People will never change! Reply

People will never change!

October 27, 2016

A         The Holy Quran

“Verily, Allaah will not change the (good) condition of a people as long as they do not change their state (of goodness) themselves (by committing sins and by being ungrateful and disobedient to Allaah)” [al-Ra’d 13:11]

B         A dog with its bone!

A dog won’t let go of a bone, it does nothing, but growls and guards it with its life!

A famous African saying best describes some people desperate in going chasing people after things and not wanting to let go at all … as if his life only depended on that!

C         Dog eat dog!

My late father used to say … on Eid day humans eat meat flesh but throw away the skins and bones … and dogs kill each other .. Big dog eat small dog … just because of these!

D     Religious Teachings Hadith!

We are told that if you can change things by your own hands – then do so! If you cannot, speak or talk about it! If that too you cannot, then speak from your heart – I am against this thing – but I am afraid (of the consequences if I try to speak about it!) And that is The Weakest of The Faith Imaan level (level 3)!

  • God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference – Reinhold Niebuhr
  • Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind do not matter and those who matter do not mind! – Dr. Seuss
  • If you don’t like something change it. If you cannot change it, change your attitude – Maya Angelou
  •  A British HSE Expert was telling me – In many major fires dead bodies are more found just near the doors because people just had panicked – and pushed each other out of the way – and instead orderly quietly rushing out  orderly!

What more can I say now?

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Make Time For The Children (Grandchildren)! Reply

Make time for the Children (Grandchildren)!

Today I was so busy compiling my files for presentation for a case being made against me. It is immaterial that the case is old and defunct and that it is about a situation facing my Consultancy that went bankrupt 15 years ago in 2001 but still being hunted and being pursued because those involved can do so!

As you might have noticed I have upset and annoyed quite a large number of people by my Truthful Honest Writings in my books and in my Columns … which were killed off anyway 2 years ago after running for 12 years! Some of these people are rich and pwerful and want to draw blood from a stone and put me in my place as unrecognised marginalised diminished and with no status and using full force of the laws against people like us to be put in our place!

You rocked the boat and you washed the dirty linen in public and refused to push the dirt under the carpet!

How long these things will go on with The Old Guards joint with The Mafias carry on? You are a better Judge than me anyway!

My grandaugter came to the house brought by her Father but I had no time for her. She was visibly upset saying Babu Grandfather I want to play with you … and I was so occupied and put her away to go watch cartoons TV in another room.

I talk about Angry Quick pass sentences Judge and here I drive away my daughter without hearing her!

If God Allah Reprimanded Prophet Daud David who am I to do exactly what David Daud RA did! Or even The Judge for that matter!

I still feel awful to have been a bad not hearing Grandfather. I took Early Retirement after I upset my young daughter shouting at her because she wanted a Compas Box .. she lost one I had bought for her one day before!

I realised then I was a bad man and Father … and it was all pressures of work … because they were making me again to report formally to who was my Assistant and whom I had just promoted myself one year back.

Again to punish because I dared open my mouth and fight for The Youth in Omanisation Recruitment Training and Development. 

Or even The Judge for that matter?

10 years after Retirement the punishments still come through and I again appeal To Those With Consciences to stop these ugly games trying to find excuses to hurt maim and pain!

I am sorry anyway now … and now more to my Grandaughter Sibel … I have been a Bad Grandfather… but no excuses pressures again.

Sincere Apologies

Majid Al Suleimany

Books Cover with Sibel My Grandaughter!

31c-all-my-majid-books  32-fc  31a-all-my-majid-books  32-front-fc

36a-front-cover coma-majid

Last Image – As I was in Acute Medicine Intensive Care Unit ICU in Coma State Royal Hospital December 2015 to January 2016.

Sibel and Other Grandchildren Cover

This Is My Epitaph! Goodbye! Ma Salamah! 2

This is My Epitaph!

I Want To Be Remembered!

Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany

October 7, 2016


dsc_0036 a-author-photo 50-38-front-cover

Majid Epitaph (Legacy) – I want to be remembered!

We all have to die one day! Only Allah God is the exception! Jesus Christ Our Great Prophet Issa bin Mariam – will come as The Saviour – and he too will die without exception! So whom I?

 A long time ago as a kid, I used to hear people talk about death and how they will go! I always wondered out aloud how I would go – if my turn came up next!

I always prayed that I would go sudden and people surprised he went away that fast! But I never want to cause trouble and inconveniences to others before I die – if I was to choose these things! But it is all in God Allah hands!

Anyway, I had this dream of ‘dying by starvation’ – I do not know what it meant! Was it going to be real as in the dream – or as a metaphor like liking to eat too much and getting fatter by day – and as now being diabetic case?

Or would it be like my late Father PBUH where he wanted food and water but was denied by The Doctors (they were using instead drips!) – Because they needed to operate on his stomach – because there was a blockage in his small intestines – and till after the operation could be given food!

Anyway only God Almighty Allah SWT Knows these things best!

Sorry for a morbid subject!

Here lies a person who in all his life had acted and stood up for the rights of others – and to whatever extent and even harm and injury and damage to himself personally – and he went down that way!

Where he could change things himself he did – otherwise he spoke out for Change. Always wanted to be fair, just, professional, principled, correct and ethical in all things he did.

A person who was always sincere, genuine and honest – frank, open and forthright who always looked at The Bigger Picture – and never wanted things to go wrong as his main focus and theme in life! Even though many of his efforts were never acknowledged, accepted, recognised and realized – and he became a victim himself in his life, career, and future and with his family too!

He wants to be remembered that way only! Goodbye! Ma Salamaah!

Please Pray for Him – when they tell you he is gone!

Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany

The Omani Author Writer and Columnist

This is me!

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This is me!

Responses Received From My Posting Above!

  • You have written enough books to be remembered. But at the moment, concentrate on the task of and bit less not death. There is still more you can achieve – Saleh Al Sheibani – Omani Columnist – Times of Oman.
  • Excellent way of laying the ideas. Brother Majid may Allah grant you Jannah. Thanks Suleiman Al Hudhaili
  • Thank you very much brother Majid for being open minded and face reality. Your precious time spent in writing about 50 books was not wasted and will be remembered in the near future. We respect your decision to announce your Epitaph today and would like to wish you for the Best and May Allah grant you what Allah knows is best for you. Very good luck my dear brother! Ahmed Salim Al Mazrui – Family Member – PDO Retired.
  • Allah grant you health with long happy life. In’shaa’Allah you spent quality time with your grandchildren. I pray for you and for myself when time comes we depart with” husnul khatima” – Your brother, Ali Said Ali Al-Mandhry – Feedback Comment.
  • Many others with ‘Thumbs Up’ and ‘Cry’ Images!
  • May Allah swt give you best in dunya and akhira…may He save you from Adhab AL qabr and Adhab Alnaar and may you get Alkauthar and Alfirdaus Ameen – Emad Sharif (Linkedin).
  • Keep on doing the good things Mr Majid. Again I would like to quote chapter 2 verse 47 from Bhawgwad Gita on Karma which says : “You have the right to work only but never to its fruits. Let not the fruits of action be your motive, nor let your attachment be to inaction. ” I believe that the other religions also preach along the same line. – Rakesh Belwal – Linkedin
  • Quite moving story (The Prophet Dream!) Majid – I came while you were in another ward but still barely conscious! May Allah Give you a long and happy life! Ameen – Hamoud Al Rawahy (UES).
  • Many more messages in images!


9a-wipe-my-tears 5a-a-cry-for-help 16a-final-touch-down 30-my-autobiography 29a-the-story-of-my-life 33a-front-new-cover-2  38a-front-cover 39a-front-cover  50-38-front-cover a-author-photo dsc_0036 14AA - Front Cover (2)

Between Us Only! Now to write no more!


Karma – No Need for Revenge for Now! Reply

  Karma – No Need for Revenge for Now!



Lotus flower represents Karma!

Karma is considered as the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences. It is the destiny or fate, following as effect from cause! For example if you did good things in your life – you may return as a bird or butterfly. However, if you did bad things, you will return as a scorpion or snake!

Karma also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect). Good intent and good deed contribute to good karma and future happiness, while bad intent and bad deed contribute to bad karma and future suffering.

Karma is closely associated with the idea of rebirth reincarnation in many schools of Asian religions. In these schools, Karma in the present affects one’s future in the current life, as well as the nature and quality of future lives!

It is said – There is – No need for revenge. Just sit back and wait. Those who hurt you will eventually screw up themselves, and if you’re lucky, God will let you watch.

Thus Do Not Regret that you have been helpful and of great assistance that you have done something good for someone – but he has not only forgotten – but also mocks and ridicules you in addition.

His due Karma time will come – and you just sit back and watch!

Allah God Almighty Lord Give us courage and stamina to continue doing good deeds – and not give up – Ameen – Amen!

A Case For Kindness, Consideration and Sympathy To The Omani Pensioners (Retirees)! Reply

A Case For Kindness, Consideration and Sympathy To The Omani Pensioners (Retirees)!

Or – Games and Gimmicks That Some Financial Institutions (Banks – Some more than others!) Play on The Customers!

Or – Be Kind and Merciful Compassionate To Those Retirees and Pensioners Under Loans Hardships!

This is not a new thing but has been happening for decades now – but lately with the Economic downturn – the situation has become even more worse and critical – as the ‘Panic Emergency’ button is being pressed all around us nowadays!

Pensioners A Pensioners Coma Majid Pensioners 5 Pensioners 4 Justice

Images  Pensioners & Justice – For Demonstration Purposes Only! 

I as in Coma State Acute Medicine ICU Royal Hospital!

If the situation is not controlled it is like that cinder fire burning intensely and deep underneath – and may one day explode unexpectedly and or at the worst time even! Then everybody will ask why? Or why no one told us or why it had happened!

Every one of us are suffering – some more than others! Some prefer silence and even though in pain and still suffering! Some may shout and scream to empty (unhearing) spaces and people. But like the famous Arabic expression – there is a ‘stroke that will break the horse’s back’ – and some at the most inopportune unexpected time.

We all know that nobody takes credit loans for the just sake of it – and not even wanting to pay back! If there are such people they are very few – and nobody can sympathise or and support them. We are talking about The Silent Suffering Majority!

The Games – :-

  • Sending PDC even if you have contacted them to say you need (in writing and as well as received) that you need a respite for one or two months due to acute family personal reasons like needing medical treatment abroad or serious suffering ailing person and or even death too in the family – with the culture social obligations in such situations!
  • Past expired PDCs (some even 15 years ago!) in the Files sent – with just a note wanted that ‘there are no sufficient funds’ or even Account no longer existing operating!
  • Whatever the comments – no one cares – you have suddenly become a Criminal and Wanted Person!
  • Your IDs Passports Driving Licences Vehicle Registration are blocked and Not Renewable!
  • When it is now okay to renew – you will be charged for ‘Delay in Renewing’ and woe to you if you drive with expired Driving License or Vehicle Mulkiya!
  • You cannot travel even if to go for Medical – and if by chance you got out – trouble Big Ones when you return at Border or Airport!
  • Notices are placed in Arabic Newspapers.
  • Expatriates – Non Arab – and even Omanis (English Speaking more) are The Usual Targeted Lots – and there is Simply No Excuse – You Did Not Know!
  • UAE is trying New Laws concerning Bankruptcy – after so many cases of in the past of people running away leaving keys in the cars at the airports – because they have lost jobs – or have not been paid for over even 6 months!
  • How can people survive in such cases – with no food or shelter – and On Top now facing The Full Wrath of The Law – and their Personal Freedom and Mobility?
  • It is always the poor working people that suffer the most!
  • The Wastah and Influential get all the breaks and go unnoticed and unmentioned – because the Banks want inwardly to Protect them too – but not the poor working ones!
  • People make special Prayers and Duas to Allah Crying Out in Pain for what is facing them now in life by all these things
  • Most of these exercises are managed and administered by Expatriates who some even sadistically enjoy making Omanis suffer with their hidden agendas and manifestos!
  • The so-called Remedial Departments – or Not Active Loans syndromes!
  • If you are a caring feeling Omani and you are working in these places – you will not ‘survive amongst these sharks coming in for the kill after smelling blood’ – you must be ‘cruel hard stone hearted’ – and Enjoy causing pain and suffering to others!
  • Only then you will survive and get promoted even – the more damage and disasters on lives of others that you cause wreck to!
  • Encouraged – sorry to say by sadly – our Indian friends more – or targeting Omani populace unpopular and or liked even in many cases – and as seen as The Competition!
  • Between Us Only! column never minced its words – and always called ‘a spade as a spade’

Bottom line with where we are moving now in the economic downturn – there is need for more –

  • Understanding!
  • Compassion!
  • Consideration!
  • Mercy!
  • Feelings!
  • Sympathy!
  • Tolerance!
  • Etc.

If we want Allah to be kind and merciful to anyone of us in this world – in our graves – and The Day of Reckoning! The Holy Quran says clearly – If you are not kind and compassionate to your fellow human being – than God Allah SWT will also not be with you!

We are reminded in so many places in The Holy Quran – 1438 years ago – please remember! –

To be kind and merciful compassionate to – Those in Debts and in Troubles of Debts!

We are reminded about Prophet Daud (David) RA reprimand by Allah SWT God when he quickly passed sentences without knowing the Full Facts – or to Hear The Other side! Yet he was a Prophet RA – What about us then???

We are told everywhere about The World being a Temporary Place as we return to Allah SWT.

Some of the situations had happened were beyond the control of those in suffering now!

If we are Really Keen on SMEs and Self-Employment nothing scares the Youth more than Failure and these elements!

That is why many still prefer to be at home unemployed than to be Self Employed in Business.

If you see your neighbour’s head being shaved – pour water on your head! (You are Next!) Famous Swahili Sayings.


Please do not terrorise harrass customers and clients for old expired accounts and some that have been paid partly or even largely fully. Just because hard economic times are here now and time to settle old scores or get blood from stones.

Some Accounts are old and extinct of over 15 years ago have died already – only to be revived since last year due to now economic downturn and bad times!

Everywhere is suffering especially Retirees and Pensioners and families with still not employed youngsters and where some spent so much on their education expenses.

In times of hardships and difficulties it is better to pray to Allah SWT God The Almighty rather than chasing each other wildly by fears and worries.

In major fires dead bodies are more found just near the doors because people panicked instead orderly rushing out.
The metaphor can be used here now.


Live Question on Huda TV on Being in Debt!

Even if they are related to my Company closing down in bankruptcy 15 years ago and still being hunted and pursued with Support from The System!

Sometimes I feel so weak and unhappy to wish I had died in ICU Coma State in Royal Hospital

Al Al Hamdu Lillah!

The Imam Dr. Mohamed Salah asked me if in Oman there are no Organisations NGOs etc. that help out to people in Debt like mine with no capacity to pay back… and if I can go to them? Anyway he said he will pray for me last 10 days of The Holy Month of Ramadhan and he asked Listeners to do the same for me!

Al Hamdu Lillah! 

See previous Postings also. 

Pray for me please!!!


 I Know You Do Not Care – But Still Will Say It!

Today is exactly 16 years ago that my Management Consultancy went bankrupt and I lost all my Pension Payments and Life Savings!

Today 16 years later I am still hounded persecuted hunted and being penalised – and simply have no happiness nor joy of any kind at all – but only and simply great sadness unhappiness and heartbreak!

I tried to go into writing but my Columns were killed off 2 years ago! I began to write books in Arab Management Road Safety Awareness Novel Books etc.

And on my columns and subjects economic social etc. But was singularly and particularly marginalised – because I spoke The Truth and refused to push the dirt under the Carpet.

Al Hamdu Lillah. To Allah SWT God Almighty we all return one day and with punishment on Earth –  in our Graves … and The Day of Judgement … where we are all responsible for our actions inaction and inadvertently.

May Allah SWT God Almighty Our Lord Guide us all to The Right Path and away from His Anger and Fury for all the mischief and troubles we cause others – as if nothing will touch us!.


Allah God Direct us all to the Right Path and way Ameen – Amen!

From Allah SWT God we came empty handed – and to Allah SWT God we return empty handed – and we will leave everything behind here – and cannot take even one Baiza with us!

Allah Guide us all to The Right Path and Way Ameen – and Protect us all from His Anger and Fury – Ameen!

Sincere Apologies.

Best Wishes and Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany

October 3, 2016