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Goodbye; My VIP Visitor! Reply

For Wednesday August 15th 2012

 My Website – www.majidall.com

At My Workplace (Outlook)!

Goodbye; My VIP Visitor!


Some years ago, I had visited this great Religious Scholar house and I was commenting to him that you have been staying with us for the last 20 days and that you will soon be leaving us till the next time! He hushed me not to speak so loudly lest you hear – and get angry and annoyed with this assertion – and decide to leave even earlier? I queried him as to how you could overhear as we were speaking alone at the time – and you were not with us then at that time – as we were having some sweets and Omani coffee at that time? He replied me – Trust me – he has ears all over the place – and he will certainly hear you!

When I was a young child and for the first time was told to receive you and show you around in that old place of ours in that distant land – and it was a day or two before you were going to leave us that poor granddad was crying uncontrollably and profusely that he may not be around next time you came – I wondered aloud the relationships between you two to go to this extent!

I must admit – with sincere and due apologies to you now – but at that time I was looking forward for you to go – so things could return to me ‘as normal as a kid usually wants’ – and not follow at that time I thought as hard and rigid rules. I wondered that though you were a guest in our house – even if invited – but you did not have to give us all these things to observe whilst you were and especially with us then!

I used to joke with you in my crude and dry sense of humour that in the local lingo you could only stay with us for 10 days only – as the cut off and limiting factor – but you just looked at me with great sad eyes – that even as a kid ‘I should have known better’ than say this absurd cutting remarks to you – after all you were our invited guest too. If you remember I joked about you if you knew farming and how to plough – because that is what was called for to force you to repay your overstay – and being the guest of the house. They even allowed brute force for you to repay the overstay – in case you refused to do so!

I remember when I told my granddad on this – I was laughing loudly – and with great mirth – but he was not laughing back – and looked sadly at as a lost cause and child – and just confirming his suspicions that it was wrong for him to force his daughter to marry my father – and in hindsight he should not have done that. With his big stick – he looked debating whether he should strike me with it – but just decided to be cutting more = add salt to the wound by saying – what else can one expect – the rule like father like son is very true! I was upset with my granddad that he thought you as more important than the rest of us – especially our poor targeted dad!

I have to admit to you this. I do not know how you are going to take it – knowing you can be sensitive a few times when you feel tired by all the remarks of others. And especially showing to be double faced and being hypocritical – that in front they show that you are most welcome – but hidden and away from you they look at the calendar – and hope that you will go away soon – and leave them alone to do the things they were used to do – with you not around to keep them in check – and forcing them to perform and try to ‘be better people’!

But I assure you – because I know them – and I am a ‘chip of the old block’ – as I am one of them too – we will all try to behave – and be nice and good – and hope it will be longer before you come and visit us again! Despite all the sermons and lectures – once it is night and eating contest time – we just behave as if you are not around. Like the East Africans say – if you want to insult someone that badly – why choose words or behaviour to do it – just do it – and all goes! I apologise and am very sorry for all these – but you are a great understanding person – even if it grieves and hurts you too!

And then another thing! I know you are not a great eater or drinker either – but even though you keep telling us that we are cooking too much food that goes to waste everyday – that even the cats (and dogs) are no longer interested in the left-overs – but despite your lectures, counsels and advices – they still do it.

I wonder if it is wickedly and purposefully done – so you get angry and annoyed – and leave early. But I guess they still want you to stay – and are showing it in their own ways – because they are looking forward for that special day gifts and presents – that you usually give out on the last few days! And of course all those money for the kids – after you have left the night before!

There is something that I must admit to you too before you go! If you have noticed – I was not that welcoming this year like in the past – because I am trying real hard to remain hospitable, receptive and welcoming! A few cases I had a mind just to tell you to go – and I cannot keep up the pretences anymore – but my health has gone bad – and being diabetic too – had short fuses of anger and fury – and I think you must have noticed as I have dealt with others – even in the family. I apologise sincerely for all these things – and I have a great mind that if my situation continues – perhaps you will not see me next time you come – but please do pray for me – and forgive me too. I have tried really hard this time – believe me!

My VIP Visitor – until the next time you come – adieu – and as I cannot say goodbye now – because you will still come to visit us – even if I may not be around the next time – but others will surely be there to receive you – welcome you – and all the grace and mercies you bring. For those that do not appreciate – and even behave worse than before – feel sorry for them – and pray for them only!

Goodbye – My VIP Guest and Visitor – The Month of Ramadhan Fasting!

Eid Greetings!

Take Care! 


Majid Al Suleimany


It Is All Psychological – In The Mind! By Majid Al Suleimany Reply

At The Workplace! – Outlook!

Psychological Barriers! 

It Is All Psychological – In The Mind! By Majid Al Suleimany

A       The Metaphor – A Bird in a Cage!

The birds fly – because they know they can! Have you ever felt sometimes like a bird trapped in a cage?

I do not know about you but I as a person do not like to keep or see birds kept in a cage! These beautiful smart creatures were meant to spread out their wings and fly – of course with the exception of birds like ostriches and others because ‘they are too heavy’ to be able to fly – though they can run very fast – or some even fly low ground in some stretches!

If I were a bird I would definitely ask myself – Would I like all the food, water, attention and care but caged in – or would I prefer to take risks and challenges in my life – and be that bird free to fly out in the open world? The open skies? Be master of my own fate, destiny and legacy?

A long time ago my twin daughter wanted to keep some – but a few days later on one of the birds had died. She wanted me to replace it – but when no one was looking – I opened and set free the other one still alive – because it was so distressed and hitting itself all around in the cage!  Last week they went to Dubai – and left the ‘New caged birds’ with me. It was again very distressing for me!

Once a friend showed me a bird that she owned which was locked up in a small cage. My friend told me that the bird was very “smart” and had tried on numerous occasions to break free from the cage. I looked at the colorful little bird as it tried to peck its way out of the bars of the cage. It fluttered about, shook its wings furiously. But to no avail!

It was stuck there, and I listened to my friend – who went on and said that the bird had been intelligent enough to lift open the cage door – but as it was about to open it fully – she had caught it – and now she locked the door.

I reminded my good friend that – Birds Were Created to Fly!

Now, I do not spend so much of my attention on birds – but I suppose I looked at this poor bird and I really felt sorry for it. As it spread out its wings and tried to fly – it could not. It had been caged and trapped for a very long time in its life!

Humans are a bit strange for wanting to cage up these beautiful smart birds in tight spaces.

It has sometimes been asked of me – what kind of animal I would like to be – if I were one. The same question was asked to me by a good Indian friend – who believes in reincarnation. He had asked me – In your next life – what would you like to be M?

The answer I usually give is that I would like to be an eagle and soar above the clouds – through the skies and look down on the earth. Unfortunately, this bird in the cage could not do that! It could not do what it instinctively and naturally born was made to do. It really was very strange. Sad too!

A Metaphor for Our Human Existence

I think there is a lesson here – even for us humans. Don’t you ever feel like you are a bird, trapped in a cage? You feel like you can soar above into the skies? You try as hard as you can to escape monotony, boredom and pain. Yet you feel like you keep ending up in your same cage?

Fortunately, for humans – we actually have more freedom. We have choice. We have the ability to challenge and change our circumstances. Many of the “cages” of human existence are all in the mind. All mainly fear-based – and psychological! An Open Lesson for Our Leaders!

B                 The Metaphor – The Chained Elephants! 

It is all psychological! 

My good Indian friend N was telling me – that despite the great animal in the elephant’s intelligence and smartness – human beings are always able to control, dominate and manipulate their minds – with the exception of few rare cases – when the elephants run amok and wild! When the elephant is small – one of its feet is chained to a log. As the elephant gets bigger, the chain also gets bigger.


A grown up elephant can easily break up the chain – if it really wanted to – but in its young mind – it has grown up to believe that it cannot do so! This sticks with the elephant’s mind in its maturity – and even in finally growing up!

Entrepreneurs, social innovators and people wanting more passion in their lives should remember this truth: The limits upon you are only the limits that you place upon yourself. Only those that try can know how far out they can go!





C       Mice Simply Do Not Fly!

We have all heard of the story of the young bat who went to ask his mother – Am I a mouse or a bird? The Mother asked – Why dear son you ask? The son replied – When I fly with the other birds – they shout at me – get away from here! You are not a bird – you are a mouse! When I go to the mice – they run away from me – and are afraid of me! They tell me – you are a bird – get out of here! Who am I Mummy?

The Mum replies – You are neither a bird nor a mouse! You are a bat! Do not forget that my son! Keep to your own kind only – the others will just not accept you – because you are different from all of them. Be proud of what you are – just a bat!

A lesson to those of us that are deceived – or deceive ourselves – to belong to – where you are not simply wanted! Or even accepted! Or just being used – for a reason – and a purpose! Till too late – you learn the bitter real truth! Mice do not fly!

Take Care! 




Majid Al Suleimany


Why To Delegate? By Majid Al Suleimany Reply

For Wednesday  June 20th  2012 

At My Workplace! – Outlook! 

Delegation – Why Delegate?

  • The first rule of management is delegation. Don’t try and do everything yourself because you can’tAnthea Turner
  • An empowered organization is one in which individuals have the knowledge, skill, desire, and opportunity to personally succeed in a way that leads to collective organizational success. Stephen Covey
  • The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it  Theodore Roosevelt
  • Delegating means letting others become the experts and hence the best – Timothy Firnstahl
  • Give up control even if it means the employees have to make some mistakes – Frank Flores
  • You can delegate authority, but you can never delegate responsibility for delegating a task to someone else. If you picked the right man fine, but if you picked the wrong man, the responsibility is yours — not hisRichard E. Krafye

As Readers that know me well will authenticate and verify – in writing especially this column – I go by my usual style of writing by speaking to you direct from my heart – and in giving you my own (and those verifiable known to me!) – My personal experiences and exposures stretching over 38 years – and 25 years being in my last Oil Company!

I will avoid being bookish cum academic – because a search in any engine can give you any information, details and knowledge on any subject or topic that you want. I could well go and write on a Medical topic as if I were a Doctor – or an Engineering topic as if I were an Engineer. As a good fellow Columnist had said to me – it is experience that counts – and simply no one can take that one from you – even if they do not like you for what you are as a person!

Also when I give examples it is not to embarrass anyone – or try to get back at anyone. There is a learning curve for everyone in life – even if you think you are an expert – or know it all type – do not tell me (preach) anything per se!

Long time ago – it is also in my bookswww.myown-ebooks.com – I was a Senior Supervisor looking after more than 16 staff – and only 2 were boys – the rest were all girls! When I took over the job from an expatriate – the staff used to sit back hours after official hours just to finish the works for that day. The expatriate assistant of mine – being the more Senior – used to go home at 11 p.m. daily – and working overtime during Thursdays and Fridays.

I inherited an office that was strife with tensions of all kinds of issues – from expatriate versus local to more sensitive like polarization issues – and the usual resistance of a top position being taken over by a local – and the crude and peculiar resistance from even fellow local peers – because the Indian used to help them in write-ups in English – and other personal favours – which I would definitely not do – as they all knew me well prior hand!


All Images for Illustration Purposes Only!

Every month I had to answer about overtime elements being beyond the acceptable limits – and some were overplaying and over dramatizing on this ace card against me now especially. Thank God to the British for educating and training me in my UK College and previous bosses – though I had some issues with some – but I must admit work-wise, ethics and professionally generally we went on just fine. Sadly I cannot say the same for others – and that includes local ones too!

So I studied intensively, meticulously and methodically the work systems and conducted a work study – and realized whether by design, by default and or inadvertently came down to empowerment and delegation issues and aspects. I was also keeping myself open for my adversaries to get back at me – because my section was dealing with payments to Staff, customers, clients and contractors!

Soon after there was a change – and had made significant steps to ensure uniformity – and people being responsible themselves in checking claims, invoices etc. – instead of pushing it to my assistant – who was taking his time to send to me for approval. Soon afterwards, the position was removed – and raising three others locals to be responsible in what they are doing. And if anything went wrong – both by Internal and External Auditors – I would not go down alone – but by taking down those delegated with me – tongue in cheek speaking!

Frankly there are many places where they can introduce trust and confidence now – with delegation and empowerment. And reduce tensions, frustrations and demotivation – and moving on to the roads and at homes too!

Take Care!

By: – 

Majid Al Suleimany


Bosses Simply Cannot Change! Reply

At My Workplace! (Outlook)

 Bosses Simply Cannot Change! 

  • The exercise of religious duty will not atone for the fault of an abusive tongue!
  • A man cannot be a Muslim till his heart and tongue are so!
  • Humility and courtesy are acts of piety!
  • Whoever has been given gentleness has been given a good portion; in this world and the next!
  • All above from The Hadith (Religious Book Teachings)

It is my way and style of writing that I always try to speak directly to you from my heart and giving you the examples and illustrations from my own experiences and exposures in life – and or from those near me – and from friends that I know. The intention and purpose is that we can all learn from each other – and try to adopt and change accordingly. There is no intention to show off – or to blow my own trumpet – and or to be talking about myself only always – believe me in this!

I do not know about you but if you have read my books – especially Psychology of Arab Management Thinking – www.myown-ebooks.com – you will undoubtedly recall that now I am retired – my best boss will always remain the mixed race African and German lady in my first jobs in Tanzania in 1968 onwards. I still remember her fondly – not because she was tall and pretty – but by the way she treated and respected me.


Looked Like Her!

She was drawn to me because I was dedicated and committed – as she had told me herself. But what she liked me more because if she really needed an opinion or view in sometimes how to handle or plan for delicate and sensitive matters she knew where to find me – and she always encouraged me to not to change in this regard – and remain frank and open always. The same counsel and advice was given to me by my Nigerian Director at the oil company place here!

 Incidentally so did my various European bosses in and at different times – though one even dared to confront me saying if he was allowed to terminate an Omani National with no strong reasons – then he would have fired me – and that would have given him the greatest pleasure in life! Yet when I was transferred from him to another Department – he still maintained that he had high respects and esteem for me – and what I was as a person!

 Before he boarded his plane for his final departure from Oman – he called me at 2 a.m. and repeating the same to me. He gave me the same advice – please do not change – but be careful of your own peoples – because they will make (ominous!) great troubles for you. Take care – my friend – he concluded in goodbyes!


Images For Demonstration Purposes Only!

Frankly his words all came true – with very few exceptions! One of my worst bosses was a colleague that we worked together in the same level – before he became ‘the boss of my boss’! That is the ways of the world – that the guy you gang with against your boss now knows all your tricks and gimmicks – and makes sure you remain where you are job and promotion-wise – and he has a shield to ‘protect him’ by putting a just created new position of an expatriate boss over you – and making sure that you will never replace that expatriate!

The ironical and tragic part is he is also retired now – and tries his best to crack jokes – and be funny with me. But I pretend to go along – because it is my upbringing and religion more that kicks in – rather than the other niceties like customs, traditions, heritage and culture. He tries to justify his actions by saying to me ‘he was told to do so by higher up’ – and was just following orders. We all have heard that excuse before – even in history and in politics too! 

I think I have written quite a lot and intensively on this particular subject – and perhaps shows more of the disappointments, fall-outs, dismays and frustrations than anything else – like aforementioned from my own particular people – with exception of very few isolated cases. I have not had bosses like Indians, Pakistanis etc – but from indirect ones – and colleagues and peers – and that is why and one of the reasons for my book A Cry For Help! – came into being!

Frankly, if you ask me my worst bosses were those in my last few jobs – be they as temporary and project works even. That is why I have now refused to accept any new offers – even from those people and places I know – for the same very reasons. The situation has gone beyond recompense and repair. Admittedly, I may still need the money – but at this age and particular juncture in my life now – respect and esteem are just more important than just the money itself!

Do I feel that things will ever change for the better in the offices? Frankly, I do not think so! Would they get worse before they get better? Similarly, I do not think so! They will only get worse by the day. Till a breaking point will be reached! Or the stroke that broke the camel’s back! Call me pessimistic – or seeing the half glass full. But this is the ugly, sad and real truth!

 It is not only me saying these things! Look at the other columnists in this newspaper (and others) – and by fellow Omanis too! People are simply not happy in the offices – so they take it out at home. They are not happy at home – so they take it out in the offices! They are not happy at both the home and the offices – so they take it out behind the wheel and on the roads – with more accidents and fatalities. It is a vicious cycle – that goes round and round – and is here to stay – always!

 All because there is no simply meeting of the minds and will – and all because some responsible people simply do not want to change – even if the ground crumples below their own feet!

 And there is no preparedness to hear and listen – and to be wise, pragmatic and realistic in dealings with issues, aspects and problems – and to be objective in putting the country first before individualism, what-is-in-there-for-me selfishness, jealousies and envies!

 Please Take Care!

 By: –

 Majid Al Suleimany

ADDENDUM – How They Behave!

It can be helpful to identify certain unacceptable actions that annoying bosses commit on a regular basis. They can include such actions as:

  • Insulting staff members in a very personal manner, often publicly
  • Invading your personal space without asking
  • Threatening you verbally or non-verbally
  • Sending emailflames
  • Interrupting you rudely during meetings
  • Giving you dirty looks
  • Acting as if you are invisible when it suits them
  • Withholding praise even though you clearly deserve some
  • Second-guessing all the time or demands perfection
  • Making cynical and sarcastic remarks,  jokes or teasing you as a means to deliver a nasty message
  • Reminding you in front of everyone where you stand in the hierarchy
  • Touching you when it’s clear that you don’t want this
  • Making two-faced attacks – you understand one thing from your boss, only to learn later that your boss said something completely opposite to somebody else
  • Stealing clients or accounts from other workers
  • Bad mouthing the firm’s culture
  • Refusing to help or explain anything when asked (but will deny this if pressed by anyone else, and insist it was you who didn’t ask for help), etc.!
  • Use doctrines implanted as a way to control, manipulate and dominate you.
  • Many others…..

Know All Type Managers! At My Workplace! Reply

At My Workplace! (Outlook)

 Know All Type Managers!

When I was 14 years old, I broke my left hand playing football. But you will not believe it now – but I was acknowledged as being a good goalkeeper!  It was the talk of town – the son of the man Said was a good footballer – he always caught the footballs in whichever direction they came from – and however fast they came! What happened next was one of the fast footballs hit the goal post hard – and it was made of heavy pipes. One of the tumbling pipes hit my left hand – and it broke into two – just held together by the skin!


One will not also believe this. I got a beating from my dad in front of the now angry local doctor who simply could not understand and comprehend what he was seeing happening right in front of his eyes – of a young boy with a broken hand being beaten up by his father.

But he could not understand my father – because he had called us to come into the house from the football playing fields – but I had gone on playing past Maghrib (dawn evening) praying time! There was also talk of the place being haunted – because you heard your name being called out loud – but you could not see the caller!

Anyway, that was ever my last beating from my late father. As if he had acknowledged his mistake after the local doctor reprimand – and vowed to himself to never touch this boy again. I never played football after that – in actual fact all sports! However, one time I was persuaded to be the football referee – though honestly I did not know much of the football rules. That tells you a lot about people being seen to be in control and in-charge – when they simply know nothing of what they are controlling about!

There was this big scream from one of the players – Offside! So I blew the whistle. Out of which 22 people with one single football – and their supporters surrounded me – yelling I did not know what I was doing – or knew what I was doing – and the ball was – was not – offside!

Soon afterwards, I was kicked out – because they then realized that I did not know what I was doing! It was a wrong decision by them to put me in this position of authority and control – and when I knew nothing about the football rules – and what being a Referee – a position of trust and where people look up at you – for guidance and leadership is  – and you fail them miserably!

 It was my duty and responsibility to decline the role – even if being forced upon me – because I simply did not know what being a Referee meant all about – and had let down people badly – till they found out all about me in reality – and asked me to step down – with all respect and esteem gone.

It took me a long time to realize the realities and truth in life – because it is better to decline a position and role I knew nothing about – but it was my pride and vanity to continue and assume it – and pretending to know things which I did not know anything about here!

You will find the same in life with Managers in Companies – especially those with little and or marginal education – but they have to demonstrate and show their powers and control by being also talented and experts in all the disciplines under them – even if he simply knows nothing about the fields and subjects.

You get such people dictating and instructing The Finance Manager how to run and do Accounts. The Human Resources HR Professional – I mean here the real one expert, consultant and professional – not the ex PRO promoted to the Manager position so he can be controlled and be dominated – on how to run the HR Department. Worse when he or she interferes in Technical and Engineering professions – or the HSE job aspects – even if he simply does not know anything – but it is his pride and vanity that keeps him going on and rolling.

Never ever will he admit he is ignorant of the subject – especially a few smart alecks from them – who know how to use Google Search!

Despite everything happening around us – nothing much has changed! All these Managers know is to show off – and insult and ridicule others. Their paramount need always is to control, manipulate and dominate – and subdue any voices of attempt to defend oneself or explain ones position!

Two days back I got a very good offer for a Consultancy job. It is my habit now to conduct prior hand research before I take up anything. When I came to realize that he is not much different from the last place I had left – I politely declined.

Frankly, I do need the money for sure and which I cannot deny – but at this age in particular – it is the respect and esteem which is more important. Some people handle power and authority badly – and things go into their heads to make them proud, conceited, vain, contemptuous and ridiculing others!

The point is that though I am wearing a dishdasha, I can go to any Western country – and despite my age – they would welcome me in without any delay – because they know what they are getting.

That is why I personally feel that things will never change in the Offices environment – despite all the changes going on around us now! People are simply too proud and conceited – even to notice that the ground is crumbling down below their own feet!

Take Care!

The Committee Has Not Met Yet! At My Workplace! Reply

At My Workplace!

The Committee Has Not Met Yet!


 See also scanned copy here as has appeared in The Oman Daily Observer of April 25th 2012

  •  Still Nothing Has Changed Much – Despite All The Rhetoric!
  • If Moses were a Committee – The Israelites would still be in Egypt today!
  • Nothing you tell these people will have any effect on them – Ali Fazari – Syrian Artist.

 In hindsight and again speaking from my own personal experiences and in retrospect – I wish to reiterate this point – that though we have seen some initiations and improvements in the citizens’ rights and freedom – still nothing has changed much on the grounds and in reality.

 The problems are the same in pushing them forward into action, reality and into practice – rather than them being minutes of meetings – and if even filed for records first of all in the first instance. There is need for real movement into action, propelling, push, dynamism and pragmatism in moving them forward – into practice and into reality. Time is not in our side – in essence and or in favour – before we all get bogged down into being reactive ‘fire fighting’ – and further ‘red tape, bureaucracy and inaction’!

 It is alright to put news of improvements and changes for the better in the media – but what is the use of all of them – if they are still not practiced – or excuses given for delays and procrastinations – as is the usual case? I hope that Readers can remember of what I wrote before of those working within the system – the ‘old guards syndrome’ – to prevent and or delay changes. These peoples need to be exposed – and kicked out – and as lessons to others.

 This is also the real truth still! The citizen cannot still win – or very few isolated cases in success – against the public departments and bodies. This is even if you have a case where if things were really practiced and put in action – the citizen SHOULD win in case of dispute scenario. But he will simply not win. Adversely, the same public body can take you for action – and or sue you in courts for the ‘same case and situation’ – for as many times as they want – and the case will still be heard – and nothing can stop them! Even if you cannot draw blood from a stone! 

You go to the Public Officials that you know to hope for solace and intervention – and they are obligated to do so by their authorities, power, control and auspices dominion – if not that you know them well and hope Wastah will kick in – but does not! Simply no one will ever lift a finger to help you – or they turn away from you as if you do not exist- and even if you try to contact then face to face – let alone by emails and by phone? Even if you want to fight against the Big Cats for your rights or that company of yours that is closing down – you end yet again as The Loser!

 How long these things will go on – before something breaks up – or blows up in front of our faces?  The truth and in actual fact – the things at stake and at issue are in reality not really big unsolvable issues – but involve the usual uncaring, care-free, no-interest, cannot-be-bothered-the least approaches and attitudes. What if really big things were at stake? One shudders –  and does not want even want to start thinking on this! Heads need to roll – before things can really improve – otherwise it is a lost cause – and everyone will end as the loser!

 Even if you have given up and do not want to fight your case – because you know you will lose again as the citizen – and complied by what ‘as has been thought as fair and equitable – does not matter if you think differently – who cares? If you follow up your case – so you can be in the clear – and restore your personal freedom and rights – you get the same excuse – The Committee has still not met yet to discuss and or finalise your situation. You are not the only one – so just wait! This is said to you more in annoyance and in anger – rather than in trying to cool you down – or making you understand about the situation – and in letting you know about the results.

 There are things I said in 1980s that now have really happened in reality and on the grounds too. Yet I was given all the labels – including having chips on his shoulders! – A big mouth – a trouble-maker – needs to be stopped! – and so on!

 My problems are that I care and feel a lotand want things to work out – and not go bad! Instead, I always end up as the victim of circumstances of my own making for speaking up and making a stand – and the usual at the end loser! Whilst those who do not care or bother get rewarded – and acknowledged – and given more and more – because of their lack of caring and in indifference.

 Twice I have given up writing anymore – only to persuaded to come back in again. Of course, I cannot deny that I need the money – if even after 35 years of dedicated services, loyalty and feelings of caring are simply wasted – because I cannot touch much my own pension for the very same aforementioned reasons.

 I can now understand and appreciate why people turn to Religion in despair and in giving up hope – instead of the few like Mohamed Buazizi of Tunisia in self-immolation. I simply cannot understand and comprehend why people are so mean and dastardly to each other – and not wanting to change – despite all the changes around us now!

 I am really tired now in continuing writing about these same issues – and I am still in the tunnel – and no hopes for to see the light at the end of the tunnel – if ever that will be so!


By: –

Majid Al Suleimany.

The Workplace Issues – Polarisation Syndrome! At My Workplace! Reply

At My Workplace!

The Workplace Issues – Polarisation Syndrome!

Starting from this week and at fortnightly sequence – I will be writing about issues that some may consider as enigma and taboo – and ‘washing our dirty linen in public’ – and should not be discussed in public – especially in English – because foreigners will read about us – as if writing in Arabic there are no foreigners there! In actual fact, my own personal outlook is that the latter category there is more danger – because they know us deep well inside and out.

Tell that to the Palestinians in their meeting those from the other side – who are fluent Arabic speakers and born also in Arab countries too! Of course people would like to push the ‘dirt under the carpet too for the very same reasons!

As those that are my Readers and Fans will know me well – I always write from my own experiences and exposures – as personal references and in support in what I am writing about.

Incident One. A long time ago when I was working in my last oil company there was a meeting that was going to be attended by one prominent high profile public official together with the rest of us from the Company. After the usual polite courtesies and welcome – our European boss with the usual axe to grind of ‘divide and rule (conquer!)’ – started asking – In which language are we going to hold this meeting – as if he was able to speak Arabic in the first instance! Though his history that he was proud of as an ex Army of the bad things he ‘did to Arabs’ in Palestine! You can tell this man was carrying ‘a lot of excess baggage’ with him!

My colleagues and I were just silent because we needed the money to feed our families and ourselves too! But then the shock was on us when the Public Official (PO) retorted and sarcastically said – In any language so long as it is not Swahili! To this the British boss broke up in great laughter and mirth – it seemed clear to us that there was a meeting of minds here. Yet still the rest of us kept quiet – because of our upbringing more – and our culture, customs, tradition and heritage of respecting guests and visitors – though the speaker was also Omani – and should have known better!

PO thought he will make his foreign new found friend laugh the more – so he repeated what he said before. To which M being M retorted – You will be very lucky if you were able to speak that language! To which PO was angered ‘because I broke his respect’ and went off without the meeting taking place. My boss asked me to apologise in writing to PO – though ‘lucky for me’ English was accepted in my doing so! The unfairness and injustices in life! A few months later down the line PO was kicked out unceremoniously – so the system works!

Incident No. 2 – The Boss – fellow Omani – quickly first scans the job applicants. He is looking at the place of birth more. The rest of the CV Resume did not interest him! Despite his Wastah and connections he too lost his job – though he was able to kick me out first! This story is in both my Arab Management books – www.myown-ebooks.com

Incident No. 3 – I hinted this in my last week article titled There Is Need For More Realism! So it is still recent and new. This Omani GM of a National Prestigious Project called me to his Office – so we can chat. Then he handed me a bombshell that exploded in my face. Remember this Project is National – and supported too! Initially I was at home quietly doing my own business – when he almost begged me ‘ to set us up the Human Resources’ system in this new Company. He offered me a 6 months temporary contract.

This after 7 weeks he calls me to ‘cancel the contract’ because he says – The Board is against me being recruited – even for temporary basis – because ‘I do not come from The Region’ where the Company is going to operate! There is a Manager who is a Foreigner in another function – but that is alright for The Board (TB). TB do not see any issue in that – only to a fellow Omani – even though he is a Manager – and or Consultant – and temporarily employed even!

The GM (Omani) is a very sharp and rude person I ever saw in my life – and cannot handle pressures! I bitterly complain to the Oil Company – Top Management Officials that supports and backs this project – and the place that I had worked for 25 years.

Nobody bothers or care – even the Public Officials involved too! Nobody bothers or cares – because I am a trouble-maker with a big mouth. It would have been okay if it was only me – but than 2 other Omanis too resigned or were terminated! They too ‘did not come from the Region’ to the company was going to operate in!

Can these things happen now in our country after all the troubles that we had gone through – and still going on now? I leave that to you the Reader to decide – though I surely did complain in writing – perhaps because it was in English! I leave the rest to Allah (God) because He is The Best Judge – Amin Amen

Take Care!

By: –

Majid Al Suleimany

New – The Road Safety Book – Novel Type – In Simple English. 1

The Road Safety Book – Novel Type – In Simple English.

Posted on April 6, 2012 by Majid Al Suleimany

April 9th 2012

NEW BOOK – The Road Safety Book – Novel Type – In simple English.

I am now writing my 6th book on Road Safety Stories.

The Book Plan – To write Short Emotional Stories that have happened to people because of Road Accidents!The book will be a novice first time type ever written in Oman as in a reading novel type format – written in the simplest of English – as it is envisaged that many of the Readers English is a second language (or third) after Arabic – and to make it easy for them to understand and comprehend – taking into account the importance of the subject to the increased number of road accidents and fatalities in Oman.



Writing has always been in my blood and my hobby and passion.

Road Safety Article – 1990s

I wrote this article for Times of Oman in May 1994 titled – Stray Thoughts on Oman Traffic – and reproduced by PDO Al Fahal Magazine June 11 1994 titled – Drive Safely for the Sake of Family and Loved Ones! – See appended below

A Peoples’ Stories – All True Cases.


.The story must be about road accidents and had happened in Oman mainly.

  • To write about Road Traffic Accidents in a book format and using simple English language for all to understand and appreciate.
  • To put catching titles per story such as :-
  • Newly wedded died on road accident
  • Mother is still grieving!
  • Grandmother left alone in the house!
  • Utility bill syndrome
  • Full Family lost in the accident!
  • Bad timing to travel after midnight!
  • Wrong Job Relief causes agony!
  • Fast trip ended shortly!
  • No more singing in the rain!
  • Mother – Do Not Cry For Me!
  • You should have been firm with me Mum – now I am gone!
  • To make it interesting and true. And things that we have seen in reality happening in front of our very eyes.
  • To give accident account, possible causes and lessons learnt.
  • As the writer will have the full rights to lay out the story according to the flow of information
  • Ask people who have No Objections to write their own true stories with photos and blogs.
  • Include photos of as many car accidents and lessons to learn! Preferably in colour format.
  • We need to write this book in view of the high road fatalities and accidents – and starting with schools.
  • The idea can be expanded with a picturesque book for Primary Schools (Arabic also) in the future – but it will have to be in corporation with others (Arabic not that god for writing up!)

Any others

B How The Idea Originated!

It came some time back from an Omani General Manager (and a very good personal friend!) and whose Executive Secretary and the whole family perished in a road accident two years ago!

I knew the late girl well – see sample story appended.

This idea was given to me also by a good Indian Fan of mine as something worthwhile to consider to do with my Writing Skills and Experiences and taking it up from the Five Books already published by me.

See sample story here

C Issues

There are many issues to handle first – like people willing to talk first with you and their willing for their stories to be told? But with the right approach and tactics this can be approached in the right way for success.

Otherwise we will not use names but create our own names, initial, nome-de-plumes and pseudonyms

D Summary

The book can take off very well. I have a strong feeling on this one!

To be published in Oman as we may ask sponsors also from others like PDO, ROP, Newspapers etc – but the lesser the better! I want to own full rights and in publishing too.

I am looking for financial support and in monetary help and in financial more sponsorship.

Also if you know of any stories as above to share with me and other Readers

Or if people willing to come forward to share their own stories – as lessons for others to learn!

Or any views or suggestions that you may possibly have.

Let us not forget life is not permanent or forever – but we will be remembered for what we have done and contributed in this world SADAKA JARIYAH

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1 Road Safety Article – 1990s

2 Sample Story – Continued

2 Sample Story – Continued


Rest in Peace – RAW!

Peace Be Upon Her!

In Remembrance – Feeling Very Sad Today!

Wednesday February 9th 2011.

She had the most beautiful, enchanting and blossoming smile that you ever saw in such a pretty girl like RAW!

Always cheerful and helpful – people flocked in and out of her Office just to visit and talk to her! Always a kind word and gesture to everyone – if it was the last sandwich which she had to keep for herself – she would offer it to you and she would go without!

The old man went up the stairs to the offices as he was afraid of using the lift! He was a very angry man – he had received a wrong electricity bill that went to over a Thousand Omani Rials! His electricity was also disconnected! He had travelled all the way to The Head Office from the Interior – because he did not receive any cheers from the Branch.

He was shouting and addressing me – I had come in temporarily as The HR Consultant! How can my bill be so high? Last time I paid was less than OMR 20 (US Dollars 60)? I live with my wife and my two sons only in the small house!

Hearing the commotions, RAW stepped out from her Office. Abuuiiy! (Father!) Please come and sit down. She brought him water and coffee. Relaxed, the old man started crying! He was ashamed of himself – for shouting so loudly to so many others – and ‘making just a nuisance’ of himself! Do not cry Father she said to him. I will call the GM out of the meeting to see you just now!

Do not worry – she assured him – I will take care of you! And she did…. the old man got his electricity bill cancelled and the electricity returned – and a company car to take him home to his village 250 kilometers away. RAW also gave him Company Complimentary gifts – that is RAW for you – always caring and feeling for others! As a Consultant even for me – this was a great learning experience in kindness, care, feelings and in humanity – all RAW!



Wednesday February 9th 2011.

I was calling this good friend of mine a CEO of a National Company – and he gave me the ‘shock of my life’ to tell me that his Executive Secretary – and a First Class High Profile lady in my books had died as another casualty figure (statistics) just recently – after asking him how she was and having not received any emails from her for quite a while. I had covered this poor lady in My Books as one great person who had always stood by me in offering me support, kind words and in encouragement in my books.

I had never expected to cry again! For me I try best to hold back my tears very much. But failed miserably this time! I still fail whenever I remember her. This poor lady was amongst one of the ‘casualty figures and statistics’ that we read in the newspapers every day and week – without abating an eyelid – as the ‘usual stories’ we read in the newspapers. Or the usual pun – so what else is new?

I also did read this article by one Omani Columnist in the other newspaper titled Killer roundabout’ rings alarm bells in Mahdahby Fahad Al Mukrashi. Every week we see also in the newspapers about road casualty figures in the newspapers – but as usual in the coming story we never imagine or visualize that it could be someone we know well or related to.

It seemed that an Omani family of 5 adults and 5 children had decided to get into a saloon car and drive all the way to Abu Dhabi in UAE. They decided to have lunch there and then to return on the same day. At 21:30 hrs, the father of the family perhaps overlooked the Mahdah round about and caught by surprise – he panicked and braked sharply – and the car rolled over several times. Six members of the family died immediately but the father escaped with minor injury because he was wearing a seat belt and was awake and alone behind the wheels.

This is one girl that I really liked and admired – and was always a great fan and supporter of me. She was always encouraging and supportive – of me personally – my books and my writings. The happiest time she was when I dedicated some of her comments in my books and giving her complimentary copies.

She was always sending me nice warm supportive messages – like cheering your day or to make you smile messages. These always used to cheer me a lot – especially when I was feeling down and sad. She was always beaming with smiles and kindness. Pretty smiles full of blossom and enlightenment!

Today I am crying again of the sad news and the gap in my life now. She was a great lady and I miss her terribly!

She had a great sense of humour and tease! Once I asked her if she was interested to get married or what – or why not still. With her usual sense of humour and wit she replied – They are waiting for me to get a higher salary first before they proposed to me! My salary is still small to them!

May Allah SWT Rest her angelic kind soul in eternal peace in this world and the eternal – and open the highest heavens for her – Amin.

Inshallah I will always pray for her so long as I will live – Amin.

By Majid Al Suleimany






The Scared Managers! At My Workplace! Reply

At My Workplace!

The Scared Managers!

For the last 18 months or so I have been at home with no sort of any Human Resources Management job (temporary and or part time) or project-wise. Being bored stiff and having my car back now after it was hijacked by Madam – who finally hit the ceiling to call in retirement benefits (did you notice how sensitive ladies get when they have to tell people their true age and why they are now at home!) – I decided to visit a few of my peers in their offices! Uninvited and unprepared they were for me in my visits!

There are some places I know that I will be most welcomed in and be well treated – whilst I am not naïve not to know that in some places I will be not welcomed – and if I tried entry I would be asked to leave – and or escorted out if I still resisted! This does not bother me the least – because these are places where my good Indian friends have said – he first gave Aaacha Boloo (AB – plain true straight forward hit back talk to the boss!) before he abruptly quit with short or no notice at all!









So I met these good friends of mine. In some of the places the offices provided for the last day of the week samosas and snacks were still continuing (I missed these and the chats!) – but in others they were no longer there. The excuse was of course ‘budget’ – but I personally think it was more ‘sinister and covered up’ than that! In one of the places my peer friend decided to take me to introduce me to the new Top Guy (TG – Omani also) – and as I sat chatting with him the subject moved over to requirement of filling in the position of one HR position – the incumbent who had interrupted a meeting the TG was giving – and had quitted on the spot after getting AB from him.

So the peer was suggesting to promote the Assistant of the resigned incumbent – but the TG would not hear about it! He just said – if we could not ‘control’ the other guy – how can we be able to control this one – he is worse than him (resigned incumbent)! This scared me to my wits that the desire ‘to control, dominate and manipulate’ was still there – despite all the things that have happened – and in some places still happening! Things in the offices will never change – whether it was locally or expatriate run like in the past!

Why are the Managers so scared that they still want to control their staff? It looks to me like conscripted workers that need to be put in their places like in the military or prison arenas with unruly vagabond rebellious units – and inactive and on the run! Actually the scariest part was not this one but the approaches, attitudes and focuses now of not upsetting the staff – especially the latest entrants younger local staff including the graduates too. The fear is that they do not want to be ‘in the news’ again of slowdowns or work stoppages – so the Management is driving a clear safe distance of dealings and inter relationships – and even if the talks of ‘control management’ aspects are also going on in line and in parallel!

It reminded me of one company that I used to work for in one of the neigbouring countries where they laughed their heads off when being in HR I wanted to see a few of the new entrants in the lists! The mockery and tease was – wait for payday when they come to collect their salaries – we make it a point that at least on pay day they come in to sign in for the cheques – though we could as well transfer their salaries through the bank too if we wanted.

But just to keep minimal contacts – because ‘they are not workers – and we are forced to take them in being nationals’! This plus the interviewee who wanted first to see how his office would look first before sitting down and agreeing to be interviewed by me – though albeit admittedly a local by default too!

Frankly if these things are really going on of not wanting ‘to bother and disturb the staff and let peace reign supreme’ then there are more troubled waters ahead – and MORE dangers than if not action and discipline is not taken for the few offenders and miscreants – localization or not? Why are the Managers now so scared – even the locals too?

We really do need to really self-analyse ourselves and deep consciousness review and research – before we build up lazy bones and uncaring unethical and unprofessional staff for the future!

Take Care!

By: –

Majid Al Suleimany