The Case For The Retirees & Pensioners! Reply

The Case for The Retirees and Pensioners!

September 7, 2016

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Coma Majid

Image I in Coma State ICU Royal Hospital!

A long time ago when our late Father was still alive, we took him for his due Medical (Parkinson) Appointment at Royal Hospital. My younger brother went to take a wheel chair and we both carried our Father over to the wheel chair from the car. As we were doing this, one elder person came over to congratulate us ‘for looking after your father’ – and he admitted he was jealous and envious to us because his son – a Senior Public Official as he told us! –   did not have the time for him! He had just dropped him at the Hospital – and asked him when he is ready to call him to fetch him or he will send someone to do so!

He asked us if we were working or had we retired? We told him that we were all still working but had taken the day off specifically to look after our Father. He told our Father – Elder Brother – You are a lucky man – and that you are blessed to have such sons with you! I noticed some tears from the man as he said this to us!

With the life styles nowadays, there are many Retirees and Pensioners suffering in silence and some alone in their own homes – or some staying with their children – but the children are so busy with making it in the ‘rat race’ and with financial burdens already to have time for their aged parents and elders! As a good friend of mine had foretold his own death by saying ‘you can be surrounded by people’ but still feel as the loneliest person on earth – or even die that way too with you alone in the house – and that is sadly how he went too!

It is an established fact that The Retirees and Pensioners have significantly contributed to the status of The Nation with what it is today with great sacrifices, loyalties, dedication and commitment. No one can deny them this – and doing so goes against all the teachings, ethics and principles of Life!

Unfortunately too, The Retirees Pensioners are currently the worst hit lot in the Economy now! Though I do not have generic statistics to back the aforementioned, but it is my guess too that those families with Youth that are still with no job or unemployable still also come close to this lot!

The Retirees Pensioners are bearing the worst in the current economic status quo – and especially Retirees and Pensioners that are in Big Debt still from loans past taken to pay from even 15 years ago!

I was watching this very interesting programme in Al Jazeera TV English – September 4, 2016. The Programme is entitled – Retirement industry: How old do you have to be before you can stop working?

Which just confirms what I have been saying all along here – about Pensioners Retirees (plus Families Youth still with no job or unemployable still) bearing the worst in current economic status quo – and especially Retirees and Pensioners that are in Big Debt still from loans past taken even 15 years ago!

Quote – Japan, the world’s third-largest economy, has one of the highest number of elderly citizens on the planet.
Over the next 20 years, the number of people over the age of 75 is expected to make up 30 percent of the population. And that is having a big impact on the economy as well as society in general.

Some companies have already taken matters into their own hands and opted for hi-tech solutions to helping people work beyond retirement age.

And Japan is not the only country encouraging people to work beyond retirement age: Finland makes its population work until the age of 68 before they’re able to claim state pension; in Greece, people have to work until 67; and recently, young Germans were told they might have to work until they are 69 years old.

For the past decade, governments across the developing world have been cutting the pension bill by increasing the retirement age; that’s because people are living longer and birth rates are declining.

But how will this affect future generations? How old does one now need to be before they can stop working?

We discuss the pension crisis around the world with Tom McPhail, head of Pensions Research –

The Programme can be found here –  – comes after – Australia and China: Turning the page


In short the programme encourages people to work to a very late age because of their financial burdens and crisis that many of them face today in life! With reduced incomes – some to even just less than half of their incomes in the past now as their new incomes – with no added incomes like overtime or second jobs or part-time employment!

Even though many of them are well experienced seasoned Professionals and Experts – the preference is for less qualified experienced where the payment of salaries can be very much lower – but missing all those deliverables that can be strived from the elder lots!

The programme quotes statistics of ‘those going for Early Retirement and dying a few years later from the date of retirement as a normal cause of events.

In summary, there is need for Compassion, Consideration, Understanding and Sympathy for The Retirees and Pensioners – and especially from The State and from Banks ‘pursuing past loans’ due to the economic downturn now!

A good British friend HSE friend of mine tells me that in many cases of ‘fire victims’ is that people panicked and ran for the exits pushing away others – instead of normal exiting – and only to end at just about to exit place! We should not panic or cause panic and consternation now!

Economists actually believe in Image Retention – and that is the time to buy a new wardrobe – furniture – or even a new car!

May Allah SWT God The Almighty Guide us all to The Right Path and Way and away from His Anger, Fury and Wrath – Ameen Amen!

Take Care!


Majid Al Suleimany


September 7, 2016



UAE edges closer to Bankruptcy Law! Reply

UAE edges closer to Bankruptcy Law!

Cabinet adopts legislation in bid to attract foreign investors

  • Cabinet adopts legislation in bid to attract foreign investors
  • Absence of law blamed for many fleeing U.A.E. in 2008 crisis

The United Arab Emirates’ cabinet adopted the final draft of a bankruptcy law that will help remove the threat of jail time for unpaid debt.

The law “aims to enhance foreign investment and ease the work of commercial companies,” Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the U.A.E.’s prime minister and Dubai’s ruler, said on Twitter on Sunday. The post included no details on the steps required for the law to go into effect. Federal laws in the U.A.E. usually need presidential approval.


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The absence of a bankruptcy law was widely blamed for the flight of thousands of Dubai residents who lost jobs in the 2008 financial crisis. Faced with the possibility of jail time, many said they had no choice but to leave their cars and belongings after the economic slowdown left them unable to repay debts. Post-dated checks are the most common way to pay residential rent in the U.A.E., and the method is used to secure most debts.

“An effective bankruptcy law will help banks by encouraging them to restructure a bad loan without resorting to pursue criminal proceedings to resolve the bad loan,” said Sanyalak Manibhandu, an Abu Dhabi-based analyst at NBAD Securities LLC. “In the absence of a bankruptcy law, banks end up seeking justice in the criminal court, which has led borrowers to skip the country.”

The legislation is expected to be modeled on Chapter 11 proceedings in the U.S., The National newspaper reported last September, citing the Abu Dhabi Council for Economic Development. The U.S. system allows companies to renegotiate the terms of their debts with creditors.

U.A.E. Finance Minister Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum said the law offers several options such as “financial reorganization and precautionary settlement,” the state-run WAM news agency reported

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The Need for Kindness, Consideration and Compassion! 2

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Coma Majid

This is I in ICU Acute Medicine in Royal Hospital December 2015 – January 2016!

The Need for Kindness, Consideration and Compassion To Prevail!

A long one – but please read it!

There is a great need for consideration, compassion, kindness and sympathy before our world punishment – and in our graves and punishments – and before Our Lord God Allah SWT! 😦

Scary Desperate Deteriorating Living Standards and the Increased Painful Hardships!

It is a well-established fact that people suffering the most now in The Society are The Still Unemployed (Unemployable) Youth – and The Old Generations Retired Pensioners – with their reduced incomes – and some with still past loans to pay to the Banks from the meagre pensions that they now receive – like it is of getting blood from a stone!

I was watching the hectic painful heart rendering breaking hardships scenes in Venezuela due to the mainly fluctuating oil prices and how the economy took a steep deep dramatic dive into oblivion, calamity despair decay and decadence! When food stuff deliveries are hijacked on the roads before they reach the stores – and starving dying animals in the zoo – with surviving lions being given mangoes to eat instead of food! Because there is simply no money to buy meat for them!

In all my books – especially The Arab Management books I have tried to convey the message in bold frankness and openness – and today I am suffering still despite going financially bankrupt 15 years ago in my Consultancy business.

Visit my books websites here at and – and

In my article decades ago – Why I Left My Last Oil Company –

– I had said –  I always believe this – when peoples are unhappy, silent and grumble in quietness, Allah God Takes Away Blessings in anything in life – even in your own home – so why not in a Company made of many homes too? Maybe that can explain the reduced oil and gas outputs and incomes generated!

The increasing depressions, frustrations, disappointments and complaints – like that cinder fire burning heatedly quietly underneath – and to explode at any unpredictable inopportune time!

A good HSE British friend of mine told me that in many disasters etc. you will find many people piled up and that have died just near the main entrances – because there was panic and fear – and no orderly formally cool minded exits!

Economists also believe that in times of down trends in economy – that is the time to buy a new wardrobe – buy a new car – and even go for a holiday! Not to panic and let cool presence of mind prevail and dominate!

We need also to ensure fairness, ethics and justice in implementing rules and regulations – because it is always the majority the poor ones without W Wastah that get the full force of The Laws in favour of always The Minority Few Rich and Famous! Especially in Money Matters! As they say in USA – the less than one percent of The Population! The Rich and The Powerful against 99% poor and desolate!

The unscrupulous places play around with the Rules and Regulations to harass intimidate and terrorise customers and clients with full support of formality who do not care or bother the poor citizenry and residents – with full forces of The Law with no mercy, kindness and compassion towards the long suffering citizens and residents – who have no way out or could find hope, solace and remedy at all!

Companies that were profitable and making money have resorted to large borrowing in order to just survive – or even closing down – and there are so many advertising for sale and for closing down! So what has really happened?

We need to really deep self analyse soul search ourselves of where we have gone wrong that the Barakah Rahmah Imaan (Blessings, Trust, Faith and Goodness!) are going away with an express speed – and to return To The Right Path and Way – Ameen Amen!

With full rights as a Citizen in Self Expression under HM and One Flag.

My Sincere Apologies and Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany


Today in the news I read about this shocking episode – which has never ever happened before –

See Below!


This Is My Last Posting!

Just Let Things Go! Smile & Be Cheerful!

Albert Einstein is widely credited with saying “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.

I got the above from a close friend who had read my posting below in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus –

Justice in Islam –

He had sent me a joke (Swahili) of two drunkards. They found a mirror on the street. So Drunkard 1 took a long good look at it and said to his colleague – You know what? This guy looks very familiar but I have forgotten his name. The other drunkard snatched it from him – then after looking at it too lamented –You mean that you cannot recognize me? My friend you really disappoint me – this is me!


When there is no more Rahmah Taqwa and Imaan!

No Rahmah  – Double Click!

The Prophet Dream! Or Was It Just Coma Related?


 Please Be Kind and Compassionate To Your Customers!

Because when good times will come in they may choose to still remain with you!

Harassing Customers!

Please do not terrorise harass customers and clients for old expired accounts and some that have been paid partly or even largely fully. Just because hard economic times are here now and time to settle old scores or get blood from stones.

Everywhere is suffering especially Retirees and Pensioners and families with still not employed youngsters and where some spent so much on their education expenses.

In times of hardships and difficulties it is better to pray to Allah SWT God The Almighty rather than chasing each other wildly by fears and worries.

In major fires dead bodies are more found just near the doors because people panicked instead orderly rushing out. The metaphor can be used here now.

Allah God Direct us all to the Right Path and way Amin Amen!
Please be kind compassionate to your customers and clients. Because when good times will come in they may choose to remain with you!

People are suffering every where ….some quietly in patience tolerance and silent prayers. Some pray deep in the night – crying to Allah God!

This is a cinder fire burning deeply underneath and one one day someone crazy may do terrible things and then everyone will ask what happened?

Time to cool down and let common sense and presence of minds prevail!

Remember there is Allah SWT God out there and we are accountable for our actions and inactions and even inadvertently too. Remember punishment on earth your grave and The Day of Reckoning!

In the long run everyone ends as a Loser!


 The Terrifying Earthquake in Italy!

I look in this BBC live news pf the Rescue Missions when an after shock hits the scene! You can see a caterpillar grader on the devastated place being rocked as if it is a toy!

I ask myself why Allah SWT God Our Almighty Lord has hit Italy and why He has still been patient with places like Syria Iraq Afghanistan Libya Yemen etc. and all the crimes injustices being done all over everywhere now

…. when what looks as Halaal Good is actually Haraam Evil and vice versa!

Allah Guide us all to the Right Path Ameen Amen and Protect and Preserve us all from Allah wrath anger and fury Ameen Amen

We now meet of Allah SWT-

Surat Al Baqarah The Cow – 2.6: Indeed, those who disbelieve – it is all the same for them whether you warn them or do not warn them – they will not believe.

Baqarah 2.7.
God has set a seal upon their hearts and on their hearing, and on their eyes is a covering. For them is a mighty punishment (in the Hereafter).

Baqarah 2.8. Among people are some who say, “We believe in God and in the Last Day,” although they are not believers.

Prophet Salih said to the people: “O my people! I have indeed conveyed to you the Message of my Lord, and have given you good advice but you like not good advisers!” (Al-A’raf, 7:79)


This is the strange weird world today!

You have a big tray of Mutton Biriyani with grilled chicken salads and dressings. Yet you see another person just with a chicken sandwich – and you want to have a piece of that sandwich from him! Instead of inviting him to partake that big dish in front of you! World life parables! May Allah God SWT Awaken us in our hearts minds and souls for The Right Path and Way Amin Amen


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