The Scared Managers! At My Workplace! Reply

At My Workplace!

The Scared Managers!

For the last 18 months or so I have been at home with no sort of any Human Resources Management job (temporary and or part time) or project-wise. Being bored stiff and having my car back now after it was hijacked by Madam – who finally hit the ceiling to call in retirement benefits (did you notice how sensitive ladies get when they have to tell people their true age and why they are now at home!) – I decided to visit a few of my peers in their offices! Uninvited and unprepared they were for me in my visits!

There are some places I know that I will be most welcomed in and be well treated – whilst I am not naïve not to know that in some places I will be not welcomed – and if I tried entry I would be asked to leave – and or escorted out if I still resisted! This does not bother me the least – because these are places where my good Indian friends have said – he first gave Aaacha Boloo (AB – plain true straight forward hit back talk to the boss!) before he abruptly quit with short or no notice at all!









So I met these good friends of mine. In some of the places the offices provided for the last day of the week samosas and snacks were still continuing (I missed these and the chats!) – but in others they were no longer there. The excuse was of course ‘budget’ – but I personally think it was more ‘sinister and covered up’ than that! In one of the places my peer friend decided to take me to introduce me to the new Top Guy (TG – Omani also) – and as I sat chatting with him the subject moved over to requirement of filling in the position of one HR position – the incumbent who had interrupted a meeting the TG was giving – and had quitted on the spot after getting AB from him.

So the peer was suggesting to promote the Assistant of the resigned incumbent – but the TG would not hear about it! He just said – if we could not ‘control’ the other guy – how can we be able to control this one – he is worse than him (resigned incumbent)! This scared me to my wits that the desire ‘to control, dominate and manipulate’ was still there – despite all the things that have happened – and in some places still happening! Things in the offices will never change – whether it was locally or expatriate run like in the past!

Why are the Managers so scared that they still want to control their staff? It looks to me like conscripted workers that need to be put in their places like in the military or prison arenas with unruly vagabond rebellious units – and inactive and on the run! Actually the scariest part was not this one but the approaches, attitudes and focuses now of not upsetting the staff – especially the latest entrants younger local staff including the graduates too. The fear is that they do not want to be ‘in the news’ again of slowdowns or work stoppages – so the Management is driving a clear safe distance of dealings and inter relationships – and even if the talks of ‘control management’ aspects are also going on in line and in parallel!

It reminded me of one company that I used to work for in one of the neigbouring countries where they laughed their heads off when being in HR I wanted to see a few of the new entrants in the lists! The mockery and tease was – wait for payday when they come to collect their salaries – we make it a point that at least on pay day they come in to sign in for the cheques – though we could as well transfer their salaries through the bank too if we wanted.

But just to keep minimal contacts – because ‘they are not workers – and we are forced to take them in being nationals’! This plus the interviewee who wanted first to see how his office would look first before sitting down and agreeing to be interviewed by me – though albeit admittedly a local by default too!

Frankly if these things are really going on of not wanting ‘to bother and disturb the staff and let peace reign supreme’ then there are more troubled waters ahead – and MORE dangers than if not action and discipline is not taken for the few offenders and miscreants – localization or not? Why are the Managers now so scared – even the locals too?

We really do need to really self-analyse ourselves and deep consciousness review and research – before we build up lazy bones and uncaring unethical and unprofessional staff for the future!

Take Care!

By: –

Majid Al Suleimany

Cinder Fires Burning! Between Us Only! 1

Between Us Only!

 Cinder Fires Burning!

 From Burning Homes! To Still Burning Homes!

My last week article Marriages In Peril! seemed to have touched some raw nerves and this time even the men joined the fray in blaming each other on ‘who is the causer and the main culprit’! There were repeated calls to write more on the social issues – because ‘M you write as if you are speaking to us directly (from your heart!) – and this style touches and moves us quite a lot!


Although everyone appreciates that life has not been fair to you and you are victim of circumstances beyond your control – and you are suffering now because you are sincere, transparent and straight forward – and some people simply do not like or appreciate this – and even if at the bottom line you are kind, considerate, feeling and compassionate – but hell who cares – especially now!

In a nutshell that is the crunch of the problem – people stopping to care, feel and touch – to be kind and compassionate to each other – and that is why we have all these problems now and the tear at the social fabric! And things are now just going more in the other adverse direction – and not for the better or good!

This week a good couple I know have decided to go ‘into separation mode’ quoting irrevocable unmendable differences – and the sad and tragic part was that the children now ‘understand the situation – appreciate the outcome as no other alternative’ – and for me trying to butt in and interfere that is the most hurtful and painful. Yet the couple are comfortable and relaxed – like going to the Dentist to ‘remove a painful decaying tooth’!

 I was also chatting with one friend of mine from one of the GCC country – and he was telling me now that because of the new environment there – the things that now take the most hit now are family relationships and friends – especially across the artificial divide. Though we are all Believers and supposed to be as One and Together – but we are now split and divided – and even intrusions in the family homes are now becoming more evident with marriages breakdowns and divide. Even between siblings too – which is the worst case scenarios – because one sibling decided to join this sect – whilst the other the opposite sect – though in the same house – and to divided parents loyalties and affiliations – where none existed before the troubles began!


This happened also in one famous Arab country after the civil war that lasted several years! Yet today I was reading in the news of at least one famous (and bold!) USA General speaking out against the envisaged and planned attack on Iran by Israel – and the flak he is receiving because bold and good men dare to come out and speak the truth for a change ‘to change things’ – contexts and perspectives. It seems that human beings will never learn their lessons – and we simply do not read our history books – and even for that matter the recent records! The irony and sad thing is also this – People do attack things that they should defend – and they defend things that they should attack! I am taking a patent on this expression!

 I was also joking to Madam that in our villa in Qurum Heights we have all the sects in praying in the very same house – and including our Filipino housemaid for the last 18 years – with her bible and images of Christ in her room. When my son told me he is planning to get married to a girl of another sect – it reminded me of my late father – peace be upon him – looking at me in disdain when I told him the very same thing – though she was too of Arab blood – but of another country – and sect! It reminded me of the famous expression – What goes around – comes around! I think my late father is smiling in his grave!

 And that is the beauty of OmanMay Allah God Protect and Preserve our beloved land from all mischief and trouble makers – Amin. May Allah Allow us to solve all our issues and problems in an amicable, peaceful way – Amin. May Allah God Give long life and health to our His Majesty and his enlightened and benevolent rule – and let Oman remain as a beacon and example for the rest of the world to follow and emulate – Amin.

Our His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said – The Founder of Oman.

 The truth is also this – whether some want to accept it or not. There is no true Omani who can boast and say he is not related or associated to other groupings than just his own one – and that is the real truth – even if for some may find it as a bitter pill to swallow! The acts, pretenses and charades are being seen through – and that is what makes us like other great nations of the world – and my particular example I like to quote is of The USA – with its ethnic mix and composition. Another example is also Mother India – if communal violence and minority elements are removed.

Omani People Images – Allah Bless Us All – Amin!

 Actually things do need to start from the homes first. When things are settled and peaceful at the homes – the rest will follow suit. Personally I think that things are more at stake at homes and followed by The Offices – as always in my columns – and not to sound repetitive, discerning and boring!

 My books especially Between Us Only! – series – have many articles on such issues – and much more – please visit at

 Take Care!

 By Majid Al Suleimany

Wasted Loyalties! Between Us Only! 1

For The Oman Daily Observer Features of

Sunday February 19th 2012.

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 Between Us Only!

Wasted Loyalties!

One needs to really appreciate someone who comes to you with open dedication, sincerity, commitment and loyalty – because there are so few such people – in this world nowadays!

  • The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts = while the stupid ones are full of confidence – Charles Bukowski
  •  The wise man learns more from the fool than the fool learns from the wise man – Marcus Aurelius
  •  The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world – are the ones who do – Steve Jobs.
  • Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers. — Isaac Asimov


I do not know about you but if I have to sum up my life – my epitaph – in a few sentences – it will go something like this – Here lies a simple sincere honest person who really cared and felt – and who had faith – and trusted people as being naturally good – and lost in all accounts! Respect him and treat him well – he will try to bring the moon to you. Otherwise, the first or second time he will let it pass – but that is it! Even caution and counsel you! The third or fourth time – that is it!

 I have always called a spade as a spade – even if I end as The Loser – I fall down – but I gather myself – and rise up again. I never allow myself to lose – or be pushed down without a fight and a stand. I will rise up to the occasion – even if it may take time for me to do so – or give wrong signals that I am now surrendering – and have given up!

 But as I said last Wednesday Column – Besides they say – you yourself have said ‘you will stop writing these serious complaining articles – because in the end it is only your head that gets beaten up and swollen – and bloodied by banging it against brick walls! No one is hearing you. After you write only things get just worse for you – like in your last article ‘Things Will Never Change’.  Did it work for you? No – it backfired badly to you – blown up to your own face. You end the loser more – for daring to open your mouth and complain. The Loser is You (Again) – and no one else!

 Yet we human beings are supposed to be the smartest, brilliant and intelligent species on the face of the earth – but yet human beings still never fail to amaze and shock you – shock and awe! People will always let you down – disappoint you – to say the least here! 

 In writing my book with a real A Cry For Help! I thought people will read it – and try to understand and appreciate what the cry for help was all about. Truthfully, most expatriates come to this country come to earn an honest and sincere living – and to feed the stomachs of themselves and their families – both here and at home. But sadly and unfortunately too – some do come with hidden agendas and focuses too.

Image – They always try to find faults in others!

 I have also said this to the few such people ‘invited guests’ in our country –  The old hidden agendas, tricks and gimmicks just do not work anymore – even if they are secret and hidden in and held close to your chest. People are just tired – red lines have been crossed so many times before – and now people simply cannot take it anymore! The loser will be you more than anybody else!

 I have also said this – Do not bite the hand that feeds you – or you will end licking the boot that will kick you! We are simply dead tired by your approaches, attitudes and approaches – and it is better you leave and go somewhere else where you can continue playing your hidden agendas, gimmicks and tricks. We are just fed up – really – really fed up!

 Like Napoleon had said – and I keep repeating in my columns every time – Do not interfere with someone set to destroy himself! Or that famous Roman expression – Those that the gods are out to destroy – they make them not see, hear or speak! Or still at home – There is no one blinder than one with eyes but cannot see, one deaf with ears but cannot hear – and one dumb with a mouth but cannot speak!

 And those trusted roles and responsibilities to protect and preserve – they need to wake up from this deep sleep and slumber – it is like a cinder fire burning quietly underneath – and will explode at least expected time and consequences!

 I think it was Kennedy who had said – You can fool all the people some of the time – some people all the time (these need to wake up now!) – but you can never fool all the people all the time.

 This is my last on the subject to the point write-up. After this I will not write anymore on such subjects and others similar – because I am also tired of having saying again and again – I told you so! My head is pained hurt banging it against brick walls – bloodied and red.

 The Leadership should establish an Authority to report such waylaid cases – and these elements to be weeded out and removed immediately – before spreading further their viruses and tentacles – decay, decadence and malaise! They had something going for them – but they failed to notice and appreciate the genuine and sincere welcome, acceptance and respect – and things went to their heads – and also it time to stop being docile, weak and inactive! Now – before it is too late!

 This Is The Final Call. Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

No More Wars – Please!!!!! 6

The Oman Daily Observer Features of

Sunday February 12th 2012.

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 Between Us Only!

No More Wars – Please!

In the end – no one will be spared – and everyone will suffer – in one way or the other!

 Call me whatever you want – give me any colouring that you want or wish for me – but in the final analysis and juncture it is me who decides who I am really as M – and where I belong – my associations and leanings etc. Who I am as a person – the real me – my mantle – my outlooks – perceptions – focuses – attitudes – you name it! If you do not know me by now – you will never be able to do ever again! I am what I am – the real me – as M!

 I have always called a spade as a spade – even if I end as The Loser- I fall down – but I gather myself – and rise up again. I never allow myself to lose – or be pushed down without a fight and a stand. I will rise up to the occasion – even if it may take time for me to do so – or give wrong signals that I am now surrendering – and have given up!

 Forget what the politicians on both sides of the fence may say. Forget what some of the Leadership may say. Enough is Enough! We have had it to the core – and red lines have been crossed so many times – and now no longer – no more! We simply have had enough!

 Images Destructions and Effecting human lives – the famous ‘collateral damages’ slang!

If people can never learn from past mistakes – past history – error in judgment and in decisions taken before – and being contemplated again – they will never learn now – and never will. Like Napoleon had said – and I keep repeating in my columns every time – Do not interfere with someone set to destroy himself! Or that famous Roman expression – Those that the gods are out to destroy – they make them not see, hear or speak!

 We are supposed to be the smartest, brilliant and intelligent species on the face of the earth – but yet human beings still never fail to amaze and shock you – shock and awe! People will always let you down – disappoint you – to say the least here!  

 People now are just tired of being lied to – and always attempts to hoodwink and cheat them! They do not agree anymore to be taken for granted and as fools – and they will take in everything thrown to them – hook, bait and sinker? That people are so naïve and gullible that they will believe everything thrown to them – especially when you give it an air of authencity and reality surroundings – so they will believe what you are saying to them now? Especially when lied before – and what happened in other places.

 Everyone for that matter needs to make his own house in order first – before you go on lecturing down to others! Or just issuing cautions and threats. Saying that sincerely and openly too! And please do be responsible – do not antagonize – and making things more worse than what they are already! Or make mountains out of molehills! Think out your words carefully – and realize its impact, repercussions and results – to others and yourself included too!

 The message is very clear. We do not care who is right or wrong – who started it or not – who is to blame or not! Simply and smugly put – we do not need to have another war. We just have had enough!

 Everyone is giving the same message – sit down together and talk – like intelligent, smart, wise, dynamic and pragmatic human beings are required to do so! Act your roles and responsibilities entrusted to you by your own peoples and humanity as a whole – for peace, stability, understanding, harmony and tolerance – live and let live – think outside the box – for the region, your own places and for the whole world!

 See above website as an example of horrors of war. CAUTION – before you open it! You have been warned!!

Image War Destructions – Do it to others – and others do unto you! Or God Will!

 Please act now – before it is too late for everybody! Take Care!

 This article is dedicated to Late Dr. Donald Taeke Bosch – and his family. A great man came – and has now gone! May God rest his soul in eternal peace – in this world – and the next – Amin (Amen) – and may his family have the forbearance, patience and peace – as we all mourn his demise and departure from amongst us all. Now here is a best example of a great person and personality that we all can learn from – how to live together in peace, harmony, understanding and love – and we can all copy and emulate!

 By Majid Al Suleimany

Books by Majid Al Suleimany – The Omani Author, Publisher, Writer and Columnist. Reply

Books by Majid Al Suleimany – The Omani Author, Publisher, Writer and Columnist.

A     The Arab Management Books (English)

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The Second Book – A Cry For Help! – published in September 2009 – Context and Perspectives – Arabian Management Series.

A Cry For Help! sort of foretold and prophesied The Arab Awakening and Uprisings – by highlighting the issues and aspects that were also revealed by The Arab Youth cries and grievances – mainly centred on jobs, their outlooks, their participation – and need for involvement – and their future – and for their destiny and legacy.

Psychology book critically reviewed shortfalls and out comings in Arab Management – and ways and means to improve and in changes required to overcome – and to be seen as successful and in winning!

The books are written from a personal perspective and context covering the Author’s over 35 years as a Management and Human Resources Professional, Expert, Advisor and Advisor in Oman and GCC.

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Best Wishes and Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany


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This Is My Highest Read & Rated Article For 2011! Jobs For The Youth – Jobs Creations! Reply

My Highest Rated and Read Article in My Websites and in The Oman Daily Observer Columns For 2011.

Dear All & After Compliments;

This is the article – Jobs For The Youth. It got the highest hits and read in my and reproduced in a number of places! More hits than any other article of mine – which I think is demonstrative of concerns and worries of many – both inside and outside Oman.

Congratulations to us all! Feel free to forward and or reproduce for the greater cause. Bottom line – it is JOBS and FOOD at the table that is the highest and most concern and worry to many people!!

Wishing You All A Happy Peaceful Safe and Loving Caring New Year 2012 to you and to your families.

Best Wishes and Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany


The Article Reproduced Below:-

As had appeared in The Oman Daily Observer Features of Wednesday December 7, 2011

My Website –

At My Workplace!

Job Creations!

Jobs For The Youth!

Not everything that glitters is gold! – Anon

A few weeks back I had said in my article We Need To Be Serious! – Quote – If you can circumvent the rules and regulations for your benefit – and the others are looking the other way – why not I ask you? Not only in that place but in so many other places too in Town! We Need To Be Serious!

But if even more senior jobs ‘reserved only for Omanis’ like Admin, PRO, Secretaries and Human Resources Managers are being done now openly by expatriates under fanciful names – why not? Incidentally and coincidentally if you go to the Professional Sites liked LinkedIn, you will see them brave enough to call themselves as just plain HR Managers – and nothing to be scared or to be afraid about!

I continued – Quote – There is something that I must also say and repeat here for the benefits of everyone – and I hope common sense, dynamism, realism, pragmatism and vision will come in!

First and foremost – there is no more this element of fear still running or even scantily – and secondly everybody is just fed up to the tilt!

And if you still think that the old games and gimmicks will still work in winning always – you have got it all wrong – and are just deluding no one but yourself only – and those near you! In desperation and last attempt and effort – last week I had written in the same column – Let The Strong Man Win!

Please do not tempt to scare me anymore now – because in the end we will all lose – some even sooner than the others! Perhaps I think I may need to quit now writing anymore for ever – because I always get hurt and pained in the end – and I end with a bloodied face – and swollen head banging it against brick walls! – Unquote.

Today Monday December 5th 2011 I was really elated and overjoyed as a son of the land to read this in the news – Quote Majlis panel to study status of job-seekers. New opportunities to be found … More Omanis likely to get jobs … – Unquote

Creating jobs for especially The Youth is a global dilemma and issue – and we find so many countries involved in this regard – and even some leaders like USA Obama directly involved personally in this. We see issues and aspects all over the Western World now – and we in The Middle East and rest of the world are catching up too!

In all my articles I raise the same issues and points – again and again. I strongly believe in this! In an interview with Oman Economic Review dated January 2000 (11 years ago) I think I gave very good advices to the Nation on aspects of Training, Development and Omanisation – titled Mind Matters!. The article is also reproduced here in my website above. I really wished that people had paid attention – and the same things I repeat in my two Arab Management books –

A person who really cares and feels for you will tell you the truth and facts only – even if you will be cross and angry with him! And you may want to punish and hurt him – just because of his caring, feeling and sincerity towards the causes at hand – and you especially! But my articles Let The Strong Man Win – We Need To Be Serious – This Is Goodbye – are all demonstrative and examples of me now wanting to give up talking any further – and to join the Silent Majority as we will watch things continue to unfold in front of very eyes!

One thing that needs to be said also here – Communications does not have to be in Arabic only to pass on the theme and the messages – because sometimes even signals and body signs can do the trick in communications per se!

We especially the Arabs have this big issue that needs resolving. Apart from the usual rivalries, jealousies, polarisation and wrong judgments and stereotyping others, we fail to see, hear or simply speak – even if we have live examples just happened in learning and in lessons giving! And like in our histories – ‘killing the messenger of bad news’! And the usual approaches of some thinking they have ‘more rights than others’!

The point also to be made here – just because a person speaks fluent that Arabic is not necessarily that a most smart and intelligent person – and to be labelled as a really caring and feeling person either – and can even be an adversary and an enemy! They can do the most damage as the Israeli Arabs – for example as was in the Israeli army! And those speaking to us in English are not necessarily the opposite – or everything negative – to be ignored – and not to be heard. Allah Is Great – our nation is blessed with various experts and talents – all local too!

We need to wake up from the deep slumber we are (conveniently) in – now – than ever before – and before it is too late for everyone! Oman is a multi-racial and multi-ethnic society just like USA is!

Our destiny, legacy and future depend on it – and history and future generations will judge us by our actions – and also inactions!

Take Care!


Majid Al Suleimany

Why Do We Do All These Things To Each Other Now?? 3


Why Do We Do All These Things To Each Other Now??

I stopped smiling now!

 Dear All;

People may say anything that they want about me – including that I am ‘eccentric. crazy or mad even’ – and that I get angry quickly even though I am diabetic and my Eye Doctor has warned me to ‘be extra careful’ because I am one of the few in millions that has pressures going to my eyes instead of my body. My left eye has left 55% vision left only and 65% of the right eye. When I am extra angry I even bleed from my eyes!

The point I want to make is this.

 I have noticed that people have changed for the worse now! The situation has gone even worse then before! It has gone ……. bad!

There is too much meanness, viciousness, vindictiveness, divisions, bad hearts, polarisations, bad intentions and wills – and some think they are more important than others – and have more rights too! Despite all things we see in real life happening in front of our eyes – and not far from us either! 

Frankly, I am not a vengeful and vindictive person – I think  I am confident and convinced in saying this!

I respect and esteem everyone – whatever religion, race or creed – and I expect the same from everyone in turn. Bottom line I know I try best to be kind, nice and helpful – because I am afraid of My God – the Punishment of The Grave – and Eternal Hell Fire as a Believer! Even that ant you trample on viciously will have you punished in your grave and Day of Judgment – let alone doing it to a fellow human being – believer or not.

 And as Muslims we believe Judaism and Christianity amongst the Believers – and Islam is the only Religion after Christianity that believes in Jesus Christ (Prophet Issa), Mother Miriam and the miracle birth!

I have been writing for the last 8 years – and on the same subjects and topics – and I keep writing – again and again! I am writing more as a hobby – something that I like to do! Nothing more or less! The money is peanuts – if and when it comes in!

The Romans had said – Those that the gods are out to destroy make them not see, hear or speak. Or as we Arabs say – There is no one so blind but with eyes but cannot see; no one so deaf but with ears but cannot hear; and no one so dumb but with a mouth but cannot speak!

Or as Napoleon had appropriately have said – Do not interfere with someone set to destroy himself (let it be syndrome).

Things I had said in 1980s came to pass – even in my working time and career too! I am tired of saying – I TOLD YOU SO! The same things that I have said in my articles from 2003 onwards – 8 years ago! Just imagine! I warned and cautioned on the cinder fires burning underneath – instead my books and me were targeted instead! Even the VIPs I sent my books did not have even the courtesy to acknowledge and thank me!

What are all these things for?

 Anyway, I would like to thank all my fans and supporters from my heart with warmth, sincerity and genuine feelings and touch. And I ask your forgiveness for those who chose ‘not to be my friends’ – and those trying to get back at me – to shut me up and close my mouth!

Allah God Protect and Preserve us all from His Anger and Fury – Amin

Best Wishes and Regards,

 Majid Al Suleimany