The Case For The Retirees & Pensioners! Reply

The Case for The Retirees and Pensioners!

September 7, 2016

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Coma Majid

Image I in Coma State ICU Royal Hospital!

A long time ago when our late Father was still alive, we took him for his due Medical (Parkinson) Appointment at Royal Hospital. My younger brother went to take a wheel chair and we both carried our Father over to the wheel chair from the car. As we were doing this, one elder person came over to congratulate us ‘for looking after your father’ – and he admitted he was jealous and envious to us because his son – a Senior Public Official as he told us! –   did not have the time for him! He had just dropped him at the Hospital – and asked him when he is ready to call him to fetch him or he will send someone to do so!

He asked us if we were working or had we retired? We told him that we were all still working but had taken the day off specifically to look after our Father. He told our Father – Elder Brother – You are a lucky man – and that you are blessed to have such sons with you! I noticed some tears from the man as he said this to us!

With the life styles nowadays, there are many Retirees and Pensioners suffering in silence and some alone in their own homes – or some staying with their children – but the children are so busy with making it in the ‘rat race’ and with financial burdens already to have time for their aged parents and elders! As a good friend of mine had foretold his own death by saying ‘you can be surrounded by people’ but still feel as the loneliest person on earth – or even die that way too with you alone in the house – and that is sadly how he went too!

It is an established fact that The Retirees and Pensioners have significantly contributed to the status of The Nation with what it is today with great sacrifices, loyalties, dedication and commitment. No one can deny them this – and doing so goes against all the teachings, ethics and principles of Life!

Unfortunately too, The Retirees Pensioners are currently the worst hit lot in the Economy now! Though I do not have generic statistics to back the aforementioned, but it is my guess too that those families with Youth that are still with no job or unemployable still also come close to this lot!

The Retirees Pensioners are bearing the worst in the current economic status quo – and especially Retirees and Pensioners that are in Big Debt still from loans past taken to pay from even 15 years ago!

I was watching this very interesting programme in Al Jazeera TV English – September 4, 2016. The Programme is entitled – Retirement industry: How old do you have to be before you can stop working?

Which just confirms what I have been saying all along here – about Pensioners Retirees (plus Families Youth still with no job or unemployable still) bearing the worst in current economic status quo – and especially Retirees and Pensioners that are in Big Debt still from loans past taken even 15 years ago!

Quote – Japan, the world’s third-largest economy, has one of the highest number of elderly citizens on the planet.
Over the next 20 years, the number of people over the age of 75 is expected to make up 30 percent of the population. And that is having a big impact on the economy as well as society in general.

Some companies have already taken matters into their own hands and opted for hi-tech solutions to helping people work beyond retirement age.

And Japan is not the only country encouraging people to work beyond retirement age: Finland makes its population work until the age of 68 before they’re able to claim state pension; in Greece, people have to work until 67; and recently, young Germans were told they might have to work until they are 69 years old.

For the past decade, governments across the developing world have been cutting the pension bill by increasing the retirement age; that’s because people are living longer and birth rates are declining.

But how will this affect future generations? How old does one now need to be before they can stop working?

We discuss the pension crisis around the world with Tom McPhail, head of Pensions Research –

The Programme can be found here –  – comes after – Australia and China: Turning the page


In short the programme encourages people to work to a very late age because of their financial burdens and crisis that many of them face today in life! With reduced incomes – some to even just less than half of their incomes in the past now as their new incomes – with no added incomes like overtime or second jobs or part-time employment!

Even though many of them are well experienced seasoned Professionals and Experts – the preference is for less qualified experienced where the payment of salaries can be very much lower – but missing all those deliverables that can be strived from the elder lots!

The programme quotes statistics of ‘those going for Early Retirement and dying a few years later from the date of retirement as a normal cause of events.

In summary, there is need for Compassion, Consideration, Understanding and Sympathy for The Retirees and Pensioners – and especially from The State and from Banks ‘pursuing past loans’ due to the economic downturn now!

A good British friend HSE friend of mine tells me that in many cases of ‘fire victims’ is that people panicked and ran for the exits pushing away others – instead of normal exiting – and only to end at just about to exit place! We should not panic or cause panic and consternation now!

Economists actually believe in Image Retention – and that is the time to buy a new wardrobe – furniture – or even a new car!

May Allah SWT God The Almighty Guide us all to The Right Path and Way and away from His Anger, Fury and Wrath – Ameen Amen!

Take Care!


Majid Al Suleimany


September 7, 2016



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