Need for People to be Happy! Reply

Need for People to be Happy!

Face – Unhappy!

Why are people not happy despite all their possessions and social status?

The Offices!

In one of the Companies I worked in Oman in Human Resources, my American CEO told me this – Many of our Staff are literally unhappy lots – there may be some pretenses here and there of them being happy in their jobs – but the reality is many are not! Your first task is to find out why the Staff are not happy and find ways and means to rectify the situation as much as you can. If you need any support and or help – The Board is here to support you!

I do not want our Staff to feel that they are coming to work only because they have a family to feed and bills to pay! I need our Staff to feel happy that they are coming to work here – and looking forward happy to come again tomorrow – not scared and worried they will need to come back again to work!

The Homes!

Some months back, a family member had visited us from Tanzania! In one of his observances, he told me in confidence that he had noticed that many of the houses he had visited and had been invited to ‘were material, artificial and not real happy people’! There was a lot of acting and pretensions – but he could see through it!

He observed that back home they were less privileged and had less material things with them – but they went on with life more happy and contented. He said back home few possessed cars and other material things – but in comparisons back home people were happier and contented lots – even though they possessed far lesser material and other things! People were genuinely and naturally far happier!

He was not the only one! There were others who had come and said the same things! I noticed that too when I myself had last visited! Our family members were genuinely happy – with husband teasing and joking with the wife – and vice versa! There were no pretenses to act or show off their care, love and understanding to one another!

Here in Oman there are many houses with one or more cars parked outside – even if mine cannot move for them refusing to renew the Vehicle Mulkiya Registration! There very few had any car parked outside – maybe a motorbike or bicycle instead!

The house was full of gadgets, equipment and material things! There were 2 to 3 Televisions in the house – in some places there only one or no television instead! People lived hand to mouth – but were happy, satisfied and contented – even if they needed or wanted more in life – in the comparisons between the two!

I had also visited ‘quite well off’ and richer families – and even if some of them could be classified as that rich and endowed – but even there people were much happier and contented in comparisons!

I asked both an Indian and a Pakistani friend if these things were also true pertaining them – and they were affirmative! Even those families who did not know where their next meal would be coming from – they were still happier lots!

I saw a film once where this European was lamenting about a Chinese family living in the street – he commented – how can these people be full of cheers and laughter – and are yet still they are living in the streets? Where do they get their happiness from? How can they be happy?

One day my son was lamenting to me – When I am at home here as a kid – you shout at me! My wife now shouts at me! My boss shouts at me! When I am on the road other drivers shout at me (road rage!) I am afraid I may be fined for a traffic offence when actual it is the other car that committed the offence! Tell me Dad – How can I be happy?

We have also heard of The Country and Town Mouse story!  The Country Mouse said – You may have luxuries and dainties that I have not,” she said as she hurried away, “but I prefer my plain food and simple life in the country with the peace, happiness and security that go with it.”

Poverty with security and happiness are better than the plenty in the midst of fear, unhappiness and uncertainty! – The Country Mouse said!

The UAE has indeed set a Ministry of Happiness and led by a young Emirati girl! I guess they have identified the problem – and doing something about it!

There are also issues in Broken Homes, Drug Abuse, Alcoholism, Family Relationships, Respect for Elders – and so on!

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