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Between Us Only!

Need For Tolerance!

 Letting The Genie Out Of The Bottle!

Or Opening A Can Of Worms!

I was really aghast and shocked to the extreme to watch this Norwegian Mass Killer Anders Breivik pleading as ‘not guilty’ to his wanton crimes of slaughter of 77 innocent people – many of them at the prime of their lives – and having the audacity to come in the court with a Nazi extreme right salute – and yet still asking to be released.


 He also ‘does not recognise the court – the impudence and the audacity! And still more that his dastardly crimes plans were for far more murders than he had achieved – and that if released ‘he would do it all over again – and better this time even’! Yet he could show tears only because his manifesto was being read to the court – but not even a tear shed for the images of the young men and women slaughtered by him and images shown live!

 I do not know what the world is coming to by this killer being given all these breaks and opportunities to spread his venom and hatred to the rest of the world – and why even give him live coverage – because that is a sure way of encouraging others and copy cats actions too! I for sure am not in favour of quick and fast justice without finding why these things have been done – and even if admitted willingly that he has done it.

 In such other places he would hang from the highest crane – or his head chopped off for all the public to see and left out for show for some time – and as a lesson to others! I do not know who is right or wrong in such swift acts of justice! But surely going this route is really stretching it too far – and the mind really boggles and is confused of what is really going on here!

 And what is the real purpose and intention? Civilized open transparent approaches? I beg to differ strongly here! I was just wondering aloud if it was done by the usual culprits would it be like this – and that even Al Jazeera Television will interrupt normal programming to show us live pictures of these court cases going on now?

 In my mind,  I was wondering if we have people amongst our guests and visitors – invited guests – that maybe secretly cheering him on at their homes – away from host home prying and intrusive eyes? You will excuse me for raising this protruding blatant intrusive questioning here – because my mind is really troubled and worried by things I have seen in reality and in action in my dealings in the work fronts, relationships and interfaces. If you remember my last week article of Polarisation Dilemma – when your ex foreign boss boasts ‘of the bad things he did to Arabs’ in Palestine – and here too trying to ‘divide and rule’ amongst Omanis!

 Some fans even ventured to tell me that these things are really happening still. As a Human Resources Professional I have been involved in circulating reading material to foreign staff being assigned to other countries – where they are cautioned that there the office assistant – and even the housemaid or gardener are there ‘to tap and record’ what the invited guests are saying about the nationals and the country.

 I am for sure against such extremes – because my late maternal grandmother would tell us – Let them talk as much and as long as they wish – and at night they will go to sleep anyway – and nothing will have changed much! Of course poor granny was talking about our own people gossiping and idle talk – because she did not have the ‘luck, privilege and advantage’ to work with the few expatriates ‘that are anti-local and have abused the usual welcome, acceptance and respect – and biting the hand that feeds them’!

 But then if we have our own very people discriminating amongst ourselves – and feeling they have more rights than others – where are we headed –  if not more dangers, crisis and catastrophe ahead?

 The point I want to make in bringing in this Breivik murderer is the Islamophobia and Extremism that is being preached by certain few – especially in The Western countries – and isolated pockets elsewhere in the world! Now even in quarters that we used to consider as our ever true friends and supporters. An Arab leader had said – The friends of today can change to be our enemies of tomorrow – and the enemies of yesterday to be our friends of today.  


Tell that to the Northern (Arab associated) Sudanese living in the South – and vice versa with the African from the South living in the North – when the North now declares the South –as the enemy’! Yet a few years ago were the very same country even!

People are simply killing each other because of dirty slimy oil – and there is no humanity left – even in what was one country before – like in Sudan! See war images here! Danger of a full scale war – and other partied drawn in too! When will people ever learn??

 Nobody knows what the future will bring – but hatreds, fundamentalism, animosities, extremism – both sides – are double edged swords that cut both sides – as clearly evidenced by this Breivik case too. Hopefully humankind will learn from this case – that is all one can pray and hope for – Amin Amen!

 Take Care!

 By: –

 Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany.

THE FINAL ARTICLE! It Is Time To Say Goodbyes! 2

Between Us Only!


It Is Time To Say Goodbyes!

  • A wise man once said: ‘The skill in attending a party is knowing when it is time to leave’. We built something extraordinary together… and all things must end, and we wanted to do it right, to do it our way – REM lead vocalist Michael Stipe announces the alternative rock band is splitting after 31 years and 15 albums.
  •  A farewell is necessary before we can meet again, and meeting again, after moments or a lifetime is certain for those who are friends. Anon
  •  True love doesn’t have a happy ending, because true love never ends. Letting go is one way of saying I love you – Anon
  •  Sometimes you have to let go to see if there was anything worth holding on to – Anon
  •  Set the bird free – if it flies away from you – it was not yours from the beginning! – East African Swahili saying.
  • Do not wake up sleeping dogs, they will wake up – and bite you! – Another East African Swahili expression.
  • This battle may have been lost – but the war is still on ahead – French General after France invaded by Nazi Hitler German army.
  • Sometimes you think you have won; when you have actually lost – and sometimes you think you have lost; when you have actually won! – Anon
  • The usual old games and tricks do not work anymore – because people have gone past the Fear Element now!
  • Do not bite the hand that feeds you – otherwise you will lick the boot that kicks you – Anon
  • If you have something growing for you – keep it, nurture it – let it grow and prosper – do not put sand in your rice cake (food) – (Swahili East African) or spit on your food (Indian). If you do – in the end you yourself cannot eat it anymore!
  • Do not kill the messenger of bad news! – Anon
  • Sincerity and being caring, feeling and genuine are never wasted in the front of God – Arabic

I am one of those fans who had really got hurt and disappointed when The ABBA Swedish music group had decided to close down. The same for the Comedy series Seinfeld and Friends. Also The Oprah shows.

The reason they gave was the same one – when you are still ‘up there’ then it is time to quit!

I watched the film of Titanic as it was being rushed to its utter destruction – as it was being moved towards the icebergs – and despite the protestations of the young captains on board!

I am a sick diabetic person 63 years old – with eyesight and glaucoma problems. I am now continuously feeling a lot of pressures – and getting my face always bloodied – and my head swollen – as I bang it against brick walls! Nobody is hearing me – and I always end as the victim – because people do not want to hear the truth – and find evil and devious ways and means to ‘get back at me’!

I simply cannot now continue to handle the pressures I used to be able to do in the past – especially being out all alone there – and abandoned without any support and backing!

Things that have seemed to have been settled are being revived just to put me in a corner – and to silence me!

I have been writing for the last 8 years – and on the same subjects and topics – and I keep writing – again and again! I am writing more as a hobby – something that I like to do! Nothing more or less! The money is peanuts – if and when it comes in!

The Romans had said – Those that the gods are out to destroy make them not see, hear or speak. Or as we Arabs say – There is no one so blind but with eyes but cannot see; no one so deaf but with ears but cannot hear; and no one so dumb but with a mouth but cannot speak!

Or as Napoleon had appropriately had said – Do not interfere with someone set to destroy himself (Let it be syndrome!).

Things I had said in 1980s came to pass – even in my working time and career too! I am tired of saying so many times – again and again – I TOLD YOU SO! The same things that I have said in my articles from 2003 onwards – 8 years ago – came to pass! Just imagine! From my first book Between Us Only! –


My First Arab Management Book – Psychology of Arab Management Thinking – Context and Perspectives – Arabian Magement Series. The book talked all about ‘the things going wrong in Arab Management’. See here how to order – or

I warned and cautioned on the cinder fires burning underneath – instead my books and I were targeted instead! The book A Cry For Help! Went even so far to prophesied and predict the Arab Spring Uprisings – but who cares? See Even the VIPs that I had sent my books did not have even the politeness and courtesy to acknowledge and thank me! As if I was embarrassing them instead to send them my books!

 Why and What for are all these things? 

My Second  Arab Management Book – A Cry For Help! (The Real Cry!)  – Context and Perspectives – Arabian Magement Series. The book talked all about ‘the things going more extreme and fundamental especially with The Youth and sort of predicted and propheised The Arab Spring Uprisings!. See here how to order – or

Anyway, I would like to thank all my fans and supporters from my heart with warmth, sincerity and genuine feelings and touch. And I ask your forgiveness for those who chose ‘not to be my friends’ – and those trying to get back at me – to shut me up and close my mouth!

 This is Goodbye – and wishing you all the very best in your lives, your families and in your endeavours! I came – and now I am going. Leave me alone NOW in peace – please!

Goodbye and Maa Salaamah!


 Majid Al Suleimany

 November 19th 2011 – Muscat – Oman.  –