Being Good In Life! Reply

For Sunday March 10th 2013

Between Us Only!

Being Good In Life!

  • You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty! – Ghandi.
  • Wait down for the person going up the ladder! East African Saying
  • We never know what is waiting for us in our futures. Sometimes you may wish for a quick end death – but it still is not coming! As Above!

A long time agowhen our late Father was still alive – he used to advise us – If you are in a dhow (ship) – and all around you – including the captain and crew – are one eyed – then close one eye! Do not show that you can see with both eyes! Because with the guys inborn envious streaks and jealousies – and their eagerness to put you in your place – they may make you lose both eyes! Because different groups of them will be after you – and they may have lost which eye they had left! Sound advice!

Being Good 1

Fight Between Good and Bad!

I do not know about you – but it is my contention and feeling that today in life the more good and humane things you do – the more you get hurt and pained in life! You become the victim of your own making and circumstances! Have you noticed that those that had made it – or doing well in life – are mean, dastardly and cruel? They have no remembrances or recall of any favours or good things that you have or might have done for them – or those near them? They easily and conveniently forget – because they can – and are in position to do so!

If you go to some of the places – and see great cars parked outside – be precautioned and be warned! You do not know who the owner or tenant of that house really is! You may be shocked and awed! Unless you have a real need or requirement to go in – don’t! Be especially careful of those just coming into money – or suddenly making big money! They are meanly and dastardly changed people – not what you knew them to be before! They have their heads in the clouds – and riding high horses!

You will forgive me for generalising – but I have seen it real in life – with even family, friends and acquaintances! From the same peoples that once were in glee and rejoicing of owning a small Korean or Japanese car! Now there are top of the ranges – top luxury and fast cars parked outside!

Being Good 3

Image – Being Good!

I have been to one house – and stupid me thinking that he will remember the favours I did to him personally before – which could have been even instrumental of where he is now! I ended not only disappointed and frustrated – but insulted in the process – and walked out like that dog with its tail stuck into its behind! I will not forget this to the end of my life!

So do not expect that if you do anything kind and nice to others – people will remember! They have short memories! The East Africans say – Do your good deed – and continue on your journey! Do not wait for favours being returned or remembered – otherwise you will never make that journey!

Being Good 2

So my question is this! If you do good and nice things to people – and they easily forget and do not remember – is the situation the same if instead you do bad and evil things? No – in many cases than one – you will be the hero! See how real good nice faithful wives fare? The husband is fooling around! So is the reverse of the case with husbands too! Yet they are seen as great – and heroes! The dull, dumb and stupid ones are those that want to be nice – and remain good! Life’s foibles – twists and turns – the worst in humanity – the decay – the decadence – and the malaise in life!

In one of the many companies that I worked – I had one girl assistant – who at least to me looked nice and decent – and we got along fine – boss and assistant! Years later, I came to realise that this girl – who was friendly and popular in the office – was shunned and casted away by her family and relatives – because God forgive her sins where she is now – because she was very mean, cruel and hard on her own family!

Even when she was very sick and invalid – on her death bed – few or almost none of them visited her – with exception of course of office friends that did not know the real person outside office – the Dr. Jackyl and Mr. Hyde dramas! There was even a great dispute of which house for her dead body was to be taken to – because even in death the despise, hatred and animosity did not decline! The only few people that were crying were her office friends – but hardly any or almost none of the direct family and relatives!

People outside that did not know the real facts and the truth just liked to accuse and criticise the family – with yours truly on board! For me yet – it was a great shocker – because I had prided myself as a good study of character and personality – but I got it all wrong! Perhaps because I was blinded by her being a great fan and reader of my works!

Next time you plan to do a good and kind deed – do it and continue on your journey! But if you are yearning to be famous and a hero – you know what you must do now! It has been known to work – to a considerable success!

Allah Protect and Preserve us all – Amin!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

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