Extreme Cruelty Capacity! Reply

Extreme Cruelty Capacity! – The Oman Daily Observer – Sunday June 16th 2013

A The Syrian Situation

It is very hurtful, painful, sad and tragic to see people that have been co-existing and living together for ages in peace, harmony and understanding go on the rampage in massacres murders in cold blood – sparing no one including 14 year old boys, women, children – and even babies!

Syria A

Soon to Be Slain – Syrian Carnage – www.majidall.com – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

What has the world come to now? That we have forgotten all the preaching and the coming of our great Prophet PBUH – our Religion, Teachings and Beliefs? Those people that should know better – including the Religious Leaders and Elders – let alone politicians alone – and those standing to gain and benefit from the continued fighting – and instead of bringing people together – we add fuel to the fire by causing them more divisions, disasters, calamity, havoc and catastrophe!

Syria 1 Syria 2 Syria 3

The Syrian Calamity – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

And for what? How long will you live in the world? Wait for your eternal damnation and hell fire from the moment you are in your grave to eternity and hell only! Live it to Allah God – because Allah God is The Best Judge – Amin Amen.

Burma 1 Burma 2

The Rohingyas in Despair – www.majidall.com

B The Rohingyas of Burma

All over the world people are protesting – even from those countries that were once a model, symbol and example to others – like Turkey was! In Spain, Greece, all over in parts of Africa, Latin America – but where the silence is more chilling is what is happening in Burma with the Rohingyas – and a lesson in life to the so-called Religious Leaders and Campaigners – when desperate people clinging for a last hope – even run for shelter to the very same places – where they could be easier and faster be coldly be massacred!

Yet everyone is more interested in their (Burma) economy and opportunities for investment – rather than people and human rights and values! After all – who cares for the Rohingyas – they are poor people – with no oil or anything else to give! Shame on men! Shame on humanity!

C The Slain British Soldier – Lee Rigby

1 - Lee Rigby

The Brutal Senseless Despicable Slained Soldier – Late Lee Rigby – www.majidall.com

A senseless cruel despicable act! The killing of one innocent person is like killing a nation!

We hear it being said everyday – day in and day out – but we have become so deaf we cannot hear anymore – so blind we cannot see anymore – and so dumb that we cannot speak out anymore!

We do not need such converts – Return from where you came from!

4 - Scene

Crime Scene – www.majidall.com

3 - The Victim Family

The Victim’s Family – www.majidall.com

2 - Brandishing Killer

Confronting The Killer! – www.majidall.com

After working a day at the Tower of London, British soldier Drummer Lee Rigby was returning to his barracks in Woolwich when a vehicle swerved and struck him. Two men came out of the vehicle and attacked him with cleavers causing him “extensive and serious injuries.” The two men moved his “apparently lifeless body” and remained on the scene until police arrived, when “both were incapacitated and detained.”

A Michael Adebowale, 22, has been charged with murder and with unlawful possession of a firearm. He was discharged from a hospital last Tuesday and has been held in custody since at a police station. He made an initial court appearance last Thursday.

This has nothing to do with Islam; this has nothing to do with our religion. This has nothing to do with Allah. It has nothing to do with Islam. It’s heartbreaking, it’s heartbreaking. – Ahmed Jama, a 26-year-old Woolwich resident said – as he laid flowers down at the scene as a sign of respect to the families involved.

We would like to emphasize that Lee would not want people to use his name as an excuse to carry out attacks against others – The victim Rigby family said in a statement issued last Friday

He loved life and he loved people – the family statement said – he had many friends from different walks of life — some with different religious beliefs and cultures. But this made no difference to Lee. He always treated others with the greatest of respect – the family said.

I watched the Rigby family ruefully cry on Television. When the Mother said – We were all worried when he was in Iraq and in Afghanistan – but when he returned home – we thought he would now be safe! Poor lady – she made me cry too! She forgot the evil cruel minds and hearts of some men – with great capacity of being cruel, destructive and hurtful.

People need to come to their senses now – before it is too late for mankind! However many missions you send in unmanned drones flights attacks – however much intrusive and penetrating you are in personal freedoms, values and liberty – there will be no peace in this world – when flimsy excuses are given to attack others – and use the clout of threats, divisions and embargoes still continue unabated!

When people are still displaced in their lands – and others from far away with no rights at all – come to occupy their lands – and 65 years on still live in tents and are still being displaced! Use all the acronyms and bad adjectives you want to describe and define things – but the truth still stands – and will still remain the same!! Open for all to see! Hear and speak too!

The sooner we realise all these things – and come quickly, sensibly, pragmatically and wisely to our senses – the better for everyone! And for the world too!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

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