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Driving In The Rain? Please Read It!

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By Fahad Al Ghadani – Times of Oman – 2.4.2014

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Muscat: If the headline sounds familiar, it should. Times of Oman last Wednesday urged drivers to slow down during the rain and avoid the overflowing wadis. That very night, despite his brother’s pleadings, Salim Al Kalbani, 28, tragically risked crossing a wadi despite the downpour, a decision that claimed his life and could have killed his younger sibling, Hamad Al Kalbani, 26, too. So today, with more rain forecast in parts of the Sultanate, we say don’t listen to us, listen to the words of a grieving Hamad, who survived narrowly after their car was swept away by the turbulent waters of Wadi Kabir in the wilayat of Ibri.

“I tried to convince him to wait till the water flow comes down. However, he believed in his vehicle’s power to cross the wadi,” said Hamad, an Ibri resident. “I decided to jump from the window as many citizens and civil defence force personnel were trying to help us after the wadi flow started sending the vehicle adrift. “I tried to help my brother but he got trapped inside the vehicle and couldn’t survive,” said Hamad, who had a narrow escape, thanks to the help from citizens and civil defence force personnel.

“I lost my brother and I feel really bad that I couldn’t stop him from crossing the wadi at first and couldn’t rescue him when the wadi washed away the car. If I can go back in time, I would stop my brother from crossing the wadi even if I had to use force,” said Hamad. The Royal Oman Police and the Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance (PACDA) frequently try to prevent such tragedies by sending out weather warnings, but these are often ignored by young men in their 20s. But it’s not just men driving into trouble. Each incident risks the lives not only of those unwitting or foolhardy enough to risk the weather, but also endangers those who go to their rescue.

Heroic rescue

In a heroic incident, also last Wednesday, a young man, who heard screams of a woman and her children coming from a vehicle that was being swept away by a wadi in Nizwa, decided to risk his life and tried to prevent the vehicle from drifting away in the wadi. The man was able to save the entire family from what seemed certain death. However, residents of Nizwa urged the government to find a solution to the wadis flowing in the Souq area as they always suffer damages and casualties. The Al Dakhiliyah region witnesses heavy rains that lead to a lot of wadis overflowing and converging in front of the Souq area, causing massive flow of water that makes it difficult to cross the main road there. In response, the Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance in Nizwa is trying to find a way to avoid damages like the ones that occurred due to the wadi flow in Nizwa Souq area when it had rained last. Plan afoot to curb flooding dangers

A reliable source at the Public Authority Civil Defence and Ambulance told Times of Oman that the authority is open to several solutions, including building a dam or finding a way to change the route of the wadi’s flow. “The Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance in Nizwa believes that the new road project connecting Farq to Tanouf will help avoid damages suffered during rains,” the source explained. He added that the project is ongoing and expected that once finished, it would result in smooth flow of traffic during rain and help normalise life.

The PACDA is still investigating a case in which a man went missing after his car fell off a cliff overlooking a wadi in the Wilayat of Dima Wa Al Tayeen. The Wilayat of Dima Wa Al Tayeen received heavy rainfall on Saturday night. Though it is not known whether the accident was connected to heavy rains witnessed in the area, onlookers speculated the weather conditions could have led to the mishap. Residents of the wilayat told Times of Oman that it is not the first time they had witnessed such an incident.

They apprehended that the wadi flow swept away the body towards Dhaiqah Wadi where all the wadis of Tayeen meet. A reliable source at PACDA told Times of Oman that the search operation is ongoing. He added that the search would cover the Dhaiqah Dam after finishing search operations in all the wadis of the Wilayat of Dima Wa Al Tayeen. Cloud development over the Governorate of Musandam and Al Batinah is expected to bring light rain to the area in the next 48 hours, according to Directorate General of Meteorology and Air Navigation forecast.


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