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The Burning World!

If you are (un)lucky like me, you will note that your Doctor knows more about you far more than you can ever imagine – sometimes to most discomfiting and embarrassing levels – even before you have fully explained to him your full symptoms! Normally I try to see him – but this time I was given instead a very charming (pretty) lady doctor instead! She then told me that she would have to do some tests on me – and if I was feeling being embarrassed by being seen by her – maybe I was emitting body signs unknowingly! Anyway, as I was being seen by her – in walks my usual regular doctor excusing himself why he could not see me – but in parting remarked – Not depressed again? Have you started watching the news again? I just dismally and nonchalantly smiled – and say nothing in return!

Syria 1

Burning Syria 1 – Images For Demonstration Purposes Only

I was teasing Great Madam Wife – GMW – that maybe I should write my 9th book – this time a Novel? I was telling her I wanted to write about the family seeing so many new films now made out of family based stories – but then she cautioned me that if there are some still not speaking to you – this time if you do – then majority – if not all the family – will not ever talk to you – especially if it is going to come out in a film! I have a very good story to tell the world – so I view at the ‘opportunity costs’ – as she is absolutely right here! So I end watching the news to pass my retirement time!

The other day a good Indian friend of mine called me that his company in Sohar was looking for a temporary HR Consultant – and if I would be interested? I had been to the place before – and seen ‘the pushing for getting jobs’ – so I politely and tactfully declined! At this stage of my life – and not being that healthy-wise – I do not need the hassles and the headaches – even if the pay is good. I assure you it is not a ‘question of sour grapes’ – but I remember what our late father used to tell us – The one who denies you beans – has just reduced your gas intake!

Syria 2

Burning Syria 2 – Images For Demonstration Purposes Only!

The truth be said that Al Jazeera Television has done us Arabs great and proud by its popularity and intake – and its coverages and programmes. I was amazed to hear that even in USA and Europe – if there is an issue – like the Boston rally incident – people have turned to Al Jazeera to get ‘reliable truthful news’ – and that is a feather in the cap for Al Jazeera Television!

Some of the Arab World programmes shown recently in Al Jazeera Television have shown the link of past history and incidents to current events and happenings – and that is quite expedient and revealing – at least to me! Their deep self soul search analysis and break down of events and happenings in history – and their linkages to what is happening now!

Syria 3

Burning Syria 3 – Images For Demonstration Purposes Only!

In truth and actual fact, one is even shocked and baffled to the core as to why it took that long to unfold in what is really happening now on the ground! The reduced effect in enormity and delay in the repercussions and outcomes is shocking beyond belief! The outcomes are to be expected and natural of wronged peoples – and the injustices and blatant disregard of human values and justices.

That even the coming of the Great Prophet PBUH – we still can do these things to one another! When a sceptic remarks that’ more Arab blood was spilt by fellow Arab guns – than from our adversaries’ – and you have no alternative except to agree with him – makes a triumphant victory for those bent to belittle and to discredit us!

Syria 4

Burning Syria 4 – Images For Demonstration Purposes Only!

Then I watch the news in the other places – the earthquakes – the floods – collapsed buildings – the rampage killings and destructions of innocent lives – including children and women – the destructions from falling missiles – and the slaughter of even babies and children – from the weapons coming out from the sky! The ironical and sad part is the person who has directed the onslaughts goes home in peace and comfort to his family – his wife and children – whilst killing of the other families and children – is just ‘carrying out orders – and doing one’s job’! Human beings are sickening – and worse than even the animals at their worst case scenarios!

Syria 5

Burning Syria 5 – Images For Demonstration Purposes Only!

Then there are the demonstrations for jobs – looking for jobs – afraid of losing jobs and benefits – looking for ‘more money’ – lost incomes, investments, savings and pensions. So many stories of once nice decent good peoples – now on bad times – and of such same people committing or tempting to commit suicides – because they have lost everything – and life is not worth living anymore!

Reminds me decades ago of a relative girl with a son – who called me in desperation – saying she was contemplating suicide – because she was ‘not happy in marriage and her husband – and husband family’ – but I did not take it seriously then – till I learnt the hard way too late that she actually did it! And all the time listening to ‘the inner voice’ of do not get involved – or the involvement could turn more serious and sour too!

Spain Protests

Demonstrations in Spain

Whatever belief and religion you have – the fundamental and basic teachings and preaching are the very same – because subduing, turbulent violence, brutality and aggressive methods and styles solve nothing – as the programmes show! Past incidents of over 20 years come out in the open again – and again from time to time – ever again! Like I always say – the very same things – and sometimes the repetition just becomes stifling, mundane and boring!

Basically, we human beings have the same needs, worries, concerns and fears – as well as what we like and do not like! This is because the human being is essentially the same – regardless of race, creed, religion, color, ancestry, and ethnicity! And always stressing the need for change in a way and will that will foster more patience, tolerance, and understanding – between people, society and nations!

Like my good Indian friend says – something in Hindi – I forget – Karma and the other word – but something like ‘just desserts (sweet)’ coming to those that deserve it – and or as our good friends the Brits say – what goes around; comes around! Or the East African one – If you destroy someone’s house – your house will also be destroyed in due process! Sometimes after you have conveniently forgotten too! There is also this tell-tale sign of the end of the world – when somebody dies – and you feel jealous that it was not ‘you that had died instead’!

Now do you see why I was seeing the doctor now? May Allah God redirect us all to the right path and ways – Amin. Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

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