How Rich Can One Get? By Majid Al Suleimany Reply

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How Rich Can One Get?

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Former Chinese Police Chief Wang Lijun sentenced to 15 years for abdication of duties…even in China!

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One time decades back I got this call from my late Father to go and pick him up to take him for a funeral that was happening that evening. He got into my car and was not speaking. I thought perhaps because I came in late – or he just wanted to be silent – normally – when he gets extremely angry and annoyed. I had come to realise the hard way that it was better for me ‘not to prod’ – until he decided to speak himself. This time it was acute strange because he was not saying anything – longer than normal!

My Late Father PBUH

I was wondering if the old man wanted to cry – but he was holding his tears back – not to embarrass himself in front of his son. He comes from the fabric that frowns on showing emotions openly – and that is certainly in crying! Big men – and even young boys – simply do not cry! You can all cry and break into pieces all held dear all inside. Only ‘sissies’ cry out openly!

 After the funeral, I could see that he now wanted to talk. So I broke the ice by asking what the poor man had died of? He stared at me as if he was going to take out on me – but decided at the last minute not to! Then he said – Poor man! We were everyday going to the Public place – to chase up on the applications of land for our children.

Poor man! Now he got his final plot – and it was for free! He did not have to pay any money for the plot – it was given for him for free! Just the size of his body – a bit more – but 6 feet down – to rest on his right side facing Mecca – until the Day of Reckoning! I tell you son – all these things we are chasing in life are all temporary and artificial – and there is nothing permanent and for surety except God – and Death only!

Then my poor father told me about one business man he also knows whose business had gone bust. Many reasons for it – he was telling me. But that is not important for now. In short the man almost lost his house to the Banks – but luckily for him it was the only house he had – and there was the law to protect such cases in the past. He had two cars – one his and the other family. He sold off his family big car to settle debts – but kept the smaller car.

One day he wanted to go by road and to visit his relatives in a neighbouring country. He was not allowed to do so – because though he had cleared his case – and his name in the public files was not. He did not have even the right to renew the Mulkiya of his car – and he was driving the car ‘unlicensed and un re-registered’ – and he was afraid of in case of an accident of what was going to happen to him! It took more than 8 months to have ‘his name cleared’ – all because he was just a poor man – and had no Wastah. God takes shorter time to clear us – he sadly lamented!

Images – Traffic Police! For demonstration purposes only!

He added – Such things do not happen to the rich, powerful and the famous – only poor people like him – and us! In the end the man was so fed up – and decided to return for good to East Africa – safety or no safety – security or no security – but he just had enough! My poor father added – This man was stronger than this man who died today – God forgive us for such stray thoughts in comparisons!

I do not know if this is true or not – but one of the jokes on the public sector bribes and corruption in one third world country is about lands being allocated to the families of ‘those of influence’ – or as we say here ‘With W – Wastah! They say to a pregnant inner family or friends circle – If it is going to be a girl call her Badriya – and if boy Badr – names just coincidental for examples and demonstration purposes only! I do not know if they knew these things of scanning – because like yours truly had twin girls – so one of the girls would have lost – till a bit later on!

In one of my articles long time back – I talked about when I started working in Oman in Junior positions – though I had a more Senior position from where I came in that distant land – from having a Company car to riding a Company bus to work. But it did not put me off – or want to return – because I put my future and my family ahead of me!

In one of my deep frustrating times far later in life – I even went looking for jobs outside that oil company. In one of the interviews with one owners’ son he asked me a direct personal question of what really made M tick? He asked me – What are your dreams and what are you looking for in life?

Perhaps he thought I would reply him that I wanted to be in his shoes – to be on his side of the desk – asking the same question to another job aspirant! Then he started lamenting to me all kind of things that were not interesting to me as a job applicant – and the success story of their family business! He then asked me if I knew another so-called rich rising family – and why I did not apply there?

In another place the ‘great personality’ was saying to me – Either we offer you a good package or nothing at all. It seemed to me he was thinking he was making a great speech impression to me – because those things are best not said – and left out – because it was just a plain common message – and everybody knows about these things!

Remember all the above incidents were over 15 to 20 years ago! Far later in life when I started writing I had a strong fan – a sort of high elite rich person who really liked my works as a writer. He said to me – I like the way you fight for the underdog! When I applied some years ago after early retirement – for a Human Resources job in his place – he replied to me – Just keep to writing! That best suits you than a HR job! The Brits have this famous expression – Diplomacy is telling someone to go to hell – and he looks forward for the trip!

If even Mitt Romney of USA can discount 47% of the electoral vote – because ‘they are with him (Obama) – who are dependant upon government, who believe that they are victims , who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe to housing, you name it. They are people who pay no income tax ….. my job is not to worry about those people!

Bottom line – wherever you are in this world of ours – if you are poor and with no Wastah – you always get hit hard the most! Nothing has changed much during all these years! And then people dare to ask me why I like to quote many times – from George Orwell’s Animal Farm!

May The Good Lord Direct us all to The Right Path and Ways Always – Amin Amen

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

The problems all facing us now is all due to this hunger to control, dominate and manipulate in the Society….!!!

My Late Father – PBUH Reply

You will find that I quote him in most of my articles…..

1          Quote from A Cry For Help! book –

My father was born in the village of Hail Al Ghaaf in Quriyaat in Oman.  He went to East Africa (now Tanzania) when he was 22 years old with his first wife – my later elder Mother Bi Shamsa Khalfan Al-Adhri and my late elder brother Suleiman and late sister Aziza. 

 At that time, during the trip to Africa, they were respectively 12 and 10 years old – if I am not mistaken.   However, in reaching Zanzibar, he was married off to my mother – poor lady at that time doing well in school according to her teacher, late Bi Amina Al-Farsi, who coincidentally happened to be our neighbour later in life.  My mother was only 16 then (I can hear that sigh too!) and for a young girl to be taken out of school and be married off was the norm during those days and parents had just to be obeyed to avoid great risks and dangers to one self if otherwise! A child at best at age in thoughts and in body, she was taken away from school and married off to her cousin (who coincidentally was married too and with children!).

My mother always said that she never forgave her dad for this, even if we tease her – even if we came along?  Our grandfather had the vision that it was enough for his daughter to be able to write her name in English and Arabic – and what education did she need more? So she could write love letters to boys in her school? Far later in life, this was the main cause of divorce between him and my grandmother – though at that particular time when my mother needed her the most, she was not around to save her daughter from an early marriage.

 As a Reader you may well ask – if your mother was not married off early in life, perhaps you would not be born and we would not today be reading your book! Frankly if you ask me I would prefer my mother’s happiness than my own! But we have no choice in such matters, and life sometimes is like a drama and we have just to our casted role set out in that drama, and we need just to play our cast well in life!

 Anyway, the good angelic mother got on to have 11 other children (a full football team as the joke goes around) with 4 brothers and 6 sisters – one passed away at an early stage.  Her name was Khadija (peace be upon her – pbuh) and she had no chance of survival because she never cried when she was born (at home) and the mid-wife (a family member) hardly knew what she was actually doing.  But, then in this part of the world, we are all ‘fatalistic’ and these things have already been destined to happen – and they happen for a reason!

My Mother PBUH has also expired now – Unquote!

2          From The Column – Quote – From Oman FM Radio Interview – June 2007

JR (AnnouncerJudith Razak) – Who has the greatest influence in your life than anybody else?

MS  (me) – I think it is my Father more than anybody else because my Father was straight forward. He made a lot of friends and he also made a lot of enemies too. Because if somebody upset him … he never went about a long way to tell him so. My Father sometimes when we invite guests to our house … he is dead now … so Father … Father please Father … please put the brakes on! He would say … the food is for you .. eat it … I am not going to tell you more than once … you are the guests … the food is for you … eat it. I tell Father … you do not have to tell them these things … you know he is straight forward. And he has been telling us … that you should not be afraid … tell the truth even if it may cost you …you must do the same thing  … but please do not go for lies.

3          Our Family Origins in Oman.

Parents – Hayll Al Ghaaf in Quriyat in Oman

Grandparents and Great Grandparents – from Manah – Oman.

However I was born in Zanzibar (Tanzania) with 8 sister and 5 brothers… one sister died. So elder brother and sister. PBU Them Amin.

My Father had … two wives!

Best Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany