Gonnu Rewind 3 – The Wakeup Call! Reply

Continuing from the same theme of last week of GONNU Storms – ‘When The Storms Came In!’ and ‘The Aftermath’ of last three weeks…..(sent from Zanzibar Tanzania whilst on leave there – if you want copies, please let me know!)

As had appeared in The Oman Daily Observer of Wednesday June 27, 2007


The Wake Up Call!

My cynical sceptical friend had read my article last week, and was all comments. He called me and asked me if I had returned from my leave, if I were feeling any guilty and remorse in leaving my family behind, and as he put it ‘missing all the fun and action part?’ I asked him how he could define it as ‘fun’, and he retorted that in a way, it was, but one had to look in deep to find out. I did not want to delve in details, so I had just left it at that – at least for now. I may want to take it up with him at a more convenient and opportune moment in the future.

Then he shocked me – he said to me – you know M? This is a wake up call. We really need to soul-search and self-analyse what we are doing wrong, unfair and unethical for such things to happen to us after decades of quiet, peace and self-preservation. There is something very wrong that we have done or still doing to get the wrath and anger of nature to fall on us like this – and this had never happened before.

So I retorted back fast. Come on, you are putting too much on this thing. This is a result of our own actions of not taking care of nature, and as a result of global warming and climate change. We are not alone in this, the whole of the rest of the world are in the same circuits and scenarios. No, no – he insisted – you got it all wrong. That could be true too – but it is not that alone.

There are so many things wrong and unethical we do to each other, liking being cruel and mean to each other. We favour those we like, and discriminate and disfavour those we do not like, though we are all one as one family, but we do not see that way. He went on – we trample on rights and dues of others simply because we do not like them, or what they represent. We have become mean, greedy, and materialistic and have forgotten our Lord and the teachings of the Great Prophet (PBUH). In our homes are orphans who are treated as young houseboys and housemaids, instead as being our own children.

Rights and privileges are revoked at a press of a button. There are pensioners who cannot get a Baizas out of their pensions – because they had taken loans before they were ‘forced’ to go on retirement, and their new salary are not even enough to pay off the monthly loan installments.

How do you expect these peoples to live? On water alone? Even that water has to be paid for, and if you do not pay in time will be mercilessly be disconnected, baby in house or not! He went on – if you are poor and weak, the full force of the law will be applied to you, but if you are rich and famous, all mercies and exceptions can be expected – even if you are in a better position to pay off loans taken and when you had gone broke and bust. The Banks after making so much profits, will make all the compassion and exceptions for the rich and famous, even if they could still pay. But if you are weak and unknown, the full force of the laws will be applied to you without any exception mercy or compassion.

You may be a local professional and experienced person and have fallen on hard and difficult times, but no job offer will be made to you because of ‘your age’ – though there are much much older expatriates professionals and consultants still working there in high and famous places. What do you do – he asked me – if you cannot get work as a professional person and your salary has been frozen by the Banks with orders from high up with no mercy and compassion? Beg, borrow or steal? Think about it, M – he implored. I am thinking – I retorted – I am thinking.

Then he went on – when such poor peoples cry out in vain, pain and hurt and there is nobody – simply nobody – and they cry out to our Lord – what do you think will happen next? Or we have fully been involved or participated in bringing calamities and disasters to others – do you think the Lord will spare us?? There are so much cries of despair, anger and hurt. That is true and definite. And yet we hear it is still not over, there are still more dangers and impending disasters to come!

We forget the teachings of our Religion. We act as if we cannot fall dead at any moment and be held accountable for all our sins committed by our actions and or inactions. We think we shall live forever and nothing will touch or reach us, and then we see how very wrong we are. We have now seen how it is to live without shelter, water and food. We have seen that in TV News in other countries, but we thought these would never happen to us. We have been proved wrong, this time and maybe more times in the future too. What do we know can or will happen next to us? Do we know on such things?

The poor man who worked plus 25 years and cannot touch a Baiza of his pensionable salary, whilst the Banks and all that goes with it get richer and richer with more profits and they still threatening and harming those poor and weak ones more only who have fallen on bad times and cannot pay even if they had wanted to? Or in the past had paid regularly, but now cannot continue to do so on falling on bad times and conditions beyond their control?

They want now to work, but are denied the chance and opportunity – though they are our very own? Or we give chances and opportunities to those we like, even if they do not deserve such or are not capable to do what is required to be done – and deny those who are capable and can just because we do not like them and discriminate against them for who they are more than anything else?? Think on it M! Please think!

I am thinking – I am thinking – I cried out. At least let me say it to all others too. UI hope they read, listen and hear. I hope we self analyse ourselves. I hope we soul-search ourselves. Until the next round, all I can do is pray and hope. Trust me. I hear you very well my good friend…… Take Care. Allah Protect and Preserve us all – Amin Amen


Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany


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