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The Oman Daily Observer Features of Sunday January 15th 2012 – With Special Permission!

Between Us Only!

Reconcile and Support The Youth!

Or In Some Places That Still Do Need To Change Fast Now!

A         UK Archbishop Rowan Williams New Year Speech on the British Youth

In reflecting on the events of the summer in UK 2011 – which showed us “a face of our society we don’t like to think about – angry, destructive, lawless”, Archbishop Rowan Williams urges us to recognise that this destruction was the work of a minority – and that most of the young people of their generation “strongly shared the general feeling of dismay at this behaviour”.

“When you see the gifts they can offer, the energy that can be released when they feel safe and loved, you see what a tragedy we so often allow to happen. Look at the work done by groups like the Children’s Society or by the astonishing network of Kids Company here in London, and you see what can be done to wake up that energy and let it flourish for everyone’s good.”

Finally, the Archbishop urges us to recognise how our own actions can make a real difference to society:

Images British Students (Youth) Riots and Demonstrations!

“… being grown-up doesn’t mean forgetting about the young. And a good New Year’s Resolution (2012) might be to think what you can do locally to support facilities for young people, to support opportunities for counselling and learning and enjoyment in a safe environment. And above all, perhaps we should just be asking how we make friends with our younger fellow citizens – for the sake of our happiness as well as theirs.”

B         Nelson Mandela – Bishop Desmond Tutu – of South Africa and The TRC – Truth and Reconciliation Commission – From Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) was a court-like restorative justice body assembled in South Africa after the abolition of Apartheid. Witnesses who were identified as victims of gross human rights violations were invited to give statements about their experiences, and some were selected for public hearings. Perpetrators of violence could also give testimony and request amnesty from both civil and criminal prosecution.

The TRC led by Archbishop Desmond Tutu ( Nobel Peace award) was set up in terms of the South African Promotion of National Unity and Reconciliation , The mandate of the commission was to bear witness to, record and in some cases grant amnesty to the perpetrators of crimes relating to human rights violations, as well as reparation and rehabilitation

The TRC, the first of the nineteen held internationally to stage public hearings, was seen by many as a crucial component of the transition to full and free democracy in South Africa. Despite some flaws, it is generally (although not universally) thought to have been successful

Images South African Truth and Reconciliation  Commission

There is one where Bishop Desmond Tutu Broke down and cried on cruelty imposed by men to men!

.C        Our Own Youth In Reflections

Though we did not escape from the aftermaths of the Arab Spring Uprisings – Allah God is Great – we in Oman were able to escape mainly and largely unscathed. We were able to pragmatically, dynamically and wisely sit to talk and solve our own problems – admittedly too with mainly some few elements of the Youth that went overboard. Majority of our Youth remain in the main stream of being mainly concerned of getting jobs and their perceived rights in peaceful and meaningful ways.

However, We still do need to change in our outlooks and perceptions – to make our own decisions – chart our own course and path – and do the correct, ethical and professional things required of us to do for our own legacy, destiny and future. Our future history and generations will judge us by what we do now – or not do! Bottom line everyone is responsible for one’s actions and actions.

We need to sit and talk with our Youth. Any parent who has teenager children – be they Omani or Residents – will tell you almost the very same things of the difficulties, pains and complexities of dealing with the Youth now. Seen as mainly rebellious and independent in their ways, traits and behaviours.  We need to think outside the box – to see the bigger picture – and be more appreciative, sympathetic and understanding per se!

Truthfully we do need to wake up from this deep slumber some of us are still in now – before it is too late for everyone – for some that could be faster than others in reality!

Allah God Protect us all from his anger and fury – Amin Amen.

By Majid Al Suleimany

Interview Oman Economic Review Magazine January 2000 – 11 years ago! Mind Matters! Majid Al Suleimany. 1

Interview Oman Economic Review Magazine January 2000 – 11 years ago! Mind Matters! Majid Al Suleimany.

Please see article Below At My Workplace! Job Creations!

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Part 3 of 3


Welcome Them In! Jobs For Omanis – First and Foremost! Why? Reply

At My Workplace!

 Welcome Them In!

This article is mainly addressed to the expatriate workforce in the Offices – and it could also apply to a few ‘die-hards old guards’ from the Omani side too – so here goes!

Images  – Omani Technicians   – Omani Youth Demonstrators Sohar

We all need more tolerance, patience, forbearance – pragmatism and understanding between all sides and all parts and sides for this worthy cause in young Omani recruitment and in Omanisation to succeed – especially now with many more young Omanis entering the market – possibly many of them seen as with lesser or no experiences – and possibly also some may even feel ‘as lesser qualified’ for the jobs at hand!

Jobs For Omanis First and Foremost! Why?

Another Youth Demonstration – including Women too!

Let us go on this hypothetical and imaginary ride and route for a change. There is life and a lot of oil, gold and other resources available in Mars. It is now 2020 – and Branson has made it all easy for all to travel in space. You are asked to form a Company that will take you there and establish your own operations there. Let us say the Mars Government has given you the Big Contract to tap in these resources – but one of the conditions and stipulations are that you have to give jobs and jobs opportunities to the Martians – many that are poor and unemployed – and give them also an opportunity also to be responsible for their own future, fate, destiny and prospects. You know that you will mint a lot of money there – do you go – or refuse and put your foot down to say that you will not employ any Martians – because this is your Company – and you call the shots?

It is only for their future, destiny and legacy!

The same logic and principle would apply if I as an Omani were to open a Company in India, Pakistan, Philippines, UK, Europe, USA etc – so why should it be different for you as an Expatriate to understand and appreciate that this also applies here?. If you are an Omani, I would consider that the stakes and responsibilities are even higher as part of your citizenry and social responsibilities – not the same or lesser! Anyway, as part of many Companies nowadays (including NGOs – Non-Governmental Organisations) worldwide adhere to the same focus, outlook and principle – and forms as part of the CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility – Mission and Vision Statements of many of such companies and corporations worldwide..

In all my career life as a Human Resources Professional, there is nothing that has hurt and pained me more than the negative perception and stereotyping that goes all the time about Omani employees. One such perception among especially Expatriate Managers is that the Omanis are lazy and not capable. Admittedly there are bad eggs (fish) in each basket – but this too applies back home. I must stress here that not all of the expatriate managers are to blame. Some Omani managers also want to act ‘foreign’ to their own. Most of them expatriates are impartial and indifferent. But there is this tiny section that still today has a low opinion about local recruits. Though they are few in numbers, the damage they cause is tremendous!

This also applies to the Omani employee as well.

As part of the workforce – there is a great need to reciprocate to be  more tolerant, understanding, patient and prove their capabilities, competencies, talents – and also to understand the other point of view, outlook and priorities – that are usually different from their own. Many of them just switch off instead of addressing a problem or a strained relationship and interface with the expatriate manager mainly – and this only makes matters worse.

When one such expat manager leaves, he passes on the negative steretype message to his successor and others ‘prepared to listen’ that those locals are difficult to handle and deal with. Those who actually work hard (and are dedicated, loyal and committed) suffer most because of this perception. Many Omanis given the respect, esteem, chance and opportunity have excelled themselves – and proved themselves.

In my job aspects, I have seen live examples of Omani Staff ‘written off’ (or not that good or high potential or future prospects) as not being capable and competent – and lack the right attitudes and approaches – and ethics and professionalism – and the same people are today General Managers, Senior Managers and Directors in other Companies – or even the same Company when the ‘Good Managers’ willing to listen and give a break in chance and opportunity have come in. So what had gone wrong before and now has gone different? Could also be with the new boss – who threw them at the deep end and they had to learn to swim fast! Some of the others who went Public would now be called first by their titles – faced by the same crowd that had looked down on them before. That is the twists and ironies of life!

We must also not ignore the new worldwide and global trend, arena and ‘developments’ in that the current generation is very impatient, intolerant, want results fast, and can be easily rebellious.  As also proved correct by our ‘own recent events’ too!

When both these generations – expatriate and local – meet and collide vis-à-vis – the end resultant is just more combustible explosive outcome results.  The same can be said vis-à-vis younger and older generations – let them be between even locals for that matter.

The jobs of Human Resources Professionals have never been easier as the days go by – in addition he or she is expected to be ‘The Corporate Conscience Keeper’ and the vanguard of CSR – in addition to not just do his own job aspects within the company and staff handling – but also outside – including customers, clients, The Governmental parties and Society as a whole – and to ensure ‘The corporate fabric’ is not torn up – or the Company is allowed to suffocate from inside.

By profession, I have authored five books and two of them are in Management – Psychology of Arab Management Thinking and A Cry For Help! I invite you to read more of today’s topic in these books – more details you can find in my website

We all need more tolerance, patience, forbearance – and understanding between all sides and all parts and sides for this worthy cause in Omanisation. We all need to be and do our very best in the real sense of the word.

Take Care!


Majid Al Suleimany