The Offices Soap Operas – The Offices’ Going Ons! Reply


 The Offices on Goings!

 (The Soap Operas In The Offices)

 Further my Wednesday in my Column – The Boss Is Killing Us – Slowly! –  The Office Dictators! Despite all the things that have happened – and still happening in some of the offices – nothing has changed much!

 In my working and career life as a Human (Capital) Resources Professional – I have met many cases of employees being taken for granted to such an extent that the office bosses are simply patronizing, condescending, ridiculing, insulting, brazen, vulgar and all the negatives that you can add in to describe their behaviours, attitudes, outlook, perceptions and focuses – especially in dealing with the employees. See my book – A Cry For Help! –

Honestly and to be crystal clear and transparent – this generalization applies to just a few ‘bad fish and apples’ in the basket. The majority are decent, good professional and ethical peoples – made of the right mantle and material – and with good outlooks, intentions, perceptions, focuses and behaviours.

 The employees are so fed up and are dead tired – and that red lines have been crossed so many times! What peoples do not realize is to what extent these things are now causing others – especially the poor working employees in the Offices!


To such an extent that there is stress and frustrations all around – and they drift back to homes for marital and family strife, road rage and accidents – and the breaking up of the social order, fabric, character and harmony. Just by the actions of a few or some who lack confidence, honesty, sincerity, genuineness and lack of integrity, fairness, harmony, principles, ethics and professionalism.

 And perhaps too their secret hidden agendas and real true intentions! They have no morals or borders, and are capable of doing anything so low, cheap, dastardly and unexpected! And what they dictate, control and impose on others per se!

The offices atmosphere nowadays are so abrasive, vulgar and crude that you cringe in fear that the weekend is over – and you have to meet these same peoples in the Offices again!



These people have simply no fear of their God either, their Creator – or that they may one day fall very critical sick – and take years in bed in pain and suffering before they kick the bucket – with the curses and incriminations from their employees – and even from families and outside the Company.

 Yet they pride themselves otherwise as ‘good likeable and decent peoples’ when they know well and deep down themselves that they are not – but just cheap actors hypocrites  peoples – who will sell their best friend and colleague for a few more Omani Rials in promotion or progression. They are ready even to lower down the barrel for their ‘friend’ to be side-lined and to be marginalized too – or even to lose their jobs – as a worst case scenario!

 Yet all the Religions of the world teach us to be nice and good to each other – and to have an honest and sincere living – because in front of Society, Family and God – we are all responsible for everything we do in this world – whether directly or inadvertently – whether by design or by default – and whether by purpose or inaction. We are still accountable and responsible – whether we like to accept this fact or not – the truth remains the same and cannot be changed at all.

 The real sad, pathetic and tragic part is that the stakeholders know well what is going on in the offices – but look the other way – as if nothing untoward is happening there – until the next staff action – or more and more employees resign! The excuses the stakeholders give are always because of the office political and other reasons that are so unimportant, vague and irrelevant – that it amazes and shocks you that somebody can even make them out!

 Few miscreants and irresponsible people in the offices can destroy all the good works taken generations to build and maintain. This ‘pass the buck and blame-game’ and the usual Wastah business of looking the other way needs to stop now – because it is just like a cinder fire burning underneath – and ready to explode at any unexpected time!

 These are how some bad some Offices have become and a laughing stock and jest to others – especially the customers, clients and outsiders. You will find in all the same Offices usual glaring Quality, Mission and Vision Statements – saying all the good nice things – and none is being practiced in reality!

 Sometimes the situation is so bad and corrupt – that you just surrender and quit – even if you have nothing else to go to. The East Africans have this expression – some of the houses hide what is going on in those houses (skeletons hidden in the closets!). The same thing can be said – what is going on in some of the Offices are so frightening and shocking – but it is the Office Building and the name outside that is hiding all these things.

 And will we learn? We never will! Till everyone ends as losers! ake Care!

 By: –

 Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany.


The Boss Is Killing Us! – Slowly! At My Workplace! Reply

At My Workplace!

The Boss Is Killing Us – Slowly!

Tact is seeing others as they wish to be seen – and not what you want them to be! – Famous Expression.

Tact is telling a person to go to Hell! – and he is looking forward for the trip! – Another Expression!

A long time ago one of my family members was lamenting bitterly about her boss and his behavior towards her especially – though he was well known to be doing the same to all the staff with only a few exceptions of selected chosen few cronies at the workplace! This relative was saying to me that it was taking a toll on her relationships with even her family – including her husband and children too!

She said to me – I am really scared and dread the day that the weekend is over – and I have to go back to work. It seems to me like a person had relieved me off a heavy load for the weekend – and put it back on me as I am now returning to work after the weekend. The lady is hamstrung and very emotional and delicate person – who takes it badly such personal affronts and attacks by her boss. She feels the boss is purposefully doing this to give her life hell so he could control her – and put her under his domination and influence – though that was not only limited to the job auspices – but even much more devilish and sinister ulterior motives!

One long time back when my late father was still alive we were complaining bitterly against one family member that we all despised and did not like = not as a family member – but more on his attitudes and approaches to life – by purposefully and willfully picking up fights and animosities with others on the faintest of reasons and excuses.

To the end that everybody was scared to even speak to him on even the basic, simplest and normal of subject – for example like on the weather – because he could easily turn it to an affront and aggression mode by saying – Why did you bring the subject now out of all times – is it because you want to say that I smell? Unbelievable! It would shock one where he grabbed these similes, comparisons and metaphors – and that was not only the shocking part – but how he would go on attacking the rest of the world by his dimwitted outlooks, views and perceptions – and the element of course of being always right – he alone – and the rest have to line up behind him – and all wrong!

Poor dad would look at us sadly and ruefully and say to us – If your nose stinks – you do not cut it!  Meaning that he well understood and appreciated what we were saying to him – but then he was saying to us to be tolerant and be patient more – because even if he was stinking – he was still family member (part and parcel of the body!).

This situation is faced by many in the Offices by the type of bosses and the management styles of the few ‘bad fish and apples in the basket’ amongst our midst. To the extent, that I remember one boss getting a bad road accident – as he had just bought a new car model – and people were saying – Poor car – from the showroom to the dump yard – only few days on the road! Yet a new model too! Yet they had said nothing nice about the boss who was yet hurt and injured – and even hospitalized for a few days in the hospital. In actual fact, only a few staff visited with exception of the Management – who were bound to do so as job-required!

The most tragic and sad thing is that these type of bosses know well that they are despised and hated lots – even vehemently! But they do not care – nor are bothered the least. One of my fans used to tell me how her husband is much hated and despised in the offices – yet at home he is still the dreadful person he is as in the office – no change of tune nor attire! The same mean evil dastardly person both at the office and at home – pathetically, sadly and tragically too!

If you have been a regular reader of my column and books – please visit my new book site at – you may remember this story of how one time I was terribly traumatized and emotionalized when some staff were cursing a boss who was just being buried – and even yet the body not yet lowered to the ground.

So I turned down nastily to them to try to shut them up – when actually the tables were soon turned around to me enquiring to me if I was related and or knew the person? I curtly replied that I knew of his family more than him personally – and that is where they started to try to defend themselves why they hated and despised him the dead person. They chorused – We hope he goes straight to hell – as soon as his body hits the ground! It took me a very long time to forget the incident!

At another funeral gathering, an ex mean and dastardly boss was lamenting whether when he died people would flock to his funeral as people were at this one. So he turned to me nastily and asked me – What do you think M? I just looked at him in silent consternation – and said nothing. I remembered my late father advice he always gave to us his children – a famous Arabic one too – The best answer to a rude person is complete silence! Actually, I wanted to ash him – but could not – If you know that people hate and despise you that much – why don’t you change? But then poor dad would have said to us – Once a person is over 30 – you will never be able to change him – even if you tried hard to do so!

Like I always say in my columns and articles like The Mini-Dictators, these kinds of Office Bosses if they ever were running a country – they could easily be – or even surpassing – real countries’ dictators! In actual fact they are running the offices the same ways that the dictators are running their countries – only difference is they do not have the armies to brutally suppress the people (staff) – though they do have the other things like networks and spies to do their biddings – and their determinations to manipulate, control and dominate their staff as their main focus, pursuits and targets always at the offices.

It is only when a staff leaves that he will dare to say exactly what is in his mind directly to the boss – reference letter or no reference letter! Or let the whole world preparing to hear what is really going on at the place!

Take Care!

By: –

Majid Al Suleimany

At My Workplace! The Jealousy and Mean Streak! Reply

At My Workplace!

The Jealousy Mean Streak!

  • An angel comes to a person and says – Whatever you wish – your neighbour will get twice what you ask for! The jealousy and envy streak kicks in – and he now says to the angel – Make me one eyed blind!
  •  A fisherman is selling crabs. He has two baskets – one he leaves open, and the other he covers in full. When asked why he replies – the open basket carries local crabs, whenever any is about to get out of the basket, the others pull him in! With the other basket of regional crabs, if one gets out, it helps the others also to escape – that is why I am covering it!

 Long time ago when I was a kid in that distant land, I used to like to see peoples repair motor vehicles. So I used to sit and watch them do it, though I wanted to participate, they would not allow me to do so. After all, I was the boss (owner) son – and no one dares dirty my hands, though I really wanted so. So sometimes being mischievous, I would touch the dirty oils and grease. The attendants would rush to clean my hands.

Actually they were more scared of their fellow (African) foreman than my father! They used to say to me – we are not that afraid of your father, but that foreman is something else. He is looking for an excuse to fire us, he sees us too many, and especially when there is competition and the business is not that good. He wants also to bring in relatives of his second wife he just got married to, so all our jobs are on the hanging line.

Besides, they would lament, never expect mercy and an act of compassion and kindness from a fellow African – we are very cruel and hard on each other to unimaginable levels! But your father is okay, he is tough – but he is very kind. Not like our own. Whether the same words were said when I was not with them, is another matter!

Also a kid in that distant land – on Eid days – I used to wonder why the dogs snarled and almost killed each other fighting over the skin and the remains of a slaughtered lamb! Whilst the real meat was actually eaten up by the human beings!

My Economics Professor in UK told us to try this experiment. Go in the streets and give 18 peoples you see Omani Rials Fifty each. Then choose two others, and give them OMR One Hundred. What do you think the 18 will say to you? Thank you for giving us unexpected OMR Fifty out of the blue? No, they will ask you – why did you give those two double you gave us? That is human weakness, foibles and nature to you! Like I have said so many times before – The line between evil and good is so thin – sometimes you may have crossed it inadvertently and without knowing it!

As a young boy – my mind was puzzled why that people of the same group were more to say frankly – so hard and cutting cruel to each other. Far years later in life, I had my own Management Consultancy – and I heard the very same words and expressions – but this time from another race (Indian lady). I would have just ignored it as coming from a lady who was not happy because our business was going badly into heavy losses – but her words reminded me when I had met some of our own in my home village. This time it was another race – but the words were the very same and similar. Like the same song and tune – but sung in different languages!

So I said to myself – let me find from the other races – what they feel on the subject. Any surprises? No, you guessed it right again – the very same outlook and feelings! Isn’t that amazing? Or you can rightly say too – shocking? Why are we so mean, dastardly, cruel and hard to each other – but would make allowances and exceptions to those outsiders and who are not our own? Is there a society that fares better or is really worse off than others – or are we equally bad and mean to each other?

I think you must have met these kinds of peoples in the Offices environment – and even more outside the offices for sure? When it comes to making offers to their own kind and belongings – they are very mean and cruel – but see nothing wrong in paying especially that outsider – even three or four times his own was being paid!

The sad and most tragic thing is that it does not concern nor bother him a bit – and he will go to the extent of defending it in order to ‘curry favours’ and to be seen as ‘our own boy’ looking after us! Our guardian and hero! Even if both candidates are equally qualified and experienced – even if the local maybe even be more qualified! You may be saying to me that this was in the past – and if any cases – are just few isolated ones! But I beg to differ – because I have seen it in reality still happening – and have happened too before many times!

Keep remembering this too. I – as a Human Resources Consultant, Expert and Advisor – have been involved in writing up Companies Policies and Procedures – and I have seen a fellow Omani and CEO/GM/Director want to dilute and or lessen even the salary ranges and benefits – and add in factors like country allowance (disturbance family allowance) and the likes in order to give the Expatriate some added points in order to get more – even if the entry is in the same job category and level. And even for expatriates there are distinctions – with Regional Staff of course receiving lesser – but of course still more than the local!

These things need to stop now by paying someone by the kind of dress and attire one wears. Even the office joke that goes around – especially with the teenagers is – “Today you are wearing shirt and trousers – because you want to get noticed?” – To a man. And skirt and blouse to the ladies – and with that hair open – if you are a woman!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Hard of Hearing! Hearing Aids Do Not Work! At My Workplace! Reply

For Wednesday March 7th 2012

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At My Workplace!

Hard of Hearing! – Hearing Aids Not Working!

A long time ago before the last few months of his life before my late Father passed away – he was hard of hearing and we had to shout for him to hear us. The reason was he refused to wear the hearing aid that we gave him because it made him ‘feel uncomfortable’ too! Unfortunately all the screaming and shouting were in vain – because he looked at us perplexed not hearing a word we were saying! In the end people simply gave up – and the poor man could be seen as miserable – as no one was talking to him now!

I bring in the same metaphor for what is going on now in the Offices – particularly the old aged ones with the same Management Team and The Board that has been in existence for the last few decades even. If those of you will remember many of my articles on the same subject – with the likes of The Office Dictators in The Between Us Only! series books (three) – please visit for more details!

I was talking to a good friend of mine whom I have nicknamed as ‘The Survivor’ – because all of us especially in Human Resources – for some of you still Personnel – and the more worse kind as simply as Administration! – and through phases and stages of time have voluntarily and not even voluntarily have quitted for other places and dominions per se!

Even those most close and confidantes of the Big HR Boss – who even the CEO himself was afraid of – including The Chairman of The Board too – as if the guy had some secrets the rest were afraid that they will be exposed – and thus keeping their distances – and letting him do whatever he wanted! And this he did – without any borders, limits or hindrances.

Reminds one of Tareq Aziz under Saddam Hussein The Dictator!

The good self lasted only 9 months and that was really after really trying hard and being brave and courageous – as I must admit with the bad turn of events and misfortunes of losing my business – and my pension salary too – and the sagas continue too to this day!

So last time I came in from Dubai by road I decided to drop in at the guy’s office unannounced – and uninvited. I asked my good friend – Please give me the tricks of how you had been able to survive with him for that long – and not even like me supposed to be a Human Resources Professional for that matter!

His answer shocks and awes me – he replies to me – I look at the person in contempt and in disdain – and in my heart and mind there is no respect – because as I am talking to myself that I am dealing with a stupid and errant erratic person – like with a child in fits crying for something not able to be given to him – and exterior wise I force myself to sound pleasant, receptive and cheerful – lest he sees through me. In other words I just detest and disrespect him fully from the inside – whilst exterior is something else!

He continues – In other words if he knew what was going on inside meI would get the sack immediately. But he will never know and find out – at least from me directly! What is the point of banging my head against brick walls – though I may admire you but I can never be like you – showing openly what is inside you! I think he was smiling knowingly and tauntingly – with the last words!

Sometimes one wishes there was a foreseeing Board and Tribunal that just announced early morning by bulletins the dismissals of these kind of erratic irrational irresponsible despotic bosses – and even Board members – for the rest to behave and conform – and to bring in new blood that are more educated, qualified and wiser and more pragmatic. Until that time – like I always say – Offices will remain as a place that causes a lot of frictions, tensions and wear and tear at the national fabric – with more domestic problems – and more road accidents and fatalities too!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

At My Workplace! Lack of Sales Tact! Reply

At My Workplace!

Lack of Sales Tact!


People in the Sales and Marketing functions never fail to ‘shock and awe’ the customers! Everyday new branches are opened here and there – at this Departmental store or other – in another town and other – but all they are interested is to ensnare the gullible, naïve and trusting customers. Once they buy, they lose their value and importance – as if that would have been the last purchase and buy – and he or she will not wake up – and decide to buy again. And of course from someone else.


The shocks and awe are more that these Top Guys come from abroad from the Companies’ Manufacturing countries – with their pictures spread all over the newspapers in welcome to Oman – but do these VIPs sit and meet to find out the truth from the purchasing customers? Local, residents – and also visitors? Or are they contented to sit only and chat with the local agents’ management – and then return home satisfied that they have achieved good results – with more branches opened and hopefully more business to come their way?


I do not know about you but I have purchased in succession in the last 18 months the same brand of Mobile phones from this Far Eastern country that recently splashed news all over of a bigger branch that has been opened by this VIP from abroad. In my observations I have noticed this – and you will excuse me for ‘generalising’ on this. Because I am deeply offended, annoyed and hurt – that despite everything that has happened – and still happening around us – some of the few misguided and few ‘invited guests’ to our country still misbehave – and do not fail to ridicule and insult the local populace especially.


Some years back on the day I was to join one Regional Company as their HR Manager – I rang the office door bell – and I could hear the sort of Assistant from the country as a Helper Handyman seen to lament – there is a stupid fat Omani outside the door in the home lingo. I studied in those Asian schools from Kindergarten to Higher Secondary – and I hear the lingo – if not speak it fluently!


As soon as my job was confirmed at that place – this man’s position was Omanised by me – despite protestations from his Protectors. But I threw the book (and laws) at them – and that shut them up! For the next 9 to 10 months we were on the war path – till I quit – see my book Psychology of Arab Management Thinking! – The fat Omani has struck – once again!


Something gotta give – and as I sat always the losers will be everyone – including those misbehaving misfits crude characters. I have also noticed this. It is the same family businesses where their expatriate sales (and others) staff are particularly and purposefully annoying to the local populace – as if they are the adversaries and need to be brought down and to task!


Yet also if you read the newspapers and the columnists – more expatriates – you will see them merciless and ruthless to that poor Omani Sales girl or boy – why they lack this and that. Why they are not professional etc – and do not ‘even smile at the customer’ – and or are so involved in phone chat ups or SMSes – whilst the poor customer is waiting – of course the poor columnist or editor! And some of the few Omanis join in the witch hunt and bashing – it is the in-fashion thing to do!


I am not supporting inadequacies or lack of ethics, quality and professionalism – after all these girls and boys are mainly Secondary or Higher Secondary Leavers – and few College drop outs mainly. Most of them ‘are First Time’ workers. I used also before to complain – until I visited some neighbouring countries – and even the home countries of ‘The Complainers’ – and I can tell you honestly and sincerely – they should practice what they preach – or in other words ‘those in glass houses’ should not throw stones!


The most ironical and tragic part is that these same Columnists and Editors treat their own staff with disdain, scorn and abruptness – but they still expect the Omani Salesgirl to initiate to smile and be cheerful – because ‘of my buying you still have a job!  First practice what you preach – before going out complaining!


Yet I got the rudest and most disrespect from one expatriate supposed to be a Sales Professional – and a University qualified person – because I was complaining on a simple issue and matter – and he hung up on me! My first impulse was to take my car and go to their Ruwi Head Offices to check out and counter this guy – and give him my piece of mind – but then I said I do not blame him – I blame the Omani Family business that employ such people – and I suspect the hidden agendas and Mafias do tend to be exposed and to be leaked out is such behaviours, attitudes and approaches.


I really smiled when I saw them with the VIP invited from home manufacturer opening a new branch at a famous Shopping Centre. Why did I just complain that I did not receive as standard the cover that should come with the phone I had purchased?  They are doing a great favour to me to sell me their phones – so I should just shut up! How come in UAE they give with the covers – here all hanky-panky stuff to buy separately from other outlets? Or just wait – till we have extras! Next time you cannot beat them – join them. It is the fashion and in-thing to do – man!


Take Care!


By Majid Al Suleimany


The Meeting Is On! At My Workplace Column – The Oman Daily Observer! Reply



For Wednesday February 22nd 2012

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At My Workplace!

The Meeting Is On!

Have you noticed the telltale signs of meetings? If you did not observe them the last meeting that you had attended, watch out for them the next one you will attend. You will most likely find the following: –


  •   The Big Greeter – meeting has just started – but must ensure his or her entrance is noticed!
  • Always Lost – One or two who did not know exactly where or when the meeting was going to be – disturbing the rest when the meeting has just started
  •  Mobile On – Sorry I have to keep my mobile on – and receive this message guy!
  •  The Bulldozer or The Hogger of the meeting – who wants to control and dominate the meeting – from start to end
  •  The Pleaser to the Boss type, whatever the Boss says is right too, however -absurd and silly it may sound to others
  •   They are also known as the Parrots – they repeat in agreement whatever the Boss had just said. Others call them as The Apple Polisher, or The Apple Giver.
  • The Gossiper – tells the boss everything he has heard – and not heard too!
  •  The Blamer – who always find faults and criticisms against others.
  • Any Pretty Thing in the meeting? Even her cough brings instant care and attention.
  •  The Joker – everything is a joke to him!, even his own job that is on the line and under discussions.
  • The ‘Shooting-at-own-troops-General’ – if he feels the heat and he is personally to blame – not his troops (staff) he will bring them down with him – especially if his head is at stake.
  •  The Gullible and Naïve – Quick To Accept Blame Guy – even if he is not entirely to blame and or the situation is not of his own folding, contribution or result.
  •  Never appreciate – The No-thank-you-guy – whatever you do is still not enough. You worked 24 hours continuous? So what?
  •  The Great Worrier – he always worry or bring things for attention and concerns, when the situation is not even there or called for – for such worries and concerns.
  •  The Conscience-do-gooder – he is the conscience of the Company or the meeting, but nobody cares for him – and everyone tramples on him!
  • The Bring-down-Ridiculer (usually the Chairman or his protégé!) who just insults, ridicules and ‘shoots first, ask questions later’ type – they usually target everyone – but usually some targeted and singled out are for ‘special treat’!
  •  The Irrelevanter – always brings issues like the Air Conditioner is not working, or why the same types of biscuits or sandwiches being served in the meeting.
  •  The Leave Early Always  Guy – before the meeting has concluded – he has another appointment or meeting!
  •  The Mountain-out-of-molehill guy – always exaggerates and blows things out of proportion! The glass is half empty!
  •  The Teaser – Seducer – The Flirter – always more with the opposite sex!
  •  The Patroniser – always on a high level to others!
  •  Mr. Know-it-all – don’t tell him – he knows it already!
  •  The Excuser – finds excuses in most or many things! Including people!
  •  The Attention to Details guy – reminding the meeting that the time is coming up for the meeting to end.
  •  And so many others.

Next time you go in a meeting, pay attention to the meeting. But watch out if you can find out any of these. Sometimes they change conduct and sides, depending on who is the Chairman, and what subject or topic is being decided. Sometimes they take more than one role, at different times in the meeting, as it progresses along.

Human Nature is Human Nature – meeting or no meeting – and you cannot have it any other way! 

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

OUTPOINT – Will now stop writing serious topics – and banging my head against brickwalls! 🙂

At My Workplace! The Office Time Wasters! Reply

For Wednesday February 15th 2012

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At My Workplace!

The Office Time Wasters!

My close family members and some good friends have ‘been jumping’ on me again to stop writing – once again! They quote examples of things ‘that have got nothing to do with me – as I am not that kind of person at all. As they say – his (M) ‘bark is worse than his bite’ – and that too if he is barking up at the right tree even! I say my things and bits – but I am in for – and in love – and not the opposite of the examples they are throwing at me now!

Besides they say – you yourself have said ‘you will stop writing these serious complaining articles – because in the end it is only your head that gets beaten up and swollen – and bloodied by banging it against brick walls! No one is hearing you. After you write only things get just worse for you – like in your last article ‘Things Will Never Change’.

On the very same day this girl as directed by her boss the same Doctor you complained about in the Public Hospital and required for the Public Office – asked you instead to now ALSO go to another Public Hospital to get another letter from them instead! Did it work? No – it backfired to you – blown up to your own face. You end the loser more – for daring to open your mouth and complain. The Loser is You (Again) – and no one else! If you have still to write – write on lesser subjects – and stop complaining – because no one is interested or listening! Like you said yourself – protect and preserve your head!

Anyway here goes! Anyway stopping using my head as leverage now!

The Office Joker!

A long time ago when still a young Official I had this caricature put in my Office – All people that come to this office bring some joy – some as they enter – and some as they leave! My first Human Resources Director (Expatriate) saw the joke and poking of fun – but when we were Omanised my new Director told me to remove it as ‘not befitting your position in HR and your character and personality’. I countered that it did fit in my later – but he would not take it – or accept it. Till one day cross him stood by me to see it being removed – because I liked it – and was hesitating to see it removed!

I do not know about you but in my career life of over 37 years – I have always had one or two people coming to my office to want to gossip, chat and waste my time! As they say ‘to keep you in the grapevine – or in the loop’ in certain circles! Then we have the usual rumour-mongers who want to set you up in a trap – hoping fully that the lies and deceit passed to you will get on passed to others – in the Office itself – and outside too! Then we have the usual Comedians – who have crammed the latest jokes – and want to try on you knowing you have a sense of wit and humour – and how successful and good they are now – or becoming!

When I was in charge of 16 girls in my section that is where I gained more fat! Every day in the morning I got served from home left-overs and sandwiches. It is surprising how people eat in the offices – anything goes! I had some biscuits one time in a big box – lying idle at home for some long time! Within one hour the box of biscuits just disappeared! Can you imagine it!

Anyway the catch was ‘being good in hearing – he has such a good and receptive ear! – They would come complaining and confiding about their home situations – and I was pained to sit and hear – offer grunts here and there – with few spoken words! I just wondered if my wife did the same to her boss – or her friends and contacts! They used to waste my time quite a lot – and I was too polite and decent not to send them away!

There was this lady also whose husband looked over and went to a younger and prettier thing – and it was in secret till the cat was out of the bag. – And through a very silly thing by hubby buying the same type of handbag ‘for both wives new and old!  So knowing both husband and wife – and wife working with us – she spent literally hours in my office. The day they reconciled and he came back to her – I said I can ask about ex hubby – how is he? To this she rudely replied to me – You shut up your trap. I know your kind! Now you say I should not complain anymore?

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Things Will Never Change! Reply

For Wednesday February 8th 2012

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Things Will Never Change!

  • Abu Sa`id Al-Khudri (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, “Whoever amongst you sees an evil, he must change it with his hand; if he is  unable to do so, then with his tongue; and if he is unable to do so, then with his heart; and that is the weakest form of Faith“. [Muslim].
  • If you are aiming to help someone – go all the way – and do not make things difficult for him after this….
  • In some Public places things have not changed – and never will!

 Even if you go by The Religion, it identifies the three levels that one can do to make changes or to make decisions – Offices included! The weakest level and faith is the one that you say in your heart that you are against this thing – but you cannot do anything to change it on your own. And or speaking against it could cause you pain and trouble – and or incriminate you – so you have opted for the weakest level and faith by going silent on it – even if you have spoken against it in your heart – and your God Knows it too!

Recently I needed a Medical Report for a certain Public place. I presented my certificates of the private hospitals (one even belonging to the major oil company in Oman!) – but they were not accepted because I needed to go to a Public place – where I was not being treated! Yet not wanting to give up – I did go to the place – a Public Hospital with all my medical certificates of even another more bigger Public Hospital where I was treated as a Diabetic case.

This happened to me some years back when unknown to me I was a Diabetic case – and still enjoying my milk shakes and sodas! It was a severe diabetic case and was admitted in Royal Hospital on June 30th 2006 – where my blood count went to 47 mmol.  The Doctors were amazed I was still alive – and they had concluded that I should have been either paralysed, in a coma – or even dead.

I had also included a Medical Report from my Company Chief Medical Officer where I am being treated as a Diabetic case. And also Report from an Eye Clinic where they had operated on my eyes for glaucoma and eye cataract. I am being treated still in the same places only.

It is strange why the insistence for a letter from a Public place – as if the other places are all corruptible and tell lies, fibs and fabricate documents. I do not know what is the main reason for this? You will excuse me to think that these are rules and regulations that need to change now with the pass of time – and even our own recent events in the country too!

I met this local Omani Doctor who insisted on it being treated as a ‘Medical Board’ case – which is making it more complex and complicated! In all my career life of 35 years in Human Resources – I have never ever encountered a case of a Medical Board for someone over 60 – and who has retired – albeit also being diabetic case – and in addition of having pressures and eye problems in addition even!

People’s hearts e are made of stone – and very rigid, hard and not flexible – nor pragmatic – nor wise – to start making things easier for the poor citizen – and especially when you have no Wastah (influence and connections!). People do not care nor are bothered – even if you try to plead and explain your case! How long will these things continue to exist in our country – despite all the changes .we have seen – and still going on around us now? Why are public officials in some places so mean, dastardly and uncaring? Is it because they feel nothing can ever happen to them – or touch them?

As a result the poor citizen is increasingly being tasked – and more hardships and pain being lumped on him! There is no place you can turn for help or solace – if it can happen to me who can write in my column and in my website – what about the poor citizen who simply cannot? Just like a cinder fire burning underneath quietly – until it burst out unexpectedly and at the worst unfortunate and inopportune time!

His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said (May Allah Give him long life and health – Amin) first Accession Speech was very clear to want to reduce the problems and the hardships to the citizen. As a Omani Citizen who gave 37 years of his life in services, dedication and loyalty to the beloved Nation (May Allah Protect and Preserve Our Beloved Nation- Amin) – I am today appealing to you whoever can cause these things to change to do so – for me and the other citizens too in similar situation and predicament.

I must repeat it is only in few public places that these things still go on and unchanged. The rest have complied and come in with the changes. I did not want to go public – but after having tried all ways and means – I have no other alternative but to do so – with sincere apologies here!

 Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

The Office Parties! At My Workplace! Reply

At My Workplace!

The Office Parties!

In some places – there is every excuse for a party and or donation – but in other places – there is simply no party at all – and this has been going on for quite a long time now!


 One of the earliest videos that I saw was titled The Party where late Peter Sellers (aka Hrundi V. Bakshi) is mistakenly invited for a Party – instead of being fired for destroying a film set! It was quite funny and hilarious!  I saw the film as a youngster and my Indian classmates did not like me joking them ‘Birdie Num Num’ – and for quite awhile they were not speaking to me for poking this fun at them.

I thought it was funny – until one of them started to imitate how an Arab speaks English for me to stop the joking and tease – of course joined by the African students who for the first time joined our school after Independence. Thus ending the school being only for Asians! But those were the colonial days!

Today I am going to share with you my experiences about Office Parties – which is my focus and attention for today as the column is mainly about workplaces.

There are many reasons – justifiable and worthwhile too – where employees need to make an Office Party. Actually it is being persuaded and encouraged to have off the office sites for a get-together know-each-other-better party for obvious reasons. Though for some Senior Management the reasons and justifications may not be that obvious and recognisable!

But then with some such Managers even if you show him a white A4 size paper – he will either say it is not white – or it is not A4 size – or even both! This is the kind of decay, decadence, rot, malaise and profligacy – stubbornness and rigidity we have in some Offices scenes nowadays! Despite all the empty talks, ivory towers, publicities, coverage, rhetoric and white-washing nothing has changed much in a lot of places nowadays!

In my life work experiences – and after my voluntary early retirement at that oil company – and as a Human Resources Management Consultant, Advisor and Expert – I have been to places that I was shown the door after my presentation. Not even a cup of tea or plain glass of water was offered to me – the later I requested myself because I am always nervous in public speaking – especially with a crowd (or few strong ones) that are hostile and negative. People simply do not want changes – even for the corporate and common good! Most importantly they do not want to spend money – when you come in asking them to invest in for example a Human Resources IT Management system even!

In some places – even if my presentation was earlier on in the day – they would invite me for lunch and make me feel most comfortable and at ease. They are appreciative of my contributions and want me to feel as such – and to feel most accepted. Frankly and honestly – these are few places – and I can count them on my fingers.

Mostly people are mean, stingy (Hindi – Kanjuus!)  and dastardly – and they take sadistic and great pleasure to let you know about this – especially those dead set against you – because of who you are – and how you look and speak. You hear a cough and in the same cough – smart aleck and Mr. Know All – just because you dared to speak to them for changes that will cost money – and shake up the old dogmas, outlooks and The Old Guards syndrome per se! It takes all kinds to make this world I tell you!

Staff do need a break from the boring routine and monotony. Office parties – especially away day or off sites are very good ideas to motivate staff and make them feel wanted, appreciated and recognised for their presence – and for their contributions too!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Responsible Reporting Is Required! Reply

Responsible Reporting is Required!

Or The Need To Be Pragmatic, Realistic and Responsible In Reporting The Incidents!

We all know of The Hippocrates Oath that Doctors have to take before they practice medicine. I am not a Journalist by profession – so I do not know what Journalists do take before they can become Journalists. I stumbled into writing as a hobby more than anything else – though I can well admit I had my own axes to grind in writing especially my two Arab Management books. Especially the last one even by name of A Cry For Help! – published over a year BEFORE the Arab Spring Uprisings! I wished that those VIPs I had sent my books had read and acknowledged them – but no point now in crying over spilt milk – or it is now water under the bridge – as they say too!

Images Accurate Truthful Ethical Reporting

Recently I have been really alarmed to read news being so dramatised, sensationalised and emotionalised to levels unbelievable without checking out the full facts. I must admit that at home we were so much worried about the meat from an African country that we have purchased recently – and decided to do without – after reading all these news.

‘Unfortunately’ we too have family members that come from Congo – or Zaire – and from Rwanda and Burundi too. Was it a relief that they did not visit us at home? I do not think so! Some of the news pieces are very unethical, unprofessional, unwise – and not responsible reporting to say the least!

The coverage are all one sided – from one point of view – all individualistic, subjective and uncalled for. They are designed ‘to sell hot news’ purposes – just like in The West and others – to make more money without seriously considering the repercussions and tasks at hand.

Or headline news made of subjects that are best identified as mediocre, minor and of real little significance and impact – but made capital and highlight major news too! Making mountains out of molehills – or trying to reduce mountains to molehills conversely!

There is a belief that if you quote figures, data and statistics people will believe in more in what you are writing about – but the principle and paramount condition still stands that you need to quote the Sources – and these sources need to be original, , identifiable, reliable, authentic and verifiable at best!

People will believe the media and what they tell the people and its Readers. It is not only making money that should be the principle accounting drive and focus. However, if there is bad news to tell these too must be told – instead of pushing the dirt under the carpet!

In one of my first articles (Article 11 of 2003 – Book Between Us Only! – ) I wrote this piece. The Power Of The Media!

*** A recent survey conducted by The Boston Poultry Association in USA has revealed that people who start to eat their boiled eggs from the smaller end first are putting themselves in great dangers of getting not only salmonella and other related diseases, but also even more serious diseases like Arthritis and Parkinson.

Dr. Hocus John Pocus, Director of the Association, said that tests were conducted for a period of 6 months amongst 2000 people in Boston – split equally between those who ate their eggs from the smaller first and those from the larger end.

Those who ate from the later were found to be carrying lesser risks from the mentioned diseases.  Dr. Pocus said “it is surprising how many people have changed their boiled eggs eating habit,  which were traditionally from the larger end first (or swallowed in full) to the now fashionable conventional method of small end first”.

Guess some of you may start from tomorrow morning to change your boiled eggs eating habits after reading this.  Before you stop here and call your friends, read on! People swallow ‘hook, sinker and whole’ whatever and whenever they read printed articles, especially when famous places and names are quoted and references  supporting what is being revealed – especially if the ‘research or findings’ come from the so-called ‘advanced countries’ – doubts could be raised if the studies were done in so-called ‘developing countries’!

*** Just in case you did not get it – all those above in bold is a hoax, created by this Writer!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Journalist Ethics