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For Sunday October 12th 2013

 Between Us Only!

 Being Exemplary In Life! 

  • Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else – Judy Garland
  • Be the change that you want to see in the world – Mahatma Gandhi

We constantly hear these phrases being said – Act your position! Act your role! Be yourself! Please be professional – ethical – principled! We expect better things from you – not you doing this instead! Maybe people are too long in jobs – and they have come to feel indispensable – or nothing can touch them now! Or nobody cares – so why should I?

Or yet still – with due respects – but …! Or – I am sorry (not my role) to say this to you – but I think…! Or he is the best example of what a Manager (CEO) should be! Or a Human Resources, Finance, Media, Engineer etc professional should be! Or a True Leader – he leads by examples and deeds! Or the other side of the coin – Act your position! Act your level! Act your standing! Be your real self – person!

What if a parent or teacher does not behave and act as one? In the Western world – your own children can be taken away from you – and be put in Social Care and for Adoption – if you do not behave like parents are required to behave, act and perform – and when you are even in danger to your own children!

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Images – Being Exemplary! For Demonstration Purposes Only!

What if a Human Resources HR Professional does not behave, act and perform as one? If you who is supposed to be ‘The Conscience Keeper’ of the establishment – and even more than the CEO or Director? It is not only representing the Management – going by the books – and the easy way of doing things – and ignoring the employees – who look upon you to sort their issues too – even if in confrontation and in disputes with the Management? That is what makes the mantle of true HR – and what shines out – or not? To be able to confront Management – when they are in the wrong – or have made or going to make mistakes – and gross errors in thinking and in judgment! I can tell you – HR is not an easy job – it is not only Admin – and doing visas renewals!

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Images – Being Exemplary! For Demonstration Purposes Only!

What if you are in Finance and or in Audits? And you see wrong practices being made – not only in operations – but in money, fraud, bribery and corruption? But you go along – because you are afraid more of ‘keeping your job’ – and being on ‘the protective nice side of yourself’ – why should I care – so long as I get my pay? Trust me – when heads will roll – yours will too without escape? And what if you are in The Media? Or as an Engineer? Or in the other professions? Where you are required to act your role and position – and be the example to follow – lead by examples – and deeds – and not you joining the league in bad, wrong, unprofessional, unprincipled and unethical practices?

As a young boy – I used to hear especially my late father lament – You are the eldest (Mother side) – and you are supposed to set an example to be copied – and not you as the eldest to fight with your brothers – and worse with your sisters! My late father used to say to me – you hold the responsibilities of being the eldest. It is a heavy responsibility! Act your age! Act your role! Or you are just wastage of space and air! Eldest – but not worth the label! In my crooked ways of thinking – sometimes I used to think that my parents just did not just like me!

We have seen these films like Whistleblower – where the heroine stands to lose everything – including her own life even – by exposing great institutions like UN for ‘covering up’ human trafficking in ex war torn areas of the world – where even the top guys want to ‘push the dirt under the carpet’?

The Whistleblower Film

 Images – Being Exemplary! For Demonstration Purposes Only!

There are now many institutions where ‘Whistle Blowers’ are encouraged, defended and protected – under new ‘Good Governance’ management practices and principles. Not even in companies and state institutions, NGOs etc – but even to higher levels – like even Presidents like Nixon were exposed in the great Watergate scandals. Remember the Frost interview?

When I had started working in that distant land – I saw live examples of malpractices of creating ‘artificial shortages’ of certain high brands of fuel – and the disease and malaise that went even to the highest echelon levels. When the exposure came out – yours truly Mr. Clean – was asked to run the affairs in Marketing and Operations – after the exposure!

I remember telling the Top Regional guy of the trends – and he fooled me by saying to me – Thanks for telling us! Keep us informed – the subject material of even good Thriller Films! I came to know far later – after the exposure! The East Africans have an expression – You can steal for 39 days – on the 40th you will be exposed!

In my Consultancy career jobs I have met many fellow locals that took ‘great pleasure and enjoyment’ in delaying my due payments – even after delivery and continuous extra works and requirements! Some even stretching to more than 5 to 6 months – yet they are regular – and even pay three fold the rate to the International ones? Some even have denied to pay me – under flimsy and minor technicalities!

Yet still this same week we have suffered a lot of water problems in Qorum Heights! Even the hotlines – the emergencies lines – nobody even answered! Why should we? We have already told some of them – why bother to repeat? Let them too suffer! And so many other things too! How long will these things go on – before there is breaking point? What is really happening to us now? I just dread to hear the answer! Don’t you?

Take Care!

By: Majid Al Suleimany

 Date – October 11th 2013

The Changing Life’s Ways! Outlook – By Majid Al Suleimany Reply

The Changing Life’s Ways! Outlook – By Majid Al Suleimany

For Sunday June 10, 2012

Between Us Only! – Outlook!

The Singing Quatro!

The Changing Life Ways!

On Thursday this week my family and I had celebrated my 64th birthday.

A simple thing – and all at home – with my family members only! The thing that moved me the most is to see my grandchildren singing this special Arabic song for parents for me! It was followed by a Happy Birthday song in English. For a few minutes, I felt just like the VIPS that would feel in a grand parade! Coming to their generation, some did put in compliments in Facebook. Also some messages came in via Twitter – and in the professionals’ website of LinkedIn.

The point to make here is this. I had covered this topic in my second Arab Management book titled – A Cry For Help! The book was published in February 2009 – well before all the troubles and problems came to our side of the world. Some had said to me that the book was a sort of prophesy, omen and prediction of what was going to come ahead – and that more people at least in decision making and the leadership should have read the book!

It was not my mistake – but I did send the book out – and to try to make the distress call in crying for help! Would things have really have changed if more people had read my book? Personally, I do not think so! Just see the things still happening now – even after just poor Mubarak was sent to a life-term jail sentence! And even after all the other things before that. We are very good ‘and blessed’ in being just indifferent and care-the-less – and with a very short memory span too!

We still have not learnt that threats – and trying to put in trouble one – will only be short-lived – because once things like this have started – there is nothing that can stop or prevent the trend from continuing – till it goes full cycle and till completion. This is not a washing machine – which you can just switch off the machine to stop it going full cycle. Or as has been said – what goes around – does come around – even if it may take longer time to do so!

Whatever one may feel, still this Mubarak was an Arab presiding leader being sent to jail! I could not help feeling sorry for him – despite all the things that have happened – when for two hours he refused to get out from the helicopter that was sending him to jail – and crying uncontrollably and profusely that ‘you are all now sending me to jail today – and have forgotten all my contributions and so on stuff’! The crunch being how things can turn nasty and unpredictable in life’s pursuits!

Keep remembering that the incident quoted here in my book was over 4 years ago! In the Introductory Chapters, this is what I had written – Quote –

It then struck me how fast and how much things have now changed in The Work Front – especially in relationships between Omanis (Locals) and Expatriate Staff – especially Non Muslims – and how much the gap was widening between the two – though acting and pretenses continued of politeness, courtesy and welcome.

There was now growing extremism, fundamentalism and radicalisation in the workplaces that I had never seen before – especially here where I had always prided myself that we were a tolerant, moderate, give-and-take, live-and-let-live society and always kind, welcoming and accepting esteeming and respectful to our ‘invited guests’ in our country!

My simple error – if you call it that – to invite non-Muslims to the Mosque (Masjid) seemed inadvertently to expose the inevitable differences etc. – unwanted and uncalled for – and I think unneeded differences – to come out and show its ugly head!

However, two months later I summarily did quit the place after being singled out and insulted by a British Expatriate – in an Email copy to all the Staff – and the CEO fellow Expatriate siding with him – against a National – and yet in Human Resources too for that matter!unquote.

What it all confirmed to me was this getting a bashing from my now increasingly being radicalized and fundamentalised our own people – despite facial appearances – and realizing that even in our own country – even people like me who want to live and let live – and moderate in views – are singled out – and ‘guests in our own offices’! But the dirtier and murkier picture was lines being drawn between the locals – and the external Management – and the docile weak own Top Management to allow such things to happen. Nothing that happened after this surprised me anymore!

But whoever is the CEO – whether local or expatriate – believe me – nothing has changed much – if you have been reading my recent articles in this column. That really scares me to the core now – with this indifference, care-free, arrogant, haughty, conceited and proud focuses, attitudes and approaches in the Offices particularly now!

History had repeated itself this time – by some people being very cross with me! These are not our ways for such celebrations – and we thought you would lead by example – or we had higher hopes and expectations from you – but you have let us down badly’! The scarier part is this all coming now from the younger ones – and our future leaders!

What else more can I say now? Take Care!

By: –

Majid Al Suleimany

The Worst Offenders! Reply

At My Workplace!

The Worst Offenders!

You would expect that human beings supposed to be the most intelligent species on the earth would be better knowledgeable and learn from experiences – but no human beings never end to shock, awe and surprise us all! I was reading this article of what happened in Tunisia again – Woman sets fire on herself, child – According to her neighbours … the woman had bought the flat with all her savings … owners had reclaimed the flat leaving her homeless in the streets!

Despite the removal of the fear element, and the end of the usual old schemes, games, gimmicks and tricks – people have still not learnt their lessons in life!

Frankly the worst offenders are:-

·        People who are still susceptible to quick short gains, greed, temptations, evil ways and means – and corruptible practices! The greatest evil, malaise and decadence in society!

·        People who procrastinate and delay in implementing agreed decisions made – or find excuses in implementing and carrying them out!

·        Very good actors who pretend to go along whilst within the system try to break up and destroy – what they call as ‘rogue elements’ within the system.

·        Not fulfilling promises and commitments made!

·        Preachers who do not practice what they preach! JUST DOUBLE-FACED AND HYPOCRITES THAT THEY ARE!

·        Evil hearted, vile, subjective, individualistic and biased of other people based only their whims and dislikes!

·        People who want you to fail by putting so many hurdles and blockages on your way and path – only to fail is what they want as paramount and important to them.

·        Not only wanting you to fail but also land you in great stress, hardships and pain – and even loss of all your possessions and even personal freedoms too!

·        Create artificial barriers, barriers and more subsidiary conditions to show off their power and authority. Sometimes really hysterical and unimaginable!

·        Look kind and supportive whilst all the time planning to stab you in the back!

·        People sadistic by nature enjoying giving pain and hardships to others.

·        Polarisation and set off people one against the other – Divide and Conquer (Rule)!

·        People who will not act their responsibilities and accountabilities until they get something or reward in return – or only when found out and exposed – and or pressures put on them!

·        People with short memory and records of what lucky breaks and turns they got in life – but not ready to reciprocate or give the same chances, breaks and opportunities to others.

·        People who protect and defend those not defendable – but do the opposite to those that deserve such protection and defence – especially in areas beyond their control but are now being highlighted to protect and preserve those faces not deserving as such.

·        Promote and encourage those not deserving such – and ignoring those that deserve such recognition and acknowledgement.

·        People get preferential or better treatment even for less entitled and deserving – but the opposite to others because ‘you just do not like them – or hate them and their guts too!

·        Ridiculing, insulting, belittling etc. especially peers and subordinates – and more in front of customers, clients and clients – and even subordinates of the person being insulted.

·        Copying, emulating and taking credit of works and projects etc of others – especially own subordinates.

·        Putting all the works and pressures so you can leave – or abandon hopes and dreams to come in.

·         Ignoring and marginalizing sincere and genuine advices and cautions – and instead targeting and marking the forthcoming person for raw and bad treatment – and putting him in great difficulties and troubles.

·        In other words ‘killing the messenger of bad news’!

·         Avoiding doing the necessary action to clear a person’s image and reputation

·         Red tape and bureaucracy – and causing unnecessary barriers and blockages.

·        The army general shooting at his own troops!

·        And many more!

My theory unless proven otherwise still holds that frustrated people in the offices may explain the increased volumes of accidents and fatalities – and the tear and wear of the national and domestic home fabric!

Take Care!


Majid Al Suleimany