stand – and the usual at the end loser! Whilst those who do not care or bother get rewarded – and acknowledged – and given more and more – because of their lack of caring and in indifference.

 Twice I have given up writing anymore – only to persuaded to come back in again. Of course, I cannot deny that I need the money – if even after 35 years of dedicated services, loyalty and feelings of caring are simply wasted – because I cannot touch much my own pension for the very same aforementioned reasons.

 I can now understand and appreciate why people turn to Religion in despair and in giving up hope – instead of the few like Mohamed Buazizi of Tunisia in self-immolation. I simply cannot understand and comprehend why people are so mean and dastardly to each other – and not wanting to change – despite all the changes around us now!

 I am really tired now in continuing writing about these same issues – and I am still in the tunnel – and no hopes for to see the light at the end of the tunnel – if ever that will be so!


By: –

Majid Al Suleimany.