Really … I should have been … Rich and Famous! Reply

Really … I should have been – Rich and Famous!

If people had only remembered me!

The Story of My Life!

Do good – and just continue on your journey! – East African Saying!

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One of the famous straits and characteristics that I had in my Career Life were that people could come to me in my Office at any time! In fact some even phoned me at home! Long time after I left some places – people still followed me!

I offered advices, counselling, coaching, mentoring and guidance for free – and charged no one!

  • People that are now very rich peoples with their several companies!
  • These are people that were not sure at the time if they should leave the Company and start their own businesses or not! I told them ‘to go out and try’ – and they can always come back to their old positions – if they did not make it out there! I gave them as a Personal Guarantee being in Human Resources!
  • People that are now General Managers, CEOs, MDs, The Top Guys!
  • Same as above!
  • Some that now that you have to use their titles before you address them in person!
  • Same as above!
  • Families that are now together because of my counselling advising etc. Some are VIPs and very rich peoples too!
  • People from Other Companies that have now too made it!
  • My mainly Arab Management Books now! Be The Safe Driver!  
  • Even my Road Safety Books were targeted – even if the country has one of the Worst Records of Road Safety and Driving in Oman! But they were targeting all my books – in alone blow –thanks to The Mafias – and the Old Guards!
  • I was at one Company Management meeting – and became so down and all alone after a meeting!
  • The Management and ALL MY Peers did not support me in My Warning and Cautions on Omanisation, Youth Recruitment – and Training and Development! 😦
  • I came home so pissed out – and took it out on my youngest daughter who poor thing was just asking for a calculator for School – and my family turning against me!
  • That night the idea of running away for good – or suicide came into my mind!
  • Things I said about ‘are still happening to date!
  • But facts and events proved me right – even years later – when I said – several times – I told you so! But it all becomes empty and hollow – wasted time, efforts and energies!
  • With serious personal determents, consequences and repercussions on my Career Life – because I risked being forthright, frank and opinionated – and refused to ‘go with the tide! – ‘Not to rock the boat’ – refuse ‘to push the dirt under the carpet per se! Even if it already was smelling and reeking!
  • Everyone has conveniently forgotten me – some even consider me as nuisance and trouble!
  • Some of them even turned me flat when my Consultancy business was facing closure!
  • Let alone offering me Project works before when yet they knew well I was well qualified experienced HR Professional! 😦
  • When I applied for some of their jobs advertised – I was not called even for an interview!
  • What kind of people are these I ask you?
  • If being rich and famous is like this – I prefer to remain just okay and surviving!
  • Allah SWT God Really liked me not to change and be like them!
  • Alhamdu Lillah!
  • Something will give in – soon!Majid Al Suleimany! Be The Safe Driver! Oh yes! For The Cynics and Sceptics – You can stop to play the violin!

     Frankly I am dead tired – being nice, kind, feeling and good-hearted now!

    Something will give in – soon! Mark my words! Again! I said it before – Saying It A Final Time!

Goodbye – Please remember me in your Prayers – Ameen! Amen!

Majid Al Suleimany – July 6th 2015

The Five Days Working Week! At My Workplace! 1

For Wednesday January 4, 2012

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 At My Workplace!

The Five Days Working Week!

My theory – unless proven otherwise – still holds water that the increasingly frustrated people in the offices could perhaps explain the increased volumes of accidents and fatalities – and the tear and wear at the national and domestic home fabric!

Frankly with great shock and awe, I have noticed of the increasing ‘hot discussions’ going on now of the ‘five days working week – and the resistance to make any (further) changes based mainly on ‘increasing costs’ to the Companies by introduction of the ‘five days working week’ per se!

Truthfully, in some places like in Construction Companies – even the large ones for that matter – there is not even a one day rest but at best perhaps a few hours only rest in a day whilst the operations continue 24/7. That is where there is great resistance to change anything in favour of the employees – majority of them being mostly foreign Labourers and Non Skilled Workers – though it would not surprise me if it goes up to even middle and upper strata and echelons in the workforce even.

It is always the poor labourerexpatriates that get most hit and the general feeling is to keep ‘their minds fully occupied’ by nothing than only work and work – so that they have nothing else to think about – and after getting some food and rest!

You will excuse me for the strong language – but I have read that this is what also the Communists believe in! That is keeping the peoples’ minds occupied to get their food and shelter only – so they do not diverge out to other issues like asking for their rights and into politics! So it is queues and queues for bread – for food – you name it! Finally when the poor peasant has got it – he will be so dead tired to go and sleep – so he can get energies to stand in tomorrow’s queues all over again. If you have read also Animal Farm by George Orwell you will get the gist of my meaning here!

The most sad, ironical and tragic part is in my working career I had found the lower end expatriate working staff preferring to travel by airlines not of their own nations – because it is in the non-National Airlines where they get better treatment than from their own kind and home nationals – and there is lesser complaints of them being dirty, noisy and spoiling the toilets!

This also is the sad truth of how they get treated in the same way by their own kind in companies. I found this from real experiences of my own when I took over as a Human Resources Manager from an expatriate – and this labourer staff thanking me ‘to allow him to sit on the chair opposite my desk – Sir, I worked here for more than 18 years and today is the first time I am allowed to sit here whilst you are attending my case – and offering me tea too Sir!

I believe that what MOM Ministry of Manpower is doing now (Thank You!) is completely right, ethical, correct and professional by standing up to those Companies that do not want to change the 5 days working week – and if they want their staff to work extended hours and days they should be appropriately be compensated and be rewarded too accordingly!

It is ironical, sad and tragic that those big companies that profited greatly from contracts and projects in Oman – some major ones – are the same ones today making the strongest resistance to change – even for their own home nationals too!

As a National Human Resources Professional who strongly believes and practices greatly in correctness, ethics and professionalism – Yes I had indeed some issues and met the rawest treatment in interviews from such large construction companies! – But even without that – these poor people deserve a break too! Just like everyone else – Omanis and Non-Omanis alike!

Take Care!


Majid Al Suleimany

Muscat – Sultanate of Oman.