A Story Worth Reading! Reply

A Story Worth Reading!

Since last night my young son has been unwell. When I got back from Work this evening I decided to take him to hospital despite my exhaustion.

There were many waiting; perhaps we will be delayed by more than an hour. I took my number and sat down in the waiting room. There were many faces, young and old, but all silent. Some brothers made use of the many booklets available in the waiting room. Some of those waiting had their eyes closed, while others were looking around. Most were bored. Once in a while the long silence was broken by a nurse calling out a number. Happiness appears on the one whose turn it is, and he gets up quickly; then silence returns.

A young man grabbed my attention. He was reading a pocket-sized Qur`an continuously; not raising his head even once. At first I did not think much about him. However, after one hour of waiting my casual glances turned into a deep reflection about his lifestyle and how he utilizes his time. One hour of life wasted! Instead of making benefit of that hour, it was just a boring wait. Then the call for prayer was made. We went to prayer in the hospital’s Masjid. I tried to pray close to the man who was reading the Qur’an earlier in the waiting room.

After the prayer I walked with him. I informed him of how impressed I was of him and how he tries to benefit from his time. He told me that most of our time is wasted without any benefit. These are days that go from our lives without being conscious of them or regretting their waste. He said that he started carrying the pocket-sized Qur`an around when a friend encouraged him to make full use of his time. He told me that in the time other people waste he gets to read much more of the Qur`an than he gets to read either at home or in the masjid. Moreover, besides the reward of reading the Qur`an, this habit saves him from boredom and stress.

He added that he has now been waiting for one and a half hours. Then he asked, when will you find one and a half hours to read the Qur`an? I reflected; How much time do we waste? How many moments of our lives pass by, and yet we do not account for how they passed by? Indeed, how many months pass by and we do not read the Qur`an? I came to respect my companion, and I discovered that I am to stand for account and that time is not in my hand; so what am I waiting for?

My thoughts were interrupted by the nurse calling out my number; I went to the doctor. But I want to achieve something now. After I left the hospital I quickly went to the bookshop and bought a pocket-sized Qur`an. I decided to be mindful of how I spend the time.

If this information is beneficial to you, then please do forward it to your friends and relatives. Our Prophet (SAW) said; ‘Whoever guides or directs to good, then he gets the same amount of blessing (reward) as the one who does it’

The Prophet (SAW) also said ‘Pass on knowledge from me even if it is only one verse’



Estawoo – Arrange Yourselves! ستوووا …. Reply

From The Archives!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

ESTAWOO – Arrange Yourselves!

استوووا ….

In the program called (ONE FAMILY) on MAJD TV Channel

The speaker was Dr.Yahya Alyahya (head of the CALL to Islam Committee)

He said that Muslims are never disorganized; they just need to be CONVINCED.


The American man was so amazed of how crowded is the masjid, more than 3 million Muslims were there at the last nights of the holy month of Ramadan, so crowded, so disorganized.

The sheikh asked the Non-Muslim man: How long do you think they’ll take to organize themselves in rows and start the Salaat?

He answered: at least 2-3 hours

The sheikh said: but the masjid (HARAM) of Kaaba is 4 floors

The man said: OH, this’s will make it about 12 hours then

The sheikh said: put in your mind that they are from countries all over the world with different languages.


Then the Salaat time came, and sheikh Sudais of Makkah stood up and said (ESTAWOO)=Arrange yourselves

And within seconds, the whole scene changed and the crowd of 3 million Muslims arranged themselves in well-organized rows in NO TIME !!

The American man stared at the TV screen for a moment, and then said:

(I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship but ALLAH, and I bear witness that Mohammad is His Servant and Messenger)

With Prayers!



Hurtful, Cruel, Mean and Painful Words! Reply

Hurtful, Cruel, Mean and Painful Words!


Article From The Archives – Between Us Only! The Oman Daily Observer!


The worst part of all these is being told those words by supposed to be near you – like a Family Relative or Friend! Like this one from such a person – When I was moving out from Qorum Heights – What are you going to do with your books? Burn them? Imagine telling that to an Author & Writer – and who loves his book and with a passion for writing!

Read on!

There is nothing wrong in expressing yourself, so long as it is focused, objective and constructive – rather than being deadly, abusive and destructive. Or using foul (4 letter words!), ugly, acrimonious and ‘venom hatred filled’ punches and counter-punches. When some families fight, the whole street would know!

So it seemed a marriage created and with final touches from the good heaven itself, until that is the wife decided to walk away from that marriage and asked for her divorce saying – “I hate that man! I simply cannot stand the sight of him; he is all artificial and not real. No words of exchange in 12 years? How is it to be possible, natural and possible”?


There is no married life without bliss, quarrels and fights. It is not only in such relationships, but also between friends, family and relatives for that matter too. Sometimes even high up the pedestals between communities and nations too. It may take years and years of toil, hardship. Forbearance and creation to build very solid and formidable relationships – but only a few seconds in hurtful, vengeful and painful words to destroy that.

Most important is – do not let your brain tell your mouth what to speak, and then you speak it! Once said it cannot be taken back. Do you know that the most hurtful and painful things one can say against another are between peoples who are supposed to be very near and close to you? Think for a moment – who knows you best? Isn’t that your own spouse, best friend or relative – the closer the more worse? Outsiders don’t know you that close. Outside peoples always see an angel and nice things only in you – ‘butter would not melt in your mouth type’! Only those close or near you know you better, for the real and mantle you! Heard the phrase – familiarity breeds contempt?

One person it is said had asked our Great Prophet (PBUH) – Oh Great Prophet, what should I do to have peoples respect and esteem me a lot? He was told – do not ask anything (favours) from anyone! Do you notice what is the difference between us and God (whichever denomination). The more you ask from man, the more you lose respect, like and esteem. With God it is different, the more you ask of God – the more He likes it that man is asking from Him. True too, isn’t it dear Reader?

When I was a younger man, I know of one couple that was married for more than 12 years. There was not even one word said in anger fury or disappointment between them. The man admitted he was very happy with his wife, the wife with her husband. So it seemed a marriage created and with final touches from the good heaven itself, until that is the wife decided to walk away from that marriage and asked for her divorce saying – “I hate that man! I simply cannot stand the sight of him; he is all artificial and not real. No words of exchange in 12 years? How is it to be natural and possible”. It seemed she needed to express herself a bit now and then, but was denied the chance and opportunity by the ‘hen pecked doting’ husband!

There is nothing wrong in expressing yourself, so long as it is focused, objective and constructive – rather than being deadly, abusive and destructive. Or using foul (4 letter words!), ugly, acrimonious and ‘venom hatred filled’ punches and counter-punches. When some families fight, the whole street would know!

Sometimes when things get out of control, they end up in divorce. On the subject, I asked a Muslim Scholar friend of mine. I said – K, please tell me this, or clarify it for me! Why is it in our Religion that the man can divorce his wife that easily, but for the wife she has to request to be divorced, and the husband has to agree.

If he does not agree, than there have to be others to be involved. But none are required if he decided Instead?). The good man replied – because women are known for their temperaments, their ups and downs (related to their genes and body). The good man then asked me – don’t you think, if they were allowed to do so, that most men would have been divorced, some several times too? I could not find any reason to argue with him. Besides, you certainly do not argue these delicate sensitive things in Religion.

With the latest technologies and innovation, it is not only speaking but even writings too. Simply do not answer an E-Mail when you are angry and furious, however infuriating, disappointing and annoying one is received by you from anyone, especially job related at work. E-Mails are simply like spoken words, once you have spoken them, it is too late to take them back. They have gone to the ears of that other person!

Nowadays if I am annoyed by an E-Mail, I take time to cool down. If I must reply, I reply it – first I make SURE that I will not send it. I may type my angry retort, and then be SURE to delete it!. Or I write my response in another place, and then destroy that paper. Try it – actually it will make you relieved, and give you time for a more reasoned approach! The old days of being quick to the button retorts had put me in a lot of troubles – it is best avoided. Do not forget and can be said against you – you are a Professional, supposed to serve and to know better too!.

So next time you fight with your hubby, or he has annoyed you, do not let what you really think of him go into your head, and tell him exactly what you think of him. That goes to you too man to wife, or to friend, or anyone else for that matter. Can you believe that these kind of words have been heard to be uttered between peoples supposed to be one, let alone between enemies or adversaries (compiled from various sources!):-

• Sometimes you behave like a prostitute, the way you are after money (things)!
• I have always suspected you to be a gay (homosexual, lesbian, crook, thief etc) person!
• I saw your ex fiancée (supposed to get married to) today with his new find, how long before he dumps her like he did to you?
• From day one, you had never been committed to this marriage (or had ever liked me).
• I should have NEVER married you or even let our paths cross.
• I wish I was dead, so I was free from you.
• My father is right, he knew you to be what you really are, the good man.
• Why did I ever get married to such a poor loafer like you?
• You are very stingy and misery with our family, but not with your Mother etc..
• Everyone is invited to the party but not you. Nobody likes even to see your ugly face now.
• You never take me out till I force you, and that has to be after a BIG fight too.
• Act and behave like a real he-man (not like a lady).
• What is the difference between you and your Mother – you are both cheap easy going stuff – like Mother like daughter.
• Like Father Like son, you are both number one crooks and not to be trusted.
• You are a great actress, as if butter will not melt on your mouth.
• If I had married XYZ, where would I be today!
• Your mother (or father, brother, sister etc) again wants favours from me!
• Your drunkard alcoholic uncle (or whatever) took some more money from me today to buy more drinks, drugs etc. He wanted 20 Rials, I gave him 5 only.
• The children are crazy etc. because they take it from you and your family side.
• Your parents (or children) think you are an angel, they do not know about ….. (Secret only you two know)!
• There again your Freeloader relative has come to the house uninvited!
• Who invited them for dinner, they just drop in like it is a Free Soup Serving Place!
• Next time your relatives break (spoil) anything, I shall ask them to pay!
• No, I have a headache (just do not want or feel like it).
• Worse still – I shall find it outside, if you keep saying No!
• Your mouth (or body) smells awful.
• I don’t have any money (why should I help you?)
• Your family is coming for dinner, you better take them out (or order) dinner. I am not cooking anything for them, they always find faults in my cooking (never appreciate).
• My first (wife or husband) was a real person (man), not like you …!
• Worse still – I do not like the way you are doing this to me …! (It does give a connotation of comparing!)
• One of these days I shall pack my bags and just disappear (or something else that you will do)!
• Why don’t you drop dead, so at least there is peace in the house.
• Go and -the F word – yourself.
• For heavens sake do not involve the children in this!
• I feel like leaving this marriage now for good, I am really tired – cannot take this anymore!
• So many other hurtful, painful words once said cannot be withdrawn! Sow so shall you reap, it has been said so many times – but who listens? Or what goes around, comes around – for that matter too!

So next time you have a fight, do not let that evilness and ugliness that is within us all tell you or dictate you what to say. Or don’t open your mouth and say what you are thinking – for Heavens sake! Once said it cannot be taken back or be withdrawn. The Americans and Brits say count to 10 first. I say count to 20 at least!

……. End ……

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The Secret Marriage! Or The New Wife! Reply

The Secret Marriage!



The Marriage In Secret!

Seems like it is A TRUE STORY!!!

He was reading this newspaper, when this angelic voice he used to remember called him up.

Only angels do not cry on the phone. It was the lady she knew calling him to tell him that after a rancorous and bitter feud, her husband had declared that he was divorcing her and that she was no longer his wife. She cried to him – what can I do? To be divorced at this age? And the children too, especially the one who was very close to the father. She stopped eating, and her grades in school were falling down badly. She had suddenly developed a nasty and mean streak and a very bad and furious temper too. To make it worse, the poor girl was blaming the Mother for the break up. You never paid attention or care to dad, most of the time he would be alone in the TV room watching news and documentaries, whilst the rest of us looked at the soap operas, and without a care or feeling for him.

When he returned from Office, only I ran to say hello to him and welcome him home, the rest of you were glued to the so-called-live-shows showing men and women living together in quarters, and how they behaved to each other. Sad too that it were all home peoples and the show was being shown live to millions in the region. If a curt response to his greeting as he entered the hose being made by the rest of you, then he was lucky. It was always the housemaid who made the food for him, and made it warm when he came in. Including that tea he usually liked after his meals.

Mum, the girl added, even if you were making tea, you never asked him if he wanted some too, and when he asked for some, you told the house maid to do it for him, why not you. The worst part was when we came to the house with ordered food from outside, and not only we did not ask him what he wanted, but ate in front of him the food as if he did not exist. It was only him and the housemaid who ate the home cooked food, whilst the rest of us plunged ourselves in different dishes day by day ordered outside, and when he asked – what about me? What did you reply?

All that food in the house and you want to order outside too? Who will eat the cooked food then (you of course and your house maid)? Was not that sending him away into another woman’s arms (and hugs!), by what you did to him, Mummy? Eh, Mummy? Child – shut up – the mother reprimanded. Still that was no excuse for him to go off and marry that young lass, just the age of his eldest daughter.

Is he not ashamed of himself? What does he think he is doing? Has he suddenly become that young and virile again for new adventures? Mum, the girl protested, that is my dad you are talking about, and you are embarrassing us. See the Mother said, there was no excuse for what he did, and he marrying in secret. It was only I was looking for the copy of the car registration, and I found the car closet closed. When I took his car keys and opened it, I got the biggest shock of my life to see the marriage certificate (of his marriage in secret to the young lass) and can you believe your uncle was a witness, and he said nothing. And all these things happened six months ago?

I had seen the secret wedded wife, and she looked pregnant and with a wedding finger in her hand. When I asked her who she got married to, now I understand now how she had changed all the colours of the rainbow – just replying Aunty you would not recognize him, even if I told you who he was! And calling me Aunty too – the cheek and audacity of it all.

The young wedded in secret girl recalled what his father from the Interior had told her – Daughter, you are going to start a new job now in the city after your graduation from the University. You seem too much excited about your new boss, and you say that he is the best gentleman you have ever met, nice and friendly and very helpful. Daughter, you worry me – dad says. I think you are getting infatuated with this new boss of yours. Come on – the daughter protested – be serious.

He is just your age, what do you take me for? Anyway daughter, the father cuts in, if he is interested in you and you in him, then I give my blessings to wed in secret, it is damage control and better this way, then to have illicit and not legal affairs with him. All I ask is to see the official wedding certificate, which is all I ask. The dowry is not important, nor are the celebrations, and the fewer peoples know about it, the better for all.

It was too months ago before the divorce, when ‘the friend and confidante’ had told her that ‘hubby had married in secret’ and the lass was a village girl working in his place, and that is the reason he had left the place, because wife and hubby working in one place was not on, especially he who was supposed to monitor the rules, regulations and policies of the place.

It had started with simple small SMS messages and the last one before things ‘got hot’ was she said – Sir, I am looking forward to work under you. You are the best boss in the world, a First Class gentleman and I am very happy to have met and known you. So he teased her back. What do you mean working under me? She laughs out loud! A tease SMS comes – If you see everything red around you – Do Not Be Scare! You are in My Heart! His time now to laugh aloud! He teases her! She teases him back! Teases became serious stuff. Soon they were meeting in secret, and he telling her how unhappy he was with ‘my wife and life’.

Then he suddenly went cold. He felt guilty that he was cheating on his wife and family, though all he did was just a few small pecks and holding hands. That cannot be cheating, the voice inside him said, just holding hands – be serious man! The girl had cried, why are turning away from me, you are breaking my hurt. What have I done wrong, please tell me so I can correct myself, and please tell me. PLEASE.

You are too young to understand. A few years from now you will be tired of ‘this fancy toy’ and look for something better to toy around with. No, she protested, I do not care. I love you (that is it, the word and others to follow soon came out. I love you. I am ready to be yours for ever, but please keep it secret between us two only. A week later the marriage took place. Far months later, the divorce also took place.

The first wife insisted either her or me – you cannot have it both ways. You cannot have your cake, and eat it too. You must choose between us. Remember your children? Yes, he replied, but she is 6 months pregnant already, and with my child.!How do you know it is your child? From what I heard – she moves around! You stupid man! Can you still do it? I do not think. That was the last straw. The straw that broke the camel’s back.

The words that came out he never thought he will ever say, but he uttered them just the same.

He had made his choice, even if it was forced on him!

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How I Feel! From The Archives! October 4 2009! Reply

How I Feel!

From The Archives! October 4 2009!

How I Feel!

October 4, 2009.

Just Trying To Explain It – Finally!

  • God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference – Reinhold Niebuhr 
  • Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind! – Doctor Seuss

I do not know about you but lately I have been too much worried and concerned about the number of young people that I know that have died violently mainly due to traffic accidents. It is not only a wastage of National resources and potentials but the scars, pain, hurt, deprivation and feelings of lose that they leave behind especially to their especially parents, family and friends is grave and unbearable. Yet you still see them on the roads continuing unabated – and the sad tragic irony is that more elder peoples and even the fairer sex have joined in the melee. It does not matter which size or what car one drives – but I notice that it is mainly those in the smaller and in the sports cars that are mainly responsible – though there are those too in the bigger vehicles and the 4WD too.

I then sit with my neighbour and friend BA and we discuss about how many of our friends that we went out together on early retirement to abandon ship that had died so far. I count 15 I tell him, and then we check out the names – and he is right that I had missed two and his numbers are correct. They mainly went the natural or sick way, thank God at least! So we compare notes still further – and I ask him – are you afraid and scared like I am? He looks me straight at the eye and says – we all have to go one day, and I take each day one by one as it comes – and I may be afraid but there is simply nothing you can do about it.

But just try to do all the good you can before your time comes – and try to be friendly and forgive as best as you can to those that had been as adversary and confronting to one in life before – whether by purpose intentionally or by default! We discuss together on the notion that over 35@ of people that take retirement die in the first 10 years from retirement – perhaps due to boredom, despair and disappointments – or simply because of antipathy and frustrations in the new lives they now meet!

Then we recall how we too used to have exchanges in our time together. Strangely and coincidentally, we have also been neighbours in the same Department and Offices for the last 10 years in our career life. I had even taken over his job responsibilities of being in charge of the Company accommodation allocations to staff – mainly expatriates – whilst he was moved to other job aspects. Then he tells me – did they ever tell you why they gave you this added responsibility to your job aspects?

I feign innocence – and then he tells me – nothing new, as I have heard it all before! So I tell him – you know what? Great Madam Apple of my eyes always mocks me with this and other slogans of credit and praises given to me – what has it helped you or assisted you in your career, future potentials and prospects? Nothing except bad things that had brought you down and being looked down by those in decision making!

And that you operated outside the system rather than being inside to try to make changes from within as part of the system – rather than from outside with dismal and poor results – albeit being famous, well liked and popular from outside! But by peoples that cannot do anything for you, or you to gain anything from them! You are the loser – not them! – She adds in the salt to the wound! It hurts me more!

Then my friend tells me! This is something I have never told you before – but I will tell you now! You know people really respect, admire and adhere you – even those against and that are adversary to you – because you stood out to speak the truth. You fought for the under dogs and the victims at danger and loss to yourself. You always were ethical, professional, principled and equitable. You treated everyone fairly and ethically, with no bias, discrimination or favour. Whether Omani or Expatriate – and with no colourings, polarizations, creed, race or religion – everyone was treated equally and fairly by you! Is that not something as a credit or achievement?

I then tell him No – according to Madam’s books and estimation. I am seen as sacrificing myself and my family for ‘lost causes and purposes’ – and those that I stood up for, tried to defend or cared for did not bother the least after what they could get as a result from you. You were just judged as someone out on lost cause (the rebel without a cause syndrome!) and out for a convert popularity contest that went off quite badly – and the losers were you – and nobody else. Only you made your family especially suffer in the process – and even those that you stood up for and fought for saw you in vain and weak and naïve – even bordering stupidity too – and this time it is chilies too added to the wound – not just salt! Even the family think like me – she adds in!

I then try to defend myself. I am a Believer; I try as much as I can to be one. In the books it goes – You have three stages to make changes. The highest level is making the changes if you can do that yourself (have the authority and power to do so). If not then you go down to level two – that is trying to cause change by speaking and acting out against it. But if you cannot do that – then the lowest level is the third one of saying to your heart you are against this – but are afraid and scared to do anything about it – leave it all in your heart and inside you only. Outside you go along – or just doing your job by following orders! Leave the rest to Almighty God only!

There is also this saying – only dead fish go with the tide. So I say to her – I have never gone down to level three ever before in my life, I ended up best at level two only. Give me my life all over again – and in most likelihood I may repeat myself and do the same things all over again. I want to go and sleep at night with a clear and clean conscience. For sure if I cannot help or assist anyone for any particular reason, I will tell that person transparently clear – and even explain why. But certainly, I will NEVER go out to purposely hurt, pain and disadvantage someone for gaining any points, advantage or popularity. That I will never do. And if by default, I will come out to apologise – and try to remedy and correct!

Then I remember so many that had advised me – great high profile peoples that I need to use their titles first before I call them by their first names even – M – Do Not Change! You are unique and are different – one of a kind – remain as you are. If in private so many CEOs and – so many Chairman and Directors have told me the same – something must be right here somewhere! Madam must be wrong – and maybe it is all due to this fight where everyone says wrong things to only make a bad situation only worse – you be the judge!

That is me – and I will never change. Especially now at this stage. Take me, as I am – nothing less – and nothing more! Take Care!

First Written For My Column Between Us Only! The Oman Daily Observer – October 4 2009 – 9 years ago! Just imagine! 

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Signs of The Times! Saudi Woman Divorces Husband! Reply

Signs of The Times!

Or Be Careful What You Wish For!

A Saudi woman divorces husband who wanted to take a second wife!

August 14, 2018

A Saudi woman divorced her husband after he announced his intentions of taking a second wife … because a dream-interpreter told him to, Sada news site reported.

The couple’s separation story all began when the husband started to have a recurring dream in which he pays back a debt to an acquaintance who then hands him a flower.

The man wanted someone to explain what the dream meant and so sought a dream-interpreter.
“I spoke to him about it, he smiled and told me it meant I was going to take a second wife, a woman who’s my relative,” the man said.

The wife refused to be part of a polygamous marriage!

The husband also added that when he told his mother what the dream-interpreter had said, she was ecstatic.

“She told me my cousin had feelings for me long before I got married and was still single, so she’d go ahead and ask her parents for her hand in marriage,” he explained.

When the man told his wife about his plans to marry again, she immediately left the couple’s home, taking their daughter with her.

Refusing to be in a polygamous marriage, she later divorced him.

The woman’s decision echoes the fact that to many Arab women, polygamy is culturally unacceptable. Even though some in the region accept the phenomenon as unconditionally permissible in Islam, the religion only allows for it to happen under a very tight frame of conditions. The dream-interpreter got it all wrong!

After his divorce, the man got engaged to his cousin, however, not everything went according to plan.
“Pre-marriage blood tests revealed that we weren’t compatible,” he explained.

When the man’s plan to remarry failed, he tried to get back with his first wife, but she had already moved on.

“After a while, she got married to another man. The events I saw in my dream unfolded right before my eyes when her new husband came to my house and handed me my daughter, Al Warda, ‘The flower,'” he said.

“If I knew the dream would end up destroying my marriage, I wouldn’t have gone to that dream-interpreter,” he added.

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Late Nasser Yahya Sultan Al Wadhahi PBUH! Reply

Late Nasser Yahya Sultan Al Wadhahi PBUH!

Message From The Children of Marehem Late Nasser Yahya Sultan Al Wadhahi!
Died and buried Friday August 3rd 2018 Muscat Oman.

In Swahili –

Asalaam Alaikum.

Kwa niaba ya watoto wa Marehemu mzee Nassor Yahya Sultan. Kwa heshima zote tunapenda kutoa shukran zetu kwa Wazee wetu na ndugu wote na marafiki na majirani kwa kuja kutufariji katika kipindi hiki kigumu cha msiba wa baba yetu kipenzi Nassor Yahya Sultan kilichotokea Royal Hospital tarehe 2/8/2018 saa 11 na nusu usiku. Pia tunatoa Shukran zetu kwa woote waliojaaliwa kutoa michango yao ya pesa na vyakula na shughuli zote za mazishi na matanga kutuwezesha kumaliza kwa salama. Asanteni sana sana na Mwenyezi Mungu atawapeni Rehma zake. Ameen.


Asalaam Aleikum! Peace Be Upon You!

We are the children of Our Father Late Nasser Yahya Sultan. It is with great respects and honour that we wish to express our thanks and gratitude to our Parents Elders Family Brothers Sisters Friends Relatives Neighbours – Royal Hospital Doctors Nurses and Staff and Others – for their help assistance participation contribution and condolences on our departed loved father Nasser Yahya Sultan who passed away on 2/8/2018 at 11.30 pm Intensive Care Unit Coma Royal Hospital Bowsher Muscat.

We thank you all for enabling the funeral and gathering to take place smoothly completely and successfully. Only Allah SWT Can Reward you for your help and Grant you Blessings Ameen.
May Allah Rest his soul in eternal peace in this world and the next – avoid for him the punishment of the grave – and open the doors for The Highest of Heavens Firdaus Ameen!************************************************************************************************
You Tube Video!

Goodbye; My Cousin Nasser Yahya Sultan Al Wadhahi


DOD – August 3rd 2018
Muscat Oman
Death Announcement
Notification – In English

We are saddened to announce the death of our First Cousin Nasser Yahya Sultan Al Wadhahi at midnight Friday Royal Hospital in ICU.

Nasser had come for a visit to Oman a few months back and fell very ill. His Mother Allah Rahmah Bi. Latifah bint Nasser is our aunt and father Allah Rahmah Yahya Sultan Al Wadhahi is our Uncle.
Marhem Nasser body is still in Royal Hospital with today being Friday and he has Tanzanian Passport.
Attempts are at hand to bury Marhem in Oman and bulletin will follow from Brother Mohamed Said Nasser Al Suleimany Mawaleh +968 99417250 including Gathering Masjid Men and Home Ladies.
Innah Illaihi Wa Innah Illaihi Rajuun

Al Hamdu Lillah

Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany

Notification – In Swahili!
Tangazo La Kifo!

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The Hopeless Lot! Reply

The Hopeless Lot!

First Posted January 5th 2010!

Some days back I was invited to one friend’s house for Dinner and I was commenting on the first class show put up for the Official Opening Ceremony of The Muscat Festival. I could see their detached and forlorn looks as if they had been to the Dentist, and wanted it all over. So I queried – what gives? They looked at each other in blank stares, and I could see that they were trying hard to remain diplomatic and tactful, and could see that ’sharp to the point crude reply’ was being kept at bay.

Then they asked me – before we answer we want to ask you a question. Can we? I replied – please go ahead and fire away! I am not sure if that was what I said, sometimes I like to use – shoot! Hopefully one day one will not take it at its literal meaning, and really do the shooting! If that would happen, I guess I will have no one to blame except myself for volunteering it myself!

But seriously though, they went on to ask me how come that I am supposed to be a weekly columnist, and they have not seen anything that I write on the recent price rises and peoples like them (unfortunate and miserable were the adjectives used!), who faced the greatest pinch and hardships of just starting with their married lives were the hardest hit lot with rising rent hikes. They said the rents went even more than the so-called limit that was set, with an ultimatum of ‘take it or leave it’ syndrome!

And yes – you have the guts to ask why we seem so interested not to watch the show? Perhaps did you not think that we could not even afford to go to see the shows, we are not just talking about gate fees but you know the ‘temptation thing to buy something when we go in’? So I had the dinner and left Madam to deal with her relatives, whilst I made an early and quick escape. I guess even for a person who likes his food well, I did not find that particular meal as that refreshing and appetizing.


After my last article, which was titled At Your Service, I got many angry and upset emails from some young Omanis especially. One works in the Marketing field, another in Insurance and Investment. I picked these two as the best of the lot, the most acrimonious upset and angrier lot. I am repeating them as sent, of course without revealing the identities, so here goes anyway!

(From A) – Tell me about it! (Sad caricature!) – Your article this week M – It is very discouraging and makes me mad pissed off angry! My boss is an Expatriate and his boss is also an Expatriate, they treat us very bad. After several years of getting Superior Performance in my Staff Appraisals, this year I got just Satisfactory. I didn’t panic or anything cuz my sister just passed away and I was sick for a long time – and I was like “what will I gain from the Top Grading, I will die one day”.

But then I said to myself, I worked hard for this grade, I gave my time and energy for this place and now I have to accept the lower grading??!! Then I went to the big people and told them about it. You know I think it’s a useless case. Honestly I am tired of this place; the only thing that makes me stay here is my parent’s house mortgage – as I don’t want it to be closed. If I am getting nothing in my own country I might as well get nothing outside. The problem is that people here won’t change, and they will continue to give more power to Expatriates cuz they don’t trust their own people.

All people in my age would rather leave their country and be somewhere else. We need someone to hear us. One day I dreamt that I am screaming “help” to my Omani boss and the Expatriate boss was laughing at me (it was some nightmare) …I know I am quite capable of so many things. People tell me to get married and have kids and settle. Surprisingly this is not what is happening nowadays. In today’s life people those who get married and have kids won’t settle down, they will need to get a second job to be able to live. Life is more expensive; women who get married now need at least a salary of 1000 OMR to be able to spend over their kids. I am single and live alone, I have no responsibilities whatsoever except going to work.

However, my salary is not enough when I have to pay the bills and put food on the table, how about if I got married and have kids. It’s a disaster. P.S: the Expatriate manager takes (big amount) salary and still wears cheap everyday same clothes for the last 10 years – (so disgusting and out of fashion too). Man as I said it’s a useless case. Don’t ever think that it will change and people will start appreciating you or sponsoring your book, unless you write a book about how great they are (smiling caricature). Please write about me and all the young people in Oman who can’t scream “help” – not even in a nightmare!

From B – Keep up the good works, people like you M make the world go around. You make us all sit up and take notice! You make us to think! Hey, you are saying the truth here! Sad some of the Management are so slow to appreciate talents and skills like you have.

We need peoples like you – who can come out in the open, and stand counted. But I am also afraid – very afraid! I guess if it was for the Expatriate, it would get a big cover and be supported by everyone! It is a BIG disappointment really. I was interviewed by one Executive (Ex Expatriate now Omani) now, and he was sniggering when we said – You know we Omanis..

Then I asked him We? He said Yes I am Omani and here is my Passport (pulled out from his draw). Who asked him?? And why he wants to show it off? I have nothing personal against them being Omanis. But the Expatriate Mafia have controlled our country for so long now. Something gotta give soon. That scares me, with everyone is so sad and unhappy – that we sometimes hate Saturdays are back and return to work! Your article captures it all! And the Omani bosses. They are all concerned just about themselves, their status and positions, and will never rock the boat. Not for anyone!


Do I need to say anymore? I think it is QED!

The youth are saying it – again – and we need to open our ears and hear, open our eyes and see, and open our mouths to speak – Take Care!

First Posted (Imagine!) January 5, 2010!

Broken Glass – Drawing by Raadheesh