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For Wednesday September 4th 2013

Between Us Only!

Drums of War!

To Intervene Or Not To Intervene? That is the BIG Question!

Before I start on this serious topic – I would like to say something here – as an icebreaker more – and no innuendo or pun intended!

In that distant place that I grew up – the locals used to joke and tease on a particular incident that had happened there! This burly aggressive local was confronting an Indian Shopkeeper – and the later was trying to remain ‘cool and not scared’ of the bully.

So as he was standing up to him – he told him (the bully) – If you think you are that strong and courageous – I challenge you to do this! So the bully retorted – What are you going to do to me – if I do? I will show you – the shopkeeper meekly cried out! So the bully did exactly what he was being challenged on – and which included spilling the shop’s products and contents to the floor – and breaking of one or other thing!

The shopkeeper then said and in great desperation -– If you really have guts still – then slap my wife! The bully looked like doing it – but then changed his mind! He could not bring himself to doing it –- and he then walked away from the shop! The shopkeeper turned round to the spectators shouting gleefully – See I beat him after all! I showed him! The man was so terrified of his wife – and knew ‘the Red Line’ for him – was one beating up his wife! It was only lucky for him that the bully did not want to go this far – because his fight was with the shopkeeper and not his wife!

A long time ago – in a heated and very abrasive discussion with my expatriate boss one day – he confronted me saying – You do not seem to know who is paying your salary! This is not a Trade Union meeting – you know? So I retorted – I think we are both being paid by the same source – you and I? Then he said to me – getting calmer and cooler now seeing the standoff – this is a particular situation caught with our pants down!

Before I retorted I was not wearing pants – he reading my mind – he said something absurd about dishdashas – but wanting to match his cooling down – after all we were both in HR – I said to him – I can agree with you though that we are facing Hobson’s choice here! You know what? He retorted – This Situation? – We are damned if we do – and damned if we do not!
Those words of his stuck with me for years – only to come up again only recently!

Seriously though – I have written on this same subject many times before. You can find the last one here at – Here – https://majidall.com/2012/02/12/no-more-wars-please/ – written just one year ago – and which I would suggest be read in conjunction with this one!

• I hear the sound of distant drums – Far away, far away – Distant Drums Lyrics – Jim Reeves
• The biggest casualty of war always is ‘The Truth’!
• Enough is Enough! – Prince Saud bin Faisal – KSA Foreign Minister
• The alleged poison gas attack has said killed some 1,429 people – many of them children!

At an Arab League meeting in Cairo on Sunday evening September 1st 2013 – foreign ministers passed a resolution pressing the United Nations and the global community to – Take the deterrent and necessary measures against the culprits of this crime that the Syrian regime bears responsibility for. The ministers also concluded that those responsible for the lethal chemical weapons attack should face trial just like other “war criminals.” It stopped short, anyway, of sanctioning of military intervention into Syria.

Reading the hearts, souls and minds of people all over the world – including those near at home – everyone is dead tired of going again and again into wars!

After what has happened in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya etc – people are no longer prepared to hear more lies being fed into them!

Personally, I am still very much confused, disturbed and disoriented – because we have seen ‘live’ images of dying children in front of our very own eyes!

These tragic terrible heart breaking traumatic images must be true and real? So what is really happening here?

Who has done these despicable and terrible massacres? Crimes against humanity!

It was reported that during the Yugoslavia NATO drive against Serbs – over 30,000 civilians were killed as a result! As a result of ‘collateral damages’ – as the ‘pinpoint’ accuracy hits are just anathema! There is simply nothing like that in reality! Plus the point that nobody is talking still yet about the subsequent consequences, scenarios and repercussions of an intervention in Syria.

A survey conducted by a local newspaper (Muscat Daily of today’s date) found both residents and citizens against the intervention – because more innocent lives would be wasted away!

So what to do now?

The words of my ex boss still lingers on – You are damned if you do – and damned if you do not!

Some foot notes on the topic:-

• With utmost firmness I condemn the use of chemical weapons: I tell you that those terrible images from recent days are burned into my mind and heart, – he said. There is a judgment of God and of history upon our actions which are inescapable! Never has the use of violence brought peace in its wake. War begets war; violence begets violence – Pope Francis.
• Chemical massacre by Damascus cannot go unpunished and to gas a population constitutes a crime against humanity and it would be worse to do nothing – French Interior Minister Manuel Valls.
• The time has come to call on the world community to bear its responsibility and take the deterrent measure that puts a halt to the tragedy – Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal.
• A “crime against humanity” and calling Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as a “thug and murderer” – USA Foreign Secretary John Kerry

May The Good Lord Bring us all back to human values, decencies – and to our senses and sanity – Amin Amen!

Take Care!

By: Majid Al-Suleimany

Date – September 2nd 2013

Words – 1009

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