The Family Feuds – And In-Fights! Reply

Outlook – The Oman Daily Observer – Sunday May 20th 2012

Between Us Only! – Outlook!

 The Family In-Fights And Feuds!

  • I must say that quite a number of your articles do hit the nail hard right on the head – and I really enjoyed reading them!A Fan from Germany.
  • Please do not give up writing. Take a break – take a deep breath and rediscover your passion. Love your passion as you did the first day – as passion is a part of you – and you need itFrom an European Fan (in Oman)

Like everything in life – there are two sides of the same story – same just like in a coin! The situation becomes more confusing if a third dimension or perspective crops in – rendering the whole situation more perplexing and confusing! So please bear with me whilst I try to make my points across. Because I have seen this in real life!

The best example was last Eid when my article had appeared on the same day. I had bought extra copies hoping that it would turn out to be a great conversation piece! Apart from two or three avowed enthusiastic always family members who were keen to read the articles – the rest were not.

They were more interested in passing around the latest rumours and ‘hot spicy news’ than engage in constructive well meaning discussions. One or two just scanned the newspaper – and put it down when they came to my column! I guess this happens in many families – not only in our own!

Images All About Writing!

This I found in discussions across my fans listings that includes more expatriates on a rough count than fellow Omanis. Though I have been proud and elated at one social gathering when even some Public VIPs complimented me by saying that they only buy the newspaper on those two days my columns appear – though they may say the same to other Columnists does not bother me – at least it got said to me!

So you can see the point that I want to try to make here. If you have read about The Good Samaritan then you know what I mean. Or to bring the message more clearly – as The East Africans say – That which bites your skin is the same fabric that you are wearing – though supposed to protect you – but unknown to you it is also doing the biting (scratching) your own skin!

Images – It Is All About Writing!

I do not know about some others – but I know for sure that I have supposed to be ‘family members – and even friends’ too that are dead against everything that I write! They just do not want me to write. These elements were exposed when I had stopped writing for sometime – with the congratulations and compliments ‘that you did the right thing (decision)’ – sic!


 Image – My Books and I!

Look at these:-

  • I do not like his writings – because he drags us the family into his explanations. He can write about himself only – if he wants!Family Member.
  • Are you related to this guy who likes to write a lot? – A supposed-to-be Engineer to a family member.
  • Strangely and interestingly – those who cannot even write a decent sentence in any language – let alone in English – are the biggest critics! Typical!
  • You know – Between Us Only! – A sarcastic and always cynical family member every time he feels like opening his mouth in making others laugh!
  • Hey – did you know you are all open below? – A baboon on the ground to one up the tree!
  •   The point is – as also the East Africans say – why should your mouth feel hot – when it is the other person eating the chillies?

This is a fact of life. Frankly sometimes I do not feel to go to social and family gatherings – because there will always be someone to annoy and upset you – to make him feel good – and those around in! That is our envious and jealous streaks in our blood!

Frankly – if my career had really taken off – and or my consultancy business had taken off – then in most likelihood I would not have stumbled into writing – which was in my blood and ambition since I was 12 – and winning a National Writing Contest when I was just 14 with the topic – My Most Vivid Dream!

In my article last week I also narrated about Tina Turner and how her own husband was becoming increasingly jealous and envious of her – because she was stripping and overtaking his own popularity and with the fans! Just imagine! Your own spouse even! One time a friend of mine was lamenting about the time away from home that his wife was taking to do her business!

She comes from work – and straight goes on to do her business – and it is the housemaid that does the house chores and works till Madam returns late home at night – and then straight to bed. The routine would repeat itself even on Thursdays – and even Fridays sometimes. The man was pointing to his chin – I have had it up to here! Even if the business was a great earner to his own family!

He even proudly and meanly boasts that he had gone to pick Madam at the shop – but he simply refused to go in – despite the pleas from the Office girls ‘for at least for him to have a look inside! When the business collapsed – and Madam was in great stress and depressions – it secretly and sadistically pleased him to see she is back in the house – even though she lost her public job because of the business problems!

He felt that she is now back in the house – where she ‘rightly belongs’ – even though they had now bigger financial problems – and the man was the only bread earner – and even if his salary was far lower than that of Madam! So you can just see how mean, dastardly and vicious some people can get! Even to their own spouse – and family!

One time another ‘friend’ was so upset and agitated that I had sent my article email to his wife. That was the time that I did not have a website to record store and write-in – though the wife was number 75 in the To list. He spent all the time to check who else the email was sent to – instead of doing his job that he was paid to do in his office. Even though I told him it was her that wanted to be included to receive my article – but he would not have it.

Hearing the commotions my HR Assistant – a nice decent boy – also IT buff – designed and gave me my first website as a gift on my birthday – I then stopped sending out my articles – unless personally requested now! I learnt my lesson the hard way! Thank God what I sent was all decent – otherwise I would have ended in more dire straits and trouble! Could even a parent be jealous and envious of one’s own sibling? Or conversely? I think enough shocks for today!

As our good Indian friends say – that is how the world goes around – so be ready for both pleasant and unpleasant surprises – whether you make it – do not make it – in life!

Take Care!


By: –


Majid Al Suleimany


The Committee Has Not Met Yet! At My Workplace! Reply

At My Workplace!

The Committee Has Not Met Yet!

 See also scanned copy here as has appeared in The Oman Daily Observer of April 25th 2012

  •  Still Nothing Has Changed Much – Despite All The Rhetoric!
  • If Moses were a Committee – The Israelites would still be in Egypt today!
  • Nothing you tell these people will have any effect on them – Ali Fazari – Syrian Artist.

 In hindsight and again speaking from my own personal experiences and in retrospect – I wish to reiterate this point – that though we have seen some initiations and improvements in the citizens’ rights and freedom – still nothing has changed much on the grounds and in reality.

 The problems are the same in pushing them forward into action, reality and into practice – rather than them being minutes of meetings – and if even filed for records first of all in the first instance. There is need for real movement into action, propelling, push, dynamism and pragmatism in moving them forward – into practice and into reality. Time is not in our side – in essence and or in favour – before we all get bogged down into being reactive ‘fire fighting’ – and further ‘red tape, bureaucracy and inaction’!

 It is alright to put news of improvements and changes for the better in the media – but what is the use of all of them – if they are still not practiced – or excuses given for delays and procrastinations – as is the usual case? I hope that Readers can remember of what I wrote before of those working within the system – the ‘old guards syndrome’ – to prevent and or delay changes. These peoples need to be exposed – and kicked out – and as lessons to others.

 This is also the real truth still! The citizen cannot still win – or very few isolated cases in success – against the public departments and bodies. This is even if you have a case where if things were really practiced and put in action – the citizen SHOULD win in case of dispute scenario. But he will simply not win. Adversely, the same public body can take you for action – and or sue you in courts for the ‘same case and situation’ – for as many times as they want – and the case will still be heard – and nothing can stop them! Even if you cannot draw blood from a stone! 

You go to the Public Officials that you know to hope for solace and intervention – and they are obligated to do so by their authorities, power, control and auspices dominion – if not that you know them well and hope Wastah will kick in – but does not! Simply no one will ever lift a finger to help you – or they turn away from you as if you do not exist- and even if you try to contact then face to face – let alone by emails and by phone? Even if you want to fight against the Big Cats for your rights or that company of yours that is closing down – you end yet again as The Loser!

 How long these things will go on – before something breaks up – or blows up in front of our faces?  The truth and in actual fact – the things at stake and at issue are in reality not really big unsolvable issues – but involve the usual uncaring, care-free, no-interest, cannot-be-bothered-the least approaches and attitudes. What if really big things were at stake? One shudders –  and does not want even want to start thinking on this! Heads need to roll – before things can really improve – otherwise it is a lost cause – and everyone will end as the loser!

 Even if you have given up and do not want to fight your case – because you know you will lose again as the citizen – and complied by what ‘as has been thought as fair and equitable – does not matter if you think differently – who cares? If you follow up your case – so you can be in the clear – and restore your personal freedom and rights – you get the same excuse – The Committee has still not met yet to discuss and or finalise your situation. You are not the only one – so just wait! This is said to you more in annoyance and in anger – rather than in trying to cool you down – or making you understand about the situation – and in letting you know about the results.

 There are things I said in 1980s that now have really happened in reality and on the grounds too. Yet I was given all the labels – including having chips on his shoulders! – A big mouth – a trouble-maker – needs to be stopped! – and so on!

 My problems are that I care and feel a lotand want things to work out – and not go bad! Instead, I always end up as the victim of circumstances of my own making for speaking up and making a stand – and the usual at the end loser! Whilst those who do not care or bother get rewarded – and acknowledged – and given more and more – because of their lack of caring and in indifference.

 Twice I have given up writing anymore – only to persuaded to come back in again. Of course, I cannot deny that I need the money – if even after 35 years of dedicated services, loyalty and feelings of caring are simply wasted – because I cannot touch much my own pension for the very same aforementioned reasons.

 I can now understand and appreciate why people turn to Religion in despair and in giving up hope – instead of the few like Mohamed Buazizi of Tunisia in self-immolation. I simply cannot understand and comprehend why people are so mean and dastardly to each other – and not wanting to change – despite all the changes around us now!

 I am really tired now in continuing writing about these same issues – and I am still in the tunnel – and no hopes for to see the light at the end of the tunnel – if ever that will be so!


By: –

Majid Al Suleimany.

The Workplace Issues – Polarisation Syndrome! At My Workplace! Reply

At My Workplace!

The Workplace Issues – Polarisation Syndrome!

Starting from this week and at fortnightly sequence – I will be writing about issues that some may consider as enigma and taboo – and ‘washing our dirty linen in public’ – and should not be discussed in public – especially in English – because foreigners will read about us – as if writing in Arabic there are no foreigners there! In actual fact, my own personal outlook is that the latter category there is more danger – because they know us deep well inside and out.

Tell that to the Palestinians in their meeting those from the other side – who are fluent Arabic speakers and born also in Arab countries too! Of course people would like to push the ‘dirt under the carpet too for the very same reasons!

As those that are my Readers and Fans will know me well – I always write from my own experiences and exposures – as personal references and in support in what I am writing about.

Incident One. A long time ago when I was working in my last oil company there was a meeting that was going to be attended by one prominent high profile public official together with the rest of us from the Company. After the usual polite courtesies and welcome – our European boss with the usual axe to grind of ‘divide and rule (conquer!)’ – started asking – In which language are we going to hold this meeting – as if he was able to speak Arabic in the first instance! Though his history that he was proud of as an ex Army of the bad things he ‘did to Arabs’ in Palestine! You can tell this man was carrying ‘a lot of excess baggage’ with him!

My colleagues and I were just silent because we needed the money to feed our families and ourselves too! But then the shock was on us when the Public Official (PO) retorted and sarcastically said – In any language so long as it is not Swahili! To this the British boss broke up in great laughter and mirth – it seemed clear to us that there was a meeting of minds here. Yet still the rest of us kept quiet – because of our upbringing more – and our culture, customs, tradition and heritage of respecting guests and visitors – though the speaker was also Omani – and should have known better!

PO thought he will make his foreign new found friend laugh the more – so he repeated what he said before. To which M being M retorted – You will be very lucky if you were able to speak that language! To which PO was angered ‘because I broke his respect’ and went off without the meeting taking place. My boss asked me to apologise in writing to PO – though ‘lucky for me’ English was accepted in my doing so! The unfairness and injustices in life! A few months later down the line PO was kicked out unceremoniously – so the system works!

Incident No. 2 – The Boss – fellow Omani – quickly first scans the job applicants. He is looking at the place of birth more. The rest of the CV Resume did not interest him! Despite his Wastah and connections he too lost his job – though he was able to kick me out first! This story is in both my Arab Management books –

Incident No. 3 – I hinted this in my last week article titled There Is Need For More Realism! So it is still recent and new. This Omani GM of a National Prestigious Project called me to his Office – so we can chat. Then he handed me a bombshell that exploded in my face. Remember this Project is National – and supported too! Initially I was at home quietly doing my own business – when he almost begged me ‘ to set us up the Human Resources’ system in this new Company. He offered me a 6 months temporary contract.

This after 7 weeks he calls me to ‘cancel the contract’ because he says – The Board is against me being recruited – even for temporary basis – because ‘I do not come from The Region’ where the Company is going to operate! There is a Manager who is a Foreigner in another function – but that is alright for The Board (TB). TB do not see any issue in that – only to a fellow Omani – even though he is a Manager – and or Consultant – and temporarily employed even!

The GM (Omani) is a very sharp and rude person I ever saw in my life – and cannot handle pressures! I bitterly complain to the Oil Company – Top Management Officials that supports and backs this project – and the place that I had worked for 25 years.

Nobody bothers or care – even the Public Officials involved too! Nobody bothers or cares – because I am a trouble-maker with a big mouth. It would have been okay if it was only me – but than 2 other Omanis too resigned or were terminated! They too ‘did not come from the Region’ to the company was going to operate in!

Can these things happen now in our country after all the troubles that we had gone through – and still going on now? I leave that to you the Reader to decide – though I surely did complain in writing – perhaps because it was in English! I leave the rest to Allah (God) because He is The Best Judge – Amin Amen

Take Care!

By: –

Majid Al Suleimany

Arab Management: Far More In Troubled Waters! New Book – (Under Preparation) – By Majid Al Suleimany Reply

 We defend the things that we should attack – and attack the things that we should defend!– Majid Al Suleimany

Arab Management:Far Deeper In Troubled Waters! – New Arab Management Book – By Majid Al Suleimany

New Book 7th – Arab Management – Book Three –

By Majid Al Suleimany

Arab Management: Far Deeper In Troubled Waters!

The Book Theme:-

1 A frank, honest, open and call-a-spade-a-spade no punch-spared, no barrels held stuff and no frills play book exposing

2 Still the ever increasing lack of ethics, principles, professionalism and tolerance in the workplaces.

3 With now ever more increased radicalisation, extremism and fundamentalising of the Offices environment and in similar to the overall similar fast changing facts of the ground in the region.

4 A Tell All As It Is in outlooks, approaches and focuses still prevalent and dominant.

5 It looks into the future in Prophecy and Prediction of what is expected and what is to come – immediately now, in the short term and in the future.

6 Others – Please see below

Addressing the increased extremism, fundamentalism, and still the ever increasing now lack of tolerance and forbearance in the Arab workforce, Author Majid Al Suleimany presents Arab Management: Far Deeper In Troubled Waters! Context and Perspectives – Arabian Management Series.

 In three parts, the book concentrates on the management styles and aspects of the companies located in the Arabian Gulf Cooperation Council that encompasses Oman, UAE – United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

 In deep self-analysis and in consciousness, it critically looks into and assesses any changes in particular – if any – in Arab Management – post The Arab Spring Uprisings that shook the countries in the region post January 2011 – after the First Arab Spring Uprisings in Tunisia with the self immolation of Mohamed Buazizi in Tunisia.

 The book critically reviews, analyses, evaluates  and discusses the:-

 v Changes in the Arab Management aspects (if any!) – post the Arab Spring Uprisings from January 2011 onwards.

v The far more and ever increased and widening divide between The Old Guards and The New Younger Graduates Intakes and Generation

v Lessons that have still not been learnt despite all the changes in the MENA Region in Arab Spring Uprisings.

v Still the ever ‘Ostrich Head in the ground’ – ‘Hard of Hearing’ and Push The Dirt under the carpet’ Management approaches – especially from the local environments, focuses and outlooks!

v The ever faster growing radicalization of the local staff – especially The Youth and in particular.

v Still some misbehaving expatriates – and the old guards locals!

v Unhappy, dissatisfied local staff

v Still more poor treatment of staff, especially by some Expatriate Management

v The ever more increasing extremism and fundamentalism in the offices

v Other sensitive and related issues

 In Arab Management: Far Deeper In Troubled Waters! Majid Al Suleimany – an Arab Management Consultant, Advisor and Expert – focuses on what is particular about the type of Arab Management, its context and perspectives, and what is peculiar, special, or particular to that work in the context and in comparison to management styles of other nations.

 Using personal experiences, examples, and illustrations, Al Suleimany exposes the new reality and truth and moves away from the trend and approach of hiding exposes the new reality and truth – and moves away from the trend and approach of hiding issues and problems.

 “It is a unique book, written in a unique style. It is a soul searching and critical evaluation of one’s own people in the field. He extols the culture and importance of work in his religion and the pitfalls and lackluster attitude of the Managers in position about the Principles and Process of Management.” – Editor Features, The Observer

 “Someone must have the guts and courage to write about this growing danger and phenomena with us here now – before it is too late for everyone!” – American CEO

 “The book is critical but objective—and portrays the Arab mind and focus in its proper perspectives.” – Senior Omani Public Official

 “Your writing is quite exceptional, informative, and gripping.”

– Omani High Official

 “There is a great need for improvements and achievements in this particular arena —your book has tried well to cover all these to a very successful extent.” – British CEO

 “Part of the problem of Arab Management is the inherited autocratic society we live in, and confronted by new Management concepts and innovation believing in freedom of expression, empowerment, delegation, transparency, ethics and accountabilities – and the clash between the two.” – Indian CEO

 “Despite everything that has happened so far since the troubles started last year – nothing has changed much at the workplaces – if not for the worse in divisions between locals and expatriates – and in rivalries, polarisation, jealousies, envies – and lack of ethics, transparencies and professionalism” – A VP HR (Omani).

 Even after some Public Officials have lost their jobs, nothing has changed much even in the Public Arena – Retired Public Official

 And so many others.

 This will be a Tell-All – at whatever repercussions and consequences. Enough is Enough! Things cannot be allowed to go on like this – too many lies and deceptions already!

 I am looking for partial sponsorship, financial backing and support especially from those who can – and believe in me – and in this planned new book!

 Allah God be with you all – Amin Amen

 Majid Al Suleimany – Muscat – Oman

April 10, 2012


The Hard Sale! Between Us Only! Reply


FOR APRIL 8th 2012

Between Us Only!

 The Hard Sale!

 In all my working and career life,  I have always not liked and despised this element of some of the Sales people just dropping in at my workplace – at random, uninvited and ‘no appointments earlier made’ basis. Particularly pretty tall girls (foreigners more) who think because of their appeal presence – you will not send them away – but will try to find time in your busy schedule to fit them in – and to pay attention to them! It is so irritating to a busting point!


When I was still working, I had such a pretty sales girl (foreign) that though the business to her firm was already regular – but one day she even went so far ahead as to ask what my feelings for her were – because she really liked and admired me as a person! Even the girls in my office were asking her – why do you always come at lunch break – when everyone is going out – with exception of our boss who brings in his sandwich – and stays back. The joke and tease was – do you want him to share his sandwich with you?

The real truth is that people are taking undue advantage of especially our Omani customs, traditions and culture of generally being nice, forthcoming, receptive and being respectful to foreigners especially – and the ladies more! Some may even see us as docile and weak – and easily to be taken advantage of.

Sadly, tragically and pathetically – the same treatment is not vetted out on especially our younger Omani Sales people that are also trying hard to copy and emulate – without the usual same success – unless it is on Wastah basis – and or a very pretty head that drops in! There are some countries’ espionage agencies that use very pretty girls for entrapment purposes – and it can be understood well why they do this!











The sad bitter and unfortunate thing also is that we bend backwards to try to be seen nice and accommodating to the foreigners to a greater extent. This same level of tolerance and patience is not extended to our own – nor do we extend them any breaks – even if the poor youngsters are trying their best to get noticed too. And then at the end of the Sales period we judge unmercifully the young our own ‘as not being that successful compared to their expatriate peers’.

 For one the culture is working against them too in addition. Add to that the lack of patience, tolerance and forthcoming from their very own – though advertantly in a few rare cases you may get people with ‘nationalistic and tender feelings’ that may be willing to give them time, patience and breaks too. Or they may fare totally better with foreigners than with their own peoples – sadly the more senior in age and positions that should know better too – as part of their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) – if not the Nation first and foremost!

Please do not get me wrong1 I am not against expatriates in particular – but more in their behaviours, attitudes, focuses and approaches – especially the few truant weird ones that aim to discredit and disadvantage our own youth in particular. In actual fact, we know very well that the troubles in our own country started off small by these kinds of things I am writing about today – even if many people would prefer not to know – and or acknowledge – or wish to put the dirt under the carpet – that has so much dirt already there!

Our Youth are also disorganized and even polarized to such an extent that it is working out badly against their positioning, favour and advantage! They lack the correlation and the networking that their expatriate peers have – and that are denied to be shared with or shown to! Admittedly. some few bad fish and eggs in the basket also give a good ruse and excuse to boldly generalize against our own Youth.

There are also some gimmicks that you cannot use against the locals – that you can use against the expatriates – like giving reduced salary perks – but more on sales commissions. Our youth prefer a steady regular payment than to go for high and low peaks in incomes and in achievements per se! Also, you can set sales targets for anyone you wish – locals included – but once the national cadre has completed his or her probation period – there is nothing you can do to him – unless in a serious violation registered, recorded and witnessed!

That is why I am particularly not that much keen with Family run businesses – and even SMEs too – because in many cases and generally – their main concentration is to get maximum profits at minimal costs and investments – and Omanisation and higher salaries are something they dread and fear – especially as it ties their hands to ‘hire and fire’ at will! There is a need to know and recognize that such attitudes, focuses and approaches are or can work against them too one day – and is actually a double edged sword too!

Take Care!

By: –

Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany.

P.S. There are not even images of Sales Persons locals or even GCC I could find! The theme – the message and theme – jobs not for them!

The Scared Managers! At My Workplace! Reply

At My Workplace!

The Scared Managers!

For the last 18 months or so I have been at home with no sort of any Human Resources Management job (temporary and or part time) or project-wise. Being bored stiff and having my car back now after it was hijacked by Madam – who finally hit the ceiling to call in retirement benefits (did you notice how sensitive ladies get when they have to tell people their true age and why they are now at home!) – I decided to visit a few of my peers in their offices! Uninvited and unprepared they were for me in my visits!

There are some places I know that I will be most welcomed in and be well treated – whilst I am not naïve not to know that in some places I will be not welcomed – and if I tried entry I would be asked to leave – and or escorted out if I still resisted! This does not bother me the least – because these are places where my good Indian friends have said – he first gave Aaacha Boloo (AB – plain true straight forward hit back talk to the boss!) before he abruptly quit with short or no notice at all!









So I met these good friends of mine. In some of the places the offices provided for the last day of the week samosas and snacks were still continuing (I missed these and the chats!) – but in others they were no longer there. The excuse was of course ‘budget’ – but I personally think it was more ‘sinister and covered up’ than that! In one of the places my peer friend decided to take me to introduce me to the new Top Guy (TG – Omani also) – and as I sat chatting with him the subject moved over to requirement of filling in the position of one HR position – the incumbent who had interrupted a meeting the TG was giving – and had quitted on the spot after getting AB from him.

So the peer was suggesting to promote the Assistant of the resigned incumbent – but the TG would not hear about it! He just said – if we could not ‘control’ the other guy – how can we be able to control this one – he is worse than him (resigned incumbent)! This scared me to my wits that the desire ‘to control, dominate and manipulate’ was still there – despite all the things that have happened – and in some places still happening! Things in the offices will never change – whether it was locally or expatriate run like in the past!

Why are the Managers so scared that they still want to control their staff? It looks to me like conscripted workers that need to be put in their places like in the military or prison arenas with unruly vagabond rebellious units – and inactive and on the run! Actually the scariest part was not this one but the approaches, attitudes and focuses now of not upsetting the staff – especially the latest entrants younger local staff including the graduates too. The fear is that they do not want to be ‘in the news’ again of slowdowns or work stoppages – so the Management is driving a clear safe distance of dealings and inter relationships – and even if the talks of ‘control management’ aspects are also going on in line and in parallel!

It reminded me of one company that I used to work for in one of the neigbouring countries where they laughed their heads off when being in HR I wanted to see a few of the new entrants in the lists! The mockery and tease was – wait for payday when they come to collect their salaries – we make it a point that at least on pay day they come in to sign in for the cheques – though we could as well transfer their salaries through the bank too if we wanted.

But just to keep minimal contacts – because ‘they are not workers – and we are forced to take them in being nationals’! This plus the interviewee who wanted first to see how his office would look first before sitting down and agreeing to be interviewed by me – though albeit admittedly a local by default too!

Frankly if these things are really going on of not wanting ‘to bother and disturb the staff and let peace reign supreme’ then there are more troubled waters ahead – and MORE dangers than if not action and discipline is not taken for the few offenders and miscreants – localization or not? Why are the Managers now so scared – even the locals too?

We really do need to really self-analyse ourselves and deep consciousness review and research – before we build up lazy bones and uncaring unethical and unprofessional staff for the future!

Take Care!

By: –

Majid Al Suleimany

(Un)Happy Faces! At My Workplace! Reply

At My Workplace!

(Un)Happy Faces!

What you may find in a pond – you may never find even in an ocean – Famous Arabic Saying.

I am so sad Images!

Many of us have used these symbols in sending messages through our mobiles or emails – the ‘happy’ faces – and the ‘unhappy faces’ – and so many of other types.

The theory that I always draw parallel with is that Offices are the place – after family and homes – where people most misbehave – and where the most damages, pains and sufferings are being  meted out and being felt! Unless proven otherwise I still believe that Offices are the main causes of tear at the domestic, social and at the national fabric – and the main contributor and cause of road rages, accidents and fatalities – I believe more after leaving the offices! To a certain extent also whilst proceeding to work even! Lack of patience, tolerance and forbearance in society now!


Images – So Many Unhappy Faces!

I was going to this Industrial Complex and I saw these groups of people ‘dragging’ themselves to go to work! They all looked forlornly and miserable – as if they were prisoners being pushed to go out to work – and their souls, hearts and minds were not into it! As if there were people with machine guns behind them – pushing them as prisoners to go to work! I honked at one person that I knew – and he reluctantly raised his hand in acknowledgement – but there was no smile accompanying it! It was a cutting dreary awful picture to start off the day!

I asked myself – what happened to the place? At one time it was a Happy Place to work – all people cheerful, jovial and happy – and people having a great sense of pride, esteem and feelings of belonging and loyalties to be in that place! The sad and most tragic thing with all the placards and slogans all around it! Reminded me of a scene in the book 1984 by George Orwell – and even Animal Farm too! This was the place where people celebrated some die-hards old guards had left – and presumably change had come too!

In one of my jobs my American CEO was telling me – Welcome on board. At least nice to see a cheerful jovial face instead – and I want you to do this thing first for me! I want you to make all the Staff feel that this is a place that will revive their interests and make them happy to come here to work! I simply do not want our Staff to feel compelled that they have to come to work because they have to feed their families – and to pay bills! Will you do this for me – as The Head of Human Resources and the Oman Country Manager? Promise me this?

The day I left the place with too much dirty and murky office politics – and one of my few expatriate supporters – a nice British gentleman said – M came here like a fresh breath of air blowing over a dump heap – the day he left the stale air and wind was blowing all over the place – once again! This was some time back – and I wrote a series of articles afterwards like – The Office Dictators – Unhappy Faces At Work – Why Staff Are Unhappy – Office Rumour Mongers – Offices Romances etc – all in the Between Us Only! Series in my books –

During the last year troubles – I knew for sure and certainty that in some of the places there would be trouble and problems! Equally true was I was disappointed expected to happen did not! Equally true the shock was more mine of where it did happen too – and no one expected it to happen there! I think the rest of us all can learn from the companies that staff remained working as if nothing was happening outside the offices environment! What did they have – and what was the trick! I think these three main words would answer my own question – pragmatism, dynamism and hearing (good)!

Until that time that people feel appreciated and wanted – and a feeling of belonging and motivation is implanted we shall continue to see more Offices being the main causes of tear at the domestic, social and at the national fabric levels – and the main contributor and cause of road rage, accidents and fatalities!

I guess until the next time that you cannot beat them – join them. It is the fashion and in-thing to do – nowadays! Otherwise – forget the promotion and the fringe benefits – you must make everyone unhappy – and that includes yourself too!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Cinder Fires Burning! Between Us Only! 1

Between Us Only!

 Cinder Fires Burning!

 From Burning Homes! To Still Burning Homes!

My last week article Marriages In Peril! seemed to have touched some raw nerves and this time even the men joined the fray in blaming each other on ‘who is the causer and the main culprit’! There were repeated calls to write more on the social issues – because ‘M you write as if you are speaking to us directly (from your heart!) – and this style touches and moves us quite a lot!


Although everyone appreciates that life has not been fair to you and you are victim of circumstances beyond your control – and you are suffering now because you are sincere, transparent and straight forward – and some people simply do not like or appreciate this – and even if at the bottom line you are kind, considerate, feeling and compassionate – but hell who cares – especially now!

In a nutshell that is the crunch of the problem – people stopping to care, feel and touch – to be kind and compassionate to each other – and that is why we have all these problems now and the tear at the social fabric! And things are now just going more in the other adverse direction – and not for the better or good!

This week a good couple I know have decided to go ‘into separation mode’ quoting irrevocable unmendable differences – and the sad and tragic part was that the children now ‘understand the situation – appreciate the outcome as no other alternative’ – and for me trying to butt in and interfere that is the most hurtful and painful. Yet the couple are comfortable and relaxed – like going to the Dentist to ‘remove a painful decaying tooth’!

 I was also chatting with one friend of mine from one of the GCC country – and he was telling me now that because of the new environment there – the things that now take the most hit now are family relationships and friends – especially across the artificial divide. Though we are all Believers and supposed to be as One and Together – but we are now split and divided – and even intrusions in the family homes are now becoming more evident with marriages breakdowns and divide. Even between siblings too – which is the worst case scenarios – because one sibling decided to join this sect – whilst the other the opposite sect – though in the same house – and to divided parents loyalties and affiliations – where none existed before the troubles began!


This happened also in one famous Arab country after the civil war that lasted several years! Yet today I was reading in the news of at least one famous (and bold!) USA General speaking out against the envisaged and planned attack on Iran by Israel – and the flak he is receiving because bold and good men dare to come out and speak the truth for a change ‘to change things’ – contexts and perspectives. It seems that human beings will never learn their lessons – and we simply do not read our history books – and even for that matter the recent records! The irony and sad thing is also this – People do attack things that they should defend – and they defend things that they should attack! I am taking a patent on this expression!

 I was also joking to Madam that in our villa in Qurum Heights we have all the sects in praying in the very same house – and including our Filipino housemaid for the last 18 years – with her bible and images of Christ in her room. When my son told me he is planning to get married to a girl of another sect – it reminded me of my late father – peace be upon him – looking at me in disdain when I told him the very same thing – though she was too of Arab blood – but of another country – and sect! It reminded me of the famous expression – What goes around – comes around! I think my late father is smiling in his grave!

 And that is the beauty of OmanMay Allah God Protect and Preserve our beloved land from all mischief and trouble makers – Amin. May Allah Allow us to solve all our issues and problems in an amicable, peaceful way – Amin. May Allah God Give long life and health to our His Majesty and his enlightened and benevolent rule – and let Oman remain as a beacon and example for the rest of the world to follow and emulate – Amin.

Our His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said – The Founder of Oman.

 The truth is also this – whether some want to accept it or not. There is no true Omani who can boast and say he is not related or associated to other groupings than just his own one – and that is the real truth – even if for some may find it as a bitter pill to swallow! The acts, pretenses and charades are being seen through – and that is what makes us like other great nations of the world – and my particular example I like to quote is of The USA – with its ethnic mix and composition. Another example is also Mother India – if communal violence and minority elements are removed.

Omani People Images – Allah Bless Us All – Amin!

 Actually things do need to start from the homes first. When things are settled and peaceful at the homes – the rest will follow suit. Personally I think that things are more at stake at homes and followed by The Offices – as always in my columns – and not to sound repetitive, discerning and boring!

 My books especially Between Us Only! – series – have many articles on such issues – and much more – please visit at

 Take Care!

 By Majid Al Suleimany

At My Workplace! Lack of Sales Tact! Reply

At My Workplace!

Lack of Sales Tact!


People in the Sales and Marketing functions never fail to ‘shock and awe’ the customers! Everyday new branches are opened here and there – at this Departmental store or other – in another town and other – but all they are interested is to ensnare the gullible, naïve and trusting customers. Once they buy, they lose their value and importance – as if that would have been the last purchase and buy – and he or she will not wake up – and decide to buy again. And of course from someone else.


The shocks and awe are more that these Top Guys come from abroad from the Companies’ Manufacturing countries – with their pictures spread all over the newspapers in welcome to Oman – but do these VIPs sit and meet to find out the truth from the purchasing customers? Local, residents – and also visitors? Or are they contented to sit only and chat with the local agents’ management – and then return home satisfied that they have achieved good results – with more branches opened and hopefully more business to come their way?


I do not know about you but I have purchased in succession in the last 18 months the same brand of Mobile phones from this Far Eastern country that recently splashed news all over of a bigger branch that has been opened by this VIP from abroad. In my observations I have noticed this – and you will excuse me for ‘generalising’ on this. Because I am deeply offended, annoyed and hurt – that despite everything that has happened – and still happening around us – some of the few misguided and few ‘invited guests’ to our country still misbehave – and do not fail to ridicule and insult the local populace especially.


Some years back on the day I was to join one Regional Company as their HR Manager – I rang the office door bell – and I could hear the sort of Assistant from the country as a Helper Handyman seen to lament – there is a stupid fat Omani outside the door in the home lingo. I studied in those Asian schools from Kindergarten to Higher Secondary – and I hear the lingo – if not speak it fluently!


As soon as my job was confirmed at that place – this man’s position was Omanised by me – despite protestations from his Protectors. But I threw the book (and laws) at them – and that shut them up! For the next 9 to 10 months we were on the war path – till I quit – see my book Psychology of Arab Management Thinking! – The fat Omani has struck – once again!


Something gotta give – and as I sat always the losers will be everyone – including those misbehaving misfits crude characters. I have also noticed this. It is the same family businesses where their expatriate sales (and others) staff are particularly and purposefully annoying to the local populace – as if they are the adversaries and need to be brought down and to task!


Yet also if you read the newspapers and the columnists – more expatriates – you will see them merciless and ruthless to that poor Omani Sales girl or boy – why they lack this and that. Why they are not professional etc – and do not ‘even smile at the customer’ – and or are so involved in phone chat ups or SMSes – whilst the poor customer is waiting – of course the poor columnist or editor! And some of the few Omanis join in the witch hunt and bashing – it is the in-fashion thing to do!


I am not supporting inadequacies or lack of ethics, quality and professionalism – after all these girls and boys are mainly Secondary or Higher Secondary Leavers – and few College drop outs mainly. Most of them ‘are First Time’ workers. I used also before to complain – until I visited some neighbouring countries – and even the home countries of ‘The Complainers’ – and I can tell you honestly and sincerely – they should practice what they preach – or in other words ‘those in glass houses’ should not throw stones!


The most ironical and tragic part is that these same Columnists and Editors treat their own staff with disdain, scorn and abruptness – but they still expect the Omani Salesgirl to initiate to smile and be cheerful – because ‘of my buying you still have a job!  First practice what you preach – before going out complaining!


Yet I got the rudest and most disrespect from one expatriate supposed to be a Sales Professional – and a University qualified person – because I was complaining on a simple issue and matter – and he hung up on me! My first impulse was to take my car and go to their Ruwi Head Offices to check out and counter this guy – and give him my piece of mind – but then I said I do not blame him – I blame the Omani Family business that employ such people – and I suspect the hidden agendas and Mafias do tend to be exposed and to be leaked out is such behaviours, attitudes and approaches.


I really smiled when I saw them with the VIP invited from home manufacturer opening a new branch at a famous Shopping Centre. Why did I just complain that I did not receive as standard the cover that should come with the phone I had purchased?  They are doing a great favour to me to sell me their phones – so I should just shut up! How come in UAE they give with the covers – here all hanky-panky stuff to buy separately from other outlets? Or just wait – till we have extras! Next time you cannot beat them – join them. It is the fashion and in-thing to do – man!


Take Care!


By Majid Al Suleimany


Wasted Loyalties! Between Us Only! 1

For The Oman Daily Observer Features of

Sunday February 19th 2012.

 Link to My Website –

 Between Us Only!

Wasted Loyalties!

One needs to really appreciate someone who comes to you with open dedication, sincerity, commitment and loyalty – because there are so few such people – in this world nowadays!

  • The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts = while the stupid ones are full of confidence – Charles Bukowski
  •  The wise man learns more from the fool than the fool learns from the wise man – Marcus Aurelius
  •  The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world – are the ones who do – Steve Jobs.
  • Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers. — Isaac Asimov


I do not know about you but if I have to sum up my life – my epitaph – in a few sentences – it will go something like this – Here lies a simple sincere honest person who really cared and felt – and who had faith – and trusted people as being naturally good – and lost in all accounts! Respect him and treat him well – he will try to bring the moon to you. Otherwise, the first or second time he will let it pass – but that is it! Even caution and counsel you! The third or fourth time – that is it!

 I have always called a spade as a spade – even if I end as The Loser – I fall down – but I gather myself – and rise up again. I never allow myself to lose – or be pushed down without a fight and a stand. I will rise up to the occasion – even if it may take time for me to do so – or give wrong signals that I am now surrendering – and have given up!

 But as I said last Wednesday Column – Besides they say – you yourself have said ‘you will stop writing these serious complaining articles – because in the end it is only your head that gets beaten up and swollen – and bloodied by banging it against brick walls! No one is hearing you. After you write only things get just worse for you – like in your last article ‘Things Will Never Change’.  Did it work for you? No – it backfired badly to you – blown up to your own face. You end the loser more – for daring to open your mouth and complain. The Loser is You (Again) – and no one else!

 Yet we human beings are supposed to be the smartest, brilliant and intelligent species on the face of the earth – but yet human beings still never fail to amaze and shock you – shock and awe! People will always let you down – disappoint you – to say the least here! 

 In writing my book with a real A Cry For Help! I thought people will read it – and try to understand and appreciate what the cry for help was all about. Truthfully, most expatriates come to this country come to earn an honest and sincere living – and to feed the stomachs of themselves and their families – both here and at home. But sadly and unfortunately too – some do come with hidden agendas and focuses too.

Image – They always try to find faults in others!

 I have also said this to the few such people ‘invited guests’ in our country –  The old hidden agendas, tricks and gimmicks just do not work anymore – even if they are secret and hidden in and held close to your chest. People are just tired – red lines have been crossed so many times before – and now people simply cannot take it anymore! The loser will be you more than anybody else!

 I have also said this – Do not bite the hand that feeds you – or you will end licking the boot that will kick you! We are simply dead tired by your approaches, attitudes and approaches – and it is better you leave and go somewhere else where you can continue playing your hidden agendas, gimmicks and tricks. We are just fed up – really – really fed up!

 Like Napoleon had said – and I keep repeating in my columns every time – Do not interfere with someone set to destroy himself! Or that famous Roman expression – Those that the gods are out to destroy – they make them not see, hear or speak! Or still at home – There is no one blinder than one with eyes but cannot see, one deaf with ears but cannot hear – and one dumb with a mouth but cannot speak!

 And those trusted roles and responsibilities to protect and preserve – they need to wake up from this deep sleep and slumber – it is like a cinder fire burning quietly underneath – and will explode at least expected time and consequences!

 I think it was Kennedy who had said – You can fool all the people some of the time – some people all the time (these need to wake up now!) – but you can never fool all the people all the time.

 This is my last on the subject to the point write-up. After this I will not write anymore on such subjects and others similar – because I am also tired of having saying again and again – I told you so! My head is pained hurt banging it against brick walls – bloodied and red.

 The Leadership should establish an Authority to report such waylaid cases – and these elements to be weeded out and removed immediately – before spreading further their viruses and tentacles – decay, decadence and malaise! They had something going for them – but they failed to notice and appreciate the genuine and sincere welcome, acceptance and respect – and things went to their heads – and also it time to stop being docile, weak and inactive! Now – before it is too late!

 This Is The Final Call. Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany