Email Letter To My Books Agents! Reply

Email To My Books Agents!

First Written April 10 2010!

Please Forward To The Rest of Your Team

Dear All;

With great sadness and a heavy heart, and due to conditions beyond my control, I would like to inform you that I am now not able to order the books for you locally as promised.

I, therefore, suggest you order them yourselves directly for your customers and clients – or ask them to order themselves directly – as many have done already as they could no longer wait – and as this time I am no longer giving any more complimentary copies like in the past to VIPs etc…

These are the contact addresses to order the books. They accept all credit cards.

Further Note

This is despite all that is being said to encourage local talents, entrepreneurship, self-employment, skills, innovation and human Resources Development in Oman – and here is an Omani Author of 5 books – 2 in Management – books in English – deeply frustated and sad – and lacking the money, finances and support – to bring in his books to sell locally

First Written April 2010.


All Under One Platform! Reply

Between Us Only!

All Under One Platform!

First Published April 13 2010

Several years ago, I remember well this incident when I was still working in one neighbouring country.

The family accommodation that I was provided with had satellite facilities that were provided to Staff at unbelievable special prices as a Special Package to those Oil Company Staff only. I took all the available packages to occupy my mind and thoughts as originally I was there alone in this very big apartment – until my son had joined me later on!

One day I had a problem with both two satellite channels receivers. As one provider technician had come in, I asked him if he could look in into the other satellite receiver as well? His reply was short and curt – I come from this other company – and cannot even touch that receiver – let alone look into it and repair it. The other technician said the very same thing – when the opposite channel was not working properly!

Now both these two channels are working under one joint name and platform, and they have been able to give all their channels services at almost 70% of the original charged price if you were to take them separately – as in the past – and still they are making a profit to be able to provide all these services of channels all under one platform – or one roof! Where once they were bitter feuds and competition, they now operate as one – all under one platform – as their new drive and motto!

The question to ask oneself is this. Why did they do it? It was out of necessity more to survive and stay in the market – from other channels that were providing equally good programmes to the public for free. These ones were surviving more because of advertisements – and making families feel safe and secure that even inadvertently and or by chance any child below 18 had pressed the buttons for these channels – there was nothing scary or to worry about because they cut all the X-rated parts – and the unsightly and forbidden parts too.

The ideas were starting to catch on – and people had already started thinking why they should pay for paying channels – when you can get almost the same films and programmes for free – and more decently delivered too! To survive they had come up with new ideas and solutions – fast and rapidly too!

Which brings me to the point I want to make today here – and especially this is addressed to The Property Developers in our country – and can even be applicable to others too were there are stiff and feuding competition for survival – and for markets and clients. Though I did take Marketing in my studies, it was just one module – but I am really convinced and confident that the idea merits further consideration and review – especially in this sector that is suffering greatly from markets, clients and customers confidence and trust. And lack of commitment and investment opportunities, confidence and trust.

Just imagine this. They joining forces and to be able to operate under one roof – and provide all the services, choices and options under one umbrella and one platform. You want a villa in town? Same time you want a villa in the suburbs – or country villa? And a good office location too? Then why go to three or more places? Go to one place only! Within one hat, umbrella and centre, they will be able to serve all your needs and requirements – all under one roof and one platform.

The beauty of this idea is also this. It will open a venue for the Top Performers Executives and Senior Managers to prove their mantle, capabilities and performance – and to compete for the few positions in the new joint place. A State Regulatory Board will also need to be established at the same time – in line like the Telecommunications one – and The Water and Electricity one – to choose the best minds, brains, entrepreneurship, dynamism, pragmatism, and high performers and deliverers! It will also get rid of elements that should have been removed out long time ago – but are simply being protected by personalities and friendships – and lesser to do with the real realities and right practices, approaches and performances.

It will also remove all those things going on now that are not professional, not ethical, not principled, not sincere and not genuine – and also ensuring timely payments to staff, customers and clients. It will also remove all the current practices that are really against the country’s laws, regulations, procedures and systems – and it will open a wider window of choice, opportunity and investment – and create market stability, trust and confidence.

It is a matter of fact that there are some customers and clients that may like certain choices in certain locations – but are not too sure of The Operators of those locations. Similarly there are those with Hobson’s choice of locations – simply because they have more trust and confidence with these Developers – but not too keen on the locations themselves.

Having worked in these sectors and seeing all that is going on there, I personally recommend the idea strongly to our Leadership to think about – and to regulate the market with the best practices – and a window of opportunity for real employment opportunities for Omanis especially – and to support and encourage much needed the right and correct tourism and investment opportunities in the country.

Take Care!

By: –

Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany

First Published April 13 2010




PDO Pensioner Power – Al Fahal 469 – June 2018! Reply

PDO Pensioner Power!

A new Pensioners Committee has been set up to represent the interests of PDO retirees. The committee, chaired by Ali Al Mandhry, former Head of the Medical Laboratory, has the vision of helping to make the PDO pension community the best in class within pension communities in Oman and the region.

The news came as almost 600 retirees attended annual pensioner gatherings in Muscat, Fahud and Marmul. Ali offered his thanks to PDO management for their “continuous support” and those who had place their trust in him as the chairman.

He said: “We have a harmonious relationship between PDO and retirees. It is a dialogue.

“We are also ambassadors for PDO.”

Managing Director Raoul Restucci said: “PDO is fully committed to having a strong and ongoing relationship with its pensioner community and we welcome the formation of the Pensioners Committee.

“This committee will play a very important role in strengthening the retiree network and representing their views in discussions with the Company as well as updating them on decisions and policy changes.”

Ali, who is joined by Ali Al Ismaili, Shaikha Al Harthy and Rashid Al Alawi on the committee, which will represent members on issues of importance such as financial benefits and medical provision.

A new pensioner booklet was also launched, answering frequently asked questions and containing information on important topics such as the Al Yusr scheme, which has now loaned more than US$10 million to more than 800 retirees.

There are currently 2,166 people in the PDO pensioner family, with an average age of 64.3 years.

Raoul gave a business update at the Muscat and Fahud events and said: “We are going to continue this annual gathering as long as I am here. Thank you for the incredible role you have played for making PDO what it is today.

Courtesy PDO Al Fahal Magazine No. 469 June 2018

Full Magazine here at – Please find a link for the magazine with the story on page 07

Posted on August 8, 2018

The New Committee and Function Photos!

Download This PDF File!

Pensioners Full

Download The Above PDF File!


Download This PDF File!

Al-Fahal-2018-06-Both 1

Download The Above PDF File!


Masjid Jojo Mafia Island Under Final Preparations! Reply

Masjid Jojo Mafia Island Tanzania under final preparations for our Muslim Brothers and Sisters to pray in. Al Hamdu Lillah.

Not a Big Masjid but what I can afford with My Pension Salary PDO. Building it for our Late Parents Allah Rahimuun.

Please pray for me to finish it successfully In Shaa Allah Ameen Ya Raab!



Invest in Local Talents! Charity Begins At Home! Reply

Invest in Local Talents! Charity Begins At Home!

This article was First Written March 2010 in My Between Us Only! Column in The Oman Daily Observer!

Invest In Local Talents!

The other day I was watching a literary presentation of awards and I was watching keenly if there would be some Local Writers or Authors that I know who write in English (like me – rather than in Arabic) who would be presented with some awards, but I saw none. Than it dawned on me that peoples like us are ‘not recognised’ because we write in a ‘Foreign’ language, though I could see some ‘Foreign peoples’ but who write instead in Arabic being recognized for their skills and talents.

I have to admit that made me feel very bad, worse to see the Association built to recognize such skills and talents missing us ‘foreigners who write in a foreign language’. That made me realize of what is really at stake here, and if these kind of things are allowed to persist, not only it builds alienation and indifference, but would go a long way of killing any enthusiasm, initiative, keenness and budding rising talents and entrepreneurship – and especially after all the talks and focus in Human Resources Development in the country. It may even lead to bias, discrimination and polarization – things that are all bad and nobody wants to give even an iota of starting to come and creep in!

When I wanted to have my first book (Between Us Only), I had put an advertisement in all the local newspapers looking for a sponsor. I even wrote personal appeal letters to some CEOs in very high places for my book to be sponsored. They in turn gave the ‘draft book’ to their expatriate subordinates, and I then immediately realized that my book will never see the light of day because my book was very hard hitting (like the article The Chicken and Egg Story) and no expatriate – to say the least – would have wanted this book to be published in the first instance, let alone it to be sponsored! These facts were proved correct by the refusals and rejections (pink slips) by one or the other on the ‘flimsiest of excuses’ – like a large Financial Institution that had made large profits in the last year in not having ‘the funds to sponsor the book’ per se!

I was just contemplating of going abroad to other ‘help avenues indicated to me’ – coincidentally by well meaning decent and good intentioned expatriates – when this gentle person local CEO of a fully Omani run prestigious Company agreed to sponsor my book, and the book was finally published – after a very long delay of months whilst it was still under ‘censor’ to get its license to get it published. I vowed to myself (and still do) not to go through these motions again.

This time I vowed to print my second book (Psychology of Arab Management Thinking – ready for printing) by saving first myself and printing it in Book Surge in Amazon Com, or Trafford in Canada. But the savings have still not materialized, after one after another in paying peoples in my ‘failed Human Resources Development Consultancy business’ – which is a separate story all by itself! It seems to me that there is a ‘personal vendetta and agenda’ out there to ensure that this book too does not see the ‘light of day’ – and this time for sure too. One would definitely and naturally feel shy and ashamed to go to the first sponsor again for sponsorship of the second book!

The book coming out into existence was not the end of it, actually it was just the beginning of more things to come. Approaching different bookshops to run my book in their bookshops and stalls first here in Oman, there was only one Family run business that took the book in and ran it all over in Oman and in exhibitions, and portraying it in strategic positions in all their branches all over Oman. I am eternally grateful for this. The book is the only place still selling my book. They deserve a pat in the back for encouraging local talents and entrepreneurship.

The story was not successful in the other bookshops in the country. There were those who curtly responded that they only stock Arabic (and Religious!) books, but if I was so kind to translate the book into Arabic (although 80% of the issues were all local in that book in Socio-Economic features, like Marriages, Bad Driving, Muscat Municipality, Public Sector working, Divorces, Omanisation, Management Issues, Message for Teenagers, Advices like How To Apply For A Job etc) – then they would consider stocking the book. More than 200 copies were sent by me as Complimentary Gifts to very senior VIPs and High Profile personalities in the land, but with just a Thank You Note in responses. With some it was dead silence, and not sure if even they had received my book?

Then came the International arena of things, starting with the International Bookshops running in the country. One wanted a copy to read first ‘to clear the book (I thought there was only one official centre for this kind of activity!) He – with due respects Regional Expatriate – took his own time to read the book, and I had to go to his immediate European boss to push it to finally get its approval to be stocked – after a lot of foot dragging and reluctance. I was so happy because this Company stocks their books in International Airports and in International Hotels.

Then one day I was at a course in this International Hotel in Muscat, and I went to their stall ‘to see my book’! It was put just well inside, and one had to ask for the book if one wanted to buy the book, unalike the family run local bookshop that had put my book in a strategic prominent place and for a very long time too. Lack of support and encouragement is still there!

The irony is that this International run Bookshop stock all the titles of books that many others would call as ‘best kept out filth’ for that matter. Or they would feature Authors (foreign) who have ‘photo books’ of local issues like terrain, mountains, birds, animals etc. It seems the local birds etc fare far better than the local Omani National human being writer for that matter – and maybe if you are a believer of reincarnation than to come back as a local bird or animal, rather than an Omani National Author (or at least trying to be one!!) is still far better!.

In my job as a Freelance Human Resources Consultant, I have come across some International firms and their Managers from those countries that have ‘infested twisted vindictive biased and narrow minds’ of Omanis and their competencies, competencies, skills and talents. What makes it all so sad, tragic, sickening and pathetic is ‘just recently created artificial Senior Local Managers there’ agreeing wholeheartedly and giving credence and credibility to such narrow minded assumptions focus and outlooks.

To be honest and sincere here, in some countries even ‘so-called moderate and Western Supporters too’ they would send some of these expatriates back home en masse and even close down their so-called desire to invest here in the country, let alone allow them to still operate under such circumstances – simply because they have local powerful sponsors – who care the least on such issues but how much more money they are going to make – and how much bigger their tummies will be at the end of the day – let alone listen to complaints and accusations from their own local peers and kind!

But that kind of peoples are the minority, but if these are continued to be allowed and be tolerated, could lead to a lot of future troubles and problems ahead – with the new coming in of age youngsters who are lesser docile, tolerant, patient and understanding. It is high time that these issues are handled thoroughly and vigorously.

Personally I do prefer a person who is straight forward forthright and vocal – rather than a person who is quiet, unassuming and pretends to go along, or looks not caring or disinterested – whilst inside him is burning anger, fire, fury and frustration. If he is able to hide and not show these, who knows what he or she may be capable of doing next??

Think on it for a moment! Take Care!


This Too Shall Pass! Reply

This Too Shall Pass!

Everything in life is temporary…Darkness of the night or brightness of the day. Even sunrise is temporary… And so is sunset. If things are going good – enjoy it… it won’t last forever. And if things are going bad – do not worry – because it won’t last forever either. Everything just passes by (Smile)

I have a Filing system where I put all those good Emails sent to me by others in a file marked To Keep. I tried to find the one sent to me by my sister on This Too Shall Pass – but could not find it. However, I found this one above (a bit similar) that was sent above to me by a very good friend in Philippines after returning home due to family situation and circumstances.

It was sent to me after my business went bust and losing all my life’s savings and for a big project that was scrapped soon afterwards and our competitor doing the job together (International Company) got three times what we got from this big company. They made some profits, but my plane went into a steep dive and went in one piece into the Pacific Ocean like the Air France one!

The one that my sister had sent me was about this king in a certain land that had called all his Advisors together to find a sort of Mission Statement (Vision) for the land – because he had found all his peoples were unhappy and sad – after tragic incidents of storms, tempests, economic downturn, high inflation and costs of living and unemployment of its young peoples – and some of the peoples emigrating to other countries because of all these. He told them – I give you a month to come with a slogan that I can tell my peoples not to lose hope and be brave about their current plights and misfortune. He said to them – I want it to be as short as possible.

After several weeks and the project running late, they came up with this slogan – This Too Shall Pass! They told the king – this will make everybody appreciative and understand – and make them not to lose hope – for now or in the future. It also explains everything they have met and will meet in life – from now on. Initially the king was not convinced – but the more and more he thought about it and the more sense it made.

The slogan was adopted. Fortunately for the rest of us there were no copy or patent rights – and you will no doubt agree with me that the wise men did come out with a very good slogan that will explain most things in our lives now!

So Just Remember – Whatever Crisis etc you are facing in your Life Now (or to face!) ….. THIS TOO SHALL PASS!



Between Us Only! Images!


When I was so sad – Losing My Business before & After ICU Coma Royal Hospital etc, case!


When I was in Coma State ICU Royal Hospital! Reply

In a Coma State at ICU Intensive Care Unit – Royal Hospital!
Posted August 5th 2017! Facebook!

Part 3 of 5
The Coma ICU Royal Hospital
Video 1 ICU Coma

ICU Coma Video 1

Part 4 of 5
The Coma ICU Royal Hospital
Video 2 ICU Coma

ICU Coma Video 2

Part 5 of 5
The Coma ICU Royal Hospital

The Doctors were informing my family that only 2 people out of 10 will walk out from a Coma State in ICU (EER) – and Majid is not going to be in that list!

But Allah SWT Did Not want me yet! Allah SWT Gave me as second chance to Do Good on This Earth! Al Hamdu Lillah!

ICU Coma Foto


In Memorium – Late Nasser Yahya Sultan Al Wadhahi PBUH! Reply


Nasser Yahya Sultan Al Wadhahi

DOD – August 3rd 2018
Muscat Oman

Death Announcement
Notification – In English!

We are saddened to announce the death of our First Cousin Nasser Yahya Sultan Al Wadhahi at midnight Friday Royal Hospital in Bowsher Muscat in Coma State in ICU (Intensive Care Unit – EER!).

Nasser had come for a visit to Oman a few months back and fell very ill. His Mother Allah Rahmah Bi. Latifah bint Nasser is our aunt and father Allah Rahmah Yahya Sultan Al Wadhahi is our Uncle.

Marhem Nasser body is still in Royal Hospital with today being Friday and he has Tanzanian Passport.

Attempts are at hand to bury Marhem in Oman and bulletin will follow from Brother Mohamed Said Nasser Al Suleimany Mawaleh +968 99417250 including Gathering Masjid Men and Home Ladies.
Innah Illaihi Wa Innah Illaihi Rajuun

Al Hamdu Lillah!

Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany

Notification – In Swahili!

Tangazo La Kifo!

Tunasikitika kutangaza kifo cha Marhemu Nasser Yahya Sultan kilichotokeya Hospital ya Royal Hospital Muscat Oman munamo saa 6 usiku wa Ijumaa August 3 2018.

Mpaka sasa maiti ya Marhem ipo Royal Hospital Muscat na haijulikaani kama atazikwa hapa Oman au maiti ya Marhem kusafirishwa kurudishwa Dar es Salaam Tanzania.

Itawezekana atazikwa hapa Oman ikiwa vyeti na rukhusa zitapatikana leo ikiwa Ijumaa.
Taarifa maelezo zaidi baadaye In Shaa Allah kwa Brother Mohamed Said Nasser Al Suleimany +968 99417250 Maawaleh

Kuna taratibu nyingi zinahitajika kwanza kumtoa Hospital kwa vyovyote vile ikikiwa kuzikwa Oman au kusafirishwa anyway!

Tangazo linatolewa na mimi ikiwa First Cousin upande wa Mama Shanghzi Marehemu Latifa bint Nasser na Marehemu Mjomba Yahya Sultan.

Innah Illaihi Wa Innah Illaihi Rajiuun

Mimi Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany Muscat Oman. Samahani Kiswahili cha Ki Zamaani

The Film Utube

Rising Alcoholism Syndromme! Reply

Rising Alcoholism Syndrome!

From The Archives!

Written For The Oman Daily Observer of Sunday June 7th 2010,
Column – Between Us Only!
Rising Alcoholism Syndrome!

With the onslaught of the current dire economic situation – this group has now risen sharply and I hear from many people complaining – especially from Families – The Ladies more! – about this stigma in the society now! People go extreme  either this way or extreme fundamentalism routes! There are many black sheep in the families now – Father Drinks – so do The Youngsters – with broken marriages and families! It is a stigma families are reluctant to talk about to Outsiders!

The Original Article Below!


In all my writings, and in My Books, I have tried my level best to move away from writing taboo subjects – but the coming incident confirmed to write on this one – with sincere, genuine and due apologies.

I had been to this Recreation Centre when I saw a group of young Omanis come out from the Alcohol Bulk store with carts full of the stuff – from beers to the real heavy and expensive stuff – because cartons betray what they have inside them! They looked to me as recently joined Graduates to the Company.

So the mean and evil streak in me decided to play a game with them. I asked them if they could spare me a few drinks – and I was willing to pay for them. It was already coming evening Prayer time – so one of the nicer kinder sympathetic ones offered me the address because they were having a bash and celebration from what looked similar to Gonnu to strike our Omani shores! This shocked me to smithereens – the approach to celebrate before the storm struck – instead of going into prayers and reciting our Holy books instead – like some of us in our generation would normally do.

Just for the records, being a member of that club, I too could purchase in bulk if I had wanted – but then I am not ‘developed and progressed enough’ with my sad state of affairs of being a student in UK for three years – still single at that time – and downstairs opposite lane I used to sit and watch those indulging (including pretty young girls too!) making a fool and spectacle of themselves after awhile – and too good and decent a material to bring into my column in this esteemed newspaper! But let us put it this way – I told all to the good wife before our marriage!!

Some years ago when I was travelling to UK for my Management course, the local guy beside me pressed the distress call button just as the plane was taking off from Muscat International airport (we could even see it below us) – and the poor air hostess came running to find what was wrong? Remember The Fasten Your seatbelts sign was on! The man asked for a beer! I do not know if he was afraid to fly – or maybe taking early advantage of the limited free offer of drinks on board as travelling Economy!

The Air Hostess firmly put him in his place – though he kept the button chiming! Then when the warning seat signal was off, he said give me English beer! He mentioned a brand which even dumb and stupid me in ignorance and being backwards as a teetotaller knew was a Dutch brand – and not an English one – as in my job aspects of peers trying to impress our Western bosses that they are progressed and developed! I remember even one peer who joked to me in front of our British boss – he was a Non Believer in God though – and said it when he was even sober to us! My friend peer was teasing me – M – it is time for prayers, what are you doing still waiting here? I have had suckers and yes men in my life – but as our Indian friends say – this one had the biscuit!

I have met many people I know where families are complaining to me to write about this subject – but I am always the type of person who is a Live and Let Live type of person – but to limits – when you start to encroach on me in your superiority false outlooks – and that you know better even for me – then we have issues and problems. So long as you leave me alone, I drink my carbonated and or fresh juices with those at the party enjoying themselves – but at the same time can leave the table and go for my prayers – I am that type of person per se!

A lot of families complain of smoking and alcoholism amongst some of their family members – and sadly and tragically including the teenagers and the youth too. One of the off shots of increased road accidents and fatalities is this stuff! There is also this element of domestic and family violence as a result of alcoholism, resulting in increasing divorces, family breakdowns and social disorders.

Personally, I do not believe in imposing rules and regulations – Believing in Live and Let Live – and have even a blog under such a name! However, as parents and grandparents – and as elders – we do have a prime and fundamental duty to lead by examples – and advice, counsel and caution the youth to protect and preserve our heritage, customs, traditions, values and culture as a people – and the teachings and practices of our religion – and even if to be in moderation when going flexible and accommodating!

I remember this incident very well after my father had expired – and I was receiving condolences in my villa in Qurum. They wanted some juice – and unfortunately I had left only apple juice! Soon after a while, my uncle from the village came to me and started yelling and shouting to me – how could you? And my uncle in Muscat cut him short – and said you must have got your facts twisted and intertwined – because I was accused of offering beer to them! My town uncle said very emphatically and strongly – I do not know about the others, but I can guarantee on my life that this son of Late Said NEVER DRINKS the stuff! That is confidence for you!

Incidentally Happy Birthday me! Take Care!

By Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany

Open this Link –

*** Be who you are and say what you feel; because those who mind don’t matter; and those who matter, don’t mind! – Dr. Seuss – Writer, Cartoonist and Animator.

*** Not Everything in Life that Counts – Can be Counted – Anon.

**** “When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.” – ~Alexander Graham Bell


A Complete Guide To All My 55 Books! Reply

A Complete List of All My 55 Books!

Posting includes Books Video – Books Listings PDF for Direct Ordering – All The Books Images 55 sorted by Books Segments (1) Arab Management (2) Road Safety Novel Books 1 in Arabic – Bibliography Autobiography Self and Father – From Between Us Only! Columns in Observer – About My Books and Assorted Titles!

A Complete Guide To All My 55 Books!

The Only Omani Arab GCC National with so many books in assorted topics!
Author Majid Al Suleimany!