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For Sunday July 29th 2012

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 Between Us Only! 

Ethnic and Sectarian Violence! 

  • The world suffers now not because of evil people– but because of good people that have decided to remain silent – Albert Einstein
  •  All actions are judged by the motive prompting themThe Islamic Sayings – The Hadith
  • The search for someone to blame is always successful! – Robert Half

I was watching this Al Jazeera TV interview where the Bangladeshi President was being queried as to why they were sending back the Rohingyas – and her replying that her country was already full of Refugees – and they did not have space for anymore – and that it was not ‘her country’s problems’!

Images Assam India Violence

It is with a heavy heart, great sorrow and sadness to note the new ‘in-thing’ of ethnic and sectarian violence – that is now springing up in some parts of the world! I say with sadness and sorrow because most of these peoples affected are just themselves, gullible, unsuspecting poor naïve people – being used and utilized by others so-called ‘politicians and leaders’ of all sorts – for their own hidden agendas, manifest and innuendos!

What makes it more sad, tragic and pathetic is that the people involved in these violence are themselves always poor, needy and desperate lots – but are being used as targets and pawns of the ‘mischief and trouble-makers’ at the top. They are used like ‘dummies-puppets-on-strings’ by their controllers and their manipulators cum designers.

Images Rohingyas Burma Violence

That these things can happen in this Muslim Holy Fasting month makes it all the more sadder and more tragic. Not that we have enough in defined within borders of people still rising in the Arab Spring – like now in Syria and others – and or in another countries struck by economic strangulation and woes – but now within countries like in Myannamar (Burma), India, Nigeria, Iraq, Pakistan – and several others too!

Some Quotes on Mob Violence:-

  • Victory attained by violence is tantamount to a defeat, for it is momentary – Gandhi
  • Force is all-conquering, but its victories are short-lived – Abraham Lincoln
  • The man who strikes first admits that his ideas have given out  – Chinese Proverb
  • What broke in a man when he could bring himself to kill another? – Alan Paton
  • Who overcomes by force hath overcome but half his foe – John Milton

The REAL Religiouspeople and Scholars at least – if not the Politicians – are expected and required to do much more than just disinterests and apathy – or even as is being suggested in some places – that they are even led –  either directly or on the sidelines – by the so-called ‘Religious cum Political Leaders’ too!

The Secular, The Professionals, The Intellectuals, NGOs, the People outside their own countries – should indeed speak out! Now before everyone become the Losers!

And all these mob, sectarian and ethnic violence? For what? And for what reason and purpose? For what purpose, will and intention? What is there to be gained by using such poor innocent naïve trusting people for these whimsical, crude, unethical and unprincipled – hidden or even wide open agendas?

.Not only they are discrediting themselves, their ethnic groupings – but even the society and the nations that they represent – or supposed to represent. One of the signs that are said of the ‘end of the world’ is that when you hear somebody has died – you in turn feel jealous and envious – that it was not you that had died! I can associate this feeling and inclination – seeing how bad things have become now in the world – all the doom, despair, decadence, malaise and disasters that we are facing now!

To the extent that one just starts to think loud – in shock and awe – what job and responsibilities that are awaiting for our Great Prophet Jesus Christ – Nabih Issa – on his coming to save the world for ourselves – and from ourselves – seeing all that is going around now. I am convinced that all the Great Prophets are turning in their graves now – seeing all that is going on now.

Believe me – even that what you would call as ‘nature worshippers’ of trees, rivers, sun, moon – and whatever you may have – have the same outlook, focus, will and intentions – that human beings should live together ‘as one’ in peace and harmony. They even believe in preserving nature as it is – and that even for example – not to to disturb migratory ants on the ground – giving them wide space and non-interference to do their bit! They can easily shame and disgrace us by these outlooks and practices.

There are some tribes in deep Africa that I know that do not hunt animals – because they feel they are to share the world with them – but eat only wild fruits and berries – or in the worst case scenarios – would eat only those wild animals that have died – if they must eat to survive – and live on!

Yet if you go and ask them if it is all right to go to your neighbour’s house or village – and kill them for no other reason but based on ethnicities – and so-called Religions – they will consider you dangerous, as mental and psychologically unbalanced – and people need to be protected around you and that you will interact – and interface with.

A long time ago in that distant land this type of believer told me to move my feet – because I was trampling on some black ants! It shocked me to smithereens – and here I was thinking in my mind and heart – that I was ‘better than this so-called Big Baobab tree believer!

The people who are suffering are themselves – the needy, hungry and desperate themselves. One such poor person going out to cause maximum harm, damage, maiming and killing of another himself of the same lots and in suffering – in mob violence – and xenophobic rampage and violence – tinted with so-called religious and ethnicity divide and polarisation.

It is a bloody shame to the so-called Religious and National Leaders to allow such things to happen – and continue to happen in their countries – especially to those that are quick to come out to blame the others as the cause of the violence – with their hidden agendas, manifest and focuses.

A Great Wise Arab Leader had said – The friends of today can be the enemies of tomorrow – and the enemies of today can be the friends of tomorrow! I think it is high time that we Arabs and Muslims prioratised and analysed in truth, sincerity and in being genuine and truthful – that are now our REAL friends and those that are not – and we do our duties, responsibly and what is required for us to do – for our future, history, legacy and destiny – and remembering all the recent events happening all around us now – before it is too late for everyone.

May Allah God Protect and Preserve us all – May The Good Lord Direct and Show us the Right Ways and Path – Amin Amen

Take Care!


Majid Al Suleimany

LCCs – Local Community Companies – Between Us Only! Reply

Between Us Only!

LCC – Local Community Companies!

 Or Differences In Regional Planning!

It was my honest wish and desire to sort out these issues amicably and between us only – but the Company Officials from the Sponsors just ignored all that I was writing to them – even the Public Officials too – as if I did not exist.

It is a public secret that some regions in our country are more vocal, demanding and forceful compared to others. These regions are well known. As an example are perhaps the same areas that we have seen some recent problems last year amongst the Youth especially!

Recently, I have been engaged in some Consultancy temporary job with one such company created in the national oil company concession areas to create local community companies – in order to alleviate the social problems related to youth unemployment.

Those who are my avid readers will acknowledge that our family (grandparents) originated from Manah – and then to Hayl Al Ghaaf in Quriyaat – to Tanzania and back returning to Oman. The (LCC) local community company that I was working with comes from the South concession areas.

There is an ugly and unpleasant offshoot that has now arisen. After only working for 6 weeks my contract was terminated by one such company – because though there are expatriates there – does not matter – but as an Omani I must come from the region that the company is going to operate in – even if they cannot find really competent qualified and experienced from-that-area Omanis!

 It would have been okay if it was only me with my loud mouth and ‘can-be-trouble-label’ that is following me – but then two other Omanis were also terminated just like me ‘because they do not come from the Region’!

Frankly, I have been one of the few Omanis that had stood up and tried to direct my oil company I was with then to give more attention for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) projects in the areas that I was working – again The South. This though my job as a Personal Planner had nothing to do with the company relationships in areas of operations per se! But I was moved on to see the types of services the villages had – from leaking schools’ roofs and fallen blackboards! Keep remembering this was the late 1970s!

I always look at things from a National Perspective – as my records show and prove! But we simply cannot allow at this time and stage to allow polarisation and ethnic differences to crop in. An Omani is an Omani – he has the same Red Passport colour – unless you are a Diplomat with the black colour one!

I have written so many articles on National Unity and Bondages – like All Under One Flag – Forty Years On! The sad and tragic thing is – no one reads them – perhaps because of the writer – and or perhaps because it is written in English!

At Least For Their Future!

Honestly and frankly speaking – these local community companies LCCs created in the so-called concession areas are going to be the double edged sword that everyone is talking about – you cut – but it will also cut you in the process!

We do not want to go the route some even our neighbours are going through now – when minor issues are blown out of proportions – like how you handle school children graffiti. Schoolboys will always be schoolboys! Or hearing peoples’ cries! We do not like also to go to the route of countries like in Nigeria – where the oil company areas of operations end up being polarisation, ethnic differences.

I too would like my home towns to have such local community company. So would Sur, Sohar, Ibri, Nizwa, Fanja etc – and even in Muscat too!

We have so many enemies – both within and outside. Some of them are actually good in using tools and weapons that seem on the outset to look decent, honorable and genuine – but are actually spiked with hidden manifestos and agendas.

Paramount is what is in him personally (not nationally) – to his added interests, advantage and profits – or hidden agendas to achieve – and so long as could be covered up in the national dressings and umbrellas. People from their home countries will get jobs too – high ones too – and equipment, stock etc purchased from there – and all paid in full in operating costs!

Besides, there are no added advantages or value by having these supposed super LCCs. What they will provide is already being provided by other bigger national companies – and for far cheaper rates and in economic values than from a new infrastructure company like these LCCs. The extra monies spent are down the drain only! These could be better spent in building in schools, hospitals – or even Youth Centres!

We do need trustworthy strong reliable can-stand-up Public Departments that can think realistically; practically pragmatically – for the Nation – and who treat all the regions equally, justly, fairly, professionally and ethically. Just because one of my children makes the most threatening noise – I then give him (or her!) the whole chocolate bar – but not divide it equally to all my children! Or if they will not agree to share – then I eat the whole chocolate myself to teach them a lesson.

It is time the Planners take their roles more responsibly. Also those Company and Public officials start to listen to the cries from the citizens – otherwise we are all headed for more unnecessary and avoidable troubles in the future only! They should take their roles and responsibilities more seriously! If they cannot do so – then they should say so – so others that can do the jobs better – are brought in!

Action is needed now – before it is too late for everyone! The East Africans have said – Do not tell someone with eyes to see; with ears to hear; and with a mouth to speak! Allah God Protect and Preserve us all AMIN Amen!

Take Care!

 By: –

 Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany.