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Website Blog For Al Sueimanys & Related –

Father Majid A New Granddad B-Majid-New-Photo-245x300[1] M Fahad 4

The Al Suleimanys – Grandfather to Grandsons! 

Photo above of my Late Father PBUH Said bin Nasser bin Zahor bin Salim bin Ali bin Masoud Al Suleimany born in Hayll Al Ghaaf Quriat from origins parents Manah and Hayll Al Ghaaf!

Last week I met this old Al Suleimany man who was lamenting that we The Al Suleimanys are being ignored and being marginalized that there are few VIPs HEs CEOs GMs Directors DGs etc. He said The Al Suleimanys have a rich ancestry, heritage, culture, legends, stories etc. stretching from Manah, Nizwa, Muscat, Hayll Al Ghaaf, Quriat etc and stretching to UAE, KSA, Kuwait etc. and to Zanzibar, East Africa, etc. – and some to even citizens of India, Pakistan, Thailand, USA, Canada and Australia!

He said all the other tribes have their own history and they all come together – and we must do the same to be strong and to be recognized all over again! The Al Suleimanys were sidelined and marginalized because of the dirty murky history of the past – as they stood their grounds – and fought for their freedom and rights!

And have never been forgiven since then!

Contributions most welcome from Al Suleimanys Families, Relatives, Friends, Associates and Supporters! In English, Arabic or any other. Send to –

Let us make this a Success In Shaa Allah!

Best wishes and regards,

Majid Al Suleimany

April 5th 2015


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