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All Under One Platform!

First Published April 13 2010

Several years ago, I remember well this incident when I was still working in one neighbouring country.

The family accommodation that I was provided with had satellite facilities that were provided to Staff at unbelievable special prices as a Special Package to those Oil Company Staff only. I took all the available packages to occupy my mind and thoughts as originally I was there alone in this very big apartment – until my son had joined me later on!

One day I had a problem with both two satellite channels receivers. As one provider technician had come in, I asked him if he could look in into the other satellite receiver as well? His reply was short and curt – I come from this other company – and cannot even touch that receiver – let alone look into it and repair it. The other technician said the very same thing – when the opposite channel was not working properly!

Now both these two channels are working under one joint name and platform, and they have been able to give all their channels services at almost 70% of the original charged price if you were to take them separately – as in the past – and still they are making a profit to be able to provide all these services of channels all under one platform – or one roof! Where once they were bitter feuds and competition, they now operate as one – all under one platform – as their new drive and motto!

The question to ask oneself is this. Why did they do it? It was out of necessity more to survive and stay in the market – from other channels that were providing equally good programmes to the public for free. These ones were surviving more because of advertisements – and making families feel safe and secure that even inadvertently and or by chance any child below 18 had pressed the buttons for these channels – there was nothing scary or to worry about because they cut all the X-rated parts – and the unsightly and forbidden parts too.

The ideas were starting to catch on – and people had already started thinking why they should pay for paying channels – when you can get almost the same films and programmes for free – and more decently delivered too! To survive they had come up with new ideas and solutions – fast and rapidly too!

Which brings me to the point I want to make today here – and especially this is addressed to The Property Developers in our country – and can even be applicable to others too were there are stiff and feuding competition for survival – and for markets and clients. Though I did take Marketing in my studies, it was just one module – but I am really convinced and confident that the idea merits further consideration and review – especially in this sector that is suffering greatly from markets, clients and customers confidence and trust. And lack of commitment and investment opportunities, confidence and trust.

Just imagine this. They joining forces and to be able to operate under one roof – and provide all the services, choices and options under one umbrella and one platform. You want a villa in town? Same time you want a villa in the suburbs – or country villa? And a good office location too? Then why go to three or more places? Go to one place only! Within one hat, umbrella and centre, they will be able to serve all your needs and requirements – all under one roof and one platform.

The beauty of this idea is also this. It will open a venue for the Top Performers Executives and Senior Managers to prove their mantle, capabilities and performance – and to compete for the few positions in the new joint place. A State Regulatory Board will also need to be established at the same time – in line like the Telecommunications one – and The Water and Electricity one – to choose the best minds, brains, entrepreneurship, dynamism, pragmatism, and high performers and deliverers! It will also get rid of elements that should have been removed out long time ago – but are simply being protected by personalities and friendships – and lesser to do with the real realities and right practices, approaches and performances.

It will also remove all those things going on now that are not professional, not ethical, not principled, not sincere and not genuine – and also ensuring timely payments to staff, customers and clients. It will also remove all the current practices that are really against the country’s laws, regulations, procedures and systems – and it will open a wider window of choice, opportunity and investment – and create market stability, trust and confidence.

It is a matter of fact that there are some customers and clients that may like certain choices in certain locations – but are not too sure of The Operators of those locations. Similarly there are those with Hobson’s choice of locations – simply because they have more trust and confidence with these Developers – but not too keen on the locations themselves.

Having worked in these sectors and seeing all that is going on there, I personally recommend the idea strongly to our Leadership to think about – and to regulate the market with the best practices – and a window of opportunity for real employment opportunities for Omanis especially – and to support and encourage much needed the right and correct tourism and investment opportunities in the country.

Take Care!

By: –

Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany

First Published April 13 2010