Troubling and Complex Issues! Reply

For Thursday – July 4th 2013.

Between Us Only!

Troubling and Complex Issues!

A Review of One’s Priorities!

  • Character is simply habit long continuedPlutarch
  • By the age of thirty, the character of a person      has set like plaster – and will not soften againWilliam James

There comes a time in one’s life when things just get too complicated, difficult, perplexing and complex – and just do not get connected – and you have to move from one episode to another – and in utter and complete confusion in making any decisions of what is the best option out of the dire situation facing you! And whichever way you look at things and what to decide has, indeed, many pitfalls, issues and troubles – and could even result in personal harm and danger! You do not see the way out – and in front of you are only the trees – and you just cannot see the forest anymore now. There is the expression that perhaps you just do not do anything as a possible option – but that too you have to rule out! So then what do you really do?

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There is also this point. Even if people know that on what you are complaining about has its legality, basis, authencity and validity – nobody wants you to say anything in your defense – and if you do – you are just wasting your time, efforts and energies – because nobody is going to listen to you. By opening your mouth, you remove all doubt! You end only in confirming the labels and colourings already made out for you – that you are simply trouble – and need to be avoided!\

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Even if they know deep down inside themselves – and even in hindsight, self-conscience and self-analysis – that you have a base and strong point to complain – and have all the valid and pertinent points – and need to be heard and attended to! This is the obstinate approach and outlook that leads to greater trouble and issues – but still people – even if knowing this – do not just care or bother! They remain as they are – and will just not change or adopt! And the more you try – the more they become withdrawn – and more obstinate and rigid – and even more harsh and punitive in retaliation!


3 - Unhappy Couple 4 - Argue Time 5 - Things Apart Angry Senior Couple in a Terrible Argument

The very same people will turn against you when things have really turned bad and sour – and they are caught in the middle – and heads are about to roll – and scapegoats are to be found – and that nobody has told them anything – and they know nothing of all these things – and it is the first time that they are hearing anyone telling them of these things! They are very good actors and impersonators – and may even switch roles to be the accusing type now – and abandon the defensive roles prior!

Human beings are supposed to be the most intelligent species on the globe – but they can easily disappoint and let you down – at the most inopportune time – when you really needed them to do otherwise!

Sometimes you feel that those people that just go along with things and are least bothered or caring may have the right approach in life – and are really more smarter and intelligent – because they have already analysed the situation – and have decided just to let things roll out as they are. They are least bothered – or care the least! Their only priorities and outlooks are – as long as I ‘am not touched’ – and can get what I want from the situation – I do not care about the rest of things! For them diplomacy is telling someone to go to hell – and he is looking forward for the trip!

3 - Unhappy Couple 4 - Argue Time 5 - Things Apart

Images Stalemate Impossible – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

In my column – I have written many topics of the same theme and focuses – like Wasted Loyalties – Being Sincere in Life etc. If people do not even bother on the Religious books – do you think they will be bothered on what is written by human beings? People see things – hear things – people speak on these things to them – or they too may sometimes speak themselves – but that is all that is to it! Nothing more – nothing less!

It is always the people that do care and feel that get hit the most! And the more you are sincere, care and feel that you get more hit! You only end with a bloodied nose and swollen red head – by banging it against brick walls! In the end you become the bigger loser – nobody else!

You cannot change people – however hard you try! A leopard does not lose its spots – nor a tiger its stripes! And you cannot save someone – if he does not want it for himself! It is best to leave such people to their fate. As the saying goes – every dog has his day! So why intervene and interfere now – if you know all these things? A big question to ask yourself and only you can do this for yourself only! No one else can!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany


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