Please Be Kind and Compassionate to Your Customers and Clients! Reply


Coma Majid

Please Be Kind and Compassionate To Your Customers!

Because when good times will come in they may choose to remain with you!

[23/08, 07:44] Majid Said Al Suleimany:

[23/08, 07:46] Majid Said Al Suleimany: Harrassing Customers!

Please do not terrorise harrass customers and clients for old expired accounts and some that have been paid partly or even largely fully. Just because hard economic times are here now and time to settle old scores or get blood from stones.

Everywhere is suffering especially Retirees and Pensioners and families with still not employed youngsters and where some spent so much on their education expenses.

In times of hardships and difficulties it is better to pray to Allah SWT God The Almighty rather than chasing each other wildly by fears and worries.

In major fires dead bodies are more found just near the doors because people panicked instead orderly rushing out.
The metaphor can be used here now.

Allah God Direct us all to the Right Path and way Amin Amen!

[23/08, 07:47] Majid Said Al Suleimany:
Please be kind compassionate to your customers and cliens.Because when good times will come in they may choose to remain with you!

[23/08, 07:48] Majid Said Al Suleimany:
People are suffering everywhere ….some quietly in patience tolerance and prayers.

[23/08, 07:49] Majid Said Al Suleimany:

This is a cinder fire burning deeply underneath and one one day someone crazy may do terrible things and then everyone will ask what happened?

Time to cool down and let common sense and presence of minds prevail!

[23/08, 07:50] Majid Said Al Suleimany:

Remember there is Allah SWT God out there and we are accountable for our actions and inactions and even inadvertently too. Remember punishment on earth your grave and The Day of Reckoning!

[23/08, 07:53] Majid Said Al Suleimany:

In the long run everyone ends as a Loser!

Sorry extracted from GooglePlus!

Important is the message!



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