Talking of Corruption?? Nigerian Oil Fraud! Reply

Talking of Corruption?? Nigerian Oil Fraud!

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Images x2 – *** Lamudo Sanusi – Nigerian Central Bank Chief – and President Goodluck Johnson

  • A storm in a tea cup?
  • We hang the petty thieves – and elect the big ones to public offices – Aesop
  • The East Africans have a Swahili expression that goes like this – If you have to eat pork, choose the fattest juicest pig – because the sins are the same – so you might as well enjoy the meat.
  • Need to be careful people do not feel of ‘a witch hunt’ or a mouse trap! The mouse trap caught everyone except the mouse the trap was set for!

I have covered this particular topic widely and intensively in my columns – See some examples below! –

Nigeria – President Goodluck Jonathan accused internationally respected career banker Lamido Sanusi of “financial recklessness and misconduct,” and officially suspended him just days before the governor reportedly planned on stepping aside.

The West African nation’s naira currency immediately weakened in response.

Last year Sanusi reported that $50 billion worth of oil sold by the state’s Nigerian National Petroleum Corp. had not been paid to the government. The Senate Committee on Finance last week ordered an independent forensic audit into the missing money, now said to amount to about $20 billion. The Finance Ministry said missing receipts recovered in an audit accounted for the rest of the missing money

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