Royal Hospital Emergency Admission Needs Review! Reply

Hospitals Emergency Admission Needs Review!

July 9th 2019

Having been silent for a long time (Between Us Only!) and with due respects, I have noticed lately that even in WhatsApp Groups there are some elements that feel that they are always right and suffering from ego and pride characteristics – that when you want to say your bit – they want to shut you down or do not want to hear from you your views and feelings! This plus what is going round us near with all the threats and rhetoric would scare anyone to want to say anything that is with good intention but is painted otherwise because people do not want you to say anything – especially out of the ordinary! But at the same time there comes a limit in one’s life when you say Enough is Enough – and you must say your bit – whatever goes!

On 7th July 2019, I had visited Royal Hospital for my usual follow up for my Prostate! I was given my next appointment in January 2020 – that is more than 6 months ago! That is because of the congestion of patients on the waitlist!

But prior to that on Friday 5th July 2019, I had visited The Emergency Section suffering from so many ailments – including

• Pain in the scrotum possibly related to the Prostate
• and burning tingling inside of all my body from my feet ankles to the head –
• Including eyes – though I had used my eyedrops medicines from my eyes – I felt my eyes burning inside me!
• Pain also in the chest and stomach!
• With feeling of nausea – and feeling like cutting off being faint and like falling down!
• Plus fever and headache!
• Problems in passing motion even after using laxatives!
• Overall a Medical Case that needed to be admitted to ascertain the causes!

However, and admittedly, I was given good treatment and reception including doing Urine Blood Tests and Xrays Chest and Stomach! After a few hours, I was sent home with medications!
Always when I come to Emergency in Royal Hospital, it is a young Omani Doctor who looks on the Learning Curve Process out to try his or her academic learning on an old man! It is in rare cases when there are issues that a Senior Doctor will step in – like in my case here when I said I was not a case of being sent home in my state!

I found out later that in only few rare cases that some is admitted in Emergency in Royal Hospital – perhaps because there are No Beds to be offered – and those in beds already are probably in more serious cases and status than myself! Despite my outpoints, I was not able to convince anyone of them – they say that is the OPD who can admit people – but if you ask the OPD people they tell you it is for the Emergency people to decide which were the serious cases to admit! So it is to and fro that the buck is set!

Another point there are only 2 Nurses to screen the large number of patients coming in – many very sick and oldish people – and patients that were failed to be treated in Private Clinics! Few can afford the prices charged in Private Hospitals – it is a business growing out of proportions money making machines with perhaps some unnecessary tests and medication just to make more money out of patients trying to go for Private Medication!

Those who suffer the most are Old Retirees Pensioners like us with limited funds and resources – and not covered by Medical Insurance Coverage by Companies! You can go to PDO Clinic which is well equipped – but after 4 pm there are No Doctors there – and if you go the intimation is – it is better you go to Emergency in Royal Hospital – that is better for you!

Frankly and honestly, the Doctors and Nurses and Attending Staff look overtired and exhausted with the number of patients flowing in and waiting for attention – sometimes forgive me for saying it – but it is scary and worrying even for me as a patient – and that makes it more worrying and depressing overall! The Doctors Nurses and Attending Staff are really working hard and dedicatedly – it is The Process of Admission that needs to be reviewed and find out possible solutions to this problem!
With Due Respects and Apologies

Majid Said Nassor Al Suleimani

Patient Number 514611 – Royal Hospital

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