Email Letter To My Books Agents! Reply

Email To My Books Agents!

First Written April 10 2010!

Please Forward To The Rest of Your Team

Dear All;

With great sadness and a heavy heart, and due to conditions beyond my control, I would like to inform you that I am now not able to order the books for you locally as promised.

I, therefore, suggest you order them yourselves directly for your customers and clients – or ask them to order themselves directly – as many have done already as they could no longer wait – and as this time I am no longer giving any more complimentary copies like in the past to VIPs etc…

These are the contact addresses to order the books. They accept all credit cards.

Further Note

This is despite all that is being said to encourage local talents, entrepreneurship, self-employment, skills, innovation and human Resources Development in Oman – and here is an Omani Author of 5 books – 2 in Management – books in English – deeply frustated and sad – and lacking the money, finances and support – to bring in his books to sell locally

First Written April 2010.