Is It Real or Acting? By Majid Al Suleimany Reply

Between Us Only!

Is It Acting or Real?

Or Is It Just The Usual Plain Escapism and Bravados!

A Abû Hurayrah relates that Allah’s Messenger (Peace be Upon Him) said:- From the perfection of a person’s Islam is his leaving alone what does not concern him – Al-Tirmidhî.

B In the film titled The Kingdom – this person in uniform calls out towards the confused and dazed people – after a previous bomb has just exploded – to come towards him! As they rush mistakenly towards him – he blasts his bomb – and as the other suicide bomber!

B What do you say to Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves if they declare that they are now reformed people – and are no longer stealing from others – even if they still have kept the loot – and have not returned it to their rightful owners?

C You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty Ghandi

The Film – The Kingdom!

Image – Ghandi

I do not know about you – but I am always fascinated by these films where the hero is always in most dangers because some of the people that ‘control him’ formally are the same people behind the scenes that are acting to make his mission fail – and are hidden to him – in league with those forces that he is fighting against – to great risks and dangers of his own life and others with him in these pursuits! In the end he is somehow able to expose these elements – and as The Hero he never dies in the film – even if mortally wounded! That is the difference between reality and acting!

Out of all the species on earth – the Human Being is the most able to lie, cheat, pretend, betray and destroy another – as is the famous Caesar expression – Et Tu Brutus? Even you Brutus? And so many other examples – even in our own Religion – against even the Great Prophets sent on earth!

Image – Julius Caesar and Brutus!

Sometimes I ask myself that these people on missions – do they think that the rest of the world are just plain stupid, gullible and naive – to trust and believe everything they see or are told – swallow whole hook, sinker and bait? These people have so much guts and bravados that in the end they believe their own lies and deceptions – that they repeat and even exaggerate the same misconceptions and lies as being nothing but the truth – so help me God!

They simply have no fear or dread that there will come a time when they will be found out and be exposed – and continue unabated as the only smart and intelligent all knowing types – whilst the rest of us are dumb stupid gullible naive lots! Even if they know that God sees all – they still think that they will be able to cover their tracks – that they were really sincere and genuine – and really trying their level best in the good books to please – help and assist others in need – and to cover and protect – and they were on mission impossible to try all they could in this strive and mission!

Sometimes when I read the news or watch them on Television – I do not know whether to laugh or cry – the later is more easier to me now than the former used to be some time back! To the extent that when someone swears to me – I am telling you the truth here – I just look at him – and just say nothing!

Some may say M – you are becoming weak, depressive, old and suspicious of the whole world – and that is not good for yourself – nor your health and well being. Perhaps you have been hit so many times before from people that you had trusted and have let you down – betrayed you! You have become weak and untrusting – you have become suspicious to almost everybody – you feel you have been hurt and pained – and these things are best left behind – and continue with life! You are hurting all over – stop M – or you only end as The Loser!

Even that young girl in the Office told you the very same thing. She must be very smart and intelligent. When she almost begged you – Not to Quit! She said to you – Uncle- You cannot change people. You cannot change the world. You cannot make them be like what you want them to be to satisfy and make you happy! You must take them as they are. If there has to be change – it must be you – and come inside from you – to accept people as they really are – and not be like what you want them to be!

A famous expression you use yourself – go by the tide – otherwise it will drown you!. Or as the Great Man Ghandi had said – You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty!

Do you remember the story of the old African woman you used to quote before? The old woman who was considered as a witch – but yet she liked and respected you? That fateful day when she called you and asked you – Son – do you like chicken? And you dreaded that she was going to cook or give you one already cooked – and you would find it difficult to decline – especially if she insisted on you to eat with her? Then do you remember what this old woman said to you? Do you? She said to you – If you follow the chicken – and see what it eats – you will never eat a chicken again in your life! Even if you like chicken! There was sound advice and counsel there! Remember?

Image – A Chicken!

And when your youngest daughter saw you crying? She said to you – Dad – Please! – and the very same words the young girl had said to you in The Office. These are The Future – they are young – but yet they can see, hear and speak! And very wise and knowing too! Intelligent and smart too! Change is there – trust me!

Do not worry M – the acts, charades and pretences cannot continue forever. Like you say too – There is nothing for surety and permanent in life – except God and Death only! So your daughter begged you – please leave things to God – only He Knows best! Take care of yourself and your health only – even the rest of us do not matter for now! So too even these small things that are troubling you now alot…….!

Take Care!

Happy and Safe Enjoyable Eid!


Majid Al Suleimany

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