Jobs For The Omani Youth! Reply

Jobs For The Omani Youth!

Job Seekers 1 The Americas Cup Trophy in Muscat, Oman. Shown here with a group of local schoolboys to celebrate and highlight The Louis Vuitton Americas Cup World Series coming to Oman in February 2016. Image licensed to Lloyd Images

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I was watching this News Programme in BBC of an Italian Graduated Girl failing to get the type of (graduate) job she was looking for due to the Economic Downturn – and had ended being  a Shop Manager of an Ice Cream Parlour. Though dismissive but she seemed to enjoy her job and in serving her customers!

There was a job advert running for more than 2 weeks for an Omani Salesgirl. I called them to ask why and they responded saying that no one was accepting to work the odd hours in Sales Shops including the weekends.

Our Youth need to realise that we are moving towards more difficult hard times and there is a need to swallow the egos and prides and accept whatever job you can get in the lower end rungs. Better than stay unemployed at home and prone to whatever outside harm and danger.

We need to encourage and counsel our Youngsters. It is our mission and duty!

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Jobs For The Omani Youth 1