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My Message To You! 

From Your Best Fan!

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Monday, May 17, 2010

My Message To You – Your Best Fan.

My Message To You – Your Best Fan.

I received this from one Great Lady – A very good fan and friend.

VIDEO SONG – DON’T GIVE UP NOW – Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush.

I read your postings, and I cried again. This should not happen to such a Nice Person like you (not the other guy! – keep away from that lot…) … all I can do is send you these

My encouraging songs to you – PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP NOW!

I am very sure and confident that you will still win – and come on Top of The World!

I will remember you always in my prayers … Amin…

A Very Good Friend Always…

Keep your head high! No one should bring you down! Stay there on 

Top of The World!

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