Ridiculing and Insulting Writers! Reply

Between Us Only!

Ridiculing and Insulting Writers!

Writing Is Not A Dirty Word!

  • Be who you are and say what you feel; because those who mind don’t matter; and those who matter, don’t mind!Dr. Seuss – Writer, Cartoonist and Animator
  • Writing is a struggle against silence. Carlos Fuentes
  • The only reason for being a professional writer is that you can’t help it – Leo Rosten
  • The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe!Gustave Flaubert
  • Writing to me, is simply thinking through my fingersIsaac Asimov
  • Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no moneyJules Renard
  • If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it. — Tennessee Williams

2 - writing

Images Writing – You can write anywhere! – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

Some years ago, I was working in this new just come in venture foreign company and I gave my first book Between Us Only! as a complimentary gift to this just arrived in Oman European Manager – and who had joined after me! He came from the Tanzanian branch of the same company. In the book there was an article titled Are You Afraid? It was about magic and witchcraft in East Africa. One day earlier we had got talking about Tanzania and the subject had cropped up – and in good faith and sincerity – I had thought of giving him the book!

A few days later, I had asked him if he had read the book and especially the article – but he retorted that he had not! This person had taken a lot of pride of how he got rid of a Tanzanian local who was in the real position before him – and wanted to have an added plus of including an Omani in his list tick off too! Which he successfully did – by telling everyone in Management that M had written a book that was critical and radical – and especially of The West!

3 - Writers

Image – You need to be interested to write!

That was his outlook, choice and prerogative – and he was free to think like what he wanted to! No one can stop another in what one wants to think – after reading a book – though in mine was nothing but the sincere and genuine truth – and as most people well acknowledge too!

The same outlook was outlandishly made by some crude Western Expatriates in my also previous Western run company. And that comes to the main point to be made here – The Westerners and The Foreigners – believe in freedom and democracy only if you are in their camp – and are in support of their views and in outlooks only!

But if you are different – or take a different independent outlook and perspective then you are in Big Trouble with them! Thus creating my two books in Arab Management – Psychology of Arab Management Thinking and A Cry For Help! – please see my books website www.myown-ebooks.com and www.majidbooks.com When we go to their countries we must adjust to be like them – but when they come to our country – we too must adjust to be like them! We never ever expect to win here!

4 - Writing

Starting Early To Write!

Particularly, they do not want you to write about same levels salaries, perks and privileges that they receive – compared to even same qualified experienced locals! Or pushing and supporting Omanisation, Youth Recruitment, Training and Development! In that regard, so do our own old guards too! How long will these things continue – there is a break up point somewhere down the line!

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Image – Writing!

Do not support the Palestinians or The Arab cause. Even if you are Arab – or Muslim! Shut up – Keep Quiet – and Sit There in the Corner! Do not write topics like No More Wars please! Or Lift The Gaza Blockage! Or write anything against Israel! Did you notice that the Israeli Jews can criticize their own government easily – but the American supporters and Jews especially do not allow you to do this?

This is how my two sequel books of series Between Us Only! had run into publishing problems in USA! Inadvertently, the company went against my books – though my earlier books attacking our own had no issues! In the end they had agreed to refund my monies paid – because they simply did not want association with my books!

Makes the whole exercise of their preaching others for democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of expression as shallow and hollow – because they do not allow it in their country to outsiders – and though they are outsiders here in Oman – they want the same for the locals to ‘fall down and play dead’ after the command – when you misbehave!

That is why they hate The Arab Spring Uprisings – because it just works against them! And Israel especially! Because they can no longer control, dominate and subjugate others – and use people as they wish! Or by using others under their control and domination to do their dirty works and biddings for them! That even goes down to an individual level – and Writers, Authors and Columnists like us are not exempt or spared – and are special targeted for writing on THE TRUTH ONLY!

But this issue does not only extend to expatriates in our midst – but even locals too! In one interview on so-called VP HR was making great fun, joke and mirth about my writings – and my books and websites! Yet I was there not for a job in his Company – but more as a Consultant in HR! Nothing to do as me as in writing – which is not profession linked – as writing being just my hobby, interests and passion! Even though he admitted I was more experienced and qualified than even many applications received – including external ones too!

It will shock you still further to find even family members being against you – because you are writing to others about ‘our family’ – as if you do not belong to that family! And then smirking jovial ‘friends’ that take great enjoyment and fun to ridicule and insult your intelligence by wise ridiculous cracks and jokes in front of others!

Part of what they see as the ‘pecking order’ to them – and making them feel great and elated – and that they are on the ‘higher levels and status’ than you! Yet they cannot write even one sentence – in any language – let alone in English!

The other week I wrote to many people telling them about my new Road Safety Novel – Behind The Wheel – www.bethesafedriver.com. Only 3 people responded to say they were interested to read the book. The others that include high profile peoples that are always in the news just ignored me – if they had not deleted the mail too. Yet they are always propagandists for change – and great talkers and Advisors to others! That is the scary and shocking part – at least to me!

A great lady fan of mine – who had died in a nasty road accident – had said to me that people are simply jealous and envious of you – because they know you have the knack and the expertise of writing – and they cannot – even if they dearly wished for this. Mr. M – you have not lost – you have won! The same thing was said to me by two other lady fans – and several gents too – all local!

There was also this Indian HR guy – who first of all is not supposed to be in that position as is reserved for Omanis – who behaved just like The Western Finance Manager in a meeting with the local GM of a company I was doing some HR Project with. He thought he was cracking a great joke in the meeting – and so was a German guy who pretended to be a friend – whilst all the time feeding poison to this same GM. In the end my contract was reduced time period wise – but I quit and left within half an hour of getting the new contract – remained unsigned – and resignation instead!

That is how the cookie crumbles. I really urge you to read my two Arab Management books above.

In summary and in conclusion – writing is not a dirty word! If you cannot write – do not try to belittle, patronize, ridicule and marginalise those that can!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Posted at: www.majidall.com and at www.majidwrite.com

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