About My Late Father PBUH! Reply

About My Late Father PBUH.

September 16th 2015


Day before yesterday my granddaughter Sibel was in tantrums because I guess she missed her Mother who had to go to Dubai for a day because of Official Business. Today she was very happy with her Mother’s return – and even hymning Twinkle – Twinkle Little Star! The tune is there – if not the words!

I wondered out aloud and comparing my granddaughter time with our times – because even in the bloody Zanzibar Revolution with killings and atrocities committed against Omani Arabs especially – even outside our street – but we were afraid to express our feelings of acute shock and fears! Afraid that if you said something out of turn – you may end with a slap – even if you were so scared and afraid!

Our children nowadays – and their children too – have more freedom and expression = and show of real emotions – unhindered and unblocked – than we ever dreamt to have! Our times were different to theirs now – Allah God Be Praised.

Our Late Father knew top VIPs in Oman. He rode the same donkey to school. I have written a lot about him in My Books – www.myownmajid.com

He always forbade us of living beyond our means – and taking bribes and corruption! He said to us – Do not disgrace yourself to go to Big Famous People to ask for favours and recognition! Remember your roots as we are just Poor Peoples and with Simply No Wastah or Connections! See the article I wrote on him below!



My grandparents were travelling from Manah Nizwa – place of birth – and as just mere teens to go to Africa. My Father who was just getting into adult hood saw a ‘pretty Omani girl’ – my Elder Mother – and fell in love with her! He refused to go to Zanzibar with my grandparents despite ‘repeated canning and beatings! So in the end they allowed him to get married to her – and they left without him! When his children were 12 (my elder brother) and 10 (my elder sister) respectively only then he went with his family to Tanzania. This was during the turbulent dark days of our Omani history when Omanis left in hordes to look ‘for greener pastures outside’.

Today I had an unpleasant dealing again with The Newspaper where I wrote my columns for 14 years – before The mainly sadly Indian Mafias and The Old Guards abruptly ended my columns – because I was refusing not To Speak The Truth – and pushing the dirt into the already piled up stinking carpet!

With due and sincere apologies!

Al Hamdu Lillah. Allah Is Great!

Best wishes and regards,

Majid Al Suleimany




My Letter to The Oman Daily Observer!

September 17, 2015

On Covering My Books in The Press even if I wrote for them for 14 years before unceremoniously and abruptly ended.

 35A - Front Cover

About My Thirty Five Books!

They covered a Dr Asya Al Bualy who wrote a book about one Fatma Barwani Ninja and the function was opened by HE The Minister of Information of Oman.

The woman was married to one Yusuf Himid who was instrumental in Zanzibar Revolution causing over 50000 Omanis to be killed in Bloody Zanzibar Revolution. Yet her story of the wife novels were opened ceremoniously by our own Minister.

This is My Apology Letter to them and then wrote in Facebook etc about My Late Father. Al Hamdu Lillah

Please accept my apologies for writing to express my dissatisfaction for your book coverage and presentation by HE MOI. It is none of my business and it was sent at a weak moment when our jealousy and envy streak kicked in that I had not received even a quarter of similar treatment with 37 books and even on more important serious topics that the country really needs even in Arab Management  – Road Safety etc.

I have to realise I come from an Arab Omani Interior born poor Father unknown and with no Wastah and my Mother born in Zanzibar even if grandparents are Interior also but went to Africa in their teens.

Please accept my sincere apologies. There is no need to fight these things but simply to accept the status quo that without Wastah you are mere nothing trifle unfortunately now in our country as it is.

Please carry on the good works!

Ma Salaamah! You will not hear from me ever again.  Byeee!






Show No Dogs Fear!


Show No Dogs Fear!

At the age of 8 years old, four decades ago when we were residing in Mafia Island in Tanzania, my father and I met some wild dogs when we were moving about the island. My late father (died 12 years ago – PBUH) cautioned me to hold on to his hand ‘and show no fear, because dogs easily smell fear’.

But if you act brave and show no fear, they either leave you alone or move away’. At first I did not believe this was to be possible, but the dogs did exactly like dad said they would, and left us alone-despite a lot of initial ‘hard’ barking earlier on.

Later on, I used to play with some puppies after getting over my initial fear of dogs. I did not know then that dogs were considered as ‘unclean animals and to be avoided in touch especially’ – because the puppy had followed me to the Masjid (Mosque). Yet I wanted to pray in the congregation – and someone told my late Father – Sheikh Said, your son Majid was playing with the puppies – and yet he wants to pray now with us!

I got such a beating that I have never forgotten it to this day. You cannot blame the puppies – because for them a Masjid looks just like another building from their side – and it is up to you to keep them away – and actually not play with them in the first instance!

At times in life, one meets with a lot of situations like above when you are called upon to make difficult and hard decisions and choices. Life is full of making tough decisions and choices. One option is to do nothing and pretend that the problem is not there, the other is as is being said ‘to catch the bull by its horns’ when you have to act – sometimes fast too!

Sometimes you make decisions in life which at the time may seem right, only to find out later that you should have acted otherwise. Or you leave an option which you think is wrong, only to find out later that it was the better idea and choice. But the saying always holds true-‘those who dare-actually win’! Those who never try, never win’! Or as they say – the birds fly – because they know they can – or you you can never know how far you can go; till you have tried first!

Sometimes situations force you to behave in a way that you would not normally behave otherwise. This I had found out recently very difficult to pursue, but in the end I did so despite my own personal first inclinations and feelings – that my sanity, integrity and respects must first come first and foremost – so I quit the place after a long goodbye. I would have eventually been the loser, and those adversaries and those against me from the outset as the winners.

My late father used to advise me from the incident of the dogs. He used to tell me ‘if you show fear, or run away, the dogs like it more- because you are condescending yourself to their own level-and they will chase you for sure’.

My late father used to advise me from the incident of the dogs. He used to tell me ‘if you show fear, or run away, the dogs like it more- because you are condescending yourself to their own level-and they will chase you for sure’.

He also advised us his children – If you are in a dhow (boat) where everyone is One-Eyed – including the Captain – close one eye – otherwise they will come and take out one eye in their fits of envy and jealousy – and you never know because they could blind you completely in their eagerness to take out one eye so you can be like them!

They also say – do not bang your head against brick walls – only you have your head hurt and swollen in the process – and the brick wall is not even touched! You simply cannot remove people’s bias and dim-witted subjective individualistic views – so why try at all!

It is also said by the Romans that those that the gods want to destroy they make them lose their senses – and make them not see, hear or speak too in the process.

So why fight the system and the situation. There is no point or added use or advantage. You become the victim of circumstances by your own hand by showing you are different from others – and for making a stand and for being forthright and firm in your stand – views, focus and determination! Go with the tide – even if all the fish are dead – act dead also!

There are more important things in life than to be listened to and to be heard your case and situation. Even our own Great Prophet PBUH met the same experience from the idol worshippers in Mecca! And the hypocrites that pretended to go on – when they were actually against our Great Prophet PBUH. People destined for doom and destruction cannot be saved – especially when they do not want to be saved – so move along – let it go – let it pass!

The Chinese have this expression that I really like – If you are digging a grave for your enemy; dig two – and keep one for yourself! This saying speaks volumes in itself! Don’t you agree?

There is also this point as in our Religion. Do not ask for any help or favours from human beings – because you lose your standing, respects and esteem by doing so! Ask only your Allah SWT – God Only – because He likes to be asked – and to give!

It then made me convinced that I MUST GO ON NOW before it is too late! Especially for myself – because no one knows how long we shall live (leave?) in this world!

In one of the scenes in The Film – Moses –The Ten Commandments – The Great Prophet (PBUH) is seen to lament why he was chosen to lead his people and was asking God why it was so – and had not left him alone to be just a simple normal person without this heavy burden and load on his shoulders.

In our Islamic Holy Book – The Holy Quraan – in Surat (verse) Ad DhuhaThe Glorious Morning Light – our Great Prophet PBUH is told 3 – Your Guardian Lord Has Not Forsaken You, Nor is He Displeased6 – Did He not find you an Orphan and Give you shelter and care? 7 – He found you wandering And he gave you guidance – 8 – And He found you In need, and made you Independent – 9 – Therefore treat not the orphan with harshness 10 – Nor repulse him who asks (needs) – 11- But the Bounty of The Lord Rehearse and Proclaim!

In this Surat (verse), the vicissitudes of human life are referred to, and a message of hope and consolation is given to man’s soul from God’s past mercies – and he is bidden to pursue the path of goodness and proclaim the bounties of God. It talks about the usual scorn people have of people who come forward to ask for help and assistance – and are ignored – and their losing faith aspects.

It talks about being kind to such people – though helping people is by choice and is most encouraged in Islam. If need be, turning away such needy people has to be done with kindness and gentleness – and not harshness and or ugly cruel cutting approach – because it is the same God that gave you and also facing you – and that needy person who wants help from you now!

One of the people that I greatly admire is Gandhi. On the subject this is what he said – You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty. He further said – I look only to the good qualities of men. Not being faultless myself, I won’t presume to probe into the faults of others.

There is also this expression in Swahili – Anaye kunyima maharagwe, ana kupunguziya ushuuzi! Those who deny you red kidney beans – just deny (reduce) you the gas (farts)..

During this difficult choice, I had, my late father had come to me in my dreams to remind me of this incident (or was it by telepathy?). I am determined to win – with God’s Grace and Blessings I am convinced that I will win Inshallah Amin God Willing. It is not how many times you fall – but how many times you get up – and keep going. I have had many falls in the past – but I got up – and went on.


Majid Al Suleimany

July 27th 2010.

Muscat – Oman


What The Old Man Had Said!

Written in July 2009!


Image My Late Father PBUH

During these difficult times, I thought it is essential, imperative and fundamentally important to share this one with you today on My Late Father (PBUH).

Hopefully all of us and The Younger Generation can learn from it all – Inshallah! Though admittedly I feel still so empty, vacuum, desolate and despondent that all I had tried to caution, counsel and warn in my books went to waste – and it seemed nobody had read my books at all. Especially A Cry For Help! I had talked about the increasing expectations – and the lack of tolerances and patience – especially amongst the youngsters especially – and how some few misbehaving expatriates would cause a great deal of trouble and havoc here..

My Late Father was not that educated – nor did he speak any good English – but my late Father was the most educated, intelligent, smart, wise and pragmatic person that I ever saw in my life!. Whilst there are many problems Father to Son Relationships – My Father and I were Best Friends to say the least. We could communicate and touch base at the highest levels. I try to do the very same with my children too.

This is an extract about My Late Father (Peace Be Upon Him) and from My Book A Cry For Help! – A.15 – The Oman FM Radio Interview – in June 2007. The Announcer is Mrs. Judith Razaq (JR) and me (MS)

JR – Majid – Who has the greatest influence in your life than anybody else?

MS – I think it is my Father more than anybody else because my Father was straight forward.

He made a lot of friends and he also made a lot of enemies too. Because if somebody had upset him- he never went about a long way to tell him so. My Father sometimes when we invite guests to our house – he is dead now- so Father – Father please Father -Please put the brakes on! He would say – the food is for you – eat it – I am not going to tell you more than once! You are the guests – the food is for you – please eat it. I tell Father – you do not have to tell them these things! You know he is straight forward. And he has been telling us- that you should not be scared or to be afraid!

Always tell the truth even if it may cost you – you must do the right correct same thing. But please do not go for lies and deceptions.

My late Father was particularly against taking loans (interests!) and living beyond our means – or trying to brag and show off in life. He also told us – Do not be deceived you have a rich powerful family, relative or friend – because nobody is going to help you – except yourself and your Lord only! To Him you go for help and salvation – and nobody else – if you want to be happy and live comfortably in this world! Live within your means – and do not overspent – or be stingy in life! Also earn your living honestly and sincerely!

And yes – Do not be jealous and envious of others especially within your own family! Because God does not like this in men. He is The Giver and The Provider – and He decides whom to give (more or less) or not at all. When you become jealous and envious – it means in other words that you are challenging The Lord himself!

Do not ask for kindness, mercies and favours from anyone in this life – except the Lord only! But if somebody came to you for help and assistance – help him – because The Lord favours those who are kind and compassionate to their fellow human beings – and The Lord is particularly angry on those who can help but do not – it is the same Lord who gave you that is denying him – and the Lord is testing you now!

Do not be obstinate and difficult in life – and listen to the advices of your parents and elders. Respect others and their belongings – just as you are doing yours and would not want others to harm yours either. A good Muslim is one who wants the same good things for himself for others to have too! Work hard and diligently for yourself and for your family – and never put all your faith and trust in people – because they can let you down badly and unexpectedly!

My Father ended being just a Grocery Shopkeeper in his life – though he rode the same donkey to school with people who were his peers in becoming great public figures and very rich and powerful elites – from his home village in Hail Al Ghaaf – Quriyaat – and after his parents had moved from Manah in Nizwa!

If we only had listened – To what the Old Man had said!! A great man lived – and went! May Allah God Protect and Preserve us all – Amin… Take Care!


Stick Together As One!

As kids, we have read all these stories. Most of us have been told these stories by our parents, grandparents or have read them in school too!! How come we conveniently have forgotten all these now?

This is the story of the Father laying on his deathbed and calling his children around him. Then he gives each child a stick and asks them to break the stick in two. Each one of them is able to do that. Then he takes all the sticks and ties them up in a bundle. He then asks each child to do the same. None of them are able to break up the bundle.

Each one of them looks in amazement and awe at their dying father and what he is now up to. Then the father cautions – so long as you stick together as one, nothing will ever happen to you in your lives. But if you get out of the bundle and be as a single stick, everyone outside can break you into two. You must always be together and act as one.

Remember this always my children! If you want to bring in drama and heroics in, the father soon dies after saying this. In real life, the father lives a bit longer, before the last breath leaves his body, giving enough time for his children to do their home works and comprehend their father’s teachings


He had said – Do not do bad things to others! Especially to someone who considers you as a friend – trusts you – and has simply done nothing wrong to you! Because – What Goes Around; Comes Around! You will be punished in this world itself – before even they bury you in your grave! 








A Letter To My Heart! 1

Majid A B-Majid-New-Photo-245x300[1]

Memories! A Letter to My Heart!


Breaking Off Relationships Due To Already Many Disappointments!

Sometimes in life you have to make the difficult hard choice!

For a long time now, our relationship has been hanging by a thread, and a thread moreover, mostly consisting of past disappointments. We have nothing to lose by cutting it!

  • Sigmund Freud to his friend Carl Jung

Sigmund Freud was an Austrian neurologist and the founder of Psychoanalysis, a clinical method for treating Psychopathology through dialogue between a patient and a Psychoanalyst.



September 18, 2013

A Letter To My Heart! – By Majid Al Suleimany

Dear heart, there is something I must tell you Something sad and so hard for me to say For I know how much you always loved her And how you always hoped that she’d come back someday

But day after day my hopes grow dimmer As I watched life and love passing me by And the life I live is empty and so lonely But you just lived for her and slowly let me die

…. Lyrics – Letter To My Heart – Jim Reeves.

Listen to the Video Song here –  



Please read also –


Day before yesterday evening (Monday September 16, 2013) I had cut my left palm – just a little bit – with a sharp knife whilst cutting some oranges! The scare and shock was more for me to see so much blood coming out from my hand! But that was not alone and enough – I just attended to myself using the First Aid experiences I knew – till the blood had stopped spurted out! Only then I told the members of my family! Funnily, I did not want to disturb anyone – and let the family members at the house continue doing whatever they were doing uninterrupted – whilst I dealt with my case on my own.

After the blood had considerably stopped – I then told them – showing them the bloodied tissues! My daughter in law T then applied plaster and bandage – and the blood then stopped completely!

It is not a question of making mountains out of molehills – but I was wondering to myself why I did all these things on my own – rather than involving my family? Frankly – I did not want to disturb them – and I remember a late very good friend of mine who had cautioned me – M? You may be surrounded by a lot of family and others – but yet be the loneliest person on the face of the earth – and suffer alone and in silence. This poor man had died later on since early morning by a heart attack – but his wife and family were away – and it was only late evening when the houseboy came home to find that ‘boss had died’! The medical certification had confirmed that the man had actually died that early morning!

In my Columns and Books I wrote about my late father who had Parkinson – and also hearing problems because of his age being over 88. My late father did not like wearing hearing aids – because he said it made him ‘feel uncomfortable’! So it was difficult to communicate with him indeed! You had to shout and scream – and soon one by one ‘gave up’ on him!

The poor man – he used to see all people around him – children and grandchildren – having a field day – talking to each other in fun and merriment – whilst he sat on the chair – all alone – sad, desolate and unhappy! Few times I noticed sad tears coming from his eyes – especially when I sat near him – trying to talk to him – or at least not make him feel alone and miserable!

After all the sacrifices and things he did for his family! If you have read my books – especially The Between Us Only Series – www.myownmajid.com – you will find so many stories about my late dad – Peace Be Upon Him! Also on my Late Mother – Peace Be Upon Her – Amin Amen for both!

I have always heard the expression – what goes around – comes around! Maybe it is my turn now to experience what my late dad had experienced? Because I too made many sacrifices for my family! Same stories here at www.myownmajid.com

Personally I had volunteered to go for early retirement in 1998 – and full one in 2008. But my wife – who is 2 years younger than me – is still working – and still wants to work! All her life – hobbies, mechanisms and existence per se – is built on ‘continuing to work in that Big Oil Company – BOC – and her world is surrounded by this more than anything else – that includes me too in the equation.

Like I had said before – it is not my intention to make mountains out of molehills – but I am a sick ailing man now – and even typing this makes me cry – remembering my late Father too! It also reminds me of my friend’s advice – surrounded by so many people – but yet all alone too! I suffer from acute diabetes – I have eyes problems in glaucoma, myopia and eyes pressures! And yes another thing – I put the eyes medicines myself – by looking at the mirror whilst doing this! My last housemaid Mary – Filipino – used to do this to me before – but she left 15 years ago! The rest feel squeamish to ‘perform such an act’!

I have noticed lately that I have developed a very bad temper and tantrums – because I am carrying ‘too much baggage’  still with me!  Excess Baggage! I still remember with bitterness and anger how my career life was ‘screwed up’ by me speaking my mind – and calling a spade as a spade! And how people worked together and conspired to bring my Management Consultancy down – by false promises, betrayals, double dealings and stab-in-the-backs! My websites, books and columns are full of these stories too!

The East Africans say also – The thing that bites you comes from your own dress! When the European Expatriates ran the show – things were not so bad – and until our very own came in – and they had long and elephant memories! Please read this article for more on what I am saying all about here! http://majidsn.com/as-to-why-i-had-left-my-last-oil-company-loc/   Also in my book – The Sequel – Three – Between Us Only!  www.myownmajid.com –

And actual in not wanting things to go bad as my focus and aims in my life! That is my BIG PROBLEM – being honest, sincere, genuine – and forthcoming in life! My 2nd Arab Management book – A Cry For Help! – I wished those VIPs I sent them Complimentary Copies had read it! My book website at http://www.myownmajid.com

 It was written BEFORE the Arab Spring Uprisings – and with all the cautionary calls, advices and counsels inside – as a Human Resources Management Consultant Expert and Advisor!

Yes on another thing! I am a Writer and Columnist too! I meet many who like what I write! But there are some elements – some powerful too – that wish for the dirt to be pushed under the carpet – or as some of them say – ‘not to wash our dirty linen’ in public! They too have a field day to make misery and havoc to me – even if the payments are peanuts – or there is simply no money in books! As Jules Renard had said – Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money!

All my life I have been a quiet peaceful type of guy! I have always avoided confrontations – even if thrown at me! That is my second big problem – I try so much to avoid confrontation and fights – some people take this for me being weak and impotent! That is not the real case – even if I will be speaking my mind – and in making a stand!

When I feel that the situation has crossed Red Lines – despite my earlier cautions, warnings and ‘stay-away’ – I come charging in – like a bull in a glassware shop! My ‘negative reactions’ – gives chances and opportunities for those vicious and unscrupulous people – to use this more against me! That only enrages and makes me more mad – adding fuel to the fire! And some people are always on a ‘win win’ situation – so they take more advantage, credit and benefit from this – whether by design, default or inadvertently.

I am now a 65 years old person – sick and ailing too! Bad mixtures, chemistry and abrasiveness just makes me more worse! It brings out the worst in me – in the very things I desperately try to avoid and keep away. Some people are good Actors and Pretenders – and it is an uphill fight for me to remain at par! I have always strived and aimed to be a nice, good and decent person – with care and feelings for everyone! I believe in Live and Let Live too – and one should not be too quick to judge – or condemn! And knowing the famous adage – The one wearing the shoe knows where it pinches!

There are many other things I want to say too – but cannot because I do not want to hurt others – or shift blame and attention to them! Besides – this is a public forum!

If you know now why I am an angry person – I guess by now you will know why!

With Sincere and Due Apologies.

 Majid Al Suleimany

Muscat – Sultanate of Oman

September 18, 2013