Things Have Simply Not Really Changed! Reply

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Things Have Simply Not Really Changed!

Today I tried my best – and avoided to get embroiled into an argument with one – sorry to say it to those of my friends! – an Indian Top Sales Marketing guy – a Services Provider that I have been using for a number of years. Have given them good business in the past – and the relationships are to mutual advantages, anyway!

There is no point to continue banging my head against brick walls – and just making it swollen and red in the process!

Five years ago, I had formally reported this same guy to his Indian Superiors – and I went so far to report him formally to The Company Owners – who though are Omanis – but are also of Indian descent.

The person promised to change and behave – but simply has not! In treating even qualified, experienced and professional Omanis with complete disdain and contempt. The mind just boggles of how he treats the Junior Younger Omanis under him.

I have stopped writing now my columns in The Oman Daily Observer – because there too things have not changed that much to date?

I have written two books in Management in these issues – – and several column articles before – so what is the use, anyway I do not know how long these things will continue – before there is a breaking point?

The problems with us Omanis are that we are very  welcoming, respecting and esteeming to ‘The Invited Guests’ in our country – unalike even others near us!

Thus the few of them especially feel it is okay to ‘shit over our heads’ in forgeting the famous expression – Biting the hand that feeds you …and ending as proved in many cases – of ‘licking the boot that kicks you’!!

I am not a Political Scientist or Expert – but since yesterday Wednesday I have never ever felt so sad in my life ever before – because all the things I have said and cautioned about have come to pass – and I feel so sad, unhappy and miserable to keep saying – I have said it, before! Or I told you so!

Even at the dangers of losing something so nice and good that you had never had before or expected – and something you should strive to protect, defend and let it grow and propsper – the evilness and selfishness in people will jist not change – even if they know their actions – or inactions – would lead to what, where and when!

May Allah God Protect and Preserve us all – from His Anger and Fury – Amin.

So Sad.

Majid al Suleimany

Thursday – August 15th 2013.

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Footnote – I feel so sad and unhappy – that all the things I have said (and predicted) have all come true – everytime!

Please Wipe My Tears!

Majid Al Suleimany

The Author

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