More New Comments! Reply

More New Comments on My Writings!

More New Comments on My Writings!


Dear Dr Majid Al Suleimany

I am very glad to write to you after I got interested in your contributions in the field of management .I  would be very grateful to if you could help me getting your interesting book entitled  Psychology of Arab Management Thinking!

I have looked for it your amazing books here in Morocco , but in vain , I found that it is not available .So , I decided writing to you on the hope that you can give me a help to get it .I appreciate too much to read it , and I will be too grateful to you .I can in return provide you with Moroccan books if you have any interest in them .

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

With respects – HC (Moroccan Lady)

B         TO THE BANK

The book is now gaining momentum and popularity all over the world. She is in Morocco. I have only 2 books left with me and after giving WHSmith new bookshop at The Wave my last 5 copies as sold out in Oman in Family and Borders too.

At a recent conference in Oman A Cry For Help! book was used as a Reference Book on problems in Oman in HR and Management. Books business are slow and tedious. This was told by me too by Dr. David Weir – famous Management Guru.

Incidentally he too is writing a Management book on Arab Management compared to the rest of the world. You maybe interested to note both my two Management books are highly quoted and referenced in his coming book – as FEW books in Management have been written in English by The Arabs themselves.

Now in Oman they are talking of how great a poet one was After he had died. Could be my story too.

Not that it will make any difference to anyone – as business is business.

Best Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany


1          Dear Majid,

Good morning , it is too lovely to hear from you .

I am really too eager to read all your amazing books .I will never forget your gestures anymore.

2          Dear Majid,

I am really very pleased to read your so amazing books .

it is a great honor to get deeply immersed to read your highly professional , lucid ,insightful ,and valuable books .I have never thought that such valuable contributions will come out at last from the Arab world .it is such a pride for us to see ultimately very valuable books like this .

Kind regards

HC (Moroccan Lady)

3          Dear Majid,

I would be very pleased to read your interesting book. Your books should be part and parcel of the curriculum of at least Arab Universities. But Arabs appreciate what is written by foreigners.

If your name is Richard Pettinger; surely they will talk about you.

Your books are hard hitting because the Arab reality is such a real disaster.

HC (Moroccan Lady)

D         From Oman

Majid, Fantastic. This is so encouraging. Keep up the good work bro.

Regards, RJ  – Omani Peer.

Alhamdullihah see told you so just be patient you never know what Allah has in store for you remember (Allah Loves those who are patient)  so be patient I know it is not easy but relax and let the hand of Allah works its miracles.  Remember only if you have patience will you reap the fruits of joy and keeping in mind NO GRUMBLING to anyone just patience my advice pray two rakka  everytime you hear the whispers of shaitan it works.- MMRH – Omani Lady Fan

Wooooow keep it up. – SAM – Omani Lady Fan


1     Hi Majid, An ardent admirer of yours. Conjures up a unparalleled feeling to know that there are people out there who think of you and appreciate the contributions you make to society. Keep it up bro. You are doing good.

With Kindest R4gards,

RJ – Ex Peer PDO – May 23 2011.

2      Dont make me cry! I enjoyed the artcle. keep writing. Some will inspire us . some will destroy us and some will make us commit “consensual”  suicide . ooooooooooooooh lord  forgive us.

SAM – Lady Fan – Response Article – Respect Yourself First – May 22nd 2011

3     To The Editor –

Majed Al Sulaimani Writer Omani-

Asalaaam Aleikum & After Compliments;

I think this is his best article yet and shows the type and character of the person. It is so sad and unfortunate we the country do not appreciate the talents here and maybe Allah is punishing us because we have become so bad and not appreciate we have and bad hearts us all we have inside us.

This poor man is crying and no one care about him. I think Allah will punish us all more soon by us bad hard hearts to our own people I think.

God save us Amin

So sad Admirer – SASR – May 22nd 2011

4     Dear Majid,

I’m really glad you e-mailed me, of course I know who you are, I’ve read Between Us Only (the book) and I quiet liked it. Thanks for the sites, it’d help me to review your books in the future inshAllah.

I sincerely hope you’d also contribute to Omani Book Mania by reviewing the books you’ve read (it could be of any genre) and stating why you’d highly recommend it. I might even sending some questions your way as an exclusive interview with an Omani writer if you’d agree that is.

Lady Omani Columnist – MAB – May 18th 2011

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