A Question of Loyalty! Reply

For Now Thursday  – May 16th 2013.

Between Us Only!

A Question of Loyalty!

  • O ye who believe! Obey Allah and Obey the Messenger and those in authority among you. And if you disagree over anything, refer it to Allah and the Messenger, if you should believe in Allah and the Last Day. That is the best [way] and best in resultQuraan 4.59
  • ·          Loyalty is the pledge of truth to oneself and others.- Ada Valez – Boardley
  • A Question of Loyalty is the fourteenth episode of the BBC comedy series Yes Minister and was first broadcast 6 April 1981

If you are faced in life of a dilemma situation where you may need to tell one the painful bitter truth  – and not doing so or in remaining quiet – in order for peace and just to continue to maintain friendships and relationships – which one would you go for?  It is a loaded question – or as it is being said – a one million question! You could retort by saying that it all depends on the style, tact and diplomacy that you may need to use – or as it is said in some quarters – of sugar coating the bitter pill – before you give it! But what if there are no takers? And all your best efforts and determination have failed miserably?

Images Loyalty – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

Loyalty 1

And have you considered of the repercussions and consequences of showing indifference – when the person asks you pointblank – why? Why did you not tell me? Because you would not listen! Yes – but still you should have told me – you at least owe this to me! And in brief and in summary – that is my life’s story – by saying it – however bitter and painful the truth can be! For me that is the preferred option – rather than go with the tide – and remain quiet! Admittedly going with the tide can drown you! But did you notice too that it is only the ‘dead fish’ that go with the tide!

In my current life status – I have some ladies that write to me ‘complaining bitterly ‘ about their spouses and how they get treated. The discomfiting and the unfortunate part is that I know well their spouses – and that is what is being said of ‘hiding skeletons in the closets’ – or as the East Africans say – ‘each house hides its secrets inside the house – you cannot see it from outside’!

Loyalty 2

Apart from semantics of loyalty – what can I say to them? That perhaps it takes two to tango? As soon as you say that – or try to intimate that perhaps she had contributed to the situation – then all hell is let loose – and you are now involved in the triangular relationships – even if you were determined not to! The problem with some people is this ‘I’ thing – they are always right – and can never be wrong! I know of a very good friend of mine married for over 35 years – if he has made a mistake to his wife or children – he will come forward to admit it – even if belatedly!

Loyalty 3 Loyalty A

Images Loyalty – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

He tells me that in all this long period ‘not even one day did the wife come forward to admit anything she had done wrong – even inadvertently! How is it possible that you as a human being can remain like an angel that has done no wrong? But she will easily apologise to the office staff – or her friends – but never her husband! Yet the lady is supposed to be religious and observing but only in the other aspects – but not in equation is the husband there! The triple hypocrisy out of it all!

Loyalty Sincere I

As Loyal as Mother and Child! Images For Demonstration Purposes Only!

This week my two sequel books in the Between Us Only! series were released! In one of the book was an article about how I left one place! There is a new man there – under ‘New Management’ theme and focus! So I sent my book to him – pointing out the chapter for his attention! I did not expect much in return with exception of either being just ignored – as the usual cases – or even the book given to someone else – ‘if you are interested’ in his works! The surprise and excitement was all mine – when the good pragmatic man was so kind and receptive – and it even made me feel guilty of adding that chapter in the book!

In my career life I had one lady staff who was always calling in sick – and she in many times did not even bring medical proofs of being sick – but I used ‘to cover and protect her’ because I knew about her case well personally! The day I had resigned from the place – what else is new? – another boss came in! She was so excited- because their families knew each other well from old days!  The guy even teased me that ‘he was invited for lunch in her house – were you invited? I said emphatically – No! Lucky you! In God’s mysterious ways – the relationships soon soured – and she started losing salary money whenever she did not turn up – because the man followed the book rules! She was soon heard to lament – I am being punished by what I did to M1

In one of my Executive Search Selection campaigns – I got one Omani Engineer so desperate that he even had considered to apply for a job in a war torn Arab country! He feared that one day he will end as a casualty of indiscriminate road bombings! He was a good candidate – only his problem was his mouth – he spoke! I understood well the dilemma – being myself a victim! He ended in a very high profile job somewhere else – with full power and authority! Some years later they were looking for a temporary HR Consultant – guess who got the job? Not me for sure! That is how the cookie crumbles – as our good Brits say!

I could write chapters and chapter on this theme – but I am taking into mind what my Features Editor said to me about my columns – so I will end here!

ADDENDUM – His Majesty visit to PDO on 12th May 2013 and receiving this SMS message from the MD brought tears to my eyes! You will excuse me for now getting old and being a diabetic case! The SMS just said – This afternoon we were privileged and honoured to be visited at our MAF offices by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said. I and members of the MDC presented PDO business priorities and key achievements. His Majesty sent his best wishes to all employees and was appreciative of PDO efforts in oil and gas production and our wider programme to support Oman. PDO MD

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Images HM Visit to PDO

HM Visit 2 HM Visit 3 HM Visit 4 HM Visit 5


Majid Al Suleimany

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

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