Not Forgiving Others in Life! Reply

 Not Forgiving Others in Life?

Can I ask you if you are that prepared to forgive someone who has purposefully and intentionally caused you strife, pain and hurt – and he knows he is doing it to you – whilst all the time you have been nice and respectful to him?

You may have even in life helped and assisted a lot that person – and he knows it – but is not bothered nor does he care! For all that matters – he is just interested to show his power and control over you – to make you feel small, insignificant and worthless.

As his character and nature – he takes great feelings of achievement, pride and control that he has subdued and marginalised you. He has easily forgotten all the good things you have done for him and his family – and those near him!

Even though the Holy Month of Ramadhan and Fasting is approaching – I must admit that for the First Time of my life I will never forgive this person – and we will meet in front of Allah Our Lord God Almighty – and I will ask for my Rights, Haqq and Justice there only!

Be careful of The Punishment on Earth – in your grave – and on The Day of Reckoning Judgement in front of Allah SWT God Almighty Ameen Amen.

 The No Forgiveness Lyrics!

I’ll never forgive you, nor will I forget
Because you broke those promises
You made when we first met
And I don’t wanna be loved by you anymore
No, I don’t wanna be loved by you
So you little darkness, get out of my life
You little darkness, please, I’m begging
Get out of my sight
Because I don’t wanna be hurt by you anymore
No, I don’t wanna be hurt by you

By Gregory Isaacs

FORGIVE 3D text surrounded by YES and NO words. Part of a series.


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