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For Wednesday February 13th 2013

Between Us Only!

Minimum Wages!

There is this expression made frequently by many Scholars that everyone of us is responsible – in one way or the other – for one’s action, inaction, delayed actions and even in missed opportunities. If one goes by just Advisors – as from the famous tale – you will end up with your donkey drowned in the river – instead of being able to sell it – to avoid hunger and poverty! You return home empty handed – and your status quo becomes more worse than ever before – just because you listened to ‘Advisors’ – instead of deciding for yourself – as you are required to do – or at least go by your own gut feelings at the most!

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I am not going to get deeply involved in the midst of the ‘heated discussions’ as it now seems to be going on – except to raise a few pertinent and relevant pointers! They are: –

  • · Every country has absolute rights to look after its own! Why should we Omanis be denied from this – after years and years of being receptive and respectful to the expatriates in our country – far more than any country in the world – even from our own neighbours too for that matter?
  • · It is not only Oman doing it – even countries like China and Indonesia are doing the very same things for their own populace.
  • · For a very long time Omanis – especially in The Private Sector – have been sidelined, marginalised, transcended – and taken for granted in the ridiculing, condescending and patronising attitudes, focuses and approaches of many expatriate bosses – and even from our very own – especially ‘The Old Guards’ connect!
  • · Sometimes – especially the family run businesses – one may be forgiven to think – that they own the companies – and not the other way around of the families running the businesses.
  • · Only lately some of them have awoken to their national duties – let alone CSR – to their fellow disadvantaged Omanis – let alone making huge profits at the expense of others
  • · People should not just look at the expatriates taking their money out of the country – but also look at how some of these companies operate in their modus operandi vis-à-vis keeping monies in the country!
  • · They are now scared stiff because these new regulations may ‘eat more’ some of their profits per se!
  • · On the threat of some deciding to pack and leave – some foreign companies in Indonesia have already started the trend – the risks are still worth taking – taking into consideration the risky, complicated and complex times that the society is in now – comparable to the global trend – and more near at home too!
  • · Like George Bush Jnr. Had said – ‘you are either with us – or with them’ syndromes! There is no better place on the face of the earth to do businesses – and one should not look deep only at profits – but how the society looks at and treats you!
  • · All the expatriates in Oman know deep well the legality, validity and the authencity of the above!
  • · Some issues will still need to be made. For example if I am in the echelon levels – and my salary package is at 350 OMR – how do I feel when my peer at OMR 220 has now the difference of only 25 OMR to reach me?
  • · The jealousy, envy and haassiyds outlooks need to be looked at – and especially like I always say too – the inward looking and narrow-minded outlooks of many of us – instead of looking at things at the bigger picture – and outside the box things!
  • · It is not clear – at least for me – if this amount is only the basic salary or the total consolidated salaries? If it is the later – many Omanis – especially in the Oil and Gas sector – are already getting these rates!
  • · They are an example and beacon for others to follow! The Banks and Telecoms are not far behind – though in top echelons – for even Omanis – the reverse is the trend!
  • · Not speaking fluent Arabic – or being able to write – should not be the determining factor of determining talented, experienced and qualified Omanis in our country for their opinions, views, suggestions and advices!
  • · Conversely, speaking very fluent etc does not necessarily correlate with being very smart, knowledgeable and intelligent either. A lot of good usable highly potentials local talents, skills and human resources are wasted by such inward looking and narrow minded outlooks!
  • · I am not going to brag about my books – but I guess the American Publishers are in ‘shock and awe’ seeing the treatment of my books – and even being censored in coming out in my articles – by others determined to keep us ‘down there’ syndromes!
  • · We need to support more local talents, skills, entrepreneurships and human resources development in the country – and not only in arts and drawings – but overall!
  • · Not in SMEs for crafts and dressmaking – but why not in Top Management too? I mean across the board – not the usual few that always appear in the news – and as if there are no ‘other Omanis’ available – given the right attitudes, approaches and focuses – and the right training, guidance, counseling and mentoring!
  • · It is high time that we looked at our own – and those of our truly feeling and caring expatriates are most welcome to join the bandwagon in our honourable pursuits!

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May Allah God Protect and Preserve us all – and our achievements – Amin.

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

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