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For Sunday September 29th 2013

 Between Us Only!

The Omani Columnists!

  • I have given you good advice; but you like not good advisers – Prophet Saleh RA 7:73 – 79
  • I am thankful for all those difficult people in my life; they have shown me exactly who I do not want to be – Anon
  • If some of the Officials were to be at the Pearly Gates; simply no one will enter into heaven – My Late Father

This week I was very sad and disheartened in reading this column – in the other newspaper – of a famous Omani Lady Columnist from Salalah – who had decided to stop continuing with her column. She does not give explicit and clear reasons for ending the column – but one can be forgiven by reading between the lines – that it was more of her decision to do so! I can associate with her feelings – having gone through the motions myself before!

This lady I admire her very much by being able to handle taboo subjects – especially from an angle of a woman – where in the conservativeness and inward looking at things – it is expected (required?) for the woman to go to a corner – and shut up! The poor ladies in another place are ‘still not allowed to drive’ – and if they do – their ‘guardians’ are charged hefty fines for allowing people under their control – to ‘drive without licenses’!

Even though the young dynamic Emir of Qatar in his UN Speech had said – It is clear that things will not revert (to the old ways of doing things) in the Arab world and that the Arab peoples have now become more aware of their rights and are more involved in the public domain.

It is true that there are many people – including Omanis for that matter – that would prefer that there are no Omani Columnists that especially write in English – though I would imagine that there would be more time and compassion – for those that write in Arabic!

The problem is that in the many cases and in many of the English Newspapers especially here – you may find The Top Management being run by The Locals themselves – but the many of the Editorial and Media Staff are Expatriates! Trust me in saying that many of them they really do have more time, patience and support for the local writers – in many cases anyway! But there are still a group of the die-hards Old Guards that are determined to bring our lots down – and not even to be outdone.

Columist 1

With due respects and apologies – this is the sad and bitter truth. Even if some may deny and do not want to accept this! Woe to you if they are in control – or have ‘the ears of the top (local) bosses’ – and that they are very good Actors, Impersonators and Impressionists. Schemers and Plotters! They also have long elephant memories – and do not ever forget – or forgive easily. Once you have crossed them – you are doomed for life!

Even if Ghandi himself had said – The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong – Mahatma GhandiFew of them listen to him.  Even Dr. Abdul Kalaam – It is very easy to defeat someone, but it is very hard to win someone! And Shakespeare too – Never play with the feelings of others because you may win the game but the risk is that you will surely lose the person for a life time!

Columnist 5

 Bite the hand that feeds you – and then end to lick the boot that kicks you! – Anon

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People need to realise that things have now changed with the advent of time and development – and in Change! Change – before Changes change you! The old games and gimmicks do not work anymore. Personally, I do feel that those in The Senior Positions in The Media too need to change with The Times – and sitting back in the offices whilst the expatriates under them do all the works – and they then take credit and control – need to change too – and very fast too!

Columnist 3

There is simply no time for ‘foot dragging’ – and in not in giving more chances and opportunities to the younger ones – especially those that have the Media qualifications and knowledge – even if not that much experience and exposures. Even The Expert Expatriate had made many mistakes – before he became now capable and competent. If the chances and breaks were given to them before – why not to our own too?

As a Writer and Columnist too – I have met many people who like what I write! But there are some elements – some powerful too – that wish for the dirt to be pushed under the carpet – or as some of them say to me – ‘not to wash our dirty linen’ in public! Especially as you write in English! Even if in writing the payments are just peanuts – or as it is said – that there is simply no money in writing! As Jules Renard had said – Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money!

For me personally, I am very happy to see so many youngsters coming up to in writing columns – especially in English! They should be encouraged and be supported! Like I had told The Editor – Anytime that you have found a good writer cum columnist – and have no space for more – just let me know to quit gracefully – whilst still being read and respected. One of The Young Columnist – whom I am seeing doing very well – has even called me The Guru – because of my support to him in the past!

We need to be more open and flexible – and more receptive! We owe this to the younger generation – to our future, destiny and legacy. History will judge us unkindly and mercilessly – if we do not come to do of that is required and expected for to do and perform! Time is of the essence too! No time to waste here!

And Yes – Those like us that still like to ‘open our mouth and speak’? Let us! You never know! One day we may have nothing more to say! Or may have said it already!

Take Care!

By: Majid Al-Suleimany

Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own. Carol Burnett

Crimes Against Children – The Indian Rape Cases! Reply

If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it. Tennessee Williams

Between Us Only!

Crimes Against Children!

A long time ago – when I used to subscribe to the Public Forumsbefore I had my own websites – now over 10 – from Columns (3 live and 2 previous); Books (2); Road Safety (1); Personal cum Family (3); Opinion (1) and several others – I had a long acrimonious argument with some members contributors – including one famous Omani Columnist – that with due apologies in advance as a taboo stigma subject – that we needed to have a ‘Red District’ to avoid crimes against women and children. There was even a sick joke being circulated around – that prostitution was one of the ‘oldest professions in mankind’ – so what else was new?

Rape 1

Images – India Rape Cases – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

Though something against decency, the ways of life and our values – and norms – it was something people felt should be still be had in order to lessen dangers to women – children especially! I was one of the few with the opinion against the idea – and once again – though belatedly – I have been proved correct once more! The point being that those that ‘are sick in the head’ – the weirdos and crackpots – do not need an excuse to do their ignominious dastardly crimes!

Supporters of BJP shout slogans during a protest outside the parliament house in New Delhi

Out of all the countries in the world – and as a good friend – I am ashamed to the core that child rape cases can happen in such a country that had never ever crossed my mind can happen! Though frankly I knew there was capabilities of other types of crimes and violence – but had never imagined that it could happen there to such a shameful level involving innocent children of such young tender age – and something very weird and wrong is happening now there. There are simply no grounds for defence or apologists to come in now. It lays bare and open that despite all the freedoms and permissiveness these things can still happen there.

A protester holds a placard as he stands on top of a police barricade during a protest in New Delhi

Admittedly these things happen everywhere in the world – and even in our midst – but the frequencies and repetitions now are very alarming and a very great case of concern. It is shocking beyond belief! There is simply no excuse for such barbarity and crimes of these kinds against children. Children and women now have become greatest casualty victims of wars, aggression, terrorism and fundamentalism – ‘collateral damages’! – and makes all the Believers’ Prophets turn in their graves – including the ‘beliefs, saints and gods’ of the others!. What is happening to us now?

India Rape Case 1 India Rape Case 2 India Rape Case 3 India Rape Case 4 India Rape Case 5

Images – India Rape Cases – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

There is simply no excuse and the whole world needs to speak out. Sometimes one asks himself if ‘swift and quick’ justice is the answer to scare the rest and put them in line those that are contemplating and or may contemplate such ideas in the future! Frankly, I do not know the answer – because even in those countries where such things do happen – like hangings from the highest points and leaving the body(ies) for the whole public to see – or public beheadings – these things still do happen – even if not frequently and more like in the past! I must admit I do not have the solution nor answer – and your guess and opinion is as good as mine here!

A long time ago, a peer was joking with me about ‘the evils of drinking’. He told me about this story of a young woman who wanted to seduce a handsome young Mullah (Priest). So she tried all the excuses to get the man inside the house – but the frolicked man just refused. Finally, one day she asked him if she could ask ‘a religious lady question’ to him – and being private and embarrassing – she got him finally to come inside to hear the question. Keep remembering this is only a joke – before someone starts to jump on someone else!

So the ‘lady’ tells the Sheikh what is really in her mind – and the priest rejects this vehemently! Finally, she tempts the priest to try ‘a new brand imported’ wine – so just to get away – the priest agrees to take a swipe! All the time the priest says this is a lesser crime – than adultery – so just to get out of the house! Then he takes a bit more – and some more! Sorry for the vulgarity, coarseness and the lucidness – but soon the priest is tempted to do what the young lass had all the time wanted him to do in the first instance!

The woman’s young daughter sees them – and starts to scream out aloud ‘on what she is seeing is going on’! The misfit priest tries to silence the young girl – and in the due course and process – suffocates her – and not only drinks alcohol – but commits also adultery and murder – thus the evils of drinking! All from that first sip!

It has been established that in many cases of domestic violence – and especially involving children – are contributed to excessive use of alcoholism by the male partner. I was watching this BBC Television Programme of domestic violence there – and where once was few or unheard – is now becoming more prevalent and frequent in even UK amongst Asian families – and Muslim ones too – and the culture and conflicts – which is going to be my next column article titled A Question of Loyalty!

Till then – Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany