When Things Turn Really Bad! Reply

 When Things Turn Really Bad!

Gaza 1 Gaza 2 Gaza 3 gaza-a[1]

The Gaza Images of Wanton Destruction and Crimes Against Humanity!


When Things Turn Really Bad!

Dear All & After Compliments;

1          What Has Been Happening So Far!

It has been a long while since I wrote anything in the format of an article for my websites – and as you know my two columns in The Oman Daily Observer took a natural death metaphorically by the wrong prescriptions of drugs and medicines to a slowly dying cancer victim! Sometimes the end comes quicker than expected after remission even – or when the patient was thought to be recovering by a new doctor – who turned out to be even worse than the previous doctors looking after the sick ailing patient – and ‘kicking the bucket’ for all to see!

Of course, with great cheers and happiness from some quarters determined and for some intentional wanting and willing for the columns to end! And yet still with some still craving for some more articles to come out – and a sort of relief that though the columns have ended in the said paper since November 2013 – see here –   – but ‘sort of relieved’ that I was still posting in my websites my articles – mainly in www.majidall.comwww.majidwrite.com – and opinions and views on www.majidsn.com . This apart of my books in www.myownmajid.comwww.myown-ebooks.com and www.majidbooks.com Plus the new websites for Short Takes (Stories) with mainly Omani theme at my new website at www.myshorttakes.com – and the Road Safety website at www.bethesafedriver.com

One can safely say that with all these websites belonging to me – and recently being that active in the Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, What’s Up etc. – the losers are more the newspaper than me – because if there are still followers and fans out there they can still follow me! There are of course those that bought the newspaper only on the days that my articles would appear because they read more Arabic newspapers – and now will not be doing so! And those fans that may be inclined not to buy the newspaper anymore – because my articles no longer appear!

It reminds me of a good friend of mine – a Pilot – whom I had queried a long time ago that as we landed in Zanzibar small strip I thought I heard brakes as the plane was landing? I thought this was strange – because normally the brakes were being applied after the plane had gone to some distance – not as the plane was landing – and this is dangerous even to the layman! Metaphorically, when I used to write my columns I used to ‘apply the brakes’ so to speak as the pane was landing – but now in The Social Media I could write whatever I wanted to a reason without an Editing Staff interference – and as in many cases just for them to show they had power and control to ‘edit your articles’! Trust my Indian friends ‘not to let you down’! J !

2          The Gaza Impact

Take from me because all that I had wanted to say were in The Social Media where I was very active to what some may even dare to say to ‘dangerous levels’ – but a time comes in life when you have to do the ‘Right Thing at The Right Time’ – and that the ‘element of fear’ has long gone now! Or even if you do put a brave front – what is the difference – or what else is new? – As I like often to ask!

One thing I have noticed – even at home that people are at ‘short fuse’ and ready to explode at any moment! My granddaughter was asking me why those bad Jews (!) were killing innocent children – and what have the children done to be killed and to be hurt by this? I cried when one of The Palestinian girl had her legs amputated – including her mother too! – And she was asking her father when ‘When can I have my legs back, Daddy?’ – So heartbreaking and distressing – Sometimes those with children killed could even be classified ‘as luckier’ – than those with injured and maimed for life children!

Arab blood is not cheap as an Arab Leader had said. Another had said that we are ready to go back and ‘ride our camels’ – but is the West ready to do the same – if we ourselves burn all the oil wells to prevent them being taken over by our enemies!

Anyway, I was just watching Obama giving justifications of attacking the so-called Iraqi ‘Muslim’ fundamentalists to ‘protect the Yazidi people of Iraq! Sic! What about Gazans and The Palestinians Mr. Obama. I am sorry I voted for you in my way – I think even Bush was better and had more guts and courage than you Obama! I guess your converted Muslim father must be turning in his grave – the poor man! But then it must not be forgotten that Israel is also occupying, dominating and controlling USA UK and all the others – just as The West Bank is! Enough for a moment on Gaza – but I want to talk here on the repercussions of Gaza!

3          The Gaza Affects!

This week I had two incidents.


It was at a place that I had gone ‘for services’ but the treatment was at best ‘much wanting’ from such a high profile place always in the news! So I went instead to another pace where I was ‘treated better and more professionally cum ethically’ to my full satisfaction. I should have left it at that – but silly stupid me I never learn from my lessons – and I went up to put a claim for refund from the first place. They bluntly refused – so again I should have let things lie and accept my loss – but when I encountered that if it were a VIP or a customer of their likes – they would have refunded! All hell was let loose! With all kinds of provocations including the element of my writings! See this one for good measure www.majidwrite.com/2014/01/07/being-proud-conceited-and-haughty-in-life/ and even this one too! www.majidwrite.com/2012/10/28/the-disease-of-pride/ in elaborating and making the point!

This supposed to be Professional High Profile Person was so provocative and hurtful – and he had the guile and guts to tell me that ‘this is the reason your articles got ended’! Sic! and Double Sic! I respected and esteemed this person highly – and I had always considered him as ‘a brother and friend’ – but he got angry at me because I attacked his Secretary for saying NO to me as if she had this Authority to say No! So sad and tragic really!


A simple request from a family member who was having his first daughter getting married and in good trust and faith had come to me for whatever I could muster to help him – seeing especially daughters’ marriages to be very expensive! I saw it myself a few months ago with my youngest daughter when I ended literally bankrupted!

So I passed the request to the other members of the family and relatives! Trust people to bring past histories – and past errors of judgments and mistakes to light – when that poor person has ‘as the East Africans say – Kuchonga Uso – that is ‘literally carving up my face’ in shame to ask others for favours and help! My late Father always warned us – the fastest way to lose respects and standings from people is to go to others to ask for help and favours! And the difference between men and God is that the more you ask from God Allah SWT He is more pleased with you – whist with human beings it is exactly the opposite!

Our Religion also tells us – that we should be kind and compassionate to our fellow human beings – and if we cannot then do not expect Allah God to be so inclined to you either on The Day of Reckoning and as they lower your body into the ground for burial! With ants, worms and others waiting to consume your body for a festive meal!

So this one family member ‘reminded me of what this man’s father – sic! – had done to our father before in their past lives! Why should we keep grudges of the past – when both the elders had forgiven each other? And for us the off springs to keep on the feud? And what has this poor girl getting married done as a mistake? Her grandfather parents mistakes? So she should be held accountable too! We forget that the same God that gave you – is the same God that denied this person!

This week I was very sick person with my glucose count down as a result of watching the Gaza scenes! And abdomen pain that found itself to be prostate too! Thank God so far not terminal or cancerous!

I need to take things easier and calmer now – but I guess the after effects of Gaza have hit many – and the vicious cycle seems for each one of us to turn against each other – instead of directing it to The Real Causer and Enemy! What hurts more are that in both cases I thought I was dealing with peoples friendly and known to me – but the end results and how these people turned out worse is very scary and alarming! God Allah Help and Protect and Preserve us all Ameen Amen.

I will not involve the case of doing a Human Resources Consultancy job for one Local Company from The South owned – and how I got raw treated and lost money (again and again)! How cruel and unkind we are to each other is not only scary and frightening – but is just an Omen of just more bad things and disasters waiting to happen to us! But I have said all these things already in my Arab Management books – A Cry For Help! – www.myownmajid.com and Psychology of Arab Management Thinking! www.trafford.com/08-0889

The only good news I had this week – from the stomach of evil came blessings – as The Arabs like to say – is this – please read it too! – http://bethesafedriver.com/2014/08/04/arabic-behind-the-wheel-book-now-available-on-line/


Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Ex – Between Us Only! The Oman Daily Observer

The Family: In Crisis! Reply

 For Sunday April 7th 2013

Between Us Only!

The Family: In Crisis!

The Family is a real-life documentary in 2-parts by The Television Al Jazeera English. In a tale of politics, power and greed, this two-part series examines the Mubarak family – close and in detail – like that of any family – when facing crisis – whether from within or outside – if real or created and as artificial.

As Hosni Mubarak, the former Egyptian president, lies on his deathbed, The Family offers a fresh perspective on the history and inner workings of the man, his wife and his family. It is the story of Hosni Mubarak – along with his wife Suzanne and their two sons – is a tale of politics, power, ambition and greed. It is a story of a humble birth and a rise through the ranks of the Egyptian Air Force, culminating in a 30-year reign over the fulcrum of the Arab world – all set against the backdrop of a tumultuous region.

The first of these two-hour documentaries shows Mubarak as the unassuming and loyal lieutenant of the famous Egyptian President – Gamal Abdel Nasser and Anwar al-Sadat – who found himself thrust into the top job – brought to power by a twist of fate.

Family 1

Family Images – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

The second shows Mubarak as president, developing into a dictator and surrounded by a family with an insatiable appetite for self-interest. Distanced from his people by those in the inner circle – advisors and the family – and not knowing what was really happening on the grounds!

This is a tale of how power corrupts, of how a once-modest man turned into an all-powerful pharaoh who rode roughshod over the wishes of his subjects – and of a dramatic downfall. The Family includes testimony from those who served with Mubarak as well as members of his family and inner circle and photographs from the family album.

Two parts that really touched and moved me and where I could touch base and associate – is seeing poor Hosni Mubarak really traumatised – broken down and shocked beyond belief – when his favourite grandson Mohamed at age of about 12 died by a mysterious disease. At this particular time – he really wanted to quit politics – because he simply could not take it – handle it anymore! He had literally given up in life – and just wanted to disappear from the lime lights! But he was persuaded to continue by his family and the ‘inner circles’ – because the ‘country needed him to continue in that position’! Sometimes that first ‘gut feelings’ are always proved right!

Family 2

Family Images – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

The second part was when the sons fought furiously blaming each other for the downfall of their father the president – and his destiny and legacy. The army warning that the family had to abdicate and move on to Sharm-el-Shaikh – and Madam Wife refusing – and had to be literally dragged by her sons to the waiting military helicopter!

It is an intriguing documentary – that made me watch both the two parts continuously! And like most families – whether you are a President of a country – or just a retired HR Professional like me – at the time of crisis – especially from within – and even from the outside more – the true identity and ingredients – the mantle and the makeup of the family comes out! Whether you will rise to the occasion – and take the high road – or disintegrate and break up into pieces – and families split in the middle – or as many cases – more than two sides – with some deciding to remain ‘neutral’ – or move between sides – as the time ensues and proceeds!

Hosni Mubarak Family

Hosni Mubarak Family Portrait – The Good Old Times!

This documentary – according to my assessment – is a study of human nature, approaches, attitudes and focuses in life – that and the students in social studies should undertake – including Historians – and those who write bibliographies too! Not just to study this family in history – but if I was an Egyptian and with access – as a record for future history and records – and as a learning process for future Arab Leaders – specifically and in particular!

I know personally people that we used to work in the same places – and who are now millionaires – whilst poor me continues to depend on my pension money – and the few money in writing – columns and my books! People who were so economical that they were looking for the cheapest airfares and holidays that they could find – to now having all the money in the world – and their own private jets and yachts too! Have they remained the same – or have they changed dramatically now? For the better or worse? A one million dollar question!

Family A

Family Images – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

I always like to quote Alexander The Great 3 wishes when he was on his death bed – I came with empty hands in this world – and I go now with empty hands to my grave. All the power, fame and riches I leave behind me! And the other expression – I wanted to change the world – but the world changed me – instead! (Anon)

It is easy to talk about others and preach – but if you ask me honestly and frankly – that is what most of us are doing nowadays and as the-in fashion and style thing to do! But a long time ago – when we were kids and were rich – we had our heads in the clouds – and treated rather raw and badly the other children that were poor and in need. Was it God’s punishment that by misfortune of fate – and wrong choices in life – we went broke and bust – and got to learn what it was to be in need and in want – to find the real truth and bitterness in life? I guess so! Pride always goes before a fall!

Husni Mubarak in Court

Sad Ending – In Court!

The other day I met this young man driving this oldish type of 4WD. So I was interested in talking to him – and found an excuse to do so! There is no good picker of conversation than to admire and comment on a car – and I had recognised the numbers as something uniquely linked to my date of birth! Yes – he was the son of my good friend and work peer who had died a few years ago. The car is still going strong years later – whilst the poor man’s bones in the ground are all that is left now!

Whatever belief you have in life – the basic and fundamental teachings and outlooks in living with others in life – and those that are poorer and more in need are basically the same! Even from those pagans that worship the baobab tree – the river or others! But will we human beings ever learn? I doubt so!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany