People Do Have Short Memories! Reply

People do have short memories! 


Yesterday I was looking for a favour from a relative. He can easily do this for me by just a lift of a phone!  This guy I had recruited in one of the companies I was working for. Actually I had pushed for his selection as I knew he needed the job very much being the first in his family to start working! He was ‘Border Line’ case at best anyway!

Yet he felt very insulted that I had reminded him because now he is in a Top High Profile job and does not want now to be seen to associate with the likes of I now! Seen as far below and ‘stay there where you are’ !

Another lady had asked me to assist her in her MBA course for a HR Project ‘because I do not know HR that much’ as she pleaded with me then! She scored high points for her project and thanked me profusely at the time!

When I greeted her one day in here in LinkedIn – she asked me – remind me – you seem to know much about me! Who are you?

There is always this element that some people think they are ‘superior with more rights than others – and always right – never do wrong type of people!

  • If you wrote books on Road Safety Awareness!
  • Individual effort and at your own costs?
  • If you sacrificed your career prospects defending and fighting for The Country!
  • For The Youth!
  • For Recruitment and Training!
  • You recruited 4 Omanis in your Consultancy and was not paid even one Rial despite promises!
  • People who are now HH HE CEOs MDs GMs etc. and you were the one that had sent or assisted in sending them abroad for Training and Education!
  • And here you are now you cannot even renew your vehicle Registration!
  • No Civil Status!
  • For your Consultancy went bankrupted 15 years ago?
  • Truthfully said – Nobody had contacted you in plus 12 years!
  • Now no one remembers!
  • Everyone has forgotten you now!

Sad Tragic really!

Have you had such similar experiences? Life is A Great Teacher!

Still That Is The Way It Is!

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