Looking After The Elderly! Reply

For Sunday – June 2nd 2013.

Between Us Only!

Looking After The Elderly!

Your Lord had decreed, that you worship none but Him, and that you be kind to parents. Whether one or both of them attain old age in your life, Say not to them a word of contempt, nor repel them, but address them in terms of honour.

And out of kindness, lower to them the wing of humility, and say; My Lord! Bestow on them Your Mercy, even as they cherished me in childhood – The Holy Quran Al-Israa – 17 -23-24

Some years ago – when my younger brother and I were taking our late father for his medical appointment at the hospital – we had parked the car near the Emergency entrance – and as we were getting him out of the car into the wheelchair – who comes to confront us but this old Omani person asking us very intrusive personal questions and our relationships with the patient. We met him later – and he was very apologetic to us as to why he did this!

The embarrassing taboo part was that though he had children of his own – including sons too – but none had accompanied him to the hospital but with just a proviso that once he finishes he should call one of them – and he will come to pick him at the entrance! He was lamenting badly ‘that they are more concerned about their jobs than me’ – especially when he came to know that we were also working at the time! This part seemed to hurt him a lot – learning where we worked – but then I politely and kindly told him not to ‘forget his son had a high profile job’ – not like us – and just not to make him feel more bad then what it was already!

Parents 1 Parents 2 Parents 3 Parents 4

Images Looking After The Elderly – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

A few months back this old lady we called as our granny had died. Allah Rest her soul – but she was a person that wanted a lot of attention to listening to – but otherwise was not a real pain or trouble. She had looked after our late father as a boy sometimes when our real grandmother was sick and invalid! She was the famous lady in my famous article of the relative lady who had wanted to slaughter her only goat that gave her milk too – because we had visited her at the home village for the first time when we had returned from Africa!

Parents 5

Images – Parents

At the funeral gathering they were asking us – ‘how were you related to her the late person?’ To just continue the conversation we had retorted – ‘why do you ask’! The answer came back – ‘because by the way you have all been concerned and the way you all came!’ I believe this always – sometimes in life it is best to keep quiet and pretend not to know – when bad things are said about others – and how they are treated about others – and I believe that also goes along well and fine with our teachings, belief and upbringing too! The most important thing is we ‘simply could not forget that this poor lady had at many times in her life’ looked after our late father! Nobody had asked her – nobody compelled her – and she was not even a relative to feel the pressure to do so!

With the nuclear family ever arising – coupled with increasing consumerism, selfishness, individualism, materialism and ever more bad hearts and will – and moving away from our upbringing, traditions, values, culture, customs and traditions – the old folks are more at danger than ever before! I remember my late father’s rueful cry – ‘surrounded by people – but have never felt so alone and miserable in my life ever before’. This after the old man refused to wear hearing aids – as they made him uncomfortable! And the loud voices in talking to him slowly evaporated and disappeared – and many times I had seen a tear or two falling down his cheek!

Young Family Having Fun In Park Parents 7 Parents 8 Parents 9

Images – Parents – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

As a person now reaching 65 and moving to the old ages – I can strongly believe that ‘what goes around; comes around’! My children and the family ones too prefer to stay in their own groups – and talk their own gibberish rubbish – and using messages, videos and photos on the latest mobile telephone gadgets – and forget about us the elders – but even the housemaid are very busy fully occupied looking after the children! I think my late father would smile elegantly if he saw the new images of his family – and you deserve it – he would surely retort!

Parents A 

Parents B CryingImages – Parents – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

In an article I wrote as early as ‘What Is Happening To Us Now? – June 25th 2003 – and The Defiant Rebellious Teenagers – September 15, 2004 – I 9 years ago! – I had  saidEver wondered what the future will hold to our grandchildren’s sons and daughters, the way things are going now even with them? It is really worrying and scaring, I tell you! I hope one day my grandchildren will read this article, and know what their father did for them as children! Where is that respect for parents? And to the elders and the older peoples in society? What about our customs, traditions, culture and heritage? Where have they gone?

Stories crop up now and then of elderly people being isolated and left alone by their children and supposed to be caretakers! A society that is not kind and merciful to its elders cannot expect any blessings, protection and goodwill from Allah God. That is an undeniable fact and truth of life. At the time when the idea of creating old peoples and invalid care home was made some years ago – there was an uproar that it was something alien and foreign to our society! Is it perhaps the time to revisit the idea once again?

Allah Protect and Preserve us all – and Guide us to the right path and way – Amin Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Ending Relationships in Life! Reply

For Thursday – May 30th 2013.

Between Us Only!

Ending Relationships in Life!

  • I propose that we abandon our relations entirely. I shall lose nothing by it, for my own emotional tie with you has long been a thin thread – the lingering effects of past disappointments – Letter from Dr. Freud to Discipline Jung in association relationships breakup in 1913.
  • It is not you – it is all me! – Famous Break Up Line!

Freud Jung

Image Dr. Freud and Jung – 1913.

Life is about making choicessometimes you are required to make extremely hard and difficult decisions in your options – stick to one and move forward in your life now in that direction – and fight as best as you can – even against great odds – not to waver or change! It is not an easy thing to do – but you know deep down in your heart – and in deep self-analysis and review – in deep conscience analysis – that this is the only right path and thing to do now!

There are many circumstances that can bring your life to a jolt that you need to make that brave decision now in your life! You might have suspected or even known for a long time that the person is not your real friend – or is not in your true interests, intentions and well-being – but you have been going along because you are impotent and weak to make the brave and courageous decision to break this relationship for good!

It maybe you had trusted this person so much to have been on your side – but all the time he was working against you from the inside – or even in front of you – but the eyes cannot see; the ears cannot hear; and the mouth cannot even speak out. You end as the person most blind, deaf and mute – and end as a trusting stupid incompetent bumbling stupid person – who has failed miserably in life to stand for oneself – and those that have relied and depended on you for doing the right, correct, ethical and professional thing – even if the repercussions could be dangerous and harmful to one. The question then props in – Are you a man or a mouse?

Relationship A

Quarrel between men and women

Images – Breaking Relationships – Most hard and painful!

Images For Demonstration Purposes Only!

A long time ago, when I was a kid – my late father – let him rest in peace – was introducing me to what he thought was his close business friend and associate! My father hardly spoke any English – and this man was insulting my father in front of my very eyes! As a kid, I was so scared of my father that I never dared to tell him this!

At this time also – my poor father had taken the wrong side in life by not supporting the locals there in their hopes and aspirations to become independent from the colonial masters – and he was very close in friendships to the much despised and hated then colonial DC – District Commissioner!

Relationship 1 Relationship 2

Images Relationships! – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

Wherever this DC moved – people had to stop doing everything they were doing and stand up. I was playing marbles with my friends – and continued playing and ignoring him – whilst my friends froze to death in their tracks! The DC wanted to know who this boy belonged to? When he was told it was my father – he told me – You are lucky that you are your father’s son – otherwise you would see what would have happened to you today!

That night my father reprimanded me – and for the first time in his life he showed me his true wisdom and pragmatism. He said to me – I understand what that man said to you. But so what? Do not think that what I am doing is not wrong – but I gain more by being his friend (DC) than by going against him. I am also able to sell more of my things in the shop than the other shopkeepers – even if their shops are more stocked and bigger than mine. I feel the air – and if I see the changes coming that will make me need to change – believe me I will change too fast – even if it will be very hard, challenging and difficult in the beginning! But change I will – I assure you!

Whilst he (DC) is still here – he will still be my friend. The friendship works for both of us meanwhile – he needs me – and I need him! He may think I am a gullible, stupid, naive and unsuspecting person – but I could say the same things to him! So the next time he comes around – there is no harm to stop playing – and going with the tide!

Remember he cautioned – going against the tide will drown you! Even if I have inside me full contempt and ridicule of the person – I will not show it to him openly – because I will end as the bigger loser! And why do it – when things are working out for me – by going this route? I will remain on this route as far as is bearable and tolerable!

Relationship 3 Relationship 4

Images Relationships – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

I never appreciated much what my poor dad had told me until further far more years in life when in Secondary School and we learnt about Okonkwo in Things Fall Apart! by Chinua Achebe – the great Author – who had died was buried recently! Then I realised how pragmatic, smart and intelligent my late father really was!

When the wind for change came in – my late father was the local council member looking after food in the place’s Independence celebrations – now their friend too! He had changed sides with the strong forces of change! Sadly, I never put this in practise in my career life – though my pragmatic peers did – and my misfortune in life! Mistakenly, I thought being transparent, frank and open was a better option for me!

In one of the films I saw long time back, these villages in Europe were hoisting the flags of the conquering and invading Nazi Germany! When the Allied Forces came in – they waved their flags instead – with exception of one ‘slow’ person who still had the Nazi flag – but harm was prevented to him when it was realised it was so. He was a happier person to get new colour flags – and that tells a very big story here of what really is at stake in life! And in relationships!

These things go down to even a lower level in our own lives – in our personal lives and associations too! The other day a good relative of ours came to our house – and so how granny was playing around with his grandchildren. Then he said to me – You are a lucky person – but you do not know it really! You see for me though I have grandchildren too – but I just woke up one day and I had decided then to end the relationships with my wife after 35 years of marriage.

Close up of young couple fighting

Image – Ending of Relationships!

He says to me – All this time I was naive and dreamful that she would change one day – but change she never did! It was no point in continuing the relationships any further – but I had to be strong willed and determined not to waver and change – though the temptations came many times to do so – I tell you! Any regrets I ask him? He retorts – Only like now seeing you playing with your grandchildren – and all as one in the family!

May Allah God Always Guide and Direct us to the right path and way – Amin – Amen

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Please Support The Local Authors! Reply


Between Us Only!

Supporting The Local Authors!

Please Support The Local Authors!

Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money! – Jules Renard

This similar article was written in January 2005 – over 8 years ago! The mere fact that I am writing on the same topic now again – shows nothing much has yet changed that much!

It is commonly said – and repeated over and over againthat the person who really cares and feels for you will tell you the truth – even if you do not like to hear it being told to you! The person who keeps quiet – or goes along with you – even if he knows deep down that what you are doing is wrong and unethical in all accounts – is not your real true friend!

They also say in our Religion that we should not stop saying things which are the truth – even if it will hurt us. There are so many references in the good book and in The Hadith pertaining to this very same topic – and so many cases, examples and references given of our Great Prophet (PBUH) and other examples – rich in history too!

It need to be also said that if Truth was spoken – and people are prepared to hear and listen – and act on them too! – then the world would have been a safer more peaceful place – with more tolerance, co-existence, ‘live and let live’, and patience than now! Whether we want to accept this or not – or go for the ostrich head in the ground approach – it is our own business only – and no one else for that matter! The truth be said – without the necessity of always sugar coating – because the later too does not work either!

I have noted lately that there has been a great support for Arts and Paintings – but with the few exceptions of VIPs books – or books supported by VIPs including opening and launching sessions – the rest of us are still out there in the cold! Especially some of us that write in English as the easier language for us to do! And if you write on topics that people prefer to push under the carpet – or not to hear – then your situation becomes even worse! And that especially when you have compiled your works in books formats – and people can read easily – over and over again!

A few years ago when the poor girl I knew well in my HR Consultancy jobs died – with 9 members of her family in a tragic horrible accident – I was talking with her Manager and was inquiring about her – and why there was a great silence – and nothing coming from her in emails in support and nice comforting words. My emails were going to her – but the IT people there were themselves still in shock to remove her name from the mailing list!

1 - Being The Safe Driver - Front

Being The Safe Driver! www.bethesafedriver.com

It is true that many of us read the newspapers – or watch the television – of road accidents stories – but we never imagine that the victim in the tragic accidents – many are avoidable – is someone we know well! We never get involved personally in the stories and get emotionally inclined in touch and feelings! Perhaps if we made the attempts – or tried to do so – things could act out to be different! Perhaps only then road accidents could come down tremendously! I strongly believe in this – with the ever increased accidents and fatalities in the country!

When I self published on my own the Road Safety book – Being The Safe Driver! – Behind The Wheel! – and created the supporting website – www.bethesafedriver.com – I thought things would now be different this time! With exception of some few great companies of the land buying copies for their Board and The Management Team – nothing else went different! It was just the same stories – all over again! Reduce the book price – if I get OMR 2 in each book after costs publishing, air freight from USA and Bookshops commissions at 35% each book!

You would have imagined the Bookshops were the only winners – but even there ;you have to beg, borrow and steal’ to get your books taken in – unless it is for the publicity for the VIPs books – or books launches by VIPs! Poor M – a retired HR – no one knows him – and he has no W! Besides, why support and assist him – when his other books links – especially The Arab Management books that ‘rocked the boat to its very foundations’! So if we support his Road Safety book it would be like directly or indirectly supporting his other books per se!

I remember the famous nursery story of The Red Hen who went around asking others to help in growing seeds until harvest of the corn – but none did! When it baked the cake – and asked – who will eat from my cake? Everyone wanted a piece. I am sorry to say this – after the advices I get of ‘why don’t you translate the book into Arabic? You will get more Readers that way!

When I sent my appeal to them before the book publishing – they just ignored me and looked the other way! Thus my writing the article – Deafening Silence! You can see it here in my website! I should have learnt my lesson – after sending these VIPs my first books – including The Arab Management books specifically – but with the exception of very few expatriates – none even acknowledged even receiving the books – let alone in thanks!

Truthfully, I have never considered the business of writing as a business enterprise – or to make money! There is no money in books – and the returns – if any – are extended, tedious and belated too! But one needs to look things at the greater picture – and look things outside the box! Not everything is money in life! Otherwise today there would have been no great works like War and Peace – or the Shakespearean works! What is the added advantage if one’s works come out in fame – when he is invalid – or as many cases long time dead? Whilst he was alive he was unknown and unacknowledged – and miserable and poor!

I appeal to The Leadership to visit this arena too – and to (re) consider our cases more sympathetically and pragmatically! Especially those of us few that write in English! Even in the few competitions the insistence is works in Arabic – point taken – but communicating in other languages should be welcomed in! That is what and why Oman became great in history! Besides, not many are like yours truly – determined not to be let down – but keep his head up – and to succeed against all odds!

May Allah God Guide and Direct us to the right path and way – Amin.

By Majid Al Suleimany

The Other New Books


2 - BUO ST 2

3 - BUO TS 3

1 - Behind The Wheel Cover

More Information and Details at www.myownmajid.com

And www.myown-ebooks.com

‘Insulting Friends’! Reply

For Thursday Now May 23rd 2013

Between Us Only!

Insulting ‘Friends’!

The Hypocrisies and the Double Standards of Men!

…. I learned to my sorrow that the human race

Is teaming with scoundrels, each with a double face

Therefore, until they perish and meet their end

Only then one dares to call a person a friend.-

In Search of A Friend – Poem by Mustafa Mohamed Said (PDO)

A long time ago when I was working with ‘one state of the art prestigious project’ firm – I was going to conduct a preliminary first short list interview of candidates for one Administration position – when in my Office walked two guys – one was the Interviewee – and the other was ‘his friend’! The friend had told the Interviewee that he knew me personally and well – and if he would be allowed to talk to me first – because ‘he wanted to use the great ‘W’ thing with me! So if he could be allowed to talk to me in private first before the Interview?

I found this man’s behaviour very strange, crude, odd and weird – but I went on to entertain him anyhow – though we were already behind schedule in the Interviews Programmes! That is M for you – entertaining and bending backwards to accommodate! Anyway, what else is new? The weirdest part was his telling his friend that he knew me well – which was far from the truth! I never knew the guy – and had never ever met him in my life before!

The world is full of crazy weird people of all kinds and sorts! Because after the poor man had left the office – the ‘good friend’ asked me if he could close the door – which I have this bad habit of always ‘keeping it open’! So I obliged! The next was my shock to my every atom and foundation! He was crooked enough to ask if the position involved dealing with customers – and handling money! It was none of his business anyway – but this soft softie approach of mine in dealing with such insurgents had always put me in trouble before – but I never learn my lesson!

So I replied to the affirmative to both the questions. Then he shocked me to the core – do not recruit this guy! Yes – do not! He has been terminated due to some pending cases against him – so ‘I tell you to be careful! I was so shocked – because I did not know what to do next! Normally we have what in HR we call as a Reference Check – that is checking the person out – if we are really interested in him or her after being shortlisted.

Then he called his friend – he said in front of him! I told M all about you – which was true in semantics – and he will do something about your application – doubly semantic as also true! I had to go through the motions of the interview anyhow – but I was so confused and lost – because this was the first time such a thing had happened to me – and did not know what to do!

Meanwhile, his friend went about to others. As soon as I had finished the interview – in walks my boss who liked such things – telling me – give me his CV. To which he took it from me – and tore it up! He told me – this guy is out! He is not a reliable candidate! It later materialised the ‘good friend’ had been to him too – whilst I was conducting the interview!

Anyway, I had an opportunity far later in life when I met this Interviewee and asked him about his ‘friend’! He told me – Oh, he is a very good friend – actually my brother in reality! Then he told me how his ‘friend’ had helped him whilst ‘between jobs’ – and looking after his family! Eventually this man was cleared of the case – and was paid a handsome compensation for his false termination – and got a better job than the one we had planned for him! God’s mysterious ways of working out things – finally for the ‘trusting guy’!

Now those of you who know me well will tell me that something must have happened to you this week for you to write on the topic! You are not mistaken – again! Do you know about Facebook? Well, I sort of had this ‘friend’ lying with me idle in my lists for ages! As a Writer and Columnist I get many requests to be a ‘friend’ – and I do not have the heart to say ‘another time’ or to decline. I feel bad to hurt someone’s feelings – especially if he or she is a fan! Or just likes occasionally to read my articles!

My late father one day beat me up very badly – because unknown to me I was followed to the Masjid by a puppy I was playing with before – and yet I was joining the congregation prayers! With due respects to ‘dogs lovers’ – because the animal is considered sort of unclean’ – I did not make the rules – just following them! The point I want to make here is – if you play with a puppy it will follow you to the mosque. Rhetoric in meaning! For a dog – it is just a building!

Images Friends Below

Friends 1 Friends 2 Friends 3

So this one guy – the name sounds local though – writes something best put as idiotic – and foolishly I put in my comments. It is supposed to be a religious topic – so you must expect comments from others – if you have the nerve and guts in the first place to put it in!

This is what I always say about the increasing extremism, fundamentalism and radicalism in some quarters – especially by some of the Youth – and how they are not able to handle it – when opinions and views come in that are different from theirs! That is why we have so many issues, problems and troubles now!

My double shocks next when he abrasively replies – in a public forum like Facebook – using the N word to describe me ‘to shut up’! I feel like giving him a good piece of my mind – but then I take the high road – and just say – I feel sorry for you – Bye! I then remove him from my friends in Facebook – and in my lists. No longer a Friend! Better now before it is too late!

What I find strange and weird is using the ‘N’ word to describe me – though he misspelled it – with my first inclination for him to go back to school to learn English before replying to others!

Yes I was born in Zanzibar – and I tell you that am very proud of it – the fact – too! If it makes you happy to name call – go ahead – it is your funeral – not mine!

That is my story! Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Friends Images – Below

Friends 4

Friends 5 Friends 6 Friends 7 Friends 8 Friends A Friends B

My New Book Now in Amazon Kindle! Reply

My New Book Now in Amazon Kindle!


Hello from Amazon KDP!

The book “Between Us Only!: The Sequel – Three!” you recently submitted to KDP has been published to the Kindle Store and is already available* for readers to purchase here.


Now that your book is live, we would like to highlight a great program called KDP Select available to KDP authors and publishers, such as yourself.

KDP Select allows you to enjoy benefits, such as earning a share of a monthly fund when readers borrow your book from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. You will also be able to promote your book as free to readers for up to 5 days every 90 days. When you choose KDP Select, you make your book available in digital format exclusively through KDP for at least 90 days.

BOOK 1 - Front

The Book Front Cover

From Me!

After Compliments;

Another feather in the cap! It makes me feel great and elated! As an Omani – I feel great to see an Omani up there with such a books record!

” I was really amazed that you as an ex HR Person could write such a wonderful book like this on Road Safety (Being The Safe Driver!) – so touching and feeling. I must admit I even feel jealous as a HSE person (British)… I could never dare to attempt to try to write such a book! Congratulations. – From A Reader – UK!


What more can I say?

Best Wishes and Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany – Muscat – Oman

May 19th 2013.

Are You Afraid? Reply

 For Sunday May 19th 2013.

Between Us Only!

Are You Afraid?

Or The (African) Island Touch!

Do you believe in these paranormal ghost things? These things were common occurrences in this place!

The Island – When I was a young boy in this island I grew up in East Africa (Mafia – not the Italian one) but the Arabic one for the place (island) without (She without) – also known locally as Chole – there were a lot of scare and weird stories there. These are not tales that I was told, but had actually experienced myself, family and or by my close friends! See Mafia Island Images Below!

I - So Shocked

So Afraid?

For example? Like cars cutting off engines whenever they reached one special baobab tree, especially after evening prayers (Maghrib) and for no reason. It never happened when our late father (pbuh) was there! In one incident when it happened, my late father shot in the air – and the truck mysteriously restarted!

See Fear Images Below

Afraid 1 Afraid 2 Afraid 3 Afraid 4 Afraid A Afraid B

There was this beautiful damsel wandering in the night (very tall fair Arab lady). They said she was a ‘Jinn’ (ghost, fairy) trying to trap gullible (and usually drunk) men. It was said she actually walks through walls. If that will not scare you to run (and forget all others ideas you had in your head) what else will? I never met her – but our houseboy did! We heard his screams late at night!

We used to mock these things that they used to make people collect cashew nuts whilst they thought they were dreaming it in their sleep – only to find it the hard way when their hands reeked of cashew fruit next morning!

Travel Express by Night – One old Bedouin (Omani) telling my father one day early morning ‘that our grandmother had died in Hail Al-Ghaaf (Quriyaat)’. In those days mails took a month, when the letter was received, it was the exact date (the man had insisted to my disbelieving late father to write down the date!).

It was said this man traveled at night (how – do not ask me! I never asked him, nor did I want to find out!) to and back to Oman. To prove his point, he had fresh ripening dates in his house (guess nobody ate them except himself, who else in his right mind would want to try?) It was always in summer time – I came only to know when I returned to Oman in 1972 was the time of dates!

There were so many stories In this island, of so many stories of people changing into ‘cats and monkeys’ and coming to people’s houses (we used to think our poor dad (pbuh) had lost it, when he used to shout at them in Arabic – to go away, and they actually did!).

There is also this one! How my late elder brother (pbuh) beat a cat badly because it ate his food. Next day he was seriously sick, everybody said he was a goner. They had to go to apologise to an old African man who looked like he was just beaten up! Only then my brother recovered.

The Haunted Hotel Room – The hotel Reception offered me this room on the top floor. It was at a reduced rate. The Reception Staff lady said to me – You are Omani. So you will be okay in the room! I refused to take chances – and rightly too – as it emerged that the room was haunted – and there was an evil presence in the room. Next morning the people found themselves on the floor thrown from the bed – in the bath tub – and hearing angry hissing voices – like get out from my master’s bed!

I would have discounted this as just whim. But I met someone later one I knew well who had tried the room – and met exactly the same fate. It seemed the hotel was housed in a large family house belonging to an ex Omani famous family. Some of the family members were massacred in the Revolution – and the rest had all left the place soon afterwards!

The Singing Pretty Damsel – There was a great disbelief – but one person was ready to swear on his mother’s grave – that he had a glimpse of her at the haunted house as dusk was setting! Only two brothers lived in the house. They were aloofers – and were marked as hermit misers! The man swore he had never seen such a beautiful woman before in his life – she had long hair – and was singing a Faiza Ahmed (Arabic) song! She was tall and very fair in complexion. When he looked into the window – she instantly disappeared – but he felt his whole body going into a chill! Then the fierce dog of the house barked loudly – and he just ran non-stop back to the village!

The People of the Night! – As kids we used to go out early in the morning before dawn to collect fresh fallen from the trees mangoes! In one place we heard as if someone was moving in the shrubs near us – moaning loudly! Next day we met this old local woman who kept staring at us! She was known as a Mchawi – Mwanga – or as you and I understand as a witch!

She lamented to us – You be careful in your fruit mango picking things – because you are disturbing some other people out doing their thing (job: business)! Lucky they know you – or they could have harmed you! Actually we did not really need to collect the mangoes – as they were always being sold to us the family very cheap! But boys will always be boys! We stopped the mangoes collecting exercises soon after this!

The Big Question – The big question I keep asking myself since a kid! How come the people practicing these are always still poor, destitute and in need? Or why don’t they help us fight our adversaries?

Hope I did not scare you in the process! Being scared and afraid is normal human trait and behaviour – nothing illogical, alien or strange either! Or illogical and inconclusive either!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Mafia Island Images Below

Mafia 1 Mafia 2 Mafia 3 Mafia 4 Mafia 5

Mafia 6

Mafia Island Images Above


The Very Tall (UFO) Person – Our farm boy was returning to the farm at Wayani late at night. Then he saw this very tall looking person, pulling chains tied to him! When asked if he was local or not – he said I did not stop to look! But the tall person was wearing the long white dress put for funeral purposes! The man was admitted in the hospital for acute shock! He was exclaiming loudly what he saw at the hospital ward. Two days later he had died! People just put it to him turning mad and senile – and seeing things! But was it really? True the man liked the local drink Uraka – made from fermented cashew fruits! But is it that all to make the person so scared … to death?

The Car Lift Gone All Wrong! It was coconut picking season time. So he was driving very late at night. He nearly hit the local woman who was standing on the road – after his car beams picked her out from the shadows! So he asked her – Mother – what are you doing late at night? Get in the car – I will take you to the village. She reluctantly got in! After awhile talking incessantly to her – but she was not answering – so he turned around! She was not in the car!

A few miles on – he saw her again by the side of the road! This time she was stopping him for a lift! Again she was standing in the middle of the road! He said to me – I drove through her. I thought I hit something – because I found the car shaking! He did not stop – or look back. He put loud the Quraan cassette – and reciting along! When he told the villagers – they did not disbelieve him! They mentioned one old woman who had died many years ago! The woman was famous for asking for lifts!

Need More?


A Question of Loyalty! Reply

For Now Thursday  – May 16th 2013.

Between Us Only!

A Question of Loyalty!

  • O ye who believe! Obey Allah and Obey the Messenger and those in authority among you. And if you disagree over anything, refer it to Allah and the Messenger, if you should believe in Allah and the Last Day. That is the best [way] and best in resultQuraan 4.59
  • ·          Loyalty is the pledge of truth to oneself and others.- Ada Valez – Boardley
  • A Question of Loyalty is the fourteenth episode of the BBC comedy series Yes Minister and was first broadcast 6 April 1981

If you are faced in life of a dilemma situation where you may need to tell one the painful bitter truth  – and not doing so or in remaining quiet – in order for peace and just to continue to maintain friendships and relationships – which one would you go for?  It is a loaded question – or as it is being said – a one million question! You could retort by saying that it all depends on the style, tact and diplomacy that you may need to use – or as it is said in some quarters – of sugar coating the bitter pill – before you give it! But what if there are no takers? And all your best efforts and determination have failed miserably?

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Loyalty 1

And have you considered of the repercussions and consequences of showing indifference – when the person asks you pointblank – why? Why did you not tell me? Because you would not listen! Yes – but still you should have told me – you at least owe this to me! And in brief and in summary – that is my life’s story – by saying it – however bitter and painful the truth can be! For me that is the preferred option – rather than go with the tide – and remain quiet! Admittedly going with the tide can drown you! But did you notice too that it is only the ‘dead fish’ that go with the tide!

In my current life status – I have some ladies that write to me ‘complaining bitterly ‘ about their spouses and how they get treated. The discomfiting and the unfortunate part is that I know well their spouses – and that is what is being said of ‘hiding skeletons in the closets’ – or as the East Africans say – ‘each house hides its secrets inside the house – you cannot see it from outside’!

Loyalty 2

Apart from semantics of loyalty – what can I say to them? That perhaps it takes two to tango? As soon as you say that – or try to intimate that perhaps she had contributed to the situation – then all hell is let loose – and you are now involved in the triangular relationships – even if you were determined not to! The problem with some people is this ‘I’ thing – they are always right – and can never be wrong! I know of a very good friend of mine married for over 35 years – if he has made a mistake to his wife or children – he will come forward to admit it – even if belatedly!

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Images Loyalty – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

He tells me that in all this long period ‘not even one day did the wife come forward to admit anything she had done wrong – even inadvertently! How is it possible that you as a human being can remain like an angel that has done no wrong? But she will easily apologise to the office staff – or her friends – but never her husband! Yet the lady is supposed to be religious and observing but only in the other aspects – but not in equation is the husband there! The triple hypocrisy out of it all!

Loyalty Sincere I

As Loyal as Mother and Child! Images For Demonstration Purposes Only!

This week my two sequel books in the Between Us Only! series were released! In one of the book was an article about how I left one place! There is a new man there – under ‘New Management’ theme and focus! So I sent my book to him – pointing out the chapter for his attention! I did not expect much in return with exception of either being just ignored – as the usual cases – or even the book given to someone else – ‘if you are interested’ in his works! The surprise and excitement was all mine – when the good pragmatic man was so kind and receptive – and it even made me feel guilty of adding that chapter in the book!

In my career life I had one lady staff who was always calling in sick – and she in many times did not even bring medical proofs of being sick – but I used ‘to cover and protect her’ because I knew about her case well personally! The day I had resigned from the place – what else is new? – another boss came in! She was so excited- because their families knew each other well from old days!  The guy even teased me that ‘he was invited for lunch in her house – were you invited? I said emphatically – No! Lucky you! In God’s mysterious ways – the relationships soon soured – and she started losing salary money whenever she did not turn up – because the man followed the book rules! She was soon heard to lament – I am being punished by what I did to M1

In one of my Executive Search Selection campaigns – I got one Omani Engineer so desperate that he even had considered to apply for a job in a war torn Arab country! He feared that one day he will end as a casualty of indiscriminate road bombings! He was a good candidate – only his problem was his mouth – he spoke! I understood well the dilemma – being myself a victim! He ended in a very high profile job somewhere else – with full power and authority! Some years later they were looking for a temporary HR Consultant – guess who got the job? Not me for sure! That is how the cookie crumbles – as our good Brits say!

I could write chapters and chapter on this theme – but I am taking into mind what my Features Editor said to me about my columns – so I will end here!

ADDENDUM – His Majesty visit to PDO on 12th May 2013 and receiving this SMS message from the MD brought tears to my eyes! You will excuse me for now getting old and being a diabetic case! The SMS just said – This afternoon we were privileged and honoured to be visited at our MAF offices by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said. I and members of the MDC presented PDO business priorities and key achievements. His Majesty sent his best wishes to all employees and was appreciative of PDO efforts in oil and gas production and our wider programme to support Oman. PDO MD

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Majid Al Suleimany

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Saying It As It Is! Reply

For Sunday – May 12th 2013.

Between Us Only!

All About The New Books!

Saying It As It Is!

From The Between Us Only! Columns

  • Be yourself, everyone else is taken! – Oscar Wilde
  • If you do not tell the truth about yourself; you cannot tell it about other people! – Virginia Woolf
  • Say what is true, although it may be bitter and displeasing to peopleBaihaqi

For those Readers that may still remember and know it – my first article in this very same column had started in April 23rd 2003 – over ten years ago! It was titled More Dangerous and Troubled Waters Ahead! – and was after the Iraqi invasion. It seemed that it was an omen, forecast and premonition of things yet to come – so many years later – when the world now has become a very dangerous and difficult place to live! I remember one Iraqi citizen telling Al Jazeera Television – We suffered during Saddam Time – but there was a sort of general safety and security! After the invasion – we suffered far more – but this time there was neither safety nor security either!

3 - BUO TS 3

Between Us Only! The Sequel – 3!

We can also see how unsafe and dangerous the world is now – when children fear death and destruction coming out from the skies – whilst they sleep in their hut dwellings! That some people can become so ungrateful that they can reign down harm and destructions to the same country that had welcomed them in as refugees! And nothing is safe – even sports! Good decent people all over the world who had everything and to look for in life – now facing bleak futures – losing all they had possessed and living homeless and without!

And like in my last article – how so many tents for refugees and displaced peoples have sprung up all over the world! Yet the very same people that had caused or contributed to all these still write books – where they do not show any compunction or reflections of being sorry or apologetic! And have even now mausoleums and libraries built in their honours! Human beings are very strange species and creatures!

2 - BUO ST 2

Between Us Only! Short Takes – 2!

Anyway, this week my two new columns books have been released – titled Between Us Only! Short Takes – Two! and Between Us Only! The Sequel – Three! – that is books five and six respectively of the books series. – covering column articles of the past four years! This is what they all had said – and sharing with you today. More information here and at www.myown-ebooks.com

A From The Books Publishers

Back again for the next installment in his critically acclaimed series, Majid Al Suleimany offers a new collection of articles that deal with the delicate matters that many are scared to touch. Adapted from his successful newspaper column in The Oman Daily Observer, the enlightening and educational articles of Between Us Only! Short Takes – Two! cover everything from human suffering and social trends to divorce and prejudice. Touching on some of the social evils prevalent in today’s society, this fantastic collection uses a mixture of witty observations and heavy blows to get its point across.

A labour of love filled with keen observations on twenty-first-century society, this insightful book carries priceless warnings, resentments, fears, and advice for readers everywhere.

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A fantastic read for everyone from CEOs to students, Between Us Only! offers insightful and illuminating articles based off of a variety of topics that even apply to children, teenagers, and grandparents. Filled with varied topics that will entertain and inform readers of all backgrounds and walks of life, this eclectic collection will engross as it inspires and provides a wide range of knowledge on a multitude of important topics.

Developed from weekly columns Al Suleimany writes, Between Us Only! follows up on the success of the previous books in the series and furthers the idea of private talks between friends on matters that many are too scared to touch. Often times delving into topics that aren’t always sweet, this enlightening book uses a clear and elegant prose to explore social evils in society as well as their light hearted counterparts. Covering a variety of priceless topics, this wonderful collection of articles gives readers everywhere a glimpse into the issues that are prevalent in today’s society

B Kirkus Books Reviews

Al Suleimany (Being the Safe Driver!, 2013, etc.) collects his wide-ranging columns from the Oman Daily Observer (an English daily) into one volume.

Subject matter here ranges from Omani politics to social ills, workplace life and religious reflections. Of the book’s purpose, Al Suleimany writes: “It is hoped that people will buy this book for the greater cause of people talking and communicating to each other—and in building tolerance, patience, understanding, love, togetherness and oneness in humanity—as the main theme and focus of this book—and in spreading these universal messages to mankind.”

He treats each disparate topic with the same sensibility, keeping his stated purpose at the forefront. With a tone by turns admonishing and casual, he manages to make moral pronouncements without coming across as condescending or pedantic. Many of his moral concerns center on matters of etiquette, both in the workplace and at home. He writes, “As a human resources professional and consultant, even I have found dealing with family members as the most hard, complex and difficult in comparisons! (sic) Jobs are definitely much easier!”

His opinions are informed by his religion; for instance, in a discussion of debt, he reminds his readers that the Surah II Al Baqarah reads, “If the debtor is in a difficulty, grant him time till it is easy for him to repay.” The profusion of articles is arranged alphabetically by topic, with a table of contents. Despite the status as a collection, the work is more or less disjointed; often, it’s not immediately clear what topic a particular piece seeks to discuss. What redeems the disorder, however, is the force of Al Suleimany’s personality, which comes through in every article, no matter the topic.

A well-rounded perspective of Omani life. Indeed, this is a great write from a great author in the Middle East.

More information here and at www.myown-ebooks.com

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Between Us Only! Short Takes – Two! Kirkus Reviews Reply

2 - BUO ST 2

Kirkus Reviews – Between Us Only! Short Takes – Two!




Short Takes – Two!

Al Suleimany, Majid

CreateSpace (626 pp.)

$28.00 paperback, $12.00 e-book

ISBN: 978-1482323603; February 28, 2013


Al Suleimany (Being the Safe Driver!, 2013, etc.) collects his wide-ranging columns from the Oman Daily Observer (an English daily) into one volume.

Subject matter here ranges from Omani politics to social ills, workplace life and religious reflections. Of the book’s purpose, Al Suleimany writes: “It is hoped that people will buy this book for the greater cause of people talking and communicating to each other—and in building tolerance, patience, understanding, love, togetherness and oneness in humanity—as the main theme and focus of this book—and in spreading these universal messages to mankind.”

He treats each disparate topic with the same sensibility, keeping his stated purpose at the forefront. With a tone by turns admonishing and casual, he manages to make moral pronouncements without coming across as condescending or pedantic. Many of his moral concerns center on matters of etiquette, both in the workplace and at home. He writes, “As a human resources professional and consultant, even I have found dealing with family members as the most hard, complex and difficult in comparisons! (sic) Jobs are definitely much easier!”

His opinions are informed by his religion; for instance, in a discussion of debt, he reminds his readers that the Surah II Al Baqarah reads, “If the debtor is in a difficulty, grant him time till it is easy for him to repay.” The profusion of articles is arranged alphabetically by topic, with a table of contents. Despite the status as a collection, the work is more or less disjointed; often, it’s not immediately clear what topic a particular piece seeks to discuss. What redeems the disorder, however, is the force of Al Suleimany’s personality, which comes through in every article, no matter the topic.

A well-rounded perspective of Omani life. Indeed, this is a great write from a great author in the Middle East.

The Humanity Absurdity! Reply

The Humanity Absurdity!

The Parody and Distortion of Life!

I was watching the Television coverage news of refugees and the IDPs Internal Displaced People in more than three Refuge Centres tents in two continents – and the victims again being the same Arabs and Muslims! Human crimes against fellow human beings – the wanton destructions, the calamities, the decadence and the malaise!

The images show beautiful women crying and in desperation of how they were going to feed their families – whilst children being children – played as if nothing has at all changed in their lives – and as if still at home! Children being children also – and certainly making troubles and headaches to their parents and caretakers in the process!


Sad that these same images of such beautiful women in these dire and difficult stages now in their lives – and some for certain for the first time and unexpected too – could have received standing ovations in fashion cat shows – if they had the opportunity to be there! People living in tents out in the cold – or even open places and like in cemeteries. With no food, water and protection the elements of sun, rain, wind and storms!


Refugees A

Images – Wasted Lives in Camps!

In one of the incidents that stuck with me for ages – was this scene of a school teacher confronting a camera man and asking him to leave them alone – and just go away. He said profoundly to the camera man and interviewer – Leave us alone! We were just like you living normally in our own houses – running our own lives as best as we could – and never ever thought that the day would come when we would end as victims of man-made war and end as refugees! So stop filming – it can happen to you too one day! But the camera man had a story to tell – and would just not stop filming! That is humanity for you!

Refugees 2

Images – Refugees Camp and ChFamilies

And here we are in air conditioned houses, cars and offices – with full food bellies complaining of minor things and issues. Go and ask these peoples – and they are ready to swop places with you anytime – at least for the normality, peace and quiet! Including for their children too!

Many of them were just like us – until a few months back – when tragedy and misery struck! Human beings will never learn – because even if they have written the history books – they never sit down to read and understand them – which make us more worse than animals – or just like them! Because the gazelle will only start to run when the cheetah starts to chase them! You would have expected the gazelle to have started running or hiding as soon as the cheetah or lion had appeared on the scene!

Refugees 3

Images – Lost Innocent Faces!

This also applies to us! Because we say and do things to one another – and know well in advance what the end results and the consequences are going to be – but yet still do it! It is like an attachment and extension of harm and d

Refugees 1

Images – Refugees Camp and Children

isaster that is is in-built into us – and instead of us being in control – we let these things control us instead!


My frank and honest assessment is that the so-called supposed to be religious people wanting to be politicians instead – and politicians wanting to be religious people too – the wear and tear – the contrasts and the contradictions of the two in the due process of doing all things! And giving opportunities to our adversaries to mock us – and do more harm to us!

Refugees 4

Images – Living Out in the Open!

Let us keep hoping and praying that sanity, pragmatism, common sense and a sense of fairness, expediency, ethics and principles will prevail – and Allah God Guide us to the right path and way – Amin.

ADDENDUM– For the fans and the readers’ information – the Sequel Books to the Between Us Only! series have now been released! Book – Short Takes – Two! and The Sequel – Three! Carry all my articles past 4 years!

From The Books Publishers – The books focus on the study of humanity, human needs, human interaction, society, and economics, as well as the other areas. In fact, the Author covers all socio-economic-political aspects of society, with an emphasis also on working environments such as office politics and dramas.

The Author also addresses society as a whole, and the dire repercussions and consequences of bad ideas and thoughts that can be harmful to society in the broadest sense. Though many topics apply to Oman and GCC countries, the collection of columns organized by Majid Al Suleimany offer a universal appeal because, in his view, society and family are quite similar.

According to the Author, “We have the same needs, wants, worries, concerns and fears – as well as what we like and do not like. This is because the human being is essentially the very same – regardless of race, creed, religion, color, ancestry, and ethnicity!”

The book will encourage deep soul-searching, deep self analysis, and a quest to make the world a better place for all. It has been penned directly from the heart of the Author to the reader. It carries many emotional personal family stories and encounters – including work experiences as a highly-qualified Human Resources Management Consultant.

The book moves quickly, advancing without boundaries, and is careful never to get bogged down in politics. While critical, the writings are also very realistic and practical, and stress the need in society for change in a way that will foster more patience, tolerance, and understanding. More information here and at www.myown-ebooks.com

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany